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  1. you don't know who he wrote them for or why Quote They say that patriotism is the last refuge To which a scoundrel clings Steal a little and they throw you in jail Steal a lot and they make you king Bob Dylan was undeniably great, but I prefer the softer attitude of my homeboy Leonard Cohen. I hope his prediction comes true. But you listen to the song, still And it sounds more than sexist And I'm surprised you get it right, Laripu, low and behold, You got it exactly right. Peace!
  2. What about resources? Some poor countries sell their land resources off to the highest bidder which is now China. Trade is not about rational trade regarding workers and efficiency, lord I wish it was. Trade is about dominance in the markets. The big players these days are oligarchs or they are nation states like China who hold all the purse strings on their people allowing only so much freedom in certain allotments all controlled. The EU sees this, they desperately go to austerity to keep all the EU countries in line, because they know. Cause and effect. The US does better under the circumstance of a world wide recession because it uses some fiscal response by it's government to spur demand, because it can, at least to some extent. There is all that market money left untapped. There's that easy finance the richer countries like the US has. And just where does most of it go? Well we invest in Amazon, their market capital close to a trillion, and it made 10 billion last year alone. Say the rich. It should be astoundingly amazing, this consumer work force that requires cheaper goods. How much profit can you squeeze out of the sponge. This old fable of a rich cat who cared about the worker, he bought up a bunch of Cadillac Cars and buried them from the front end around his large property to create more jobs for the little guy laborers, which to some seems like a total waste of resource.
  3. there is no labor shortage, if there was, wages would go up. Remember inflation, wage growth spurs inflation. Let's say you live in Mexico where they got lots of workers, but not so much demand for their working people. They pump up the peso and artificially this kind of strategy artificially causes the peso to go through the roof man. And pretty soon everybody is even poorer, how come? They just print more and more money the fiat that a government has the right to do. Meanwhile these days, China is over productive, they still have too many people, they still have too much labor, but as they grow they produce Purchasing power, and keep the Yuan low by purchasing reserve international currency like the US dollar in the Trillions of US dollars like there's no tomorrow. Why, because they can. They got a lot of labor, a lot of cheap labor on their hands. And US Corporations make trade deals with China knowing this. China is a communist regime that completely controls its people, it's labor force. They make people who are in prison put out. US Corporations are really smart at making profit for their shareholders. There is a lot of money tied up on Wall Street, a whole lot. They make trade deals with China. They make profit by making trade deals with China for all their shareholders. Take Amazon. They sell everything under the sun. You cannot compete with them. Not unlike Walmart, but Amazon takes it a step further. Amazon's market capital is worth close to a trillion, however how much profit does Amazon actually make? Where does all the money actually go? https://www.investopedia.com/how-amazon-makes-money-4587523 Peace!
  4. the opposite of a democracy, or any integrity in real worth. We matter, we all matter, they shout out. We are all made up of matter, Trump says.
  5. almost impossible, and yet quite possible, in between a wheat based bread laced with lettuce, tomato, sliced pickle, onion and that luxurious special sauce one licks off their fingers like a trigger mechanism they have grown to know and love. Peace!
  6. U know, like someone is mechanically inclined. They start just changing oil and rise through the ranks because they are inclined. Some of them certainly could have been engineers but they didn't go that way, but they have this natural fascination with how engines work, and they are good at what they do, it can sometimes be thought of as a real gift - and it should be. Same thing with the military. You know it sucks from the start. You fall in line but overtime you get it and you rise through the ranks, and if your lucky find your technical expertise... You keep in mind all the time why, and it can be a good thing, but it isn't easy. Such is life they say. Same thing with construction, road construction let's say. The hours are long as heck. You work your butt off in the hot sun and for little pay before you can be fully accepted into the Union one day. The dude in control drills you until there is no tomorrow. In this way they weed through the weak. The hard work makes your hands stronger over time but in the beginning your hands are numb and you have to run hot water over them to make them feel again. The dude in charge was a jerk, but you learn to love that about him. And eventually you start walking the same way he did, all hunched over, and no matter how late you stay up drinking the night before, you better believe he's there at 5 AM at the yard barking like a dog. Some days, maybe on a Sunday late at night he smiles, and that smile makes you feel good, like you made it boy, you made it into manhood, or womanhood if you will. The dichotomy is this, stick it out and people will stick up for you. Like a football team. I played high school football. The long grueling practices in the hot sun led to a family of folks sticking together as a real family. I don't care if you suck, you stuck out all the 40's, all the football practice drills, since you were so inclined, alas. Fitness experts call them Burpees now. Performing a Burpee is for the young body. It's great if you can keep it up. Like owning a fire arm is something a kid who likes to hunt might like to do. Why? They like it because it introduces them to the wildlife and the environment in the natural woods. But some go farther, they like the idea of target shooting, sharp shooting, or possibly they like being a soldier and all the camaraderie in battle which is impossible to simulate. What about the inclination to learn, the inclination to understand literature, or history, or economics, or any science? We might say it is merit based, or we might say we are induced in a myriad of practical ways to become inclined, or to have an inclination about one thing or another. Some people certainly are more gifted and yet others who maybe are not as gifted go farther. But what about the end game, of those who rise to the top? What is their inclination when it's all been said and done. I bring this up, because the NFL teams all have 45 players on the squad. A lot of them don't last, but to get to the NFL they got to be pretty darn good. And they risk everything. Yes they are tremendous athletes, so gifted at the beginning when they first start out being inclined as such. I'm just thinking out loud about the basics most people go through in one way or another in their life. Brains work like that. There's a ton of things that the individual no matter what they become has to think about. I just remember being allowed to walk a few miles late at night in the city to deliver a meal to some guy who worked at the gas station who was still working towards a college degree, in the middle of winter when I was nine. Where he showed me how to change a tire and close down the store. Peace!
  7. everything is. The Houthis rebels of Yemen with their drones have just lit Saudi Arabian oil fields on fire. Who are the Houthis? They are Shiite terrorist who make up some say one third of the population in Yemen. The Saudi retaliate and the war goes on. Iran backs the Houthis the US and the Saudi say. This Iran denies. What is real war all about now? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/21/who-are-the-houthis-fighting-the-saudi-led-coalition-in-yemen Just what control do these religious fanatics wish to control? And what overkill will become of the response?
  8. a win is a win they suggest. A win has no real definition to it's meaning. We won less equality, we won no good healthcare plan, we won less taxation for the rich, and we won hope regarding protection of rich peoples intellectual properties. Hooray! And it's only a matter of time when we get back to where we were before, back in control. Yippee!
  9. It is jarringly this huge separation of the people that didn't start with Trump, he's only come to the fore in perfect daylight. The lack of communication, or the one way non-intellectual style separator of the people in Chief so very very much wayward in his appeal to separate the rich from the poor, the less educated and those who learn hate over and above any thing true. And that took some decades to create. Yes indeed, the hate came back home to roost just now. Peace!
  10. A lot these days we are scolded by the meaning of being "woke". Or by the politically correct word movement. I am not one of those who promotes either, but one word that is wrong is the word stupid, or even worse, that word that describes someone as being "retarded". There's also the N word, which for the most part, rightly has become almost obliterated by the majority. I'm not a word police kind of person, because I know sometimes people spout out a word in describing a situation and they are not trying to be insensitive to anyone. And I also know that this word police thing has really rattled the right against the left, or the people, or the truth, or whatever you want to call it, making any hint of honest communication almost impossible That's the way words work, I'm sure we all know this. But it comes down to intent, something in the use of phrasing in certain contextual situations that can easily be sussed out. Although it has gotten harder and harder these days with social media. Peace!
  11. only issue is what they choose to make the fake meat with. Big Ag has a big issue regarding the environment with mono crops and the destruction of the soils. The problem with Big Ag, is they mass produce with one big thing in mind - profit. So you say, well it's better than raising cattle and I would agree somewhat. It's kind of along the lines of fracking for natural gas. NG is better than oil because it doesn't release as much carbon into the atmosphere. But... and this is an important thing to consider, But: while we are soon coming to a point in the cross road to becoming carbon neutral, we really do need to think about the whole enchilada. NG is not great or not even good in the long run. I do know corn is easy... they like to make a lot of corn and a lot of soy. We have the technology already to make a lot of corn and a lot of soy which is already destroying our soil and robbing the biodiversity of top soils in farmlands everywhere. Greatly reducing livestock to feed the world - good. Mass production of mono crops, bad. Biodiversity farming along with a huge reduction in food waste = where we want to go. Peace!
  12. this is true regarding rent control. But how did it get this way is important to know. Once you have objectionable renter prices that affect average middle class workers who are needed in the City you already have a big problem. Mass transit, and other avenues to solve the problem are something to look at. But again, the average rent price all over the Bay Area is already quite high. And when they build houses like they do everywhere - the builders are incentivized to make a profit with the smallest amount of land. Typically that means they build big houses close together, or teeny tiny renting spaces in order to get the biggest bang out of their buck. Ouch! What about city planners working together to build a better overall infrastructure? You know there's a lot of commerce that can be generated if the planning is done right. Long term thinking is required. City planning that is long-term and done right is way overdue. And oh yeah, we do need to tackle inequality in structural ways. Taxation, breaking up monopolies, restructuring our patent system, etc... Peace!
  13. You are correct on many points here. Why do we allow folks like Bill Gates to get so darn rich? One thing Trump is right about is loss of jobs to China and other countries. These trade policies were put into place by rich stakeholders who aren't dumb. They really are not US worker trade policies, they are trade policies designed to protect giant corps and their patent rights. The surrounding Bay area near San Francisco and the city itself is a perfect example of inequality where the median home price is in excess of a million plus. It has become an oligarchy where policy direction is left in the hands of the few. This is a horrible truth for our democracy currently as it stands.
  14. The whole purpose was a state regulated militia for a specific purpose. You are not answering my question in a realistic way. I do not want the guy with a gun in the store where I go with my kids. He's on his own with his right to have and hold a gun is what you are saying. So I should get a gun if I feel rattled by that you suggest. That's downright crazy, and wrong. It becomes one persons freedom weighing more than another's which is in essence unconstitutional. The NRA has skewed the entire approach with their nonsense. It wasn't like this at all in the 1950 and 60's - but now it is. And it's completely wrong! Other countries don't live with this nonsense. Why the heck should we in the US? Owning a gun needs to be a privilege. You would be free to register to own a gun, and then it would be on a gun registry. You mess up then, the privilege is taken away forever. Simple. Peace!
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