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  1. the history of America is the Native people, conjoined with the immigrants searching for hope, a new life, away from tyrannical kings and Queens. So then the greatest sin was surely slavery. And then Jim Crow. Red line redistricting happened to Black Americans, that is just a fact. The GI bill was dolled out by racist state leaders who undercut what was owed to Black soldiers who served. On and on. These are facts. We don't wish to be divided. Socialism, they call it socialism to want universal healthcare, mo
  2. stop your foolish bull. What about John Lewis, why not speak the truth instead. I mean really, what you got to lose. It's a travesty the way people seem to act these days. Bernie was right about a lot of things, but there were problems with his cult like followers, who never knew the whole history of things. Move on.
  3. ouch, that really hurt man! Someone so sure of himself like you Str8tEdge says that about me, seeing what you post, wow, I'm humbled by that blow, good luck with your knowledge about the truth. I hope the best for you someday.
  4. Bill, you got a problem with what I don't know. Why don't you go over there and state your point clearly. You say you think it was absurd to not vote because Bernie was not the candidate in 2016. I agree with that completely. Next time I post something over there I'll bring it up, but to me, this is not worth getting upset about. Hey, I'm an older cat, I've been around, seen it all. The way a large index of voters vote or fail to vote is very sadly irrational. I have always voted and I remember all my presidential picks start
  5. okay, but you should stay on the same page Mack. You don't like people innocent people getting shot by gun violence nobody should the question should be why. stupid criminals with guns, why, why, it's not a method in their madness, there is no method to their madness, its just damn wrong. why, just looking for answers. More police, well, I have respect for many police. the police are supposed to be peace keepers. Its not the police completely, nor even half way, although there has been police abuse
  6. I agree with that! after WWI, Germany was broke and on hard times. It was only a matter of times after the treaty was set loose at Versailles that a strong man would enter the scene. they used the racist excuse, racial purity. that's what happened after nobody gave a damn about human capital. The world should have learned a lesson from this horrid history. Ignorance begot by hate, we know fools act stupidly when they are mad, they just do. Ignorance to a fault is no freedom
  7. the shutdown in the US was actually only 50% at best. And then, many of the states shut down too late, and then most of them started up too soon. Go take a look at France and Spain and Italy, three countries that shut down 95 % and then only restarted after the spread was < 2%. Where are they now? Another little fact, some people have no symptoms. Community spread can happen with people who have no symptoms, that's the problem with this virus my friend. Why is that? Scientist don't know for sure. Covid viruses are endemic, the common cold. It could be some folks have a minimal imm
  8. I mean, Spycar, You were just talking about John Lewis, and then you go on this diatribe about fake liberals. What is your point dear sir!
  9. what is a fake liberal? Are you a fake liberal, a progressive liberal? why don't you focus more upon yourself?
  10. Thankfully some people on this board are not nuts! Common sense, basic common sense is required, but it seems so unique on this board. Thanks drvoke, the people in the US needed this post more than ever!
  11. how far does the right-wing false news go... you hold onto it, with your least breath, like a moron, and yeah, it is sickening how far they will go. The best of the bad lies come from the right. Always have. Seemingly they always will.
  12. That is bull SpyCar! What about all the people who earnestly voted for Trump, don't blame them for their ignorance do you. What a spiteful callousness is that!
  13. Jesus whose skin color was brown was not about politics, he was more the plebian type, in purest of soul. Trump is a snake, an incompetent racists arse, he lies, even when everybody knows his facts are lies. He says he's a genus, reminds his followers that he's got a big brain. Putin smiles, and why wouldn't he.
  14. Is that all you hear? Is there anything in between those ears of yours?
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