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  1. I think you have a good point. But it's not a check mate point. It's not about waiting for the Trump guy to mess up. He's already tangled himself quite open handedly like the foo he is. He's the president of the United States now, but he doesn't seem to operate that way in any measure. And oh, by the way, Pence is on record of backing him with every step. So what does that really mean constitutionally? Does the Vice President have the right to take over after the presidents demise? In my scenario he doesn't. And whats more, the Democrats will be in power come the next election in 2018 and they will then elect the new Speaker of the House. Maybe that person should rightfully take claim to the presidency until 2020/ maybe. I know it will come as no surprise things are messed up right now. What, we have real man made climate change that needs to be fixed. And I also know that we do need to spend a lot of government taxes on fixing the infrastructure in a big way - yes, that is the right kind of fiscal action that needs to be taken today, and not tax cuts that mainly help out the richest people in the land. We have a whole fabric of things that need to be done. It's a tough job that needs to be done, but somebody has to do it. That much I do know. I mean really, I do know that much. Peace!
  2. yes, but there is also this dreading thing called inflation that comes along the productivity curve.
  3. So if Unions were to be stronger today let's say, that would require productivity to accelerate to a new strata which would make companies reduce workers they no longer needed which would increase the rate of pay for all. So you don't need Walmart greeters or in New Jersey or in Oregon you don't need workers to pump the gas. The rate of pay increase would reduce the hours people needed to work. All things being equal. And the unions would and do hold that people are retrained, and higher education should be affordable. If you have the skill to learn math you should be an engineer, or a statistician or a computer scientist, or a doctor or whatever is needed.
  4. The problem of Venezuela

    Yes, corruption. I am not happy so happy about interference of any kind in other countries. Just like I'm not happy with the Russians meddling in ours. The U.S. has a history of meddling and much of the outcome has not been good. We did not meddle after WWII in Europe, we only showed support for the allies. Well I guess that's only partially correct. We meddled in the ME, that much we know. We also ended up meddling in East Asia. Russia, the Russian people that is, have always gotten the short end of the stick from Feudal Fiefdoms to murdering dictators. The threat of communism comes from the times when robber barons or Feudal Fiefdoms destroyed just about all hopes for their people. Inequality is never a good thing is the message. But you can't fight it they way the U.S. has fought it. Just like you can't really destroy terrorism the way the U.S. has fought it. Most times all we have done is stirred up a hornets nest in places that need to figure things out on their own - such as Afghanistan for example. What about crime in U.S. and other places. Is it okay to incarcerate the young, mostly black, in masses. Should small neighborhoods stand up and take back each part of their land so that they can reduce fear and put more eyes on the street? Sure they should. We need people to take action. It's a difficult topic. And then, regarding economics we need to understand resources and the environment and certainly human rights, which goes hand in hand with workers rights. People, no matter where they live, given the right environment, can thrive. Maybe it's a slow progression that is required. Certainly I think it has to be mostly coming from the native population that becomes inspired by the possibilities. Rich countries need to stand back and help where they can. There is no question that they must help however. Peace!
  5. Satirical website that made me laugh

    absolutely they would! Peace!
  6. The vileness of Trump is to strip away the power of our institutions. The legal system, the EPA, Energy, ATF, all the agencies of land management, the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau etc... All the stuff the right-wing of the Republican party despise the most. So they must go. And Trump, well Trump is the president and as much we will need to Impeach him in the right way so as not to start some crazy constitutional war. I do think Mueller has the right stuff to get that job done. If you move too fast it won't work out well. I'm thinking maybe Fourputt and Bludog have the best dates here. But then again, we just don't know enough at this point in time. I do however feel Trump's impeachment is inevitable. It has to be to set things right!!! Peace!
  7. you are right Laripu. His presidency is toxic to our democracy. Trump is a crook, without question. He may not have exclusively talked with the Russians about stealing the election but he and they used the same strategies to propagate fake news stories about Hillary and all the rest who ran against him in the primaries. Chances are he money laundered and cheated on taxes and broke other laws, including not allowing black Americans to rent in his buildings. Yes he is a racist. Along the same vein, the good news is he has inspired many people to stand up to his bullBad word. The kids in Florida for one have had enough with the NRA. They are coming to get the NRA. Should have been done long long ago. Peace!
  8. Elitism

    elite, show a way forward, that's all anyone can do. Nobody thinks anyone is perfect. Nobody said elite means perfect. I am not competitive nor vindictive. I like it when ever someone can give me a qualified answer to a difficult question. I doubt Vasilievsky likes Putin much! I'm sure he likes playing hockey though. Peace!
  9. Elitism

    you see my way of thinking is to point out what seems obvious. Of course my comment was surely made in jest. I have people in my family who are overly religious, but they mean well. But I am not religious, in the sense of knowing what any words so-called written by some God are meant to mean. I am not religious in that sort of way. I like science. I think you know what I mean. I was giving you a salute there Laripu. I hope you knew that. Peace!
  10. So there all these questions people face. You could list thirty or so issues about a whole life down and each person would answer each and it might bring people closer together, maybe knowing how each person thinks would be enduring as well as educational. They say doing this brings people together. People in one family taking the time to answer a whole list of true life's dilemma's together might take some time to earnestly think about and to answer each to their best ability, and it just might bring them as a family closer then they ever thought they'd be. A lot of bickering and a lot of truth. Vindication instead of vindictiveness regarding how some people think since they might not know why someone else thinks the way they do. Listening and then speaking. You know the classroom where you listen and learn more from the other students than you do from the teacher. Who knows single parents who struggle a lot more than the others do at work. Knowing how much more that job means to them. The walking in someone else's shoes for only a few moments in thought. The thought that yes, you have only one life. When you go to work, that's part of your very life. It's important, the time you spend there and the time you spend on your own away from work. The people you send off to war. The children who do bad who face incarceration because they were misled by other juvenile offenders just as bad off as they were, or they just weren't told enough about how to somehow cut a path out in a society that would never strongly enough choose to lead them into finding true self respect with a true feeling of dignity. How do you see yourself dying one day, is one of the questions. In a fiery blaze, diminished to dust, riding as a lone passenger in a Tesla roadster heading toward the Sun. Peace!
  11. Trump remembers his military background, you know the glory days where he fitted right in with full uniform regalia. But when it came to fighting in Vietnam he had to sadly back away due to bone spurs in his foot. But I'll tell you, he says, golf is great, and everybody who avidly golfs somehow remains healthy through it all! Perhaps, just perhaps, they should hold the military parade on one of his luxurious golf courses. Maybe that way he could lead the parade! Peace!
  12. Excellent point there Craig234 - but Fox viewers are not exactly in tune with true facts, when speaking points seem to do them just fine! Peace!
  13. Elitism

    But were not the religious nuts so-ordained by god to become so as they might seem? Heaven and the world of now. Being alive and thinking with a body and a mind about doing something other than evil, hopefully without sounding too much like an elite. That kind of sounds like a software engineer I know. Peace!