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  1. News Just In... (well it's not exactly news, and it isn't just in) Trump is going down, not by a small margin, but by a landslide. Yep, Swampy Trump will be out come November in a Landslide. Biden, not my first choice by far, at least is not incompetent, and what's more, he actually gives a darn about people other than himself. Economically, Trump lived off the economic recovery - he did nothing good his entire 4 years that was good for the long-term stability of the economy. Only thing he did was divide. Yep, it's true as true and anyone who understands the truth would agree. Trump will go down and so will a whole host of his Republican enablers. The vast majority of people are sick of their stench. The environment is as well. Climate change is real, and yes, actual science shows staggering evidence that most of it is caused by fossil fuels use. Regarding the Pandemic - it is unbelievable how bad this was handled by the Trump Administration. They are responsible for the staggering death toll, along with the billions, or lets say Trillions of dollars lost in our economy. Something as simple as wearing a cloth mask so that one reduces the chances of anyone catching the virus from you has become political. It's incredible idiotic how people reacted to this basic safeguard in such a defiant way / slowing the economic recovery and costing lives - for what? Anyway - if you actually support Swampy Trump - please don't be too upset when he goes down in the landslide. I would strongly suggest waking up to the truth instead! Peace!
  2. If you knew who Donald Trump was you might know that he only helps your cause if your cause is to divide a nation and this world. Forget all the fancy imaginary made up. This song is deep. Slave to Sex, that is not Roxy Music, I thought about the verse and found myself bound from which there is no escape. It is about love and everything there is to believe in. You are who you are, Nobody can tell you something different.
  3. I called for the police because I required help, not to be shot because the color of my skin. I like Roxy Music because it is incredible musically. I love it also because of its verse.
  4. absolute bullshit what you say here sir. Every person should be rightly appalled by what has transgressed over all these years. What an ignorant statement! Grow the F up!
  5. The US spends 500 billion in 2020 on pharmaceutical drugs. Clearly it has been shown that if there were a free market for pharmaceutical medical drugs, the figure would be more like 100 billion. Instead, it is left to hedge funds, and patent rights, that in the end squash better medicines and their discovery. Simply stated, most major drug manufacturer's rely on the NIH for the research that goes into their products. Once the drug hits the market, they rely on patent rights to raise prices, and yes, there is big money in all of this. So much money, that the FDA backs off on science, in sadly political interest, which Federal elected officials in both parties fail to address. The figures I just stated are fact. This means that 400 billion dollars this year is going to support Corporate entities at the cost of the tax payer. And alas, this is nothing new. Clearly this is gut wrenching to anyone who understands what this means. When politicians fight against universal healthcare insurance, and state, as a matter of fact, that it would cost Americans 32 trillion dollars over ten years, they are in some ways not lying at all. The truth is yes, it would. But what they don't say is how much it will cost if we do nothing. What they don't say is that 60 percent of healthcare insurance is already paid by public dollars, and the rest is paid by companies and their workers who purchase private healthcare insurance as a group rate. It turns out being a big scam, in more ways than one. It turns out that scientist, the people who develop these drugs are not the ones who go laughing all the way to the bank. It turns out that what they call entitlements, where people work all their lives pay into the system, and constantly worry once they might require some decent healthcare are constantly being told, We Can't afford it, it will create too much debt for the future, it will erode our economic stability and create incredible taxation for generations to come. That's the picture that they paint. Which is paid for by the corporate entities, and by the politicians who they purchase. Hey, I like capitalism. A true safe guarded Market that will never gain too much power speaks to invention, and to the creation of new job opportunities, and to the preservation of economic gain for all. And I appreciate small businesses, those free persons who take the hard earned responsibility upon themselves to create indispensable goods that hopefully can in some way better all peoples lives. But through all their efforts, you need good governance and a democratic representation, a body of the collective, that affords the rights of the few, and most especially all the rest. Fact is, the majority somehow has been bamboozled, and treated with neglect. Why is a good question. Why the true economics is not clearly taught to the average citizen is a good question. If you simply look at the truth behind the numbers I would gesture to think many of our troubles might easily be solved. Here's a bit of history for those willing to take a look. I'm sixty, my parents both dead. My dad was a marine in WWII, his dad fought in the army in WWI, me mom was a nurse. https://prospect.org/culture/books/the-rise-and-fall-of-andrew-mellon/ Peace!
  6. I AM A Man I have been beseeched by the neglect, retrenched, regardless of the content of my character all of my life. You know we are not asking for much. They wanted that, they did this, to whom, and why. A white writer wrote in the Novel, A Light in August, shades of life that reappear, that in absolute tone illustrate what was never addressed in any history book taught in public schools. ". . .in August in Mississippi there’s a few days somewhere about the middle of the month when suddenly there’s a foretaste of fall, it’s cool, there’s a lambence, a soft, a luminous quality to the light, as though it came not from just today but from back in the old classic times. It might have fauns and satyrs and the gods and—from Greece, from Olympus in it somewhere. It lasts just for a day or two, then it’s gone. . .the title reminded me of that time, of a luminosity older than our Christian civilization." William Faulkner said of his novels title. And yet, there is a reason, there are many reasons that constantly reappear. We don't talk, as citizens in a real way, in a civic way enough. Our text books in history are slanted and misrepresent the truth. Never clearly is our economic system, how it has been concocted, how it has neglected all of us, taught, just the opposite. There is no conservative, no liberal, no race, nor religious war to win. There always never was. Peace!
  7. I have always wanted to participate in a forum where people could deliberate actual policies and how they effect peoples everyday life. People say, wow, this Corona Virus pandemic has really illustrated a lot of the problems we have in the US and the world at large. I think I'm a liberal mostly because I give a damn about people and try my best to understand the problems and exactly what is so wrong with our world. Not that all things are bad, a lot of things are good, there are a lot of American people who are just like me who will go out of their way to help a stranger, or try to teach their children how to treat others. Why, there are literally millions of incredibly smart people who work hard and try to focus on making this a better world. Of course I know this not just because I myself have been fortunate, but because I have witnessed folks of every color, every ethnic background and every major religion stand up against racism and inequality. Yes, there are rich and poor people in this country who do this in some way every single day. There are a litany of major problems facing our world that require major focus from all of us. Obviously, Black Lives Matter, is an important movement, and a chief priority that has been overlooked most incredibly for far far too long. Don't people care about this, is not a question I would ever ask because I know that they do. I know that any major injustice that affects any minority affects each and every one of us. It would be absurd to believe otherwise. Are we supposed to be leaders or what, in what vein are we supposed to acknowledge all the injustices in this country, or in this world? Maynard Keynes figured out almost ninety years ago that the truth is that this world has the resources to support all people, to deliver the required needs of all people, and that it was clearly possible to create a world where all people could be essential stewards in the making of a better world, if only, if only, given the chance. Keynes by the way was misinterpreted over the years. Some say he was a pure capitalist, and others suggest he had some socialist bent. I say, that is an oblique way to understand his work. People are creative and by nature they wish to be active. The hint is that we have an overtly horrible economic system of subsidizing intellectual property rights, along with major issues regarding lack of Anti-Trust laws, systemic racism that started 400 years ago that was never addressed nor corrected in any meaningful way, along with a largess of leadership that has privatized and failed at any policy measures that could unduly thought to be anything clearly democratic, and instead only incendiary, that can be considered to be due only to power and greed, and an incredible lack of representation. When we let neighborhoods fail, we lose potential. When we divide, we fail to progress. To be driven by hate and fear is indeed a sign of disease. Peace!
  8. I have a dog that's cool. I don't know the breed because we got her at the pound when she was just a puppy. Full grown she weighs in at 35 pounds, short haired, fast as they come. My kids named her Koopa after a video game character. Immediately I realized she loved to run and that she was incredibly smart. She can catch a Frisbee thrown out forty yards all day long, and she's one heck of a watch dog. I think she understands a lot of words. She listened to me talk when she was only a pup and quickly learned commands. My wife and I work from home these days since the corona virus shelter in place. I work on the ground floor and my wife works on the upper floor of our house. I tell Koopa to go up and get mom, she goes up. She knows our names. She has helped my college aged daughter who has suffered from depression immensely. Strange thing is, I never wanted kids, and I never wanted a dog, but no way in heck would I know what to do in life now that I have them. Dogs are an impression of what humankind calls Family - they belong! Peace!
  9. Much of it has to be boiled down to a president who was asleep or incapable when the evidence showed that the Corona Virus spread was going to hit the US and the rest of the world way back in January. The Trump Administration rejected US manufacturer's request to stand up and make PPE, yes something so simple that could have made a world of difference from the start. Any expert in Global economics could have told you that the world would be depleted of a series of raw materials required for important medicines, needles, syringes, you name it due to the problems with the Global production pipelines. From the start the President should have taken charge to develop a clear and decisive strategy to fight this pandemic which should have included harnessing US production of sorely required PPE, honest and frank messaging by Qualified Epidemiologist, as well as skilled Economist. It is clearly mystifying how screwed up the Trump administration handled this among many many other things, the list is far too long to even rattle off in countless posts. Trump's own niece Mary Trump said it best, and I quote, "the day Donald Trump was elected was the worst day of my life. I could not believe the American people had let this happen."
  10. absolute nonsense. After the Great Recession in 2008 the job rate showed steady increases which were in fact greater during the Obama Administration. Trump did zero for job creation. Name a Trump policy you think created more jobs. You can believe me or you can go to the BLS yourself and take a look.
  11. O I guess I must be old now, when you think back to the time, this perfect way to sing, this is beautiful... they ask you to write about beauty, then, they say it has got to be true, just like you were there firsthand, just like it was embedded in your memory, and you wouldn't have to search for the words, na, they'd roll off your tongue, some day you would just learn, without any teacher
  12. all the words, the true magical verse, this guy was demanding from the start, his voice is like an fine tuned musical instrument, he was born to sing soul, and the man can play all these instruments. He makes me think about this world. He captures all of us with his soulfulness.
  13. I like this old live Dire Straights video. I thought about the aborigine, the strange animals and the beautiful lands when last January the terrible fires hit hard upon a resilient people and how they reacted. This was before I knew about Covid-19, I was in Japan at the time. Seems like years ago. Trump had ordered the killing of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani due to the fact that an American contractor had been killed by his hand. This was after Trump decided to step away from the Joint Plan of Action, that put scientist on the ground to make sure Iran would stop the procurement of a nuclear bomb. I was going to play a Dire Straights Video, but then, I said to heck with that. This one's better. Why, well just because Van blows my mind.
  14. you work hard, you are not brave, but you try to be. You know no matter what, you will try as hard as you can. But you are never complete. You maybe have a good job, your blessed with a good wife and kids, but you have this helpless dream that bothers your consciousness. No matter how good you get at anything, no matter how good you try to be to your wife, your work, your friends, to any stranger that you meet, you feel constrained. What the heck is it, you spend your free time on the weekends trying best you can to break free of this terrible terrible thought. You walk in the the woods alone, feeling some sanctity, you go back over anything and everything that made you what you are, and you give thanks, maybe have a few drinks, to calm your nervousness, but still it holds you down. What is it. Just why must it stay?
  15. I watched some of the Senate investigation into the FBI, and how it investigated the Trump Campaign, and whether it was biased, and whether it was this official illegal thing that the Obama Administration sought out to do. Of course it was already ruled as nonsense by an Inspector General. But Barr wanted to pursue it to the hilt. So too did Lindsey Graham. So they are all sitting in the Senate going through it once again. It was all a ruse, what we all saw. It was a fake news story, they stand by their Trump leader all the way. Yup, Trump leads the Republican Party - absolutely he does. Even Susan from Maine, even sometimes Murkowski - even if she got re-elected by write-in votes. They took over Wisconsin, and in Wisconsin, they took away the Governors power once a Democrat was elected Governor. You can't have an honest discussion about the problems we all face. Because I guess, the real truth has become too obvious to too many of the citizens. Peace!

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