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  1. oh I know they are all rich beyond their given Senate salaries... but don't cross them. They don't like being crossed, policy wise. wink wink, nod nod... Peace!
  2. TheOldBarn

    Randy Rainbow

    who wrote this script, Frank Baum? Peace!
  3. TheOldBarn

    The score so far

    The person who lies down with the dog lies down with all that dogs fleas We think a good saying means something, they use those sayings, over and over but wait dude, a pack of lies... A wild pack of lies like flies waiting for a fly swatter to swat them, but that has got to require a really big fly swatter to smash. https://www.costumepub.com/p-8779-giant-flyswatter.aspx?nvariantid=12535&gclid=CjwKCAjw0JfdBRACEiwAiDTALrTviAvYOdQusA49rwK-gBjqaXOV9xwyYoAKuckSjrbo4D8DDZt83hoCVjgQAvD_BwE This could be the flag. A big blue fly swatter! I mean it's only $3.15. Sorry, I thought it was feet, not inches, my bad. Peace!
  4. Look, the word elitism has been used and underlined from every side. Look Brown v. Board of Education, in Topeka KS, no less. The Warren Court. The Fourteenth Amendment adopted in 1968, as one of the Reconstruction Amendments. Tell me about a farm club of Judicial Minds, worthy of a higher court, or in any court of the land for that matter. The higher courts, First there are eleven geographical federal courts of appeal with original jurisdiction, and then there is the United States for the district of Columbia Circuit. And then the court of last resort, The Supreme Court. Law is also broken up into subject matter. Trade, business, intelligence matters, etc... Then you have appellate courts over subject matter courts, and so on... You need a good legal mind to ask the right questions about your rights, about what is fair, past anything that might seem political. Lots of things are considered political. Political things are meant to be decided by an informed citizenry in any true democracy, the legislature within a state, or beyond the states by the federal government, should be understood clearly by its merit before all good people first and foremost, in a perfect world (some would call it Utopia, but it's not). Yet still, if the laws, if so required to protect individuals by the rights that have been granted by the U.S Constitution that have been written and passed down by Amendments granted by a majority of the states... mean anything, anything at all - - - should it not be worth a good discussion, especially in the age of the internet, I mean considering the advent of google The Twenty-seventh Amendment (Amendment XXVII) to the United States Constitution prohibits any law that increases or decreases the salary of members of Congress from taking effect until the start of the next set of terms of office for Representatives. Now can that be fair??? I mean, I would very much move to mandate a sharp decrease in Mitch McConnell's salary big time just about now, but we can't without a two thirds majority!!! Still, he does deserve it. More than that, he deserves to be fired a thousand times over. I say to you Mr. President! Peace!
  5. TheOldBarn

    Kathleen Madigan

    you know what, you teach somebody... You find something good you learn, and you pass it on. You actually find joy in passing something on, especially when they come back to you with really qualified questions expanding on what you taught them. Then you know you did alright. And you can then sleep really well in your old age. Kind of... you still will need to get up in the middle of the night to take a pee, and then likely just hang out reading a book or maybe try going outside meeting some other old people on the street at 3 AM experiencing the same. And then, that 3 AM call, that's something you might just hope for ... Paw Paw Peace!
  6. TheOldBarn

    People having Fun

    really stupid animal tricks... humans do Peace!
  7. The joke, not a joke after all, starts out - I have a house in Phoenix I needed to sell... There are layers of comical outcomes with this leading phrase that could ensue. So, I'm walking my yellow dog, like I do, around the lake in California in 2000. These two guys are talking about the killing, the houses to buy in Phoenix, "I bought three, the one guy says, "really three", the other one guffaws... "There is red tape in red states", the second guy says, "you do believe this", they both chuckle... My dog stops and squeezes out a loaf. Peace!
  8. TheOldBarn

    Liberal Redneck on the NRA

    you can sound funny and still make sense. I think it actually helps to sound funny especially when you're making sense. This fellow belongs in the Senate. What a boon for CSPAN that would be... Peace!
  9. LOFL... so true... Peace!
  10. yeah, it's like Moore's law, only for tax evaders. The competitive nature of other countries, and an ill fated disaster for workers all over the freaking world. Man, take hold of yourself... I'm saying to myself just now. Peace!
  11. you know, Stormy unleashed her book, and there I was reading a quote from it on the John at 5 AM prior to getting ready for work the other day. The bit about his penis grossed me out big time. I don't want to think about that, I thought. I had a big meeting that morning. I'm no puritan, but when I was a young adult it kind of made me cringe seeing older dudes with very young women. Not something I want to think much about even now... Peace!
  12. TheOldBarn

    What is the logical meaning?

    you know, my sixteen year old daughter who is somewhat reclusive these days loves Hofstader, anyone anything mathematical. To appreciate math you have to appreciate patterns, or puzzles if you will. I wasn't especially good in math myself. But I do like logic. I remember first finding about the Simplex Tableau method in high school. We would do it by hand, and while it took hours, it was so cool. Peace!
  13. TheOldBarn

    Kavanaugh's high school act

    Oh and yeah, The FBI should conduct a full investigation about the incident - it's the very least that should be done! Peace!
  14. TheOldBarn

    Kavanaugh's high school act

    Your other points I concurred with when this allegation first came to the fore. But these second group of points critique the problem with Kavanaugh being a federal judge, and especially sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States, yes, big time. Kavanaugh is part of a big big problem regarding the environmental laws, and laws that are supposed to protect the innocent, everyday person in our country, and the world at large. The Federalist Society farm club stable orchestrated by folks like Leonard Leo are a big problem that will continue to be for many years for a multitude of reasons. So these special kids, who had their fun at the elite schools do think much differently than most. Yes, it's part of the bedrock of America, that started at the get go when this country was first formed. Look, someone posted this interesting vehicle regarding logic. What you would want running any court is someone who stands up for the people first and foremost - the Magna Carta in days of old, is pretty much a scandal. It's pretty much nonsense when it comes down to logic and fair judicial system. So we don't got trust busters no more. The first talk of trade treaties involves big private financial institutions writing laws that protect their rights over everything else - and that's why the negotiations are all done behind closed door. And it doesn't take a genius to know this. Fedex cannot handle the bloat that is Amazon, but there can't be any new shipping organizations who can step in. Amazon treats its workers unfairly. We have an ever growing lack of pluralism, instead we have a plutocracy, instead of true democracy, which is easy enough to see, any truly qualified Judge would know! Peace!
  15. TheOldBarn

    What is the logical meaning?

    it's interesting, in Greek it means a series of irrelevant symbols... But to your point, logic, something that appears to be logical becomes irrelevant somehow. Voters should vote more for policy that makes sense, and less for a party. I wasn't born to just be a part of any party, I like parties, but there aren't enough parties to go to that are fun. But it's not about having fun. You have to get mad, incredulous even, instead of learning something that is important for your own survival. Peace!