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  1. Well if they wanna force the bakers hand by lawsuit.... Let it be a lesson when for the wedding cake bakers in the future... Just say I'd rather not make your cake but I will... Then make a really shítty cake on their special day.... Like a collaspeing wedding cake... or a wedding cake with turd in the middle of it.... just something to ruins that day. Utter bullshít you can own a bussieness but be forced to serve those you don't want to...
  2. What a piece of shít.. Quoting willies mene
  3. I love that quote .. Mainly because it came from a junkie that ran from the police only to get his asz kicked in return. When the cops were not fired for kicking his asz, la blacks rioted destroying their own neighborhoods while fifty people died and injuring god knows how many. But can't we all just get along?? http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992_Los_Angeles_riots
  4. I watched it .. your video did not get posted in vain. But it was sweet.. In the beginning with the white barber ..
  5. Funny how the red states oppose federal handouts but take the most.. You ever think its because they see what welfare programs do to a community? But... no , that would make you think outside of the box huh? Actually with out liberals the blue states would have a mass immigration of takers invade their states.. Don't take in account those states mentioned have the highest number of minorities ..
  6. No...I've worked with immigrates farming and hvac as well buts that's besides the point. You can't assert someones argument if you haven't lived it or ever seen it... that is crazy. That's what you call talking out of your butt. Taking ones talking point and adding to your own is one thing. To base your entire talking point on a article... coming from someone else is stupid. You have no real dog in the fight. Why debate it....??? Just silly Remember I like blue because I read someone else likes blue....
  7. Now, though, that belief in socialized medicine is under strain, for the health services of the rich European states are in various kinds of "crisis." I put the word in quotation marks because healthcare is ritually said by journalists to be in crisis: it's the word that cries wolf. But this time there is a wolf. In Italy, the UK, Spain and France, cuts of varying depths are now being introduced. In France, where the health system is usually seen as the best, the budget is exceeded by billions of euros every year: the head of the association of French pharmacies says the system cannot survive more than six years without deep reform. In the UK, the new director of the Care Quality Commission that oversees standards, said after his appointment earlier this year that "the system is on the brink of collapse." The more socialized the U.S. system becomes, the more it will find itself facing the same dilemmas as the Europeans'. These dilemmas are all symptoms of the way we live now. In nearly every country, people live longer than they once did. And in most countries, women give birth to fewer kids. In 2000, around 16 percent of Germany and the UK's population was over 65 in 2000, while the U.S. had only 12.7 percent. But in the U.S., the proportion of over-65's will increase to near 20 percent of the population in 2050, and over 80's to around 8 percent. The UK will have over 20 percent of 65-plus citizens by 2050. Germany will have around 30 percent of 65-and-up by 2050; it will have around 15 percent of its population in their 80s. So there will be fewer economically active taxpayers in North America and Europe while there's a greater need for taxes to pay for socialized medical care. Most of these older people will be healthier than previous aging generations and they may get relief from illnesses that others didn't. Many fewer will smoke, because anti-smoking campaigns have meant that the diseases associated with smoking are down: the proportion of smoking Europeans is under 25 percent. http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSBRE99S14U20131029?irpc=932 As Powell said he dosen't know much about healthcare.
  8. Lol.. So what is it when.you relate something you have read to counter one's my grandparents did it meme .... Not like you provided a link.... So you shared a personal experience through relating a article you read.. The argument means shít if you are not talking from personal experience anyhow..... and that's the problem with this country today. No one speaks from personal experience .. everyone uses someone else's talking point.. Its like saying blue is your favorite color...because someone else likes the color blue.
  9. So you know how difficult it is to communicate with a foreign waiter? Why don't you weigh in the thread with something like that instead of some article you may have or may not have read.... Was life easier or harder for you with that language barrier? Do you think people with culinary skills is what we need in the fattest country on earth? Along with a rising unemployment.
  10. Considering most liberals are pacifist pùssies... what are you going to do ? You gonna nag someone to death? Call us racist ? I mean seriously wtf could you do to harm a person? Very little I bet... That's why you spew that karma line... Let me tell you.. karma dosent exist as good luck or bad luck dosent exist... Keep talking shít on here and get used to running off at the mouth with no consequences .. one day you'll pop off at the mouth around the wrong southerner.. you'll see what getting redneck is about..
  11. Haha... Willy.. In the real world no one gave a fùck about mandela when he was alive... let alone dead. This is just more gibberish spewed by a lonely person... Now think to yourself how many black people you know and actually talk to... Don't lie to yourself because we all know you sit at the computer all day and everyday.
  12. And you haven't worked with immigrates like I have... Twenty guys living in a one bedroom shanty... sometimes one guy brings his family and its twenty guys a woman and three kids. You've never had to communicate with a illegal.... so don't even talk about the assimilation of a kid speaking English in a Spanish speaking country. Do you know how many Mexicans have asked me for a address so they could mail me cocaine or weed..??? You know how many times ive seen Mexicans during the work day try to club each other with pipe wrenches or w/e melee object around.??? So hush on what you have read or heard.... go live in the real world. I don't fault anyone for trying to make a living .. not in the least bit. But try to better yourself then what you came from ... not bring the shít here. Look at the Hispanic cease pool in Cali right now ... those are decendants of migrate workers .. look where they are now. They are No better then half the white population and are in a similar way of the black community. We don't need them... bottom line... Btw ... I quit construction because of the cutthroat bids illegals were throwing out there.
  13. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCgQtwIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DV-z18oL-z_c&ei=O86nUojdEMu6kQfmo4HwDg&usg=AFQjCNEq4hEwXnUqQt3v0Zr-T2G0ZjAQng This you tube video sums immigration up...
  14. What do you expect from a state that isn't allowed to enforce immigration laws??
  15. The real question is.. Do we want members who are offended by posters they will never know in real life? There is a desperate forum for the circle jerk lib mentality here... But its rather dead and has been ever since I've been here...
  16. Would terror be a problem if we killed everyone in a city harboring terrorist ? The Romans once crusified members of a opposing state every mile for two hundred miles. Imagine driving down the road and instead of seeing light poles every mile or so.. you seen a cross with a terrorist staked up... What would you think... Better not fúck with these guys huh??
  17. W/e man if you honestly belive Israel is not attacked because they will not put up with it you are foolish.... Why did the Romans last so long? Why did the Mongols last as long as they did? How come Britain is attacked? They have no affiliation with our CIA. Don't call it dribble and not accurately refute it....
  18. I meant western European nations... Had Russia on my mind Just look at history... The most brutal nations were the least fùcked with..
  19. No shít... and this is a product of career polticains. Why is Willy concerned about x-mas ? He constantly bashes the Christian religion
  20. I don't have to read a paragraph on this... You can keep your existing healthcare Aca is not a tax I will have one of the most transparent governments in history. Trust me we got this... Our troops are coming home... Trey Von could've been my son... But its OK every other sentence out of his mouth is a lie... nice to know
  21. My first thread was on earned income and if you don't pay anything in on the federal level should you be able to vote. This was back when we still had die hard liberals... you think they didn't try to rape me? Btw I never new all southerners were racist until I started commenting on here... Now I know we are genetically wired to hate black people.
  22. But they do hack Iran's nuclear program to cause bushings to wear out.... they do tell Egypt to go fúck themselves.... I'm telling you its not because the CIA did this or that.. we supplied alcada during the soviet invasion of Afghanistan .. why do they not attack Russia? Russia will committee genocide in the region.. Why do they attack eastern European nations like France and Britain.. because they have the same pussfied mentality we have..... The main reason is Israel is never attacked by terrorists groups is because no one wants to fùck with the Jew nation at this time
  23. Well those Jews are only concerned with matters that may affect them. Those jew's military could rivial ours if it were on bigger scale and the difference is if they get into a conflict they will be backed by there people. None of the left est there have bleeding hearts for the enemy of the state like we do. Those fùcking Jews have been persecuted , attacked and victimized for over 5,000 years.. they have achieved a mentality if you fùck with us you will suffer.... Take the u.s for example.. we accidentally blow a school we rebuild it... we kill citizens in collateral damage we punish.our troops... we cover it up someone leaks it... But for the most part.... those Jew fùckers will not put up with it as we will.
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