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  1. We should have a president of the US who is more worried about the effects of human made climate change! Iran is the hegemonic power in the region due to the stupidity of the US. The Iranian people were once liberal secularist, so were the people in Libya and Lebanon. We simply cannot trust Trump, because he is an idiot and a big fat liar. The Ayatollah and with the backing of Russia stepped in of course with the help of Bashir al-Assad, say it with me know, al-Assad, the whole group of al-Assad's are killing their own people. They created millions of refugees who fled to nearby Jordan, the luckier ones made it to places in the EU. We turned our backs on the Kurdish fighters who fought against ISIS. If you go to outright war with Iran, you are libel because you will be killing innocent secularist Iranians who only wish to live in peace. Once you bomb their land all bets are off. To this day the Trump administration has not shown the so called imminent danger that Gen Suleimani was planning, nor how by killing him, this one man, how such a plan was stopped. Everything Trump does seems to benefit the Russians, the Ayatollah, and Bashir al-Assad. Or, I forgot, also Erdogan of Turkey where they got a nice Trump hotel. Trump is such a savvy businessman this much is clear considering how he's got his name on so much real estate, where he got his money we will never know. It's all about executive privilege. He's got executive privilege up the Wazoo /This I'm quite sure Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr can attest to firsthand. Building the trust with their base is all we need to know. Trump is to Putin like Mussolini was to friends of Hitler. That's why they have to keep it Top Secret. Peace!
  2. Domino's Pizza is actually better in Asia, truthfully it is - however that's not saying much, and I say that because I grew up near Ypsilanti, Michigan, which sounds sort of Yiddish. And I should say that today not too far away from Ypsi is the city of Dearborn where 45 percent are of Arab descent, many of which are decidedly Muslim, or possibly agnostic, or who knows, some of their "children" spiritually identify with Anime, or have possibly crossed over to Catholicism or Judaism. Incidentally btw, how come there are no Buddhist terrorist, and if there were, would that spell the end? I guess it's okay to be agreeable and just be dirt poor, after all, you have many different lifetimes. I once watched this movie "Defending Your Life" with Albert Brooks. In it there was this museum of past life's - how much stench can one person live through,, and then later with a big brain eat as though it was a delicacy. ( believe me, it's not something I would like to know) Peace!
  3. I don't and this is bad, equate Jewish People with the Holy Land in Israel so much. I might be misguided but once the Palestinian and the Jewish people shared the land together. A lot of Jewish people are atheist, or basically agnostic, or just naturally ambivalent when it comes to any classified religious sect. I won't compare them to the catholic dialogue of which I was born to because I myself find much of it convoluted and made up, which is basically my own belief, but still for the most part, I like them and would never fight against them in a holy war if there was one, instead I'd move someplace close and call it my own, I have my sights on Nova Scotia, I would consider Haiti, but it's too warm, they say it's beautiful in the Spring, or once was before, btw, it's crazy what they do to destroy small patches of land that are caught up in between the DMZ doldrums. Here's what I think, even in Israel there are liberal minded, bounty full idealistic peoples, who contemplate that they could be like the other schmuck were it not for the luck of the draw, IE, some family members who did sacrifice all they had so that one day "the kid", or, "those children" might achieve a better life. Percentages are like splitting a tangerine, a tiny one, the only one for miles. And we all know some of those little rugby shaped elongated honey bell pieces are not by any means equal, they just aren't. But that's not any reason to go to war. Domino's Pizza is actually better in Asia, truthfully it is - however that's not saying much, and I say that because I grew up near Ypsilanti, Michigan, which sounds sort of Yiddish. And I should say that today not too far away from Ypsi is the city of Dearborn where 45 percent are of Arab descent, many of which are decidedly Muslim, or possibly agnostic, or who knows, some of their "children" spiritually identify with Anime. Peace!
  4. say what you want about the seed laid down in the Iowa caucuses thus shown in their archive after and before fore square It is a debate they have seemingly not debated in any other state in the union because the election cycle does not allow any true debate elsewhere Peace!
  5. Well, once again, we'll wait and see how they vote in the Iowa caucuses which we all know to be rudimentary unique compared to the big states because, well, they got lots and lots and extravagant lots of time to forge citizen groups, exactly. Exactly, well meaning, well ventured citizen groups who hoe AND TILL the land. The Iowan knows you got to break up the soil, hoe it, she is a hoe so is him, those weeds and all the residual, you got to break em up vigorously with a lot of elbow grease before you go deeper and Till. I would say Tilling the land, an Iowan farmer who will not be named, once said to me, is considerably much more of a deep composting extract that you only get when you rotate the fields, say one year you grow spinach and soy which extracts nitrogen from the rich organic soil compared to the winter wheat which combined with various life forces such as worms and various other insect/ bacteria that eats such stuff builds back the nitrogen into the soil - yeah, No corn, chickens, hens, roaming, maybe a free roaming cow possibly toss in a pig - no bagging of the leafs, no bagging whatsoever, she is crazy this farmer In that I believe her when she sings about the lost taste in the Iowan tomato that is no more whose crows sing indifferent tune because they intuitively do know and regale about such Here in Iowa, you take stock. You say, they will screw us, and the land, either which way we vote, they understand corporate greed (Monsanto) like a nerd used to use a protractor to understand angles and actually comprehend how you might say, someday design an infrastructure that could be efficient and useful - yeah, basic capitalism mixed with farming and old style covered bridges for affect. So you first start off with a Biden, you know he's available, has been for years. Pete a few farms over has got one, a lot of good that got them in a good year, and then you Till deeper and say, no, that ain't the same as peat moss. I mean you can pretend, but structurally Biden and Mayor Pete, don't come anywhere close to Peat Moss to be sure. Peace!
  6. Has anyone here watched his show? He is a comedian sure He reminds me of the so called founding fathers who wrote Silence Dogwood - Franklin, Ben sort of like today's internet Having a different opinion or the opposite opinion one would take so as to conceal their true identity Just to make people think or was it just to sell pamphlets Some entity who could write something entertaining to make you think about what almost like a troll And how mad that would get those zealots wigs stand up on their ends And oh, how rich they were So much so they could read when most people could not since after all they were complete wayward god awful sinful good for nothings Kind of like now Hello Hillary Clinton she should never have said They keep bringing up the oldies but goodies And gee somehow it works all too well Anyway, it's a great show on Netflex I watched a few episodes and I have got to say this young man is the next what's his name I like Bernie because I trust him He smells like a kind of poverty even though he's white Maybe it's the glasses and the balding You got to stay on message Screw the narrative Screw the narrative
  7. I think we all want someone we can trust. Iran has perpetrated regional proxy wars with the lead into terrorist satellites, as well as shiite entities which is slang for "hell no, we don't really care about the people so long as it services our hegemonic rule", the Iraq war the US perpetrated went a long way in helping their aims with that. We can go down the list with shiite or sunni, and we have to also salute big oil which has been the fundamental economic tool. Exploitation is rampant, help them if it gets big Corporations this or that, while they stay poor, or divided, or war torn. I know that sounds silly soft warm and fuzzy, egalitarian, liberal like, but it's the damn truth. If you say, why isn't it a wonder why we have terrorists all over the globe, you are labeled as a terrorist supporter. Who runs the IMF, who situates themselves with power and how well have they done with creating truthful economic gains in the ME, or in much of Africa? They do have nukes in Pakistan and in India, we got nukes by the score, Russia has them by the score as well. NK has them now same as China. And the curse is you got to be able to maintain them. Breaking away from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which was a plan of action verified by the 5 permanent UN security council member states, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, United States, plus one - and other EU countries breaks a treaty that was only put into place in order to stop nuclear proliferation, defiantly became the opposite of progress on that singular goal. They ask, ultimately as they should, what is the goal of a super power, or the goal of NATO or the UN. With Trump, the answer is that nobody knows. Maybe Mike Pompeo knows, maybe Benjamin Netanyahu knows - but the American people sure the F do not. Peace!
  8. great point about the US infrastructure. The Internet isn't regulated. I think it's unregulated capitalism gone mad. Same with the roads and lack of mass transit. Japan hits you on the head regarding the politeness of the people. And they are not dumb. Interceded in rows and rows of commerce even in narrow streets, everything is clean. You can walk to work or take the subway, or ride a bike safely. Osaka and Tokyo are big cities even a country boy like myself could learn to love. But that's just one country. I am so misguided I think whenever I get a chance to travel. We have to stop contributing to war and work toward efficiency, and no, not utilitarianism. We need art to help save our collective individual souls. You get it Laripu. I think we are going to get there some day. I think we need to change the narrative - and I don't mean by spreading misinformation. Peace!
  9. The diminutive Robert Reich. He's short, but man he's quick at spelling it out in a truthful manner. He's absolutely right. I just got done reading Chernow's Hamilton. So whilst it seems as though his life is a non sequitur towards this discussion, in a lot of ways it isn't. Caught in the middle and with giving a darn about all sides simply professing what should come to mind because it matters quite a lot is how we should want the greatest minds to think about a way forward for all. When we discuss cost, or earnings, or leverage most especially when it comes to entering into war, we need to ask the questions and be unafraid of what means we as a society should take with the understanding of the individual and the whole. We're only human, we know. We should know that feudalism does not work. Nor does unrestricted capitalism or any centralized Grandeur. (and yes, I am high as a kite) Peace!
  10. Right on Laripu! I think that is intuitive thinking. The high value loophole through years and years of GDP growth has not shone up in the average peoples lives. Yes, more folks have smart phones and big televisions, however, where's the efficient mass transit, healthcare, educational needs of a rich country gone? We now have a stock market that has as of late ballooned, but we know it could drop, hold your breath 401K low to middle class people, and what then, there goes your retirement you lucky ones? For the wealthiest, eh, not so much. Where's the bread in educational cost? What about dealing with climate change, the seemingly implicit cost of fossil fuel usage compared to the soon to be if not already experienced explicit cost that will really reek its ugly toll on younger generations. It isn't in fixing Social Security by a long shot. Going Green pays dividends, creates jobs, resurrects the idea of investing into the future. On a personal note, just came back from three weeks in Japan staying in Osaka and Tokyo, where people are proud, and the cities are clean, and mass transit is excellent. Well yes, in Japan they have debt, but as a payment on debt it's ridiculously low. And oh, btw, their GDP growth while lower than that in the US, continues to put the citizens in good shape - and talk about a problem regarding age demographics, Japan is working less hours with an even older age population than what we have in the US. Implicit in our politics is the explicit lack of economic fundamentals of our citizenry. And that is a huge hurdle to overcome. Peace!
  11. First, I'm not sure you are aware of the organization of american states, or the OAS, which in the last fifty years has crippled much of South and Central America. It's right-wing nonsense that has installed authoritarian hit men and collapsed any meaningful democracy. Yes, while it's very true that Venezuela is in peril under Nicolas Maduro, please don't blame the whole thing on him. The US has placed heavy economic barriers on Venezuela. The US sponsored OAS for years has crippled growth in the region. I don't know if you remember the brutal US backed Somosa family or not or how easy it seems to cast the narrative regarding hegemonic control, but it is certainly something that Bernie Sanders has had a careful eye upon. And to be short, the truth is not pretty. http://cepr.net/publications/op-eds-columns/the-reality-behind-trump-s-coalition-for-regime-change-in-venezuela Have you yourself ever wondered why a bountiful countryside filled with rich resources seems to stay continuously corrupted? I guess the US is so afraid of socialism that it needs to create authoritarian dictatorships, or is it the simple need to exploit poor people? Where did you get the cost figure? Over what amount of time, and what percentage of GDP? You don't tell us how much we spend now, how much debt is compiled, or how much we spend per year now with a system that doesn't come anywhere close to providing decent healthcare to all citizens. You don't even say what the percentage of GDP it entails, and whether or not one single payer system could amount to a more efficient way of insuring people. Not to mention how we pay for drug discovery. You Say by mathematics, I have to ask, where do you get your numbers? Peace!
  12. Should it be as easy as this - fairness, and finally dealing with climate change in a meaningful way Versus stupid wars and belligerent lies? The go around we have these days is offensive and increasingly destructive to the vast majority of people in the US and every other country. We should be tired of exploitation by now. https://www.ineteconomics.org/perspectives/videos/economics-for-people Educate the people. Wouldn't it be great if people were proud, if they all felt as though they could contribute to a better word? We should have argument, and show economic numbers in a way the people can understand. Focus is what we need. I say Bernie Sanders motivates far more than any other politician. Peteswinecave.com Peace!
  13. I just say things I must be half crazy No one believes me Anymore I must be getting old I say that to myself to keep myself from going insane But I am not crazy I just tell it like I see it Sure, I am misguided, I always was No I am not a contrarian. When I grew up I just watched people a lot. And I remembered stuff And people thought I was bright because I was good at mathematics And I seemed witty, and said new things nobody ever thought put words together that nobody ever thought about combining But they never understood that I lacked one important trait I was not good at comprehension. The air is good up there, what does that mean, I would think. I have no comprehension of text I am an idiot when it comes to English comprehension. Really, its true, and it sucks. I misread poetry, though it does not mean that I show no empathy I try not to be matter of factual anything I/'/d like to be somewhere in the middle of anything if I could be when I say, I wish I could write I really mean it so that someone could understand I don/'/t want to walk like a giant of a man I could care less than doing something like that I cannot believe I just wrote that just now but its true. War sucks. And so does poverty, I just want to grow old And hold onto my thinking And still remember how it feels I am a rabbit Maybe a rabbit in reverse Peace!
  14. I just say thingsI must be half crazyNo one believes meAnymoreI must be getting oldI say that to myselfto keep myself from goinginsaneBut I am not crazyI just tell it like I see itSure, I am misguided,I always wasNo I am not a contrarian.When I grew up I just watchedpeople a lot.And I remembered stuffAnd people thought I was brightbecause I was good at mathematicsAnd I seemed witty, and saidnew things nobody ever thoughtput words together that nobody everthought about combiningBut they never understoodthat I lacked one important traitI was not good at comprehension.The air is good up there,what does that mean, I would think.I have no comprehension of textI am an idiot when it comes to Englishcomprehension.Really, its true, and it sucks.I misread poetry, though it does notmean that I show no empathyI try not to be matter of factual anythingI/'/d like to be somewhere in the middleof anything if I could bewhen I say, I wish I could writeI really mean itso that someone could understandI don/'/t want to walk like a giant of a manI could care less than doing something like thatI cannot believe I just wrote that just nowbut its true.War sucks. And so does poverty,I just want to grow oldAnd hold onto my thinkingAnd still remember how it feelsI am a rabbit Maybe I am a rabbit in reverse Peace!
  15. Go to www.peteswinecave.com And when you do, think about principle, and don't be afraid because when you do, it does not mean you are a leftist socialist who believes in anarchy, it just means you give a darn. WE need to take back all the registered voters who were takin off the registered voters list. And get someone in the White House who we can all trust while there is still time, hey hey Turn our swords into plowshares And find a way to educate our youth blue is blue, ode to blue
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