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  1. Welcome home Dolly, hello you prepubescent boy, hello her eyes sparkled. A lot of shows. She was ninety seven when she died. If I was her son she would have been thirty seven when she had me. I kind of know what that's like. imagine Carol singing in place of Ian Gillian this...
  2. TheOldBarn

    I like butterflies

    interesting thing about butterfly's. I heard this the other day on NPR. It's a simplified version, but I think I captured the basic premise here. Peoples throughout the ages wondered quite a lot about the metamorphosis of a moth or butterfly from a caterpillar. Basically they go through 5 stages. Most moth form cocoons, and butterfly's create a chrysalis. But what happens inside? If you cut one open it's all this green goo. One thought was that the butterfly or moth was a different creature all together, using the green goo as a food to allow it to bloom. The truth, maybe that's not exactly correct. A biologist trying to figure if it was the same insect performed an experiment. She sprayed caterpillar with a pungent spray which contained a sugar. At first the caterpillar were averse to the spray until they got used to it since it contained what they needed to survive. She then divided caterpillars into two groups, one group that got used to the spray, and a the control group which was not sprayed. Once they became moths or butterfly's she then sprayed some plants that they could feed on. The group that got the spray liked the plants, the one that did not was averse to the plants. Nature is freaking incredible. Was the pungent odor molecule carried into the green goo, or was the caterpillar a unique individual who went through complete metamorphosis? Peace!
  3. Marx was not a communist. So the fallacious arguments put forth by Adam Smith regarding the creation of a capitalism that was based upon egalitarianism required some thought experiments. Adam Smith understood fully the problems with capitalism and Marx paralleled his thinking. That markets could serve a good purpose is not something Marx would disagree with and in fact there were markets long before the advent of what we now think of as capitalism. But I often do like to enjoy a good socialist brew just as much as the next comrade.
  4. TheOldBarn


    this is part of the point in sharing the knowledge and putting more money into the NIH so that we all pay upfront for the R&D. Then, let the market work, but also protect the market from monopoly - utilize anti-trust leverage over monopoly so that nobody gets too big.
  5. TheOldBarn

    I like butterflies

    some of us remember this speech. It was well received by many at the time but was then quickly ridiculed. I remember those times which were difficult for most. I remember the hyper-inflation and what seemed to be a never ending recession with diminishing prospects for the future. I was eighteen at the time and remembered vaguely a more prosperous time that seemed to end forever when I was only a boy. The malaise speech was frank talk about valuing intrinsic hard work and purpose as well as creative thinking beyond simple quick reward. It's important to remember that Jimmy Carter grew up very poor. He was not the perfect president and yet he became what I always thought a leader should be. Energy - green energy, the resolve to restore the environment using numerous ways - we need to think, spend a tremendous sum, and the outcome shall benefit all!
  6. TheOldBarn

    I like butterflies

    great thread! So many things need to change, and it could be seen as a good thing the more we educate. Food waste is one of the big issues regarding adding carbon to the atmosphere. There's that as well as the mono crop which destroys the diversity of so many living things, as well as the soil itself over time. The dead zones in the gulf are real. We are losing the coral reef due to warming seas, organic and non-organic pollution, and carbonic acidification disrupting the pH balance in the oceans. Making big changes could save the environment for future generations. Doing the right things for the environment could make this a better world for all people who live now!
  7. TheOldBarn


    I think a lot of devices are designed for good reasons and to also make money. The problem is that the manufactures of devices do not spend a lot of time nor money making sure their products will not end up causing more harm than good. This is true for devices of any kind. The computer software designer doesn't spend a lot of time or money making sure their software cannot be hacked. The automobile manufacturer didn't spend a lot of time making sure you'll be safe in an accident just like the maker of the toaster didn't spend any time or money making sure their toaster wouldn't cause a fire in your home, etc... Without regulation that is. Regulations make these manufactures go back and make their products safe up front - that is the purpose of regulation. It saves lives as well as a lot more. It would be grand if all food companies thought twice before over packaging their products in plastic. And regarding implant devices - we need to kill the patent rights for these things, possibly spend more at the NIH so that we can embed safety into the devices up front - and yes, share the knowledge with the world, the soul idea being one of improving peoples lives. Peace!
  8. TheOldBarn

    The difference with Watergate

    this is why most people should be very concerned. It is not a football game. Just because you have an idiot four hundred pound fool blocking, while you have a whole team cheating every which way, to win the game played, for power, and control. Mitch McConnell and the Congress is the biggest problem way way before Trump. We are losing years and sleep over change that should have happened decades before, and yes, people here and around the world are suffering because of this. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/02/opinion/sunday/republicans-broke-congress-politics.html https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/american-enterprise-institute/ Peace!
  9. TheOldBarn

    To impeach or not that is the question

    I can't get this out of my ear just now...
  10. TheOldBarn

    Stupid criminal thread

    Irony might never escape their imprisoned thoughts... Peace!
  11. TheOldBarn

    What are crap artists for?

    used to be the pop up, but now it's the adds on the internet after reading a story, the advertisement art, the crap art, designed to capture your imagination, or at least just a hit on a site with more advertisement. I live right across the bridge from Palo Alto - you know, where Steve Jobs lived. When my kids were young we used to walk the main street nearby an old 1950's toy store - possibly where the idea of toy store the movie came from there, but it could be any, back in the day... any way we walked by this store front that had absolutely no name of the company on the front. Inside where you could see from the street were all these young people sitting at computer desks, this was 2002 or there about. Any way, I was curious so I walked in and asked, "hey, what do you folks do". A very collegial young man came up to me and said, we create ideas that will make people want to view topics, for the purpose of what we call a hit, we can count how many come to the picture or story, each of which holds different advertisement, and then we drive them through a slow barrage of more and more pages, each with more adds. "It's a big way to attract advertisement", he proudly said. "So who do you work for", I asked. "We work for anybody who has a site that someone goes to for information, that's how they make their money, through advertisement", he said. But then, you have the Info Wars dude, you have all kinds of bullBad word artists, like Larapu laments. They did it with radio, then they did it with television, and then they saturated the internet. They prey on peoples curiosity, their emotions, their shallow view perhaps of society, or possibly, like when your driving a long distance and only the AM radio stations come in, that's all there is to listen to - and at first it's a curiosity, but after a few hundred miles you just might feel like throwing up. But that's why they got CD's and books on tape, and podcasts - yipee... Peace!
  12. TheOldBarn


    It's not thrilling to see the inflated and continually rising cost of a college education. To remember that a majority of our citizens work their way through college, if they are to be so bold, and are then laden with debt, and with no guarantee of a decent job in their field. Many people work one or two jobs while going to college. I know I did, but I was lucky. While it took me seven years to get even a four year college degree, at least I was not straddled with debt afterwards. Too many people today cannot say as much. Education is great. The basic premise is that if you get a complete education you are more likely to adapt to the work force, overtime reach a higher wage due to a wider range of skills, and more than likely, you also almost by default become more informed about how our system of government works, or in many ways just does not, regarding the creation of an economy designed to make everyone's life better. Example, spending more money now to go green saves big time money dealing with mitigation of rising seas, loss of fresh water, wars due to massive immigration, and loss of resource due to inefficient use of vital resource, etc... Jefferson promoted instituting a public education forwarding the idea of liberty, and equality. It is much much harder to go through life with no real education than it is with a solid K - 12 along with at least a 2 year associates, or possibly some skill trade, or electronics, healthcare training, etc... We are basically talking about creating a higher value for more and more people in order to create a better and more equal economy. It's the egalitarian view that honest educated people understand the more educated they become. The more productivity, the more equality, the less crime, the more education becomes valued - what is it, Maslow's hierarchy of needs... food, then shelter, etc. I'm not kidding. The older I get the more obvious this seems to be true. And this is especially important regarding government policies when trade laws are being instituted by the corporate state behind closed doors, where monopolies thrive with no anti trust policy to intervene, where we continue to drive the hammer down hard on the poor while at the same time continually produce policy that reduces the middle class. Peace!
  13. Here's another article, basic common sense, which should echo itself every time we think of the high cost of healthcare and yet hardly gets notice. https://truthout.org/articles/warren-schakowsky-bill-is-a-huge-step-toward-bringing-drug-costs-down/
  14. Here is an excellent article regarding the power of over site in the House. Over site is not just something you use to keep a crazy president such as Trump, as well as a crazy political party such as the Republican Party in check - over site should be used to investigate what your constituents, everyone living in the US, truly need to improve their lives. Investigate why we need to spend money for infrastructure by bringing in a host of topic experts, do the same with climate change science and ways to reduce carbon in a way that reduces inequality, investigate the best way to guarantee that all people have health care - single payer, with professional economists who have studied this issue for years, investigate fair voting laws, changing the day to vote to Saturday, how to remove much of the big corp money, so that representatives of the people don't have to spend half of their time raising funds to get reelected, and use over site to enlighten all the people which will help spur stronger grass roots movements, and do it now. The more you use the power of over site in an efficient way, the more time you spend finding out how to create better polices, the more likely we all are to eventually elect politicians who will some day get the job done. https://rewire.news/article/2019/01/10/its-time-for-congress-new-members-to-use-their-long-forgotten-oversight-powers/