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  1. I agree up to two weeks before inauguration to give time for recounts. The only reason it should be postponed is to make time for increased numbers of absentee ballots. I think a request for an absentee ballot due a persons fear of catching covid 19 is reasonable. Everyone else can vote in person. Mass distribution of mail-in ballots is reckless. It's akin to putting a cup of coffee half-off the edge of a table and citing the fact that it hasn't fallen to justify it as a "good idea" when we all know it's much safer from falling when placed near the center of the table; "oh for t
  2. Maybe they should just follow the Obama playbook and quit testing altogether.
  3. No small coincidence that the Ever'slasting "emergency" order goes into effect today just as a new Democrat judge is added to the State Supreme Court. It was 5-2 and is now 4-3. However, one of his orders was struck down back in May by a 4-3 vote, so there IS a Judas on the court.
  4. Mandatory masks even in your own home with others not from your home. May as well invest in a mask that says "I can't breath!".
  5. Don't you think that woman epitomizes the Democrat backed rioters and looters, "protesters", of today.
  6. What do you mean by "from"? As in "away", or as in "service"? Oh wait, it's king of the county, never mind.
  7. It's obviously a lie, on the right side I see two guys clearly standing and one in a pitching stretch pose. Curious how the yankees chose the one knee, and most the nationals chose two knees. Doesn't "take a knee" imply taking only one knee? Leave it to the nationals to do something wrong even wronger. and what's up with the name "nationals", that implies "nationalism" and that definitely is wrong.
  8. Video wouldn't play for me but that won't stop me from commenting. Pot must be legal in Connecticunt, or the driver was a privileged white male.
  9. Same man was allegedly involved in Stillwater biker gang harassment The Umbrella Man's actions also led to conspiracy theories about his identity, with St. Paul Police Department having to debunk internet posts that suggested it is one of its officers. According to the search affidavit obtained by BMTN, police have linked Umbrella Man to an incident in Stillwater in June in which members of the Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood allegedly harassed a Muslim woman on Main Street. The same man was among those in Stillwater that da
  10. You're wrong. There will be laws, lots of them, but they will only be applied to people on the right, or more accurately, those not to be found agreeing with the radical left.
  11. I actually watched the whole hearing. There was a point where the Democrats played footage of police forces using tactics they obviously don't agree with. When pressed by Rep. Jordan about whether the footage was from Venezuala, they couldn't simply answer "yes" or "no" type clarifying question. The hypocrisy of how many times Democrats DEMANDED a "simple" yes or no answer from Barr to questions about a complex problem, especially where Barr clearly disagreed with the premise of the question was astounding. Democrats rarely gave Barr the courtesy of time to answer their questions, thereby
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