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  1. Libs won't play a game they can't win unless they can break the rules to benefit them. Hell, just look at how many rules they wanted to change after the 2016 election.
  2. Oh enlightened one, this is basically the struggle between tyranny and freedom. You are blatantly on the side of tyranny. It never occurs to people like you to use your freedom to invent or invest in products in the free market that will reverse climate change or at the very least be climate change neutral. Of course you probably already know you cannot compete in a free market system, so instead, you seek to "force" everyone else to your will.
  3. You're side-stepping the question. Do you, as a leftist, have a right to call them a "bigot" for refusing to date them? I suspect the truth from you to be, "it depends if they support Trump or not."
  4. You poor bastard. We all know Democrats use Goebbels Nazi playbook and accuse Republicans of what Democraps themselves are guilty of.
  5. and Sh*tstains like you are sad for the cartels to have to go through the trouble? You're the kind of person that feels sorry for the car thief for having to jimmy the lock on the car and hot wire the ignition thinking the owner was an Bad word for not leaving the doors unlocked and the key in the ignition.
  6. Then we're going to change the rules so he can serve another 4 years after that. Seems fair since Democrats want to "change the rules". Lowering voter age, allowing illegals to vote, abolish the electoral college, pack the Supreme Court.
  7. Given a broad range of disciplines and 153 countries, it stands to reason that there must be millions of scientists and they only found 11,258 of them?
  8. That's just what I was thinking about Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler and Swallow. The majority of constituents in those districts must be major ass holes.
  9. The Democrats have no intention of honoring that rule. That much is clear to me.
  10. That may be, but you still haven't, can't or won't answer how investigating Quid Pro Joe's likely corruption is a smear on him. You're hypocrisy is noted.
  11. All you're doing is spinning to smear Trump. Here, let me rephrase the question. If Joe Biden is corrupt, why do you consider it a "smear" to have him investigated? Extra Credit: If he's not corrupt, shouldn't he come out of the investigation a stronger candidate like Trump has after being smeared by the left for 3 1/2 years?
  12. How is it a smear if Joe Biden is corrupt? Someone wanted everyone to know Trump was being investigated, so why can't it be said that they wanted to "smear" Trump?
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