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  1. rightturnsonly

    Going to watch fox news this morning.

    That's rich considering the Democrats and their liberal propaganda media walk lock step with their own catch phrases.
  2. Will liberals give murderers who buried their victims an "eco-friendly" defense?
  3. Sure, but WHY are they opposed to the TRUTH? Is it because they can't handle the TRUTH? Sure, but why can't they handle the truth? I'd say it's because they are children. But you could say some children can handle the TRUTH and change their ways for the better when their misdeeds are exposed; unfortunately the human nature of sin ensnares the children who don't change their ways for the better and causes them to change their ways for the worse, let's call them Democrats, by doubling down on their efforts to keep the TRUTH hidden.
  4. I've heard Trump has a problem with Mueller testifying. Bill Barr has said Bill Barr has no problem with Mueller testifying. Honestly, when the truth is right there in front of you and all you have to do is ask or subpoena Mueller, it is very difficult to see Democrats as anything but the pure hypocrites that they are and the ones doing the obstruction of getting to the truth.
  5. It sure looks like Democrats have things to hide if they cannot get the prime witness about the Mueller report to clarify for Democrats their misgivings on why Muller himself did not recommend charging obstruction of justice. I think Democrats are deftly afraid of the questioning he would receive from Republican members of the committee.
  6. Since when does that matter? Subpoena his ass and threaten him with being arrested by the Sergeant at Arms. Stop being such obvious hypocrites.
  7. Why are Democrats taking so long to get Mueller to testify? Why would Jerry Naggler be talking to Mueller about anything other than getting him before the committee as soon as possible? Subpoena him already and get him in there so he can be questioned and the American people can get to the truth of his report. There is no good excuse for this delay to get the truth from the mouth of the person responsible for the Mueller report, Mueller himself; and if Mueller says Weissmann wrote it, subpoena his ass to testify. Why are Democrats standing in the way of getting to the truth? How can Democrats be so quick to subpoena Bill Barr for nonsense and slow walk Robert Mueller testifying about his own report? This is definitely political bs by Democrats, not to get to the truth, but how to best manipulate the American people. IMHO.
  8. Then you have nothing to hide. Are you opposed to Barr looking into it?
  9. I didn't say the Russian dossier started all this. I want to know how Russian disinformation made it into an application for a FISA warrant and 3 renewals to SPY on the Trump campaign.
  10. So when I asked you what other information other than the dossier was used in the FISA application and 3 renewals, you have no answer except to provide a link that has no answer. You are the king of shills and a shameless obfuscator. Why use the Russian disinformation at all in the FISA application and 3 renewals if they had other stuff to get warrants to SPY?
  11. Thing is, from what you brought me, he didn't say anything about it that doesn't require you to just take his word for it.
  12. Did he prove his statement to be true? Why do you keep dancing around the question? What other information? Now you raised a second question. Was the investigation launched at the doorsteps to the FISA court? How did Russian disinformation make it to a FISA application and 3 renewals? The investigation may not have been "launched" by the dossier, but it was certainly continued through use of the dossier in the FISA court.