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  1. WE COULD FORM A COMMUNE, THAT WOULD BE CALLED THE COMMUNIST ROOM. THE LEADER WOULD SAY, AND IF THE ATF, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and fire arms comes after us, well, we'll just all die, rather than let those pigs take us all down. Screw the kids, I'm making a statement, he would insinuate. We'll make it a big thing, a really big big thing, so that people, ignorant people will feel the chill and think that any gun safety laws are meant to destroy the fabric in society. The NRA said that the second Amendment means it is your right to own a gun. I don't care about anything, if I can't have a gun. A mans got to shoot, don't they? I mean WTF... It's a commune Peace!
  2. Let me first ask you, which Supreme Court held that segregated schools were unequal, and why?
  3. well back then it was a free for all. we just thought we were intertwined and we just did not care we just did play we just did say what we felt like it was the blues (I'm just kidding of course) I never was that fat. 😀 Who am I kidding, it was a war against religion, and against the rich. And old Neal was everywhere with his lyrical sense. And Bob, he played the bass like he had no idea, it was almost like he was pretending with a tennis racket.
  4. Embracing all the toys you loved to play with when you were an infant, only now in miniature, that you keep on your desk at work. yeah, that's me, the fat guy playing guitar, before I went on a diet.
  5. So you think about the Bluish Green Planet Earth, and what it used to be like, when you were a child / how maddening the Vietnam war was when your brother was over there and you felt like a coward for thinking that you wished you never had to go there yourself. Even though you were just a kid.
  6. You just want to think all that you can, You start to realize, well it is true, As an individual, I can only change me, You'd lose everything in an instant, if only to save some kid, it would be worth it, to think this way. Nobody knows exactly how to do things perfectly, there are somethings you could never teach, in such an imperfect world as this. But that's no reason to weaken your resolve. They work in networks, commerce, big pay, for connecting the dots, one warehouse to another, one manufacturer that makes one key ingredient, with slave pay so there can be massive profits when no one is thinking much about the problem in all of that. If they are making all that stuff for the richer nations one would think they could make it for themselves someday - they should not need us for such, you think, but there's something missing still. And then you think, what is happening to the rest of us. It seems too easy to feel confused. Are you educated enough, with enough special skill to survive, can you make all the beds in a hotel can you be a waiter in a restaurant all your life and get by. Peace!
  7. In a world that is so filled with supplies, people don't think about all the bottle necks in all the pipelines. And even in rich countries, where people can get by with food, and even some things afforded to them by sudden government handouts, laid before them, in order to keep the order, so everything that was, will soon start again, the same as it was yesterday, even if the same was never something they felt was good enough. And most the people, the most educated of those who cared enough, realized what they were doing, well it wasn't really what they thought it was, and even if they struggled to get to where they were, they suddenly realized, where they were, just was never enough.
  8. I just wish you thought you could write a poem without trying So that you could realize how things should be And how much it was worth fighting for Just so you'd know just how close you came to knowing the balance the equilibrium the truth And feel that all your sacrifice was well worth it And that it changed this world in a good way Peace!
  9. So hey, everybody is against religion, they just want to make sure people cannot congregate or even pray. They are so wrong, no god exist, it was all a fable, the bible was made up from a list of savants, over many many decades, lost in so much time, they rewrote the truth, I just know that they did. Bull! Bull! Bull! The only people who attempt to rewrite or re-envision history are rich fuckers who are bent of division. And sure, there's all these other assholes who go along. There is no War against Religion. There is no war against the rich! I think there should kind of be a war against the rich, kind of, So many of them seem to be such pricks! The rich are so dishonest. They don't pay their fair share of taxes, they'll always find a way to get free of those taxes, because why should they pay, they think. They are so powerful, they can hire lawyers, they got to preserve their payload, and even make more. And so they tie themselves into this religious schematic. Open up the Churches, Trump is such a fool, he doesn't even know how to make it sound spiritual.
  10. King of all media, Howard Stern, was right. This guy Trump has no idea. He thought he would capture more attention by running for president. When he won, he looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He's controlled now by the dark forces, He tweets out his lost soul, only remitting his cockeyed view, sort of like Billy Mumphrey, who was a cockeyed opportunist, er, a real loser, who didn't know shit, about commerce, or science, or much about empathy, Who got himself mixed up with the high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue, And wound up looking like a real asshole! And yet, he taught us all through all his failures, pointed out our systemic racism, as well as this rigged economic system, and the problematic episodes of any religion that goes along to get along, without giving a shit about the people!!! Fuck Trump, May he someday be not so fucked up!
  11. It needs to be Warren to not just send a message, this is about us, and by us, I mean everyone. The world wide is in tatters, and it doesn't take a genius to understand the multitude of problems. You want people to have healthcare, first and foremost, no excuses. You need to mandate capacity, if we don't have capacity, what good is it? It has to be a primary focus. You need better schools everywhere. What is merit / what is real merit and what is real vocation, and what are we striving for? We need to stop fossil fuel use in its tracks! Stop methane gas from going into the atmosphere. Sounds like a general shouting out, here is how we win this war! We need education, and yes, free speech, and yes, capitalism. We need to talk to other countries, and have a state department that all our people are proud of. We need to stop putting people in prison by the score, And for those that do need to go to prison, we need to rethink reform. And yeah, that all will cost a lot of dough. But it is worth every damn cent. How many people carry change in their pockets now? They stash it in their glove compartments, just in case their car runs out of gas, and they are stuck. Or, if they are poor, they use it, they use every cent they have. But most have credit cards these days, and we do know it is an incredibly large business. It's trilly trilly big. Peace!
  12. This is called science. There is the assumption, or the anecdote that something works because it seems as though it has. During a pandemic everyone wants something to be done. Most especially those hospital workers on the front lines who deal with real people, and they have nothing that works. The Washington Post: When Coronavirus Is Growing Exponentially, Everything Looks Fine Until It Doesn’t. There’s an old brain teaser that goes like this: You have a pond of a certain size, and upon that pond, a single lily pad. This particular species of lily pad reproduces once a day, so that on day two, you have two lily pads. On day three, you have four, and so on. Now the teaser. “If it takes the lily pads 48 days to cover the pond completely, how long will it take for the pond to be covered halfway?” The answer is 47 days. Moreover, at day 40, you’ll barely know the lily pads are there. (Megan McArdle, 3/10) So we do have to understand that businesses are being wrecked, and we do know, that too many people live payday to payday to pay their rent. If you go to the pharmacy you see shelves of unapproved supplemental herbs and vitamins that promise to do this or that. It's a big time business, you think. Hey... what's that one, it will reduce the size of my prostate, well maybe I should try it. I mean what do I have to lose!!! Serenity Now!!! I miss this guy a lot!!!
  13. By light when morning comes and they all do stay up late, the army of wild turkey are enough to amuse the simple fox, who by nature and necessity will always find time to play. They know him, like he knows of them. So they come at him to asunder / and he was not their ill gotten plunder. The playful fox was just happy enough to let them get close before he ran away just thinking, I guess that/'/s what its like living in the city / while its kind of fun, I think I would just rather roam. Thank you Turkey/'/s for relieving my boredom. I bid you all ado and a sweet fairdewell until we meet again. And then he smiled to himself thinking about the late morning to come when he would chase his tail in the tall grass of his favorite hill. Now isn/'/t this just the perfect way to start out a new day! We are so challenged by our own fate, so much so, we forget just how to relate. They will teach you nothing, until you decide how to learn. It's like precision, one day you'll see how you did something special, all by yourself. And then, you'll want more, and still it never gets easy. This is called art And it helps to rethink, what you thought once before/ continually just to stay imaginative And Free Peace!
  14. This election is so huge, it's so large. I think it will be a beautiful election... Oh, man just thinking about Trump makes me kind of throw up a bit. We need to stop not showing up to Vote, and all the time. The problem is. Even in the midterm elections, we need to show up big time. This is what Elizabeth Warren means by fighting. You got to stick with it. Yes, we need solid support for public school systems. We should spend the money, sort of like this pandemic where you screen and trace where the hot spots of infection are. We need to trace where the poor and downtrodden are and figure out exactly why. We got to show that we do give a damn about our world and where it should be going. We are so stressed, the air is so polluted, and we need to search for the reasons why together. I do believe in capitalism, but in a rich nation, we have too much subsidy towards intellectual property and not enough pronounced understanding regarding why. It's just a question, someone should be asking.
  15. I come from Michigan, just down the road from Detroit. What happened in Flint should be a big time warning to all people in the US. Instead, we find that it's happening, been happening all around and there's no big push to get to the bottom of this problem in Congress. The Pandemic, hit this world hard. We were all so unprepared, and then, we saw the truth that's always been there, only now it's more pronounced. All of them on the far- right are so darn crazy, and yet they make loads of money spewing hate and division. It's not a black and white world where you're either right or wrong. Yes, free speech is important/ but who are you, and why the hell are you selling nothing but damn lies for your own profit. I like Anderson Cooper a lot. The other day this guy comes on and describes the real issue we have with higher education in this country. Anderson says, wow, I never thought about it like that before. Thank you so much for coming on. I thought, well that's nice he said that. Then, I thought, wait, you never knew this before? The other day on NPR I heard this story about China spies trying to steal vaccine secrets regarding the COVID-19. Why they heck isn't the world working together sharing all the science there is regarding medicine? I mean, it would benefit all. But oh, I forgot, even NPR, in order to stay publicly funded needs to allow both sides in, it needs to be what they call fair and balanced. Nuanced, with some truth about economics, and fact is what we all need more.
  16. Part of the puzzle is the lack of economic thought regarding national debt. I feel too many people are bamboozled into thinking that the US carries too much debt. This narrative helps when politicians want to get rid of needed policies like the supplemental nutrition assistance program SNAP - https://www.cbpp.org/research/food-assistance/policy-basics-the-supplemental-nutrition-assistance-program-snap. We need to rethink economics. I do think Maynard Keynes understood correctly the governments role regarding establishing a sustainable economy. We just have to come together here in this country and around the world regarding how to deal with finite resources, and climate change. But you are so right - not by any means is this an easy feat to accomplish. Most especially when some of our representative government leaders don't seem to care about the people they serve!
  17. I have to say I don't contend that Libertarian and Liberty are the same thing. For me the free will one might feel they have is a product of a good education, along with good parentage and yes, being around good people who do care about you. People can change if they are given a good chance in life. As one ages one might view the world differently, and they might end up appreciating different cultures the more they learn about them. What is the old saying, walk a mile in my shoes. I think that's a vital lesson we should all take the time to learn.
  18. I enjoy Robert Reich. Sadly this morning I watched C-Span's Washington Journal. They had an excellent guest Bakari Sellers talking about his book My Vanishing Country. It was painful to watch due to the ignorant callers. People of color are taking a big hit during this pandemic due to systemic racism, and not enough of a political voice. He was there just trying to bring a needed discussion to the people. It was painful to watch. The sad fact is that there are a lot of ignorant folks in this country. I'm not saying they are bad people, but they are most certainly ignorant to history, the truth, science, etc... And they vote against their own best interest. And I know right-wing politicians feed their ignorance. They have built this divide which serves their purpose which is to stay in power. Somehow too many people do not understand that when you rob people of their full potential, everybody loses. The whole reason we need to educate people is to make this a better world for all. Your not taking away anyone's freedom when you do this. It's quite the contrary, you're really trying to set them free. https://www.c-span.org/video/?472320-4/washington-journal-bakari-sellers-discusses-book-my-vanishing-country&event=472320&playEvent
  19. I concur! the left or right seems to drive the narrative too much me thinks.
  20. Bill Gates has his eyes on the message, We all know, we all should know that if we fill our hospital capacity we are stuck in a total calamity. If you fill all the hospitals past their capacity the economy will completely shut down. Never mind the global economy, never mind the bottle necks worldwide that have already created incredible shortfalls in things we urgently require now, so much so that we seem to have lost common sense. You can't make n95 PPE here, there's nobody genius here enough to quickly figure out how to commandeer a factory and figure out how to mass produce n95 masks, we just don't have the wherewithal to do something like that here. You can spend billions to give to a company called Gilead to create Remdesivir a drug that dimly shows some small degree of slowing down the effects of the corona virus disease by a couple of days, by which Gilead stands to make a loot of cash, but you just can't figure out how to spend a few billion to make PPE. That much is an impossibility somehow. So they are all comparing this to WWII, but they sure has heck aren't acting like it. Well I guess they are used to doing the bidding for corporations over the people who actually do all the work. Get back to work, you people, go get back to work, or be safe, don't spread the virus, figure the whole thing out yourselves. The most important thing to remember is that no corporation should be held libel for any deaths by this disease. Insurance Corps for sure are not equipped to deal with all the claims, the courts are already filled up
  21. The Justice Department in the USA, was never something I ever ever looked up to, I am sorry to say. But now, with William Barr, er, well, I just do not care what he say. What the heck does Barr say about Ahmaud Arbery's death, where is his statement after it was in the news for several days? Nowhere to be found. That's where. He was too busy with being a henchman for president Trump. You should be very upset that a young man gets shot down by strangers for doing nothing but jogging down the street. And yet, nothing from William Barr. Maybe I, missed his strong statement castigating the local police. Maybe I missed his condemnation of the wrongful killing that he gave with such a fiery speech that would make it clear to anyone what equal justice should mean. Perhaps I am ignorant / Hey! Hey! Hey! To what William Barr thinks is important regarding justice today in this USA. I would like to hope that I am. I really wish I was! Peace!
  22. Man who tried to feed the world. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/man-who-tried-to-feed-the-world/ Norman Borlaug worked tirelessly to reduce famine around the world. This is a great story of how he figured out how to produce wheat that could grow anywhere. His life's work brought with it new problems which are still today left precariously unresolved. This is why ordinary people need to talk to one another more, it's certainly why countries need to work together more. Money most people think has this intrepid way about itself that somehow people think gets the job done somehow. But the truth is, it never has, nor never will, since it is only a regulated currency by which most folks don't even understand exactly how it is applied.
  23. At first, money was abstract, back then, when most people couldn't even read. If you're reading this you know things have changed quite a lot since then. We all like money now, with this one constraint, it has to work the way we intended it to. When you say money should work this certain way, well hopefully you don't mean that it should be used to destroy any hope of the betterment of all humankind. The Earth is all we got. As we know everybody dies someday and they can't take their money when they leave. You think if you are rich, well that would be such a luxury to have all my offspring acting like they love me more than God, just to make sure they get something in my will. Counting dollars, Pound Sterling, Yen, Swiss Franc, Russian Ruble, South African Rand, Malaysian Ringgit - yes that true, that's what they call it, the Krona in Iceland, on and on, the Nigerian Naira, and who could forget to mention, the Ethiopian Birr. And we get by with money, it's what seems to tell us who we are. Stuff gets moved all around the globe, and humankind we do hope someday does evolve. Money is stuff. It's an interconnected landscape of things that go into other things that make toilet paper, interconnected human waste water systems, n95 masks, water slide parks, Netflex movies, while helping your local grocery worker make a life on their own. It's dirty money is. We've mostly switched to plastic, but hey, it's all the same. You learn about it early on. The first paper route, the first job, the whole, entire reason you ever went to school to learn. Don't be a free loader, don't be a slouch, learn something so that you too can someday earn a living. And that's what its all about. Peace!
  24. that is a big and very important question. Typically the VP pick, is about politics, bringing on board someone who will bring others on board, hopefully in battle ground states. But this one is completely different. I like Stacey Abrams in that she is a great speaker, and you can easily tell she is really smart when she speaks, but I'm not sure she's the one we need but I'm not discounting her, as she's brilliant no doubt. Abram''s has a past in Georgia where she sided with conservatives on many issues. I can't say that I have followed her from day one, and I can only say when I've seen her speak, which was when she ran for Governor of Georgia, I was impressed. But here's an article I read the other day: https://prospect.org/politics/stacey-abrams-is-running-for-vice-president/ It's an opinion piece so I can't use it to determine how I think. Like I always say again and again, it's about the congress, the representatives of the people. I like Warren because I think she is a fighter and she's dead on with her ideas about what is needed. Except, and this is important, while I have no doubt in my mind that we need to go back to a much more progressive tax structure, I am also not quite sure about how it should be accomplished. A wealth tax sounds good until you start to realize its constraints. Rich people go offshore, they move away, the find whatever trick in the book these days. Yes, tax loopholes is a cottage industry where billions are invested in tax avoidance. What huge buffoons the US is for allowing pharmaceuticals to steal knowledge from government funds and then to be allowed to patent these rights to make their CEO's and shareholders rich while the average bottom 50 percent die. So we see air pollution drop overnight due to this shelter in place. * "Nitrogen Oxide levels have fallen quite a lot during in the last eight weeks. NOx is produced from the reaction of nitrogen and oxygen gases in the air during combustion, especially at high temperatures. In areas of high motor vehicle traffic, such as in large cities, the amount of nitrogen oxides emitted into the atmosphere as air pollution can be significant." *http://www.icopal-noxite.co.uk/nox-problem/nox-pollution.aspx While cutting back on air pollution won't stop the damage of CO2 that is already stuck in the Earth's atmosphere, the reduction of methane gases that are solely introduced into the Earth's atmosphere by mankind, can be stopped. Methane gases have a much much shorter half life compared to CO2, and if we can stop emitting methane we can actually make a big dent in climate change in our own lifetimes, in the lifetimes of our children. We should be thinking about that in a big way now. What do we do with our lives? Life is not a feckless expose of nonsensical greed, it should be filled with much less of most of our people feeling oppressed by things that are outside of their own control -And- instead we should be availed to - all of us being stewards, doing what good stewards ought to do. We want this better air for our own people to breath, therefore, we should afford others the same by being good stewards ourselves. And I'm sure that sounds crazy at first to some, but it ain't. Actually its the opposite. I like a financial transaction tax/ I like the idea a lot. Peace!
  25. WWII. I'm not old but older, the youngest of a large family, my dad fought in WWII. I grew up around quite a few older people still, grandparents and such who were born at the turn of the nineteenth century, and I remember them well. My grandfather was in WWI, and since we were a large family the older people were always around. They were different, but you respected them, looked up to them, but they were different is what I would mostly say. More cautious about life in general, peculiar I thought in almost every way. One thing I noted, later on was that they were right about quite a few things I never really thought about much when I was a kid. They knew about food. They really knew how to cook what ever was available. No matter how long it took, they would spend the time to get it right. I'm talking about making sausage, cooking with what was ever available, and how to know whether or not meat was okay to eat, or whether it would kill you. So anyway I watched this show about the Queen during WWII and while I was not alive during those days, it made me think of my people quite lot. So today is VE day and the Queen spoke to her people, she's 94, three years younger than my mom who is no longer alive. Anyway, yes, she matters, they all matter, and you know I thought that always when I was a kid. I loved being around them and listening to them speak about their lives. It was better than reading a book, it was a privilege hearing it first hand. Peace!
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