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  1. Fùcking marines would be deployed. Wait they are still over seas... the national guard would be deployed...
  2. So which one of these liberals is going to pay the extra 65 dollars on my insurance every month? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Racists. ...... Who are you to call these deprived inner city African americans níggers? If the whiteman had not fixed it where inner city kids grew up poor this wouldn't happen. Jim Crowe laws blah blah blah blah blah Republicans blah. Civil Rights blah blah blah blah . Republicans blah blah blah racists blah blah . Blah blah kkk blah blah blah blah. Racists blah blah blah red state blah blah. Blah blah blah photo Id blah racist blah. Blah blah Feel in the blahs how you see fit. Those eleven words and five letters are somewhere in every liberal talking point. Ah yes.... I forgot to mention how Trey Von was on his way home when the evil zipperhead stalked and murdered him solely because he was black.
  4. Oh but he feels good by calling you a baby killer... in a round about way..... Fùcking pussy...
  5. If the thread author actually had a concern about poor people eating ,he or she wouldn't be on here using this fake shít S a talking point.
  6. I agree with lion ... this idea stinks... Its a wonderful life is one of the few movies I make a effort to watch every year... I know I could buy the DVD cut out all the commercials and what not.... but its not the same Tell you what , I was watching Andy Griffith yesterday... Laughed my asz off... No sexual or foul language... I love those movies... but token wrote those ages ago...
  7. Can you think.of a movie or story that hasn't been remade a million times?
  8. I'd fùck both dick Cheney's daughters.. the lesbo and the straight one... I only say that because Cheney fùcked us for eight years I only say that because Cheney fùcked us for eight years
  9. Haha.... that's all this shít is to you all... I'm right you were wrong bahaha...You were not right about zipper head. Just like you all were not right about the aca.. The victim of what? Let me ram your head into the pavement repeatedly .... Would I be the victim or you? Liberals lost the battle of race with zipper head and martin... so they are going to try to hang his nuts for the next couple of years.. Btw Motherphucker still ain't white..
  10. How many incidents like this happened before the zipper head trayvon shít? How many? Don't you think being lynched by the media and most of the country causes a little fuckery in the head? Btw... Zipper head clearly isnt white.... Thats why you all get calked racebaiters
  11. All this talk about unions reminds of a union ran bakery.... what's the name again? hostess? You know they used to make those retangled treats with cream feeling. No sexual pun intended...
  12. Obvious you don't live around blacks... So why do you make stupid fùcking comments?
  13. I'm leaning on queers being queers by choice.. look at prisoners... lots are straight when they go in... Then they fùck a few punks and when they leave they are straight again. So homosexuallity isn't a choice? Everyone does... but there are no special laws saying a fatasz is given special protection by law.
  14. I bet a white liberal here could get his or her jaw shattered by a old Jewish grandmother.
  15. I seen where treyvon martins mother spoke at harvard about the stand your ground law..... I can't seem to find the audio.. A Hispanic republican??? Assholes need to get real..
  16. So will.I get a cost of living raise when the min wage goes up?
  17. My employer gives me a 25 dollar gift certificate to the local grocery story every year. So I guess they are donating me food.... Those bastards ... buying our Christmas ham...
  18. Its like the people who they vote for... say ..OK OK....ty...now stfu and go make me a sand which...
  19. You know lee Harvey was a defector to communist Russia..... so your liberal rant must have some footing
  20. Are you morally making a argument why its OK to take up the butt shoot?. While I find no hatred for homos in life (except the one's named Fred) I find it appalling you say their is no choice.... that we are pre deposed to one fate. I came to that with your rambles about choice. You said we have none ... Saying I have no choice and its predetermined is a weak argument...
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