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  1. I suppose he should just withhold critical supplies so you can bitch about that to. Some people will never be happy until they can control every aspect of how you live your life. Slideman is one of those kind of people.
  2. Screw that, it's fish tank cleaner or nothing. Actually, I was sick for a few days at the end of February. Must not have been Wuhan virus because I took a steady diet of ibuprophen for a couple days and I got better. Saving the fish tank cleaner for the real thing.
  3. I wonder if the $2.2 trillion relief bill is real? If it is real, I'm just going to send mine back. If I can get by without it, isn't that what liberals would want me to do?
  4. That's how I look at it for me. However, I know a couple of people fighting bone cancer to which catching the Wuhan virus is likely to be deadly to them because of their almost non-existent immune system. Perhaps there are people on your extensive list of contacts whose body is in a compromised state and this Wuhan virus is the straw that will have them pushing up daisies.
  5. If you get the disease, are you at all worried about how your body will deal with it?
  6. and inactions. With the emergence of the Wuhan virus, can you imagine how much further down the stock market would be going if President Trump hadn't issued the travel bans as early as he did? I think the Democrats and their mainstream media are more responsible for the stock market losses than President Trump. When President Trump issued the travel ban the media and Democrats said Trump over-reacted, today I hear they are saying President Trump didn't do enough in the early stages of the pandemic. Tough for the President to ease fears and give hope when Democrats and the media are gaslighting the public at every turn. That said, perhaps there are things President Trump could be doing to better keep losses at a minimum.
  7. So, how do we know testing everyone for the Wuhan virus isn't being used to get everyone's DNA on file? Until the test can be administered and results known in the comfort and privacy of my own home, like a pregnancy test, I think I'll pass.
  8. "MAGA hat wearing"? No one in your photo is wearing a MAGA hat. Way to torpedo your own thread genius.
  9. After your third attempt at trying to satisfy her she'd be done with, but let's face it, you'd be done with her after your first attempt.
  10. No one said the corona virus is a hoax. You lie right out the box.
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