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  1. By the way, what was it about me pointing out your stupidity in reference to that liable comment that you find crazy? hmmmm. sorry, I have to go, but I'll be back tomorrow to review anymore hate speech you might like to write.
  2. you bastards think your shutting me up with the insults, slanders and sneering laugh's you feel compelled to write out, but its like this. Your religion is always getting away with discrimination's just like the ones here and using these same tactics, and frankly, there's a lot of us that are sick and tired of your crap and just plain pissed. you can say that until your blue in the face, but it's not going to shut me up bigot.
  3. you call em dumbass, I'm sure they could use a good laugh by the way, your an idiot who seems to think that which is said in the movie spider-man is automatically true, they call it "liable" in press as a shorthand reference to legal liability, if its a slander that's spoken on the evening news, the news people would still call it liable in their own circles, but the legal term is still slander whether its spoken or written idiot, the line in spider-man is a joke.
  4. That's nice, but you don't know the first thing about the law, What you call a "castle law" has also been called a "make my day law" and their irrelevant in a courtroom, you cannot just shoot an unarmed person for trespassing in any state in this country, the belief that you can is a myth. now as for chucky, I have a more than legitimate grievance with that religious bigot plastering slander all over my account. The only reason he's not in a legally actionable position of that is that it hasn't caused me monetary damage, so while my lawsuit would be technically correct, there's no monetary liability and thus no reason to pursue the lawsuit, thus far. Now ask me why I know that, or just guess how seriously I am in fact taking his act of slandering me in plain retaliation for the exercise of my first amendment rights.
  5. I'll do you better than an I.P. my real name is Mike Jones and I live in the city of Tucson arizona, area code 85719 I would give you my street address but that's a little much, any law enforcement agency can easily find me with that information, but your bigoted local pigs won't do it, you'll need to report me to the FBI, so do it try to report me for anything I have said here, I fucking dare you,
  6. Just so you know, I reposted the comment you and your pals tried to make disappear all over an atheist forum, and its funny how no one insults or degrades me for it, and even funnier how the admin doesn't smear me all over my own account. so what do you know christian bigot, I can and do still speak against your filthy religion of hate, all the more so as a direct result of your mistreatment. you lying hate filled bigots are just going to have to come find me and commit a hate crime if you want to shut me up, every thing else just makes me angrier. It's called civil disobedience and its a perfectly acceptable protest tactic, besides christians threaten to rape and murder me and my children, christians in this very forum have spewed racist rants directly at me (one even called me "justajew)how the hell do you justify censoring me because i threatened to spraypaint his house? by the way, you should ask him why he knows that, no really ask him, I have a hunch he knows who I really am, lmao oh yes, do report me idiot. I'd like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. now it's my turn to type "LOL LOL LOL"
  7. It's funny that you religious bigots even call me jewish while you swear that I'm somehow the one who's prejudiced against you. By the way, I'm not jewish but I am 50% native american, that makes me a "veseginated" according to archaic racial slurs, if your going to be a shameless bigot you should at least get your hate right.
  8. The lifetime of pain at the hands of christians

  9. You know, I would also like to point out that Phil Robertson is not the only christian that makes these threats I have heard them before, starting when i was in the fifth grade. Furthermore I cant help but notice that if any atheist on earth had threatened Christians the way Christians like Phil Robertson threaten us, they would be prosecuted without a doubt, but hatemogering Christians like Robertson can threaten use with acts of pure horror and even encourage the public to commit such acts and they constantly go prosecuted for it. That is not only a blatant violation of every single atheist right to equal protection under the law, it violates every single atheists first amendment rights by by allowing Christians to oppress our right to free speech and freedom of religion by permitting Christians to go prosecuted for making terrorist threats (and Robertson's words fall under the legal definition of a terrorist threat, look it up). Now with this http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/25/phil-robertson-atheist-rape_n_6936662.html right in your face, I dare you to call me a liar yet again you filthy monstrous fucks. I am so sick of christian hate and hypocrisy, there are Christians I have stopped associating with, over your hate, because I cant tell them they unknowingly empower you by supporting the religion that stands as your supremacist doctrine, and I cant stand the thought of it any longer.
  10. Raising issue with the hate your religion teaches and the threats of extreme violence and torture that your religions bigots make is not bashing you, you are bashing us and I am sick to death of taking your shit in silence. Thats the kind of shit i mean, I am sick of you supremacist fucks. I know what my I.Q. is fucker, I know that I was tested and confirmed to read and write on a college sophomore level when I was in the 6th grade, so you can call me names all day and night filthy christian hatemonger, I know better. On a more personal note, I'm not going to respond to this shit with high minded logic any longer you nazi piece of dogshit, I'm just going to speak unto you as you speak unto me. so why don't you just come find me and commit your desired hate crimes, because all atheists know how badly you shitbags want to torture us, because you tell us, like this guy did. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/25/phil-robertson-atheist-rape_n_6936662.html Now read that article, then call me a liar again you filthy nazi loving, shitbag piece of swine. Because while we are complaining and raising grievance that you threaten to rape, torture, and murder us and our children, you also call us liars for calling offense to your threats, threats you bigots are never prosecuted for even though they be criminal. because threats of rape and torture are not protected speech, they are criminal. And I do mean criminal shitbag, hint hint hint.
  11. Since you and your fellow religious bigots always degenerate into senseless spitting and venom when confronted with the inconvenient truth's regarding their religion, and since I'm reminded every single day of your lying, slanderous, actions against my account and against me personally to oppress my free speech and assault me in retaliation for pointing out the endless prejudices, hypocrisies and hate crimes of the bigots and hatemongers who use your religion to empower their supremacy, I have decided to treat you as you treat me. your a lying piece of shit and that's plain. Your clearly a lover of hate and hatemongers to such an extent that I have no doubt you keep a poster of hitler in your bathroom to jack off too daily. There are even some christian that agree, its clear that all you and your fellow hatemongers want is to use your religion as an excuse to call yourself superior in hopes of empowering your sick, demented, hate-loving asshole self. By the way, I don't mention this to christian friends, but to you evil, self-righteous hate filled fiends I have no qualms about pointing out that you fucking morons worship a con written by ancient morons who had no clue the earth orbits the sun. Your fucking morons might as well have blind faith in the flat earth society, and actually since the authors of your religions bigotry thought the earth was flat, you very nearly, literally, do believe blindly in the flat earth society. now tell me something oppressive fucker, is that a lie? or will you claim to me that the authors of your religion knew the earth orbits the sun but imprisoned Galileo because his telescope really was a "sinful spyglass"? is that a lie too oppressive fucker? I only ask because you have a habit of calling me a liar for pointing out your publicly stated prejudices, or siting historical facts with sited reference material that proves their facts. since I don't have the access level to take the words "I LIED TO CHUCK" (oh as if i don't know damn well that your the very christian bigot that tried to hide that post) off my fucking account, would you like to fix it, or shall I just keep pointing out what a lying, piece of shit christian religious bigot you are? I wonder what your home email address is, for that matter, I wonder what your home address is because I would love to send you a ten page description of my feeling regarding your endless oppression of slander on a daily basis, not to mention engaging in a bit of civil disobedience by spray painting on your house the kind of bigoted hate filled slanders you pieces of filth use on non-believers every single day. because whats good for the goose is good for the gander and you shitbags deserve to reap that which you sow.
  12. oops, looks like I posted that so fast I left a mistake, perhaps you and your bigot friends will use it as a excuse to declare me stupid for the tenth time. suffice to say, I fucking madder than hell and I get angrier every time I think about the way you used slander to violate my first amendment rights and silence me in favor of you religious bigot friends. All I ever wanted here was the right to speak out against your religions very openly and publicly stated hates, and endless hate crimes. and you bigots will not even allow that. Chucky, you little fucking asshole.
  13. I find it so Ironic that you have so clearly demonstrated right here why the widespread practice of Christian hate crimes and very publicly stated and demonstrated Christian hatemongering go nearly unreported and completely unaddressed. Because you shameless hate filled bigots blare out and rant your hatreds and openly practiced prejudices right here in front of all, and if any one person raises legitimate grievances with your words and actions, you stand shoulder to shoulder by the dozen swearing curses, insults, false accusations and in some cases thinly veiled or completely unveiled threats of violence for which you and your brethren always go unprosecuted. Under such circumstances speaking out against the endless hates, horrors, and atrocities of even the few of you becomes meaningless, for what value do words have when they are shouted under the table by one sneering, slanders lying bigot after another so that no one may hear or discuss the many legitimate grievances against your religion? For those of us forced to suffer your prejudice, you create a social pressure cooker which, without the means to vent our frustrations and grievances, has no safety valve. Your religion has succeeded in keeping the lid on this social pressure cooker for generations with tactics of terror ranging from false accusations to threats of violence to lynching’s and acts of violence covered for by your bigoted friends in law enforcement, but the longer you hold that lid down and the higher you turn the heat, the greater the pressure within. And a full 20% of the population is “religiously unaffiliated”, a word they use because the majority of this afraid to admit they don’t believe and are therefore atheist, and are therefore suffering your hate and prejudice just as I am. That being the case do you bigots really believe you can openly oppress 1 in five Americans forever without consequence? You have, with your open slander, made it impossible for me to speak further. But make no mistake, I was just the person saying what many of us are thinking, my exercise of free speech wasn’t hurting you, it was just a warning whistle on that social pressure cooker that is now silent, the pressure is still building beneath me I assure you.
  14. You know why, I will not let you bigots discredit my every statement by slandering me all over my own profile. I'm right, and I'm going to prove it. pride has nothing to do with it bigot, I will not be silenced with nothing more than abuse and slander. Your an idiot, I'm not here to make friends I'm here to fight for a cause and raise the legitimate grievances that religious bigots keep oppressing not only with the tactics seen here, but with the real world violence that that your hatreds escalate too. And in this thread, you are all demonstrating that oppression. How is that bad for me?
  15. Abuse is the first tactic your religion uses, it’s not going to work now anymore than it has worked every other time you have used it. Just because idiots stand together and abuse doesn’t make them less idiotic. I think this reference is more apropos
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