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  1. TheOldBarn

    "In a brazen act off aggression"

    Very funny. Trump is an idiot who employs who, John Bolton. The Saudi's and BB, all move in to take over the world. They tear up the Iran nuclear treaty and then they bomb innocent civilians in Yemen, and then we support them. We support them, those people. Oil, we support oil. We boosted Saddam in Iraq, even after he gassed the Kurdish. I remember the Iraq Iran war that started when I was in junior high school. Funny, Ha Ha... ..., Saudi's were behind it - and we supported the Saudi's...(Shah was gone)... I am going on memory alone here...And it took a great man (Frederic Douglas)... to end that... .... But you got to lay low, and hope for the best sometimes...(or so I have read)
  2. How does a country make good trade policy? Who makes trade policy? Where is the evolution of the species when billions of people are still poor? Where is the evolution of the planet when millions of species are becoming extinct? It is a difficult issue to change the system that controls just about all of the market capital which is decidedly controlled by few. You have to educate women, and people in poverty, and how do you do this, what would motivate them? What would motivate the poor enough to take the reigns in a more salient way to finally find a way to conserve and become much more efficient? I think Ben Franklin wondered about this, but when he was alive it was a completely different planet. At least, there were wide open expanses, a lot of the world back then was still idyllic, untouched, what's the word, pristine, or back in his time and for thousands and thousands of years before he lived no matter what you did, the world was wild. We have come a long way since then. And yet we now have a whole lot more challenges. A whole lot more. And while we are creating more billionaires, many times over, we are coming to days where most people in the back of their minds wonder what the hell is going to happen in the not to distant future. Are we all going to be billionaires someday? What would that be like? Less law suits, I'm sure. Nobody to screw, to make more money, because they would screw you first if you ever even tried. So what, Robots? Peace!
  3. in 2050 we will need to produce twice as many calories as we do today to feed the world population. This is real if you have kids today. That is only 30 years away. My 19 year old will only be 50 in 2050. Consider the poorest nations that really did not cause this issue. Most in the poorest nations will be forced to migrate in order to survive. In Syria, people who were sheep herders were forced to move closer to the cities due to climate change in an already arid land. Remember the folks who fled Iraq during the US invasion in 2002/3, where they went across the border into Syria fleeing from the dangers of that war? Where is the best place to go in the coming years to be safe, that's a good question, a lot of people will be asking soon. We are doing nothing but accepting the inevitable - when we could be helping to save the world. The Green New Deal has to be all encompassing, but we are stuck in the rut, seeing how nothing much has been done thus far. I know, I know, Teddy Roosevelt was wild, but man he was virtuous regarding saving natural resources. Little did he know what we now know. It was a completely different world back then. How long ago was it when he stood with this Scottish son, John Muir Peace!
  4. I also want to suggest that there are a myriad of ways for the government to raise revenues that would not hurt the poor, the lower middle class or even the middle class, whatever that is these days. A modest financial transaction tax of 0.001 % would raise 60-80 billion a year for starters. It is the system that has created inequality where CEO's now make - I don't know the number, something like 360 times as much as the average worker. Here's a graph I plucked off the internet in the last few years alone. I think it shows that American Shareholders are doing well. They must be. And this has been the blueprint behind Congressional inaction.
  5. The housing bubble collapsed leading to the Financial banks collapse. The Glass-Steagall Act after the 1929 stock market crash that led to the Great Depression separated commercial banking from investment banking and was repealed in 1999. The market economy is dependent on demand and not supply. The collapse of the housing market led to a collapse of the big banks that didn't hold enough money for the shortfall of trillions of dollars not just in the US but in the EU as well. And of course this crippled demand. What was propping up the US economy prior to 2005 was an over reach on housing bonds that were bundled and sold as stocks. S&P over-rated these bonds big time and then the bottom fell out. The supply and demand economics that John Maynard Keynes used had to do with the fiscal use of government spending. The government should stimulate demand in anyway possible when the business cycle hits a standstill. Modern Monetary Theory took over the day slowly by making the interest rate equal almost zero. But then that didn't work, so they went to a totally new strategy called quantitative easing. The Fed didn't call it quantitative easing, they called it large scale asset purchases. It is sort of like printing money, but it is in theory, electronic production of money to buy bonds in order to inject money back into the banking system. On the other side, Obama wanted to stimulate the economy fiscally using Keynesian economics. This would take deficit spending big time in order to stimulate demand. Some economist think the economy would have grown much faster if the deficit spending would have been at least twice the amount that Obama was allowed to spend through Congress. Slowly, through allowing the economy to grow through quantitative easing, the Fed has kept a close eye on inflation. The non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU) has in the past always kept the full employment number as 5.4 percent. But a lot of economists have pushed back against this number. Currently we have reduced the full employment numbers closer to 4 or even below that, and still inflation has been kept just below or at 2%. Tax cuts for the rich and corporations did contribute to a rise in the GDP in 2018, however, that was a one off, and also, those tax cuts have added to the Federal debt. I guess we are now rolling along, even though, we need massive infrastructure spending, as well as massive spending to counter climate change. Our Healthcare spending has not been reduced, medicare and SS are both adding to the debt. Meanwhile millions of people in the US have no healthcare at all. The big fiscal spending required for action at this point in time sits where it did decades ago - dead in the water. The point here is efficiency. And no, it's not the same thing as a Corporation investing capital to make future profits. It has more to do with the future of this country, and certainly the future of this very planet - that is mostly, all the people who live on it. As George Carlin once said, the planet of Earth doesn't need people. You think you can F the planet that's been here 4.5 billion years, it'll be there long after humans. I betcha!!! I like most of you am not waiting, holding my breath, waiting for Trump, or anyone in the Republican Party to make any smart, cogent move. Peace!
  6. Great points Bludog! But I have always thought the definition of American Exceptionalism has been misused so much that no one seems to remember what it was meant to mean. The Free World - open land ownership, freedom from debtors prison and more. It was a grand experiment when the term exceptionalism was used by Tocqueville who once said, "American is great because she is good.If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great." But this was back around the 1830's and there was a lot that Tocqueville did not mention regarding slavery and the whole business of genocide of the American Native people. I never thought American Exceptionalism to mean this was a better nation by some mandate of God. We were separated by oceans in an incredible land and the country was formed to be a true democracy - Where of course only rich land owners were allowed to vote in the beginning. But however you cut it, the term has been misused the wrong way and I think to our own peril. We changed a lot after the two world wars and the use of the two nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The beacon of light that American Exceptionalism could be became just another Imperialistic super power. We are a Super Power - but that doesn't mean we are good. Peace!
  7. Went to a sports bar a few weeks ago where they served me a beyond burger - I am already a vegetarian however I really truly thought I had been served an actual meat burger. I really thought the waiter made a mistake. Honestly it would fool anyone. What are there something like 34000 McDonald's fast food restaurants alone? Peace!
  8. Nobody has their ideas tied to the yoke Somebody has to bend, a leader has to say, You gotta say, somebody has got to bend somehow, in someway. Otherwise nobody does what they say they will do. How could they. How could they. How could they. Say that they could do something when if they were being truly honest they knew that they could not. And that seems to be a good excuse And that seems to be conditionally a genuinely accepted premise For a long long time now, it seems as though there are no Giants, no Super Heroes Even though most people wish there could be just a simple example of someone who tried to be true If they did, And if they did, How, and Why, How, and Why? Good questions. How, and why? Since you got a heart so big. To rebuild Notre Dame. It's vital that you do. Nobody ever said anything about the trees in the rain forest being cut down with the same conviction. Somehow that got marginalized. Not too many people in power make it clear what it means to have no healthcare and lose your house because you cannot pay the rent. I'm sorry, they just don't. Peace!
  9. TheOldBarn

    How do you deal with the problem

    Marketing people are mostly sales people, they sell, and don't know anything about making something to fill a need. They don't understand anything about planning, purchasing all the required raw materials, the constraints on the raw material markets, quality, safety stocks, how to hire the best people, how to retain the best people, etc... It's a nice restaurant, you got to work there pretending that it's as important as your own home. Just what does that mean to some of the young kids who came up in a dirty house? But you got to make people hope to raise the bar and somehow, give a darn. And I guess that's not easy. I was talking about 510K approved immunoassay's that are sold in 500 mL bottles that break during shipping all the time. The problem after seeing a few pictures is easy to resolve. The bottle is a cheap, plastic, hard and thin, too big. You need to be a plastic expert, to understand. All plastic is good. All plastic if you google HDPE, has its use. They all say. Can we get it together, can we all stand side by side. Can we make it last and sell it cheaper and ship it all around the world at a big discount that everybody likes. If you are in the business you know it comes down to how many samples can you test from the size of the bottle that you sell and ship. If you find that the bottle type breaks you are left with this horrible Quality issue. If we change the bottle type then we have to change the 510K submissions regarding a whole host of IVDP assays. Or, you could sell smaller 100 mL bottles that you already sell that don't break as easily. The guy in shipping said. Peace!
  10. TheOldBarn

    How do you deal with the problem

    Excellent questions. I myself spent a long time working at a couple of corporations. I then went to a small company where I found myself in management, before it was sold off. And then, back again to the big corp where one learns new tricks. They buy companies, get bigger, but diversification I learned in business school is tricky business. Sometimes it doesn't matter how connected you are with your counterparts around the world. It just doesn't matter, if the size of the container needs to be changed, or, whether it's right or if it's wrong. Maybe you could only sell a smaller sized bottle, that you already sell, some dumb kid in me thought because the people in Quality don't know what the heck to do, and the people working in Regulatory just never seem to be sure. Peace!
  11. TheOldBarn

    How do you deal with the problem

    I think you get the juice behind my post, it's a diamond shaped yield sign with a gravel road leading towards a tunnel, and we know we got to protect the tunnel from the onslaught of a flood, but we ain't exactly sure why.
  12. TheOldBarn

    Notre Dame Rebuild

    good questions. That is all I am saying.
  13. TheOldBarn

    Notre Dame Rebuild

    It does not to me. I just read about it in books. I have never been there. I have never been to Aleppo. It's much older. What is more important? I mean really. But then again, I don't have a lot of money that I could give either way. I could give twenty bucks, or five hundred, if I really did care. Would most families in the US be willing to give five hundred bucks to rebuild Notre Dame? And if they would, how great would that be? It's not the most pressing thing, just a nice gesture towards a collective past. Peace!
  14. TheOldBarn

    Notre Dame Rebuild

    And it doesn't bother you that some people wish that more money could be spent in a more urgent way to save the future. The thing caught on fire during restoration. It was an accident, it was always there, part of the skyline, part of everything people knew for countless centuries. Not any of the promises, not any political movement, not part of the total history, it was like a statue, one could equate say with the Statue of Liberty, once. It bothers me, not a lot, but a little. I think when you compare it with climate change, and the Earth and the future of humankind, and the slow loss of humanity - I mean, it bothers me a bit. What the heck does it mean? It is hard to fathom. They don't rebuild stuff like that to such proportion without a big lobby, at least that is how it seems. Peace!
  15. TheOldBarn

    Notre Dame Rebuild

    I guess to you it means something special. Peace!