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  1. How about rope? Should they ban rope? Rope has many uses. Could be made out of hemp as well.
  2. Thugs Wear Masks…

    You'd think they would want to show their faces to make their mommy and daddy, or two mommies, or two daddies proud.
  3. 40% want Cheeto IMPEACHED!

    Considering Hilliary won 51% of the popular vote, I would expect that number to be higher. Guess there aren't as many suffering from TDS as I thought.
  4. Next on ANTIFA's hit list, ACLU headquarters. ANTIFA probably sees this as Hitler turning to attack his ally Stalin.
  5. Back to Israel to finish her sentence? It doesn't say where she is going.
  6. By the looks of him, he ain't got 7 1/2 years in him. Funny how liberals made fun of Trumps age yet have someone even older to lead their investigation of him.
  7. Racism is allowed here, daily.

    Helping people who need help is virtuous. Stealing from another to pay for those you wish to help is not virtuous. Voting to set up a government program to help people in need is virtuous. Funding that program through the representation of other peoples tax dollars is not virtuous. If I were you, I would tell your friend to purchase insurance to help pay for that astronomical/low probability possibility. Unfortunately, Obamacare makes that illegal. You basically cut off the solution to his worries to create an argument for your single payer, government solution. How much healthcare is Mark Zuckerberg entitled to?
  8. Now riddle me this

    I put things in perspective for you. You're welcome.
  9. Now riddle me this

    Does that mean you are defending the commies? Sounds like it. I would say the Nazi's are worse than the commies and the commies are worse than the Nazi's and leave it at that. Neither one is worth following.
  10. Racism is allowed here, daily.

    I thought it was already against the law to turn people away because they couldn't pay. Isn't that what you really want? If I had something that was going to cost more money than I have right now, I would work like hell to pay it off out of gratitude. How do you justify taking money from one person to pay for another? The end is just so to hell with the means? If you had a child that stole money to help you with an unaffordable healthcare bill, would you praise the child? Do you think using the government to do the same exact thing is any different because you "voted" for it?
  11. Racism is allowed here, daily.

    Government is still the "middle-man". If you want to take from the rich to pay for the poor, compete for those customers on the same playing field as everyone else.
  12. Leftists, Show Your Integrity Here

    I think Trump needs to do a better job distinguishing between the two. Upholding someones right to peacefully protest even though you disagree with them should be a principle everyone should hold, unless you're an authoritarian fascist. I also believe the mainstream media is gaslighting the situation for ratings.
  13. Racism is allowed here, daily.

    That's great advice. Who'd you hear that from? Oh, that's right, I've been telling you liberals to start your own health insurance companies and run them the way you like.
  14. Leftists, Show Your Integrity Here

    Here's the problem. What the counter-protest was actually protesting, comes across as protesting the right of the other side to protest.