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  1. If it were three Muslim men, there would only be three bombs and they would have detonated.
  2. I think they have a brain, but it is dominated by emotion rather than logic or rational thought processes. I'm not saying I don't have emotion, I do; but I won't let it dictate what another should be forced to do in the name of "charity".
  3. rightturnsonly

    "Cracker State"

    I hear TDS or TAD is a mental illness. That could potentially take guns out of these bat Bad word crazy liberal's hands. However, that's like asking people who don't pay taxes to dictate about how much tax others have to pay.
  4. rightturnsonly

    Can Z09 be rehabilitated?

    Sorry, I almost didn't take you for a non-player character. Carry on NPC Zaro.
  5. rightturnsonly

    Can Z09 be rehabilitated?

    Well, they are IN Mexico. Are they suffering in Mexico?
  6. These assholes have NO PRINCIPLES except what they think will win them power. Disgusting.
  7. I wasn't complaining about Soros, I was complaining about you hypocrite liberals sucking rich white man Soros' cock the same time your complaining about rich white men buying influence.
  8. Hmm, a rich white man buying influence. I thought liberals hated that, but they looooove this Soros character. Why can't they just be honest and say, "If the rich white man agrees with our agenda then we looooooove him. If the rich white man disagrees with our agenda then we hate him."
  9. He's right. If it said, "you have a right to self-defense", tyrants like you would be taking the people's guns away in the name of "self-defense". Leftist liberal tyrants are trying to do it anyway.
  10. Deep down, do liberals believe blacks OWE the Democrats their vote? Deep down, do liberals believe blacks OWE the Democrats gratitude?
  11. rightturnsonly

    When our leaders send us off to war?

    You'd just surrender more uranium.
  12. The liberals here want this brave dad arrested because he dared to arm himself with a pistol.
  13. rightturnsonly

    Limbaugh: Parasite extraordinaire.

    You talking about this guy?