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  1. I like Elizabeth Warren the most right now. I like many of the others as well. Bernie is real, he really is real. That's what we need. Someone who is really real about the change we need. Of course it will take support, a lot of support from the people. Big time. That's why I like how Bernie changed the topic of the Democratic Party. Elizabeth was already there, she's real with real policies. And she states it up front, it will take a mandate from the people to exact in a meaningful way. But here's the deal, if people were more informed about the possibility, I think the chances of more people getting involved are very good. de Blasio is an excellent risk taker. He mandated 10 vacation days for all employees in NY City. Listen, there are a lot of constructive ways to solve a lot of issues. How do we get people to buy into ideas, and then, how do we implement those ideas that make sense? How much skin off my nose, am I willing to agree with? No skin off my nose, is that for real, is a good question. Sometimes it might take a sliver of skin off your nose, are you willing to give that much? Do we actually need Pie Charts to illustrate the degree of difficulty and how much skin would be acceptable to come off peoples noses? I think that would help. But it would also help to fully illustrate the gains. No skin off your nose, might represent no gain. And that means enough people possibly did not put their noses to the grindstone; they should put their collective noses to the grindstone - we should have a poll about this. Should there be more people who put their noses to the grindstone, or less? Peace!
  2. I always wondered about solar powered EV charging stations. Just imagine what could be done right now. Below is a link that caught my eye. There are many more design ideas out there. We could make it happen. We should also not discard the idea of mass transit, not by a long shot. We need more of that as well. And I for one would love it if we could make inroads regarding better infrastructure for riding bikes.. Riding a bike to work or other places they need to go where the pathway is safe and open would make folks happier and healthier too. It should be a joy to live an efficient life full of discovery. https://inhabitat.com/beautiful-solar-powered-ev-charging-stations-promise-to-charge-a-vehicle-in-15-minutes/ I think we have not even touched the surface regarding the use of Solar Power. Peace!
  3. A shortage of labor, really? One of the things people should look at other than the monthly jobs report is the EPOP from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Below is the employment - population ratio for the 25 - 54 year age group from pre-recession to 2019
  4. Pence is not the sharpest in the Republican Tool box, yes that's true. And yes, he may not be clean himself. This article is from 2017. I've always thought Pence was a cheap suit. He really did dial into the Trump presidency for a chance to be VP, typical Pence! https://www.politico.com/story/2017/08/12/trump-russia-pence-staying-clean-241545 Peace!
  5. Well I just wish the Democratic Party would have at least one serious debate dedicated solely to healthcare in America. I would like it to begin with some excellent piece of journalism. I picked this one from the American Prospect regarding the high price of Insulin because it points to a huge problem we have with pharmaceutical prices while explaining why. I think it would be a smart move. It would educate all people watching the debate and each politician would then need to describe what measures they think the American people should take. They could put the article below into a documentary form and play it prior to letting the candidates come out for the debate. If they did, I really think they'd get some traction. https://prospect.org/article/insulin-racket Peace!
  6. yes indeed, John Steinbeck. Just cause you want something more than Capitalism doesn't mean you are a socialist or a communist. Peace!
  7. True, George Will is intelligent. But until Trump was elected he did say much about a lot of the other trashy things the Republicans have done in the last thirty years. Look, I didn't like it when Russia meddled in our presidential election. But they just augmented what the Republican Party has been doing for years. But sure, we do need people to talk intelligently no matter what ideology they adhere to. Talk intelligently and adhere to the facts. We need that big time. Peace!
  8. Some conservative political commentator who has written for the Washington Post, since 1974. He was on Fox News as a commentator for several years until one day he quit because of Trump. Now he comes on MSNBC, as a guest commentator. But he stays the same. He's never changed. To me that's okay, he should state what he believes, but he never talks about the divide in this country much. He never talks about what party helped to contrive the divide, not ever. He likes baseball, he talks about three strikes, the game is about great pitchers, and how they can rattle any hitter. If you got two strikes against you because of tax cuts for the rich that never grew the middle class, you are still in the batters box, waiting for another pitch. The batter hits a high major league pop up and the catcher misses it because it is just near the edge of all the people sitting their with front row seats, and because of the sun in his eyes, he somehow fails to make the catch. It's another foul ball, and its a three two pitch. The odds are there are going to be a couple more foul balls, and then, either a walk, or a hit. What about Obama's last pick for the supreme court? What about that George Will? What about the divide in this country and all the people who helped sew it? George you're a good writer, but what do you know about economics? Talk to the people George about climate changed caused by humans dependents on fossil fuel. Talk about all the people who don't have healthcare, or about the problems with illegal immigration. Who made up the lie about open borders George? Who made up the lies about the ACA George? You left Fox because you find Trump unconscionable, that a news source would support a president who was inept, what about the party that still supports him. Why did they do that when you still supported them long ago, what the hell did you ever really truly stand for? I don't think you know too much about baseball either. I guess. Oh come on George...You never were an athlete, son. Peace!
  9. I feel certain that there is a holistic feeling you get from writing, and that is why people write stories, stories that are parts of life, augmented with fiction, so that real names of real people are not misused, and because of legalities. I once had a friend, I will call him John. John was a poet, and more than that, he was a magician regarding story telling. I always knew my friend John would someday win a Noble Prize for literature, along with a Pulitzer, the National Medal for Fiction, as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award. I just did. John would say, I just did, write about history as if I was an older person telling a story that was important, that the older person was an eye witness to reveal onto the youth so that history could mean something true, to me, someday, somehow. I just felt purpose in writing. Prose just fell into place. And stories surrounded me, they would fall out of nowhere into my thoughts, and I would start to write, like I did. I had a story in me I believed, probably, someday I thought, John would say. I kind of know how hard it is to struggle and what it is like to be a disregarded saint that no one would ever take much notice over, never ever care too deeply about. But they made the difference to others, all their hard work, sometimes it made them, those other characters reach way beyond their own capabilities, so much so that they breathed character, to make some good, as Aristotle foretold back in the days of old John was a storied philosopher kind of writer, a historian, who understood how holistic it can become, just to write. And John was my friend. He died of congestive heart failure at the age of 64. John was not considered to be a red, by the US government, but always during his life he sided with the left, and because of this, his taxes were audited, just in case, of the fear of communism back then. And tell me why, people are. Tell me about, The Pearl, I wish I could write like that guy, when you see something firsthand, automatically your words become fluid and it becomes easy to describe holistically the works of people that you see because then you can make some good. And then maybe you hope, you can write stories like John did. fiction based on fact. stories that live on. Peace!
  10. https://go.peteforamerica.com/today/?gclid=CjwKCAjwsIbpBRBNEiwAZF8-z06SDWxgXf0hL62AlDHaDmXb4hWrh7Hwz54EhYRakBQTsrqHbWb-NRoCIAYQAvD_BwE He makes it easy to donate to his campaign. But how serious is he about climate change and universal healthcare in the US, is a good question. I will tell you that there are a lot of good qualified Democrat Party Candidates, And that's a good thing. Where did all the manufacturing jobs go, will they ever come back, well not by yesterday's measure, now. And I just like Tom Petty
  11. I work for a big corporation that employs 60 thousand world wide. We all got a check for $500. A one time offering. I bring it up because a lot of US Corporations also did likewise. They (those employees) were overjoyed. And the Corporations, thinking they gave this one time crumb to their employees( only in those who worked in the US)/ made them also feel good as well... I also bring this up because Corporations like mine who are successful grow mostly by buying up smaller firms. But what they seem not very capable at doing is investing in R&D, or in focusing on becoming more profitable by creating more quality in the things that they make. And they will tell you that they just can never find enough qualified help. They always want to hire more people, but it is difficult in such an economy like the one we find ourselves in. And oh, by the way, a lot of things we sell to other countries, well those other countries have regulations, and oh by the way, who is in charge of making sure we meet those other countries regulations, who feels all the turmoil, who is by the way in charge of all this growth, and without any big capital investment, I might add??? Well they could, if they raised wages. Well that's easy for a worker to say. You can't go spending money willynilly, just spending money to spend money, when you need to meet the bottom line. The Demand I might suppose, just isn't there yet. Peace!
  12. I work for a big corporation that employs 60 thousand world wide. We all got a check for $500. A one time offering. I bring it up because a lot of US Corporations also did likewise. They (those employees) were overjoyed. And the Corporations, thinking they gave this one time crumb to their employees/ made them also feel good as well... I also bring this up because Corporations like mine who are successful grow mostly by buying up smaller firms. But what they seem not very capable at doing is investing in R&D, or in focusing on becoming more profitable by creating more quality in the things that they make. And they will tell you that they just can never find enough qualified help. They always want to hire more people, but it is difficult in such an economy like the one we find ourselves in. Well they could, if they raised wages. Well that's easy for a worker to say. You can't go spending money willynilly, just spending money to spend money, when you need to meet the bottom line. The Demand I might suppose, just isn't there yet. Peace!
  13. what Olivaw said mysteriously didn't come through when I quoted it. It's an interesting thing to note, back in 2005 it was a housing boom, housing prices ballooned, and anyone could get a loan, and those loans were all bundled by Wall Street, and graded as A+ by Standard and Poor's. Now, that we have the greatest economy ever, as Trump has pronounced, people remember high housing prices a bit more. Housing starts are not what they were during the boom. During the housing boom that was what economist call a bubble that burst, we would have been in a stagnant economy otherwise. If you remember, that's when after Bush's tax cuts in 2001, demand soured, and Bush's tax cuts did not cause Corporate America to make big Capital purchases, or employ more people in the US, towards a better economic future / the stimulus only made them buy back more stock, which made some of their biggest investors richer still. And yet, there was a housing bubble. Why yes, the only thing that saved the economy, or at least seemed to save the economy that was in peril, was a housing boom, and yeah, Wall Street got heavy into the act. A lot of folks refinanced, took the money now, all that money, spend it now, spend it wow, and hey, this kid who just graduated from high school said, I think I'll skip college and go work for a mortgage firm, because they are hiring...And he was happy, and, yes, they were. Until, Kabooooom!!!!!! Just like uncle Bill had diagnosed. Actually uncle Bill knew nothing. He thought the downfall had to do with all this Federal Regulation, and high taxation. But uncle Bill could really barbeque well. He's a fun guy. In a different time he might have been Buffalo Bill, and he might have created a great wild west type of show, that BTW featured a lot of indigent Americans, some of whom were great Chiefs in their day. Peace!
  14. I think inevitably it appears to be this way. But it is not, not true, not final, not the way forward, that could ever suffice. We need smart people who will lead / we need people to become hero's and to think more about the greater good than of their own selfish success. Aristotle said, politics is the highest order to community. Talking is the same thing as thinking, to Aristotle. You remember, hard work. The purpose, is to make the good. Aristotle thought, to make the good, was behind the necessary communion of community, everything an individual does, to make the good, to make ones mind become free. The aim of the individual is the aim to make some good. How can you add to this arrangement definitively? The hierarchy of good / the community. You and I could say the good, is bridled with, and in politics, we ride. We make freedom, not by our own learnt knowledge, but by our collective knowledge that must be free to all. Peace!
  15. LOL... great one \ During a Monday Night Football telecast on September 5, 1983, Cosell said of Washington Redskins wide receiver Alvin Garrett, "That little monkey gets loose, doesn't he?" The Rev. Joseph Lowery, then-president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, denounced Cosell's comment as racist and demanded a public apology, but Cosell refused, citing his past support for black athletes and stating that "little monkey" was an affectionate term he had used in the past for diminutive white athletes (including Mike Adamle, for whom Cosell was on record using the term 11 years prior), as well as for his own grandson. Cosell left the Monday Night Football booth following the 1983 season, citing his waning interest in professional football. It was a different time. Back then, everybody watched MNF, before there was social media. But we've made so much progress since then, hallelujah amen... Not! but the primaries, filled with gaffs and guffaws, old time funny things that have been said from the stables. I have a plan, the next person has a similar plan, and the next and the next, there are so many plans. All the plans seem similar. But there is no real time to fully illustrate your plan, and you need gifted bureaucrats behind any good real plan that can be executed. But for the Dems, the words, good bureaucrat have become like a tired old joke. Unlike the Republican primaries where the best joke that they had was about the aristocrat, with that fabulous two word punchline: Donald Trump! Peace!
  16. that's inevitable politics in any primary, but I also did sense a bit of shallowness behind the accusations - to Biden, an older senior / respect your seniors, I say - sure they made mistakes in the past, but they are old, they did their best, it was a completely different world back then long ago. Howard Cosell once said - "stand for something. don't quest for popularity over morality, and ethics, and honesty." I think he said that to Alex Karras and Dandy Don, on Monday Night Football - it had no context, he just said it out of thin air, then there was this awkward silence. I think that's what made Monday Night Football games fun to watch back then. Peace!
  17. So we all know Americans are greatly divided these days. And with the influx of new Democrats in the house, and of course Bernie Sanders youth following, the divide has only gotten worse. So anyway, a lot of folks suggest that there is a link to Socialism and to Stalin, and to other fascist dictators such as Benito Mussolini, and yes, even Hitler as well as others, and we all know how that ended. But of course that is not to say that in reality we have a Socialist movement going on in the House, all orchestrated by the young Liberals and progressives, or even by Bernie Sanders - their leader of sorts. Extremely short take of socialism's past: Back in the old days, around the turn of the twentieth century, times were tough in Europe. Chaos was rampant and so too were stereotypical views of groups of people who just didn't fit. It was easy for a dictator to take control, because most people were suffering, it was a giant turning point in history. And meanwhile, those times were tough in the US too. The great depression in the United States influenced FDR's New Deal program which was based on Keynesian economics, named for the great British economist John Maynard Keynes. Now: The New Green Deal, as it were, to my own mind at least, does call for a lot of Federal spending, and it also calls for some big changes in our economic system, but it is not, as clearly defined by say, Karl Marx, as it also calls for private industry and free markets. When the automobile first came to be only rich folks could own a car, but the roads to drive those automobiles on were hard to come by. At first, rich private corporations designed plans for roads, but soon discovered, due to market circumstance, they needed big time help from State governments. To my mind, this is part of the big story of American Ingenuity, which was never perfect, but it did accomplish a lot. It was a joint effort of states and the Federal Government working together that created what we know call the highway system, the transportation infrastructure if you will. * actually, we could have gotten more out of public transportation like a lot of other developed nations were highly successful at accomplishing, but that's a different story. And this is a different story, and rather than describing the true challenges of the twenty first century, and the vital need to deal with climate change, we do as a nation need to invest a great deal in finding a way to ween ourselves off of fossil fuel. We do need to rebuild our entire infrastructure, and while doing this we also need to understand the needs of the poor. We have a huge problem with healthcare, where too many people have none, and the cost is skyrocketing. We have public school slums all over the country, and this creates problems for all Americans, and building more private prisons is no answer. What about jobs, well, there is much to do. We people to perform jobs, even with the great advancement of intelligent machines. Check the productivity numbers, that's a big part of what you need to look at to discover the truth. We need skilled trades, we need hospital workers, we need engineers, etc... A lot of stuff grew out of the housing bubble that popped in 2007/8. Just a decade ago the Financial Houses in the US were facing dire straits and they were bailed out by the US tax payer (TARP). Nobody went to jail for selling junk, Standard and Poor's Index, had nothing do with ratings (or it was never really discussed much), and the Great Recession caused a lot of Economist to think that we have a systemic problem with our economy, regarding demand, and most certainly our banking system. Thus, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform act was instituted in 2010. There were of course stimulus bills provided by the Obama administration and Congress. But they were not large enough, and the recovery was slow. But the fact is that nothing's really changed much, and the same thing could happen again. The Republicans fought against bigger stimulus packages, and they fought hard against Dodd-Frank, and Trump even dismantled the Consumer Financial Protection Act, scripted largely with the help of Elizabeth Warren. So it's all about going to Socialism is a misnomer that has been lobbed at the progressives, even by the so-called liberal minded press. The Washington Post, the NY Times, etc... Look, I like a lot of things about capitalism. I like the wild incentive it gives to people to create new things. I'm an artistic, some would say foolish cad, who likes the corner vegetarian cafe that serves up the most creative crepes you ever tasted. It's a cool layout, a fun place to eat, where you can watch them make the crepe - it is, a wonderful skill. No it's not socialism. But it has some socialistic constructs. No, it's not linked to fascism either. I believe it is the absolute opposite. But the problem is, that's only what I think, and possibly what a lot of other people who contribute to this board believe. So we all know, it is a huge problem, dealing with this divide. We don't want to get all crazy regulation-like / a phrase that someone like Biden might use, and still we do not want to erase all the good work that comrade Bernie Sanders, and his little sister Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has done neither. Live long Ruth Bader Ginsburg, remember Thurgood Marshall, remember John Maynard Keynes, and others, like Karl Marx, and Adam Smith too. Anyway, this was designed really to be a discussion about how to deal with human made climate change. But it is easy to see how it has inroads into a lot of other issues. Peace!
  18. This is why a lot of people propose doubling or tripling the amount spent at the NIH for drug discovery - no patents, and sharing of knowledge is I think a great selling point. Of course there could also be Federal subsidizing that went to private companies who can do some of the development. I like the idea of subsidizing mini hospitals as well. Actually in a lot of largely populated areas we could do better by having smaller facilities that take care of a lot of urgent care needs. Long ago I heard that the Soviets had made some solid improvements in healthcare by creating facilities that focused on only one type of care, like treating heart conditions, or cancer. Privately many hospitals have gone to large groups who purchase all of their medical supply, sort of like the auto industry, where it needs to maintain a stock load of parts. The trick is to maintain low overhead, and low inventories, yet still maintain efficiency. I envision the need for private corporations in healthcare, while at the same time going to a single payer health insurance payout. How this is implemented is what needs to be determined. It may take a few decades to become fully implemented. We might start off with say a public option, and possibly lowering the age for medicare - for those who choose it. The government could spend money to subsidize for costly equipment, such as MRI equipment, especially in rural areas. Private hospitals today have to deal with huge administration costs regarding dealing with insurance companies. Single payer would reduce that cost drastically. I would suppose there is a lot of waste in healthcare spending today in other areas as well. The free market has its place in healthcare where it has the incentive to reduce waste for profits sake, but without sacrificing good care.
  19. solid point about Biden. Who can drive more young people to vote is the question. The job is to get the most people to go out and vote. I believed there was absolutely no chance Trump would win against Hillary. I supported Sanders first, but he lost the primary so I voted for Hillary. A lot of folks who would easily have chosen Hillary over Trump did not show. Same thing happens in the midterms. It's been happening for years. They still have not done a darn thing to shore up SS or medicare even though it's been talked about and debated for decades. Even though a great majority of Americans want it.
  20. I found that I was mildly depressed by all the people that I had met the signature truth and all one could ever look up to I found real people who were suffering from depression and I found so many things earnestly that could make some feel as though they were who also did not feel not so much so I found it was never by any grand design to give up, and to quit no matter how hard their life had become I found some would stay struggling as long as their bodies would or could give, sometimes almost to impossible extremes, and their minds would stay intact, and they would suffer emotional highs and lows, and mellow, with vision, almost become visionary, with such wisdom regarding time I wanted to know once about being authentic, but eventually, that is more than apparent to anyone, plural, or individually, the featureless spectacle inside who is who, sewing things, a vision, educated, or uneducated, some comparisons, to feel empathy, or some excuses to commiserate in agony I sit in traffic thinking thoughts unrehearsed, that reoccur It is not bad It is easy to sit even though the thought comes to me that it is a waste of energy And hopefully we will all find a better way collectively someday we will most of us already do and the Stones/ emotional rescue Peace!
  21. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Waits https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Bukowski https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Davis_Hanson
  22. The kind of guy\ that kind of guy I always wished to becomehe kind of guy\that kind of guy I always wished I'd become "Half my life is over, and I have nothing to show for it. I/'/m a thumbprint on the window of a skyscraper. I/'/m a smudge of excrement on a tissue surging out to sea with a million tons of raw sewage."Charles BukowskiI did not wish to write like thatbut I read stuff like that, when I was a kid.I was amazed at the creative stylethe stories parlayed, oft in high art,the poet, the reality, some distantlife, the beatnik, the hobo, the haplessmigrant worker, with no homeand everything that captivated melike almost a real cartoon hero,through and true, happened longbefore me. love your nation, no matter how muchit screws the world, and never carestoo much about you, nor your job.shy away from any regulation, it is unholyand by the way, it is destructive to progress. there is nothing ever wrong with some people getting sick by a petroleum refinery, there justcould not be jobs and a solideconomy without them,read the neon lit sign, on the corner bar.I never could stay sober, I never could hold down areal job, and most womenwould look down on mebecause I stunk, becauseI was a raw piece of garbageworse than newspapertrash that whalers wives once used to wall papertheir tiny homes.Why would a bum likeme write, he would write.He went to Los Angeles City College for 2 yearsbefore WWII. "Half my life is over, and I have nothing to show for it. I/'/m a thumbprint on the window of a skyscraper. I/'/m a smudge of excrement on a tissue surging out to sea with a million tons of raw sewage." Charles Bukowski I did not wish to write like that but I read stuff like that, when I was a kid. I was amazed at the creative style the stories parlayed, oft in high art, the poet, the reality, some distant life, the beatnik, the hobo, the hapless migrant worker, with no home and everything that captivated me like almost a real cartoon hero, through and true, happened long before me. love your nation, no matter how much it screws the world, and never cares too much about you, nor your job. shy away from any regulation, it is unholy and by the way, it is destructive to progress. there is nothing ever wrong with some people getting sick by a petroleum refinery, there just could not be jobs and a solid economy without them, read the neon lit sign, on the corner bar. I never could stay sober, I never could hold down a real job, and most women would look down on me because I stunk, because I was a raw piece of garbage worse than newspaper trash that whalers wives once used to wall paper their tiny homes. Why would a bum like me write, he would write. He went to Los Angeles City College for 2 years before WWII. The Laughing Heart peace!
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