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  1. presidents

    you know I was going off memory and completely forgot Reagan, how could I, I was eighteen when he was elected president. We all thought no way, he was governor of California but had said stupid Bad word the first time he ran. How could anyone forget Reagan? Especially now. I am really too stupid.
  2. presidents

    Points to ponder upon. 1. As JFK so eloquently pointed out, our body fluids contain the same percentage of salt as all the fish and all the marine mammals who live within all the oceans, and for that matter, all life that lives upon land. We all of us come from the same stuff that originated here upon this Earth. WE hail, all living things from this very Earth. We breath the same molecules in every second, the very same molecules that every people who came before us, all of us do now. That is a fact and not fiction. 2. Wealth comes from the land that is inherited from hard work, from natural states, natural resources, it is brokered for and it is by Western thought a Dominion, wrought in a fabric that is secured by warring tribes, and by mercurial progression as much as the pharaoh's who built the first notable societies, who controlled the slave, who built the great pyramids that still remain in Egypt. 3. The Jews and the Christians and the Muslims, and prior to that the HIndu, or the basics. 4. Democracy - questionable certainly. A new nation state, a constitution, written by rich white land owners who neglected the Native Americans, and their so-called negro slaves. The Patriarchal Society, that old thing, once again. 5. I stop here for a breather. I need to take a break for fresh air and a puff of smoke, marijuana intake, why not, it's hard, too hard to recount accurately. I will reconvene here momentarily if I can begin to remember just where I left off. Peace!
  3. presidents

    Obama was quite good, he was really did not like GW Bush Did not appreciate Bill Clinton HW Bush was okay Nixon, wow, I remember in 1968 I as a grade school kid voted for him because he said he would end the Vietnam War, my oldest brother was then in that war. I know better now, much much better now. LBJ, I had mixed feeling, well, who am I kidding I was only a kid then. Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy - mythical, his younger brother too Eisenhower - why not like Ike, at least he was honest, WWII was big and bad giant like across the entire world. We all read about this, my dad was a marine and I grew up in the Sixties, the aftermath. Truman, I remember he would take these walks when I was a kid. Old Truman, the buck stops here, Truman. Took over from Roosevelt. FDR - almost 4, count em, 4 terms. World Wide Depression Era / Roosevelt / Polio impaired Roosevelt / Social Security - Bureau of Reclamation / Finishing off the Hoover Dam, a project was started in the 1920's finally finished in 1935 Franklin did. Eleanor his wife, brought hope and so too did Marian Anderson What you want more? Prior to that you had Hoover, a very smart smart guy who was in my mind a cad. He was a minerals man who managed projects well but was unsuited for the job as American President. Then you got Calvin Coolidge And prior to that Warren G Harding Who was post Woodrow Wilson, who was bittersweet if you know what I mean The fat guy who was a swell guy old William Taft And the Mr. Impossible Monopoly breaker upper one Theodore Roosevelt himself - the original Teddy People missed Abraham Lincoln for a long time in between his presidency and Teddy's let's leave it there for now. Now Trump is in the office. Really, truly in reality. It would suck the air out of my second grade lungs to think it was true knowing what I know about him. Peace!

    The black liberal for the most part has been the only liberal that comes out to vote with conviction. The black vote in America if you look at it historically has been right on. It has been selfless and full of vigor in regards to the aspects of allowing the rights of people to be weighed at a higher power than the rights of the corporation. In many respects, the black American is the true American. The quixotic over-achiever that goes beyond the means to achieve the basic rights that have been afforded most. All people are created equal. And all people, all animals, all fish who swim in the lakes and the oceans, they were all created here on this very Earth. Their DNA, all the molecules that make them and allow them to live, were created here upon this very land. And its time people, all people see this truth, is how they vote. Peace!
  5. Reasons

    great reasons all. 17. because no one can say for sure why he ran, except to ingratiate his own ego, possibly get out of fraudulent tax behavior, was perhaps on the hook for some bad deal no one knows about, might might just be a racist white nationalist, etc... I guess that's more than one reason, and it is repetitive of what's already been said. I guess we'll all only live so long and we all want progress and not the complete opposite. I'm still work age for awhile, but my colleagues, many who are 66 and older are only going to be around a one or two years maybe less. We got kids, we got hopes for the future, what is it Maslow's hierarchy of needs, well, yeah - number 18 is way well worth moving on!!!
  6. Thanks for doing that Craig234! We need people like him. People like you too. This is about helping folks, everybody. We are just trying to step outside ourselves a bit when we try to help, trying to say what we believe is the right way to go with an open mind. Franken always stood for the best of what America can be, and is. People of all kind doing their best to make a better life for themselves and for their communities. Peace!
  7. Personally I deeply regret what has transpired leading to the resignation of one of our best Senators, Al Franken. While on a USO tour in 2006 Franken posed for a regrettable photo of himself pretending to grope a sleeping Leean Tweeden. Franken quickly apologized for this saying that it was wrong. Let me start there. Leean has a boy friend who is a close friend to Roger Stone. Leean also said that during a rehearsal Franken forced her to kiss him pushing his tongue into her mouth. Franken stated that this never happened and that he remembers the incident quite differently. Leean had no corroborating evidence that the kiss took place. And even she said afterwards that she completely forgave Franken after his apology which was immediately forthcoming. Leean immediately said that he should not have to resign over the affair. It was a USO show girls and boys. Franken knew this. He was trying to be funny for the troops. But it wasn't right. He shouldn't have done it. Next you have seven other women saying Franken groped them too, mostly at political campaign stops, places like the Minnesota State fair where Franken posed countless times for photo's. While I respect women, and despise any man who would pray on any female, especially those in power who think that they are above the law, this has nothing to do with Al Franken. Al Franken is one of our best Senators, as I said. He has tried to reach across the aisle to reach compromise. He has represented all people in his great state and he has done a stand up job for our country as a whole. He is not a sexual predator / he respects women and would never grope any woman. He's a great husband, a great citizen, and a pretty damn good comedian - yes, sadly he is a comedian at heart. But he's more than that. He's an inspiration. The me too mission is meant to stop sexual abuse, in the workplace, and everywhere. And it's extremely important, should have been done a long long time ago, that I know to be true. What happened to Al Franken is horrible politics, nothing less. You know, Al is 66 years old. That's a time when most people should retire. He never had to run for the Senate, and I'm sure his success in comedy would allow him to have financial security. He didn't go into the Senate for his own satisfaction. He went into it because he gives a damn about the people. I'm sorry. while I do not know Al Franken personally I have listened to his radio show, I have read his books. I have watched what he has done in the Senate. If some women feels that they were groped during a photo op, it was mistake. It wasn't meant to do any harm. It was just nonsense, imaginary. That's my take. O I guess you could say that's from the old boys school / but it ain't. I just cannot equate Al Franken with sexual predators. Why would he even want to? Did you ever see his wife, sure she's 66 too, but still a beaut. And I know for sure, she wouldn't put up with that kind of crap and just stand by her man. This was horrid politics. It is anathema to protecting women's rights. And I feel certain we'll all know the truth too late. Meanwhile the real perpetrators of sexual conduct will continue unscathed. Peace!
  8. What is unquestionably needed in Washington is politicians who will work hard at solving issues regarding healthcare, education, the reduction of fossil fuels, the reduction of nuclear arms everywhere, inequality, a way to bring undocumented long-term illegal immigrants out of the shadows. What we get from the Republican Party now today is the opposite. They have used venal politics to divide the people. They have called climate change fake news. They have time and time again focused only on tax policy that is geared to enrich the richest people in the land. They use fear, saying that the National Dept is going to rob future generations, meanwhile, they employ a tax plan that will only add more debt. And while it's not true that the National Dept is so bad, and that in fact, the economy is better today than it has been in a decade or more, there are many important things that do need to be done policy wise. Yet, they do nothing to help. There are problems in many cities in the way police treat black youth. There are cities where there is no economic hope, where there are too many gangs and people who are caught up in violent streets where the murder rates by guns are incredibly high. This is a major issue if you live in certain parts of the South or West side of Chicago for instance where small kids are gunned down by spraying bullets from gangs, and it's the same in certain parts of LA. And the problem is way past something any police force on its own can solve. What about college. What about the high cost, and compare that to forty years ago when someone could get a good job right out of high school. Today you need more, and many are forced to borrow into long-term debt and then they still can't find a good job. You tell people to fend for themselves, and then they try to fend for themselves and then they still can't find a way towards the so-called American Dream. What kind of message is it you send? And with all the technology, and all the great advances in science that we have made, this is where we are heading. And it is shameful! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/dec/08/starving-polar-bear-arctic-climate-change-video Peace!
  9. when you use every cruel political trick in the book, what happens is you ruin politics as a whole. Then you get someone like Trump. Then you get a Republican Party forced to look the other way. That is where we are now.
  10. It's insidious...

    good for you Laripu! So much of the posters in NHB don't even try to make sense and can be downright mean as well! One could reach out and try to understand but it doesn't seem to work most times. Most times it is unfortunately a huge waste of time. Peace!
  11. Site down over 24 hours? What happened?

    are you referring to the fabulous 24 hour sit down the Democrats conducted? And what good it really never did? Folks that kind of bother me are people like Howard Dean who is wish y washy, insipid, non understanding of economics and the problems, nor how to fix them. Why all this talk about Bernie is a Socialist, he couldn't win, the American people would not accept a bonafide socialist like him. The pundits on the Democratic side put him aside and kept his movement in the dark best they could. It twas the establishment. Part of the problem is that people who voted anti-establishment and for Trump, were halfway right. Trump is simply allowing the crazy T-party, nuts, along with the ideologically bent right do what they always wished to do. He's their perfect puppet man. And sure, it's no joke that Hillary would have been ten times better or probably even more so, and that's why I voted for her in the general election. I didn't even think twice about it once she won the primary. But at issue is the gerrymandering that went on in the last census conducted in 2010. So now you have complete hacks governing, or attempting to govern, or a better word would be total destruction of the government for the people by the people as a whole. This is magnifying all the problems that were never dealt with in mind numbing terms. A giant leap backwards instead of the small often too slow creep towards improvement that we have seen over the last several decades. You know, the tiny little improvements, then the steps backwards, and then the tiny small improvements most have learned to accept. Most if not every person on this board is pushing for better policy decisions not just for their own enrichment. We are all open to suggestions on how to improve the situation, and we are open to compromise as long as it does not usurp our ideals. I do mean ideals, and not ideology. WE are not cynics and We are not apathetic to the cause/ and it's not just some lovely past time we pursue when we come to express our views. Of that, I for one am quite sure of! Peace!
  12. Site down over 24 hours? What happened?

    what do you mean by sit down 24 hours?
  13. So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    sadly I do. That's why I always vote. I do understand how vital it is to have fair minded judges who understand the plight of all citizens and how fragile our democracy is especially today! Peace!
  14. Flynn pleads GUILTY and is cooperating

    I postulate that Pence, knowing something about Pence, will inevitably find a way to resign prior to Trump's impeachment for reasons of impropriety he hopes will be left undisclosed. Have you ever sat with the man, the Pence, and asked him pointed questions, no? Have you ever known the Pence firsthand, no?