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    Why is my State Red?

    I can't go with that BludoggL, I just shant. Sorry, I won't quote this that you said. I think you are putting the cart before the horse, or, as they say, trying to close the gate after the cows have all been let loose. Peace!
  2. TheOldBarn

    Why is my State Red?

    It's gonna take a lot of young people who won't be fooled. And a good old man like Bernie to boot. It's never gonna be easy, I think that's the one thing an old guy can tell you. Peace!
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    What's the problem with Rep. Omar?

    Jews, Christians, Muslims, All slang terms, hateful speech, oh those Olmecs, responsible for the downfall of the central America's, those Hindu's responsible in a different life, Jainism a nontheistic religion founded in India in the 6th century BC by the Jina Vardhamana Mahavira as a reaction against the teachings of orthodox Brahmanism, and still practiced there. The Jain religion teaches salvation by perfection through successive lives, and noninjury to living creatures, and is noted for its ascetics. Peace!
  4. Besides the points that Adam Schiff chairman of the intelligence committee made the other day, all of which were proven to be true, what has Trump done during his presidency that should make you worry about your future? Secretary of the interior, Trumps nomination who was a oil lobbyist is also being investigated on charges of public corruption. What about David Bernhardt? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/the-energy-202/2019/03/29/the-energy-202-top-democrat-blasts-ethics-of-trump-interior-secretary-nominee/5c9d05911b326b0f7f38f2a0/?utm_term=.67d8f18f0b6a This is an important job that controls the use of public lands. One big Oil lobbyist after another, each of which carries a legend of corruptness is not a good way to go. The Supreme Court, and then there's the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. You know we are so sorry that Trump would use John McCain's good name to go on a tirade of bullBad word, all in front of a group of war veterans, but that's what this jerk does, every day. Mitch says they will not close down the government, and then Trump does. Mitch doesn't push back at all. Let's cut food stamps for poor folks, some people think that's too much taxes too much for the Federal Government to spend, and some, possibly take advantage --- and it's misreported what it cost as well http://cepr.net/blogs/beat-the-press/putting-numbers-in-context-a-winnable-battle-our-side-doesn-t-want-to-fight Trump meets with Putin alone. Trump meets with NK dictator Kim Jong-Un alone By tweet he announces that the Golan Heights are accepted by the US as Israel won land. So you can wage war on an opponent and rightfully make their land your own - is right? Mohammad Bin Salman has an expat who is a journalist living in the US mutilated in a Turkish Embassay And meanwhile the Saudi's are using American made planes and bombs to kill innocent people in Yemen Trump says he believes that man made climate change is all made up / this is backed up by his policy measures and his supreme court appointment. Where does one start to point out that this is bad news. Say nothing about his latest move to use the Justice Department to destroy the last vestiges of Obama Care that people need to live. And all this we knew the very moment he won the election. Trump rightfully says that too many manufacturing jobs went overseas, and then he uses Tariffs on China. China is an economic powerhouse now that doesn't even need the US. That's a fact you can take to the bank. The US Corps that go over there do so to make big profit. Meanwhile, the Tariffs are costing the US consumer 1 - 2 billion dollars a month. Trump rightfully questions the Federal Bank, suggesting that wrongful monetary policy measures actually slow down the economy, even when there is no evidence of inflation above 2 percent. Then he nominates Stephen Moore as Chairman of the Fed - 42 percent of american's polled still support his presidency. I find that amazing in itself. But then, the Republican Party and all of their actions in the last twenty years just don't lie. They just don't!!! Peace!
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    So What has Trump accomplished?

    So the other day Mitch McConnell forces a Senate vote on the Green New Deal, which oh BTW is not a bill or a piece of legislation. He does so as a Canard, a deceitful political maneuver to move the base on the right, and possibly sway some centrist folks who might be uninformed as it were... It is rejected 57 - 0. And then, Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee speaks about the Green New Deal. Lamar, who for years and years would never allow any talk of man made climate change to ever exist in any bill he ever supported until something like 2015, says, the Green New Deal just is the wrong way to go. Instead, he, Lamar Alexander pronounces, and I'm not kidding, what is needed is a Manhattan style legislation where we invest in Nuclear power plants across the land, and we allow for Natural Gas fracking on public lands. This an important point. Actually it's critical to understand, I yelled into the radio I was listening to while driving home from work on an over-crowded freeway of cars... If you spent a small percentage of the money it would take to build just a couple of nuclear power plants you could build a massive public transit system that would utilize far far less energy than using automobiles. The point being, Lamar Alexander knows very little about engineering, the possibilities of alternate energy including solar and wind, energy grids, on and on. In fact, he's the very last person I would listen to regarding what is needed to reduce our use of fossil fuel. And yet, he goes on this tirade as though he is a voice of reason. Here's a good link I provided before https://www.ineteconomics.org/ This is a place where people can learn from the smartest topic experts in the field of climate change, engineering, etc. It's far better than your cable news, and well worth the education for all Americans. You need to challenge your own views as a citizen and seek information that will help you demand the right kind of change. There are scores and scores of topic experts all around the world who can explain with actual fact and not hyperbole what should be done. As former President Harry Truman declared, in addition to being the “eyes” of its constituents, Congress must also be the general public’s “voice” and “talk much about what it sees.” Hearings are a terrific platform to not only uncover information but educate the public about abuses of power. * *Jeff Hauser and Eleanor EaganThe Hill, March 18, 2019
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    Can we even solve the economic disaster?

    Peter45, you ask good honest questions. First, GWB's tax cuts for the rich didn't create more demand and lift the country out of a recession that was caused by the Clinton years, the big bonanza of dot.com's that was, only an economic bubble, some say. But the deficits, and the national debt, well, it did go down during the Clinton years, this did happen, it surely is true. Obama sort of said, well these deficits, aren't that important now - and he was dead on correct for saying such. We were in the middle of losing trillions from a housing boom that was an obvious mortgage bubble, where mortgages were all bundled up and bought and sold on the open market. It was a great recession to be sure, nothing like that financially has occurred world wide since the great depression. But back to deficits and debt for a second. You have to consider debt in Macro terms as a whole. Today's rate of interest on US debt is low, I'm talking really low, something like the late 1950's or early 1960's. If ever there was a time to invest, and invest wisely (simply because that is something you should always try to pursue), the time is now. Obama wanted to spend a lot more to create demand but could not because the right-wing deficit hawks said no. Those same deficit hawks would not roll back the GWB tax cuts for the rich, which frankly makes no sense at all. Trump and the Republicans gave a new tax cut to Corporations and to rich folks. They said that it would create demand, and it did create some slight demand which boosted the economy, but it did not make large corporations execute investment, it did not even leverage many of these larger Corps to bring back home some of their holdings where they were paying almost zero in tax commitment. This is of course what most economist of any standing had predicted. And so far, it's grown our national debt much higher You could go on this way for a while, higher deficits larger national debt for a while without any horrible effect. But one must take a look at the calamity that might transpire if you do nothing to fight climate change or to mitigate the national emergencies that will occur due to weather change. You could choose to go along the same old path we have been going down, cut SS, and Medicare, and the public school system which is already underfunded - which in the long-run would be a huge financial mistake that the middle class and the poorest of us all will one day denounce big time... Or you could do what is right. You could utilize real Congressional Oversight that would allow real topic experts who are not sponsored by big Oil or any other special interest lobby to speak about policy measures that would be smart and in the best interest of all Americans. What you spend, should be construed as an investment towards the future, and in today's world, increasing deficits to spend the right way, makes a heck of a lot of sense. In essence, spend now, or spend vastly more tomorrow. If you choose the latter, God help us. Peace!
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    Why is my State Red?

    I think you are right. I am a baby boomer whose parents experienced the great depression and WWII first hand. It twas rapid growth up until the Vietnam war and the oil embargo when Nixon was president. Something was lost in that time. Just as something was very lost well before. I think we never really found our way regarding what people call American Exceptionalism, which I always thought meant that all people should have a chance at prosperity, and those that needed assistance would actually signify that there was work still left to be done. We have some extreme poverty in the US nobody really talks about in political circles. We got people living on the streets in droves akin to long ago. Tolstoy wrote about the infinitesimals in War and Peace, the folks never mentioned much in any history. What I wrote a lot of people I think might agree with basically. The Green New Deal, is kind of like saying, we need a new FDR, or an abrupt change in the way we do business now. BTW, when I grew up most kids in my neighborhood thought they'd get a job working in a car factory. If you went to college you were really smart and you'd likely be a professional or a teacher for life. They taught civics in high school, and yes, racism was all around back then too, which is sad to say as well. Peace!
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    Russian Troll Tactics and How to Defeat Them

    absolutely! There has always been small far right-wing, fascist, racist groups in the US historically. And of course, this country was sadly constructed with unabashed racism towards brown skinned people that included hundreds of years of slavery as well as an outright genocide on the American Native population. While the numbers of far-right fascist racist groups dwindled after Jim Crow, one party in the two party system helped buffer these holdouts since they knew they could always count on them for their support. This same party always held the mantle for Western based orthodox religion for mostly political reasons since they understood that for the most part their policy decisions undercut any true prosperity for all. Peace!
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    Why don't libruls embrace patriotism?

    Ever wonder why people protested against the Vietnam War? I don't! The war was wrong and a big lie was perpetrated on the American people. The people who protested against it were to my mind Patriotic. Economically, demanding sufficient workers wages and workers rights is patriotic. Demanding decent healthcare for all is patriotic. Here's a short list of patriotic demands off the top of my head. Fair voting rights Protection of the environment Publicly funded Education that is equal for all. Freedom of religion, or no religion. The creation and the expansion of social security Public protection against poverty - the war against poverty is a patriotic endeavor. Only a two thirds majority in Congress can approve any US war. None of these demands should have anything to do with the political party you are affiliated with since they should be considered patriotic endeavors first and foremost.
  10. TheOldBarn

    What's the problem with Rep. Omar?

    I think if you are in the US congress and say anything negative about AIPAC you will be accused of antisemitism. Not dissimilar from saying anything negative about the NRA. Both groups unfortunately hold a lot of political power when to my mind they should not.
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    5 A Day Keep the Trolls and Spammers at Bay

    I have to agree! The real Russian Trolls, of which I have zero doubt do exist, only enriched the already existing far right-wing playbook of conspiracy nonsense and fear mongering that existed long before the 2016 election.
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    Rethinking the Divide

    well then, maybe, just maybe BlueDoggL, your a little bit liberal and a little bit conservative too. And BTW, I did not choose to buy the Nutrisystem, even if some might describe me as spherical, a round ball with arms and legs dangling, and a small head on the top. But you know what I mean about being conservative. You got these people like Rush who I worry about probably suffering from gout, or these other freaks - no they are not true conservatives, for whatever the heck that means. Sierra Nevada, that's what I'm drinking now. It's pretty good. I'm not a round ball, I wasn't trying to make fun of anybody who might be, although it is an issue regrading the huge pronouncement of fatty mcfatty fast food everywhere one looks, and they push the sugar. Ever see the movie Dodge Ball. Isn't this why we go to University, to learn - watch it all the way through. Have fun. I mean have fun and drink beer like Kavanaugh says. - I kidding of course. but you get my drift, the drift, the draft beer. Sierra Nevada, that is. Peace!
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    Rethinking the Divide

    On NPR this morning I heard a report regarding the newly elected Moderate Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger facing questions in a town hall meeting. How could voters be sure that she would be a more moderate voice in congress and not too far left. Well first she said that she did not vote for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker. The piece went on to state that it is important for the Democratic Party to understand that in order to hold control it needed more moderate voices, especially in those Red States. I think nothing could be further from the truth. Talk to the other side of the isle - yes, always. But conduct the needed Congressional Oversight regarding policy measures. The congress is there to be the eyes and the ears of the people it represents. Find the truth and speak it often, is what we need from our Representatives in Congress. Educate the people regarding policy measures that will help them live better lives, and illustrate what is needed for sustainable economic prosperity for all. Clearly illustrate how medicare for all can be achieved and exactly what it will mean. Democracy is not a zero sum game. My advice for someone like Abigail Sanberger comes down to three words - educate educate educate - listen to your constituents and then educate them regarding how to get the things they truly need. https://www.ineteconomics.org/perspectives/blog/populism-trump-and-the-future-of-democracy
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    Rethinking the Divide

    dammit, I meant to post fake plastic trees... to get my point across... because man, if that ain't conservative.
  15. TheOldBarn

    Rethinking the Divide

    I think it's not true to say food stamps cost the US taxpayers much. I also think it's not true to let people with mental disease waste away on the streets in every town in the good old USA, I mean, it's ludicrous, to look away and not give them shelter, and then, if you weigh the economic cost of doing something that would help, it seems to upset the system that we currently live within. What I mean by it not being true, is that at the very same time people are making literally billions in the financial world, which benefits few. It does not in any way create jobs that allow people to make a decent living wage. What I'm saying is that trade laws, are not about one country getting the most from the other country that it can, they are more about rich people screwing the poor to enrich themselves. The system we live under is not in most ways about efficiency, and if you try to change that to make markets work for good - you called a socialist. You know why? Do you know why BlueDoggL? Why don't we use the NIH for drug discovery more? Why we don't choose to pay corporations that are good at performing research up front for drug discovery, instead of at the bottom end where they mark up the prices big time? Do you know why BlueDoggL? I come from Detroit BlueDoggL, I'm pushing sixty, I use the screen name old barn, but I ain't too old, or senile to know a little something about economics. I understand a bit about workers Unions, their ascension and their demise. I'm old enough to at least to know about that. And I'm young enough to understand what it's like to put your gut into something worthwhile. Efficiency, cutting through the red-tape, utilization of topic expertise, understanding a way forward, in a non-political way, and doing so for explicit and pronounced purpose to lift up people from poverty and build a stronger sustainable middle class. Yes, yes, I am adroit at understanding the divide in a classical sense like perhaps you are. Read: American Feud, A history of Conservatives and Liberals, by Noam Chomsky BlueDoggL, what is your definition of a conservative? What is your definition of a Liberal? Here's my definition of a liberal who has conservative roots. One who has seen markets work, and markets also corrupt. The conservative in me looks for progress whether the market needs regulation, whether there needs to be some socialistic measures in certain areas such as public education and healthcare, conservative regarding environmental concerns, conservative in the understanding that workers, in order to promote efficiency require remuneration, and yes, I like that word - as a side note, the fellow who wrote my very first Curricula Vitae, used that word, he was this young guy advanced as he was back then. Hell, I'm just kidding kind of, resume, the thing that comes after all you got is filling in the Job Application. The tech world used to be vastly different. You could go to a technology college and if you were good at electronics you would do really really quite good back in the late 1970's I went the other way. Night school and the 4 year grind and then more grind. You grind your way through grinning. You must of course grind your way through grinning showing a bit of the teeth where the lips push up into the high cheek and the eye lids spread as far and wide as possible - without looking like a crazy person that is. As you can tell BluDoggL, I myself do have a conservative streak, as you might think it. ER, we are hopefully seeking the same thing. Song is good. Peace!
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    Rethinking the Divide

    I would agree, if what you said were true. You have to go back to the early sixties to see that. And even on the Democratic side you have to go back to 1980. Isn't that where the word Liberal was basically outlawed. So the Liberals moved slowly to the right. Did that help? If you are conservative you would want constructive markets that promote participation and ingenuity, otherwise known as progress. Shouldn't we learn from our mistakes? I mean, shouldn't voters know the truth? Peace!
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    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    The truth is someone out there... A hopeful presidential office seeker should state what they believe is the best way forward with conviction, but also with information on why they think the way they do and what it will take to achieve what they believe needs to be accomplished. That being said, the person running for the office of president must also be offering up support for change in a realistic way while at the same time running for president. That means understanding the change needed in Congress. This would mean something like a Parliamentary System whereby the person who hopes to lead must energize the legislative body that after all is said and done gets things done. We need to change a system that is rigged towards the top. How do we accomplish this feat and what will be required, Why is it a worthy goal, and in the end who will benefit the most? Illustrate how to tax the rich in a productive way that will evade the often utilized tax evasion by the rich. One avenue would be a financial transaction tax. Reexamine patent laws as well as the governments ability to win antitrust lawsuits. If it's a system that is rigged, you better believe their will be blood, as they say, to make any bold and important change. A giant thrust from people with large resources will no two ways about it fight back. And if you don't think that this is true, you are a fool. If you are a voter, you know this. You might say you knew this long ago. Look, I'd like a president who represents the people, a woman possibly of color, but what is more important is conviction. It is the Congress that legislates in a democracy, this point must be made resoundingly clear. This reminds me of a riddle. So what do you do when progressive reform legislation is knocking upon your door? First ask, progressive reform legislation for who, for what, and how and where. You gots to remove that fear before you open up your door. Peace!
  18. I always guessed that someone some where would invent a flux capacitor miraculously And that it would solve all human problems some special day. Peace!
  19. I only used stats to understand the need people had but I never understood enough about what they never could all the things that most never ever had any luxury to even begin to even think of Some days now, I only think, there is only the here, there is only now These are the days, our family treasured These are the days measured where the few one day shine I only used statistics like a mathematical tool. These are the days to understand what is finite These are the days on March 14 the day of 3.14159265359 So I am driving my girl to her classes, she's gonna be seventeen soon She's already in college, and the dog, her dog, is in the car and the sun is kind and faraway I think back, how does she know what I was not smart enough to ever tell her. I have nothing, I am no svengali She just means something to me and she happens to be very bright.
  20. What is a Corporation, by its very definition legally? Why does a business, any business go public? The reason is protect the people who run the business, so they are not liable in a personal way, if something goes wrong. But even then, they are not completely protected if something the Corporate leadership does that is so wrong, so very insidious as to inflict a serious injurious crime upon consumers, or any innocent citizen, as they should be one would hope if our legal system holds the way it should. You learned maybe in school about finance and the cost of capital, whether it is borrowed directly from a bank or whether it is sold as stock, part of ownership in a public trading corporation. The risk factors of entering into any enterprise. The risk of investing in any stock. Then, think about corporate taxation. If few corporations actually end up paying taxes that the Congress of the United States legislates they should pay. The problem today is that Corporations find ways not to pay in many cases, not a dime of what the government rightfully imposes them to pay by legislative acts. Would Corps go off shore, reinstate their corporate head quarters in some other country, that imposes a much more habitable corporate tax, yes, they do. Quite a lot. But if they are a public trading company, why not instead of taxing them straightforwardly, instead make it law that part of their shares become government owned. The non-voting shares. The government has no say in how they run their business, but the government receives dividends as a shareholder. Thereby if the corporation grows and needs to pay shareholders any dividend, it automatically pays the government. There is then no two ways about it. It's public. And also it makes the corporation more honest. The corporate finance officer no longer needs to dodge that stuff, no more bull. We say, we whisper it, brand new start. we say we say. Why did I start a business in the first place, and should it ever succeed.
  21. The virus was halfway underfoot because nobody could understand the right RNA or just how to recognize how proteins move through a gel to become identified The virus would infect only a very few who would someday become extraordinarily rich And the chances were very small that the average baby would ever have to be worry about becoming infected by that unusual sort of biological pathway that would leave their body enraptured that escaped the agent that might protect any normal soul that might be lucky enough to actually do some good some sunny day for all the people they loved Peace!
  22. TheOldBarn

    So there is division in the US

    the biz, is way way too what do they say now, we got too many, what is the agricultural saying, Silo's. we need Silo's to store grain did you know fermented grain is big business We need big business that employs lots of people We need Silo's the bigger the better Or, in today's corporate speak maybe not When sometimes important decision depend on people from different departments within the Corporation working together Silo's might not be such a good thing Peace!
  23. We could illustrate division, the haves from the have not's. Haves don't need a contraction because they are written into the language that way. But other than that there truly is no real separation. Gentle reader of what I am now concocting, for your eyes only to impart , this division is first, mostly drama, and second, a hallucination, like one part small part of the people has dropped acid and miraculously... her boobs were real, I watched them from the corner of my eye as I tried to look away Someone said that to me, and I'm a guy, who has a big chest, and no, I don't wear a bra and it only made me feel more agitated to express such thoughts if only they would had thought even without saying, his boobs were real, at least then, they would have been more factual. Such wisdom, and bad manner, the banned wordship of calling the worker lazy, so that you can pay them less, even though all you are doing is trying to keep all the departments in line and doing the corporate job and just lie because a full fledged Director before you could not. And you are only now an executive manager, they pinned that job onto you. You did more than the guy before you and the executive who sits above you is a man now, and he know nothing about how to run a business. And i am just saying this because I know this does happen way too much.
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    The U.S. President

    The person with that top job. I mean, I just have always in my own mind tried to overly simplify that top job. Just what does that given post mean to most Americans, and yes, we say Americans, when we mean the United States, which is just only one country, it's laws really only written under one constitution that were written expressly for that one country, you know, America, the national anthem that lets all the people know they are citizens of the US. So anyway, the post, of the president, means they are in charge of the executive branch of power, and this means they are in charge of the justice system, in a sense, at least, they might be the one who would nominate a person to be in charge of the justice system, or the otherwise named Attorney General who would have to be approved by the Senate to run the Justice Department in the US. That person finds under their jurisdiction all Federally mandated law and oversees the FBI. The Executive branch also controls what we call the Secretary of State. It is the top executive who names the person who runs the state department that deals with a gigantic bunch of stuff regarding how the US deals with other nations, they call it state craft, diplomacy for short, whereby the state department works with other nations, hopefully in the best interest of the US, but also hopefully in a true and earnest way, with hopefully having wisdom or insight about making a better world as a whole, in a peaceful way, looking to not insight war, nor to harm any people, that's not what the US is about, we are not about using our power to simply exploit people from other nations, that's not what we are about - it's our credo, I thought. But then there's commerce, come on there has got to be commerce, and there has to be agriculture, I mean people got to eat, and we need to sell grain, we need to defend, we need to educate, and have Energy, and what about the secretary of the interior, you know, we got to protect federal lands off into the future, and then, there is urban development, veterans affairs, who decides when we go to war, a bunch of people, and an executive from the executive branch, a top job, the big honcho would have that much power to oversee I guess. This brings me to the secretary of defense, the top job to defend the US, or to defend our allies, a critical job that obviously requires a lot of congressional oversight, just like any part of the executive branch might. So who you gonna vote for, and why? It means so much, possibly too much in our political system. It's like a corporate board, like our representative congress seems to for too long be, whereby they just go along all the time to get along. Where is the representation of the people, the little men and women in government, George Washington might have asked. These young people, most of them so poor, you know it is so hard to stay warm, but they fight because they believe it is imperative to make it clear that this land is theirs. Who are we and what is the purpose of living a good life if we can be so lucky to do so? Yep Yep Yep I have the hiccups. Midnight Cowboy Peace!
  25. TheOldBarn

    Yes, I drive a hydroelectric car

    oh, you mean, John Edgar, that's funny, yeah man, That works too. I would say gay, not that I am a homosexual, not that there is anything with being one, but because the way it is often used. They come San Fran, they must all be gay. Well maybe they are. What is wrong with that? I'm happy just the way I am. How about you? Peace!