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  1. Thread is horeshít.... only white people with privilage are those who come from wealth. Nobody ever called me and said he because your white we are going to give you a job, or hey we need a white guy here..... It amazes me we get a black president and blacks and left est jump on the race card like will still have the kkk in the white house.... I've pretty much worked since I was 13 ethier farming, sacking groceries or working construction. So when I hear of things such as white privilage it baffles me... was I left out? Am.I not white enough? If anything in this country minorities are given a step up with laws like affirmative action, private and government contracts that require moinorties to do those jobs. You ever hear of a whitey scholorship at a high school graduation? Every time I go to one its always several African American scholarships awarded. So in my personal experience white privilage is a myth.... Instead of complaining about how things are do something to change it... better yet quit dwelling on what your white counter part might do or get.... quit expecting someone to do the thin,gs that need to be done to improve your quality of life. This shít of feeling sorry for ones self is rather old and boring.... Btw I'm going to a black denist at 1:00... how'd he get his job and so many white patients if white privilage is so rampant?
  2. Anyways that graph is horrific ...... I don't see it being accurate but I'm in no postion to contest it right now. Just boggles me how a person can deny a life to simply breath..
  3. Gee idk... I'm a firm beliver that pieces of shít come in all colors. If anything; when a white guy leaves a baby in the car to roast and die that pisses me off more as opposed to a black guy doing it. Does that help? Or maybe when white on black violence occurs the media cramms the one story down everyone's pipe hole so long I get offended... Black on black or black on white violence is such a common occurrence we are all numb to it.We really are.. White on black violence is almost nonexistent around here as well as the rest of the country . It is so nonexistent we have to act like a Hispanic is white so race baiters and msnbc can fight the good fight once again. You have 14% of the population committing 51% of the violent crimes in this country so if you can't see something wrong you need to open your eyes. Btw I have the same reactions to anyone being a victim regardless of color.... I can't stand someone weaker being fùcked with by someone stronger.
  4. Would've been fixed with a transparent guberment... Didn't some guy promise a more transparent guberment?
  5. Lisa you tell him how Jim Crowe laws in the sixties are to blame for the staggering accounts of black on black murder in this country. Don't forget to tell him 93% of African Americans are descended from slaves ...
  6. If a those in the medical field will not abide by the oath they accepted they should give up practice and step aside for those that will So we need more doctors like Ron Paul...
  7. Fishhead... Is a loser, No alpha would ever compared pu..ssy lips to sleeves on a wizard.
  8. You ever read any of your threads? ( Your insurance was crap)... Wharf rat fuming at his keyboard because Obama has been outed as a kocksucker
  9. Bah .... Never had a problem getting my díck wet.. Far as relationships go... hard to find the perfect girl... To the op..... Most woman dislike fat stanky liars... Far as a woman's preferance... It varies like fish in the sea..
  10. You think native Americans were the first or last group wiped out by foreign invaders? Stupid fùckers should not have been so easy to get over on... survival of the fittest you know.aren't you into... Darwinism....??
  11. Must be a sad day when all you have to post is projections....
  12. Keep thinking this school safety shít is a joke. I recall school both pre columbine and post columbine. From not being able to carry backpacks, to no jackets, random searches of lockers and other stupid policies. Doors being locked from the outside intercomm system to buzz visitors in.... and so on To tell you the truth being a tennessee school I'm surprised the father even made it into the office.
  13. Lisa its hard to recognize sarcasm in some posts... so when I'm sarcastic I'll usually put (sarcasm) to the side to make it clear.
  14. Being a concerned parent they would have tackled you, handcuffed then sent you to be anal probed.
  15. If proven without a doubt I say express lane to death row...
  16. I have the same opinion of George Zimmerman and you. Both are gay as hell..
  17. Fùck this ... I was searched for drugs and went to jail for not having any a few months back.
  18. 43 democrats voted in support of invading Iraq... So how is cleaning up?? Well you need to add George Zimmerman and Jim Crowe laws.. Well you need to add George Zimmerman and Jim Crowe laws..
  19. There is a 3 story apartment building with 1 apartment on each floor. A white family lives on the top floor. A mexican family lives on the second floor. A [African-American slur] family lives on the botom floor. At 2:00 PM in the afternoon a terrrible tornado hits the building, totally destroying it. Which family lived?The White family, because both parents were at work and the kids were in school. Least I not forget your theme music lefty
  20. Oprah... I watched emmit smith cry like a bítch on her show.. Lost all respect for the guy... .
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