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  1. Yea...More to it then what you think.... http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CCoQtwIwAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fdsc.discovery.com%2Ftv-shows%2Fweed-wars%2Fvideos%2Fcannabis-farming.htm&ei=z3HPUq3IMOLLsQSBsYHgBw&usg=AFQjCNHtE-W_PqUmhzkLtbJ_WR0KVRyDCQ
  2. True.... You don't have to mess with any junkies If that's not your primary source of income it's ok...Start trying to make a decent living you either have to trust someone else to shed some weight or mess with a lot of people... both are a bad idea business decisions... I used to get a half pound or better when I smoked regular... Kept the family and friends smoking... Making a couple hundred extra a week and smoking for free... Tell us about it ... You would know wouldn't you copper...
  3. Well my problem as of now My annuity isn't drawing any interest... Was your 401 matched by the business you were working at?
  4. Funny .. Rodman ,the same guy I seen on celebrity rehab budding up with great leader..
  5. Odds are if you are a loser who smokes pot ...you would be the same loser if you didn't smoke pot.... I've sold weed,You have to move a bit of weight to actually make any money....
  6. Supplier??? I hear you my supplier... Pssh.... We got a cop in here...
  7. Yea... I pay little attention to my post and never proof read before I post..... But remember, I'm the reason Your mother could not sh1t right for two weeks... Dippy egg? Man I honestly get you and Lucy mixed up. I'm not deleting the your mother remark... Just act as if it was meant for Lucy
  8. I highly doubt you all would want me as a mod.... I mean I wouldn't do anything to enforce the rules I most likely would bring back three threads get distracted and forget about it He'll I get distracted making a post and come back later and continue the post on. A entirely different train of thought. I didn't pay enough attention in English class to be a thread grammar Nazi. Besides ... Having authority would kill my fun on here...... I ran a stat bot one time on watercraft three for my clan. Years ago. It was something I had to enforce rules on to keep the competitors on a equal playing field. Being a the nonsense kinda of person I soon became hated while my time to enjoy the game soon turned into work... So no chuck can't help you bud...... Like I said at the beginning of my post.. You most likely wouldn't want me to
  9. Omg you are such failure.... Hey guys I have the bestest internet connection... Than a epic fail...... You suck
  10. Stfu... You just wanna f+ck pajama boy.... To the op Dude looks like a queer and if I knew him personallyI'd rag him about this photo until he died
  11. Best thing about fatties They have the best personalities Give the best head And will cook bacon and eggs the following morning If you don't haul azs at day break.
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