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  1. So in your mind there is no merit to the sisters and uncorrupted DNA theory? This might help you. https://christophercrandolph.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/who-was-cains-wife-really-a-rebuttal-to-the-answers-in-genesis-theory/ Me, I didn't and still don't need to know the answers to these questions in order to believe God is real. It's fun for me to listen to arguments but ultimately they are your arguments from keeping God away from you. This reminds me of a person here years ago saying they wouldn't believe in God until a "circle-square" showed itself.
  2. Sounds like discrimination to me, by the government. If Chick-fil-A was refusing to hire LGBTQ or serve LGBTQ people I'd say there is a case here. The owners are essentially guilty of thought crimes, i.e. having views.
  3. Self-imposed term limits are a good thing. Too bad Democrats don't believe in term limits. Democrats believe in serial politicians.
  4. Was Muller trying to hide something or does he think it's the end result that matters and not how they got there? Kinda like how Trump didn't curtail, stop or hinder (otherwise, obstruct) Muller's investigation according to Mueller himself despite Trump's talk about firing Mueller in "internal deliberations" among Trump's staff.
  5. Why is it that Mueller can refuse to answer questions citing "internal deliberations", yet has no problem airing "internal deliberations" between Trump and his staff? This seems soooo double standard.
  6. You know, I seem to remember Kamala Harris trying to criticize William Barr for not reviewing "everything". Do you think any media person will ask her about Mueller's approach?
  7. Who are they talking about in what I blew up? Marlon or Fransisco? In red, sounds like the mother created this whole situation by not telling the truth 18 years ago. I'm assuming he slapped his mother right before or right after he embraced her. I'm only guessing given 18 years of growing up here, Fransico's english was flawless. I'm not saying that speaking fluent english is a reason to let someone go, but it might have speed up the process. Then again, given the crisis at the border that leftists are just now acknowledging but still doing very little about, perhaps it actually took 23 days to figure this sh*t out.
  8. I thought it might be you, but I thought Democrats would have to get him to testify and I bet a coke that it would be behind closed doors.
  9. Democrats want to assign corrupt intent to Trump's wanting to fire Mueller, while ignoring the corrupt intent to how the investigation into Trump was started. As Barr has stated, Trump knowing he is innocent and that the investigation is a sham designed to hinder his governing is not "corrupt intent" for wanting to fire Mueller.
  10. Phoenix68 you're a sick mother f*cker using this persons coffin as a soapbox for you global warming propaganda, especially when his death was likely a result of not heeding the safety officers recommendations as your OP says. As a firefighter, we are constantly reminded of the need to stay hydrated when fighting fires in general but especially in hot weather. My condolences to the family of Sgt. Sylvester Cline.
  11. Once again Democrats abuse power using tax dollars for opposition research. Democratic Party motto, "ethics be damned".
  12. Get to the part where Jesus AUTHORIZES you to steal and murder the rich. I think it is accurate to say that it is YOU who want's the rich slaughtered here on earth, not God.
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