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  1. As a religion, yes; but if you are equating exterminating radical islam with exterminating all those who believe it, then no.
  2. 66 people are talking about this 193 people are talking about this 219 people are talking about this At this point, all Putin has to do is talk and let your TDS take over.
  3. This isn't "breaking news", you whiners have been spouting that nonsense since impeachment.
  4. "Tell the truth and we'll give you a lesser sentence" happens in law enforcement all the time. Guess we should get rid of it because it's bribery.
  5. It's as Mark Levin would call it, a pseudo-event. It's being used by the leftist media to perpetuate a falsehood that Assange was asked to compose a lie in exchange for a pardon. Considering that the DNC intentionally refused to have their servers inspected by the FBI, to keep the FBI from finding all their illegal activity IMHO, all the FBI has is the word of whomever inspected the servers that the Russians hacked them. Why should it be believed?
  6. Why are you calling it a bribe? Why are you saying it is in exchange for "saying something" instead of the "evidence" that is reported in the Wall Street Journal article? You might as well be asking, "are you still beating your wife?".
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