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  1. Sucks for you I have the wherewithal to ask the question. If there was someone who had died from Wuhan in this country because there wasn't an available ventilator, you'd have brought me something other than your mental masturbation.
  2. Who in the USA has died from the Wuhan virus because they didn't have a ventilator? If no one has died in the USA because they didn't have a ventilator, Democrats and their sycophant media need to STFU.
  3. Maybe they have a stronger immune system. Maybe they gave their husbands ibuprofen while they took tylenol.
  4. beachooser isn't wrong, you are a troll. I'm not saying we have to see this thing play out, I'm saying there isn't enough information provided that could be provided about how it played out to this point, to explain why more men have died than women.
  5. Maybe there is significant shrinkage, and so men just say it isn't worth living this way. Frankly, there is not enough information about the information to posit a theory or conclude that deaths are what they should be.
  6. If a vaccine or antibody treatment are the only things that will get YOU out of the house, then you will have to wait. That shouldn't force others to wait if new therapeutics to manage the disease come along in the meantime that allows THEM to go on with their lives. Just today I've heard ibuprofen bad, tylenol good. If true, I wonder how many deaths resulted from a persons or doctors decision to prescribe ibuprofen and how many deaths might be avoided in the future by that change alone.
  7. Maybe I was thinking of that Virginia, or was it West Virginia, governor.
  8. Even the number of deaths from the flu seems too high to be acceptable when compared to the Wuhan virus; granted, so far. With all these staying at home orders, shouldn't one expect the flu numbers to go down as well this year?
  9. For anyone interested, starts at 48:27 regarding "the playbook" or phase 3 of "get Trump".
  10. My understanding is the Heartbeat Bill only addresses botched abortions, is that correct?
  11. <sigh> The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one. First they conditioned you to believe Trump is a dictator, and now you're mad at Trump because he is not acting like a dictator in forcing people to stay in their homes and forcing businesses to be closed.
  12. The question every journalist should be asking him, is "if elected, who'll be running the country"?
  13. What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you hearing Trump's comments as something he is definitely going to do regardless of the circumstances in the future, rather than something he hopes to do should the circumstances in the future warrant it?
  14. I don't think a mind-meld with Spock could reveal the gist of what you are trying to say.
  15. mimic |ˈmimik| verb ( mimicked , mimicking ) [ trans. ] imitate (someone or their actions or words), typically in order to entertain or ridicule : she mimicked Eileen's voice. See note at imitate . • (of an animal or plant) resemble or imitate (another animal or plant), esp. to deter predators or for camouflage. • (of a drug) replicate the physiological effects of (another substance). • (of a disease) exhibit symptoms that bear a deceptive resemblance to those of (another disease). noun a person skilled in imitating the voice, mannerisms, or movements of others in an entertaining way. • an animal or plant that exhibits mimicry. adjective [ attrib. ] imitative of something, esp. for amusement : they were waging mimic war. DERIVATIVES mimicker noun ORIGIN late 16th cent. (as noun and adjective): via Latin from Greek mimikos, from mimos ‘mime.’
  16. The line between fact and opinion has been muddied up, and more so by the left IMHO. The "news" is all about spinning narratives.
  17. Since so many Republicans voted for the bill, I would assume Republicans thought the delay in aid for a fight that would likely be spun in the Democrats favor by the lamestream media wasn't worth it, or they have their own non-pandemic pork in the bill. What would be nice is an honest lamestream media to point out things in the bill that have nothing to do with the pandemic and question the reasons and motivations of those responsible for including them in the bill.
  18. It was quite big of the President to not bash Democrats during the signing of the bill with the shit left in the bill that had nothing to do with the pandemic.
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