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  1. TheOldBarn

    talk about fixing things

    Fixing things seems like it isn't divisional, how could it be. If you spent some time in the red states and never discussed politics, but still you witnessed all the garbage that the fracking left behind you would think that it was better to say nothing. Nope, the homosexuals are too few, and they would hide, all the poor families from brown skin families who came from fathers who fought in all the wars and were still treated as second class, their own offspring living in poverty despite all their sacrifice, human beings. The screen actors guild was kind of racist too once upon a time. The PATCO strike was declared illegal. The work in the mills left town, capital flight--- how nice it was to work in the mill under horrid working conditions, but at least it was a job. The day after Steinbeck's death in New York City, reviewer Charles Poore wrote in The New York Times: "John Steinbeck's first great book was his last great book. But Good Lord, what a book that was and is: The Grapes of Wrath." I picked up, "Travels with Charley", about a novelist who was about to die and see the country he wrote about, the critics called it pitiful, which I likened to the Grapes of Wrath. The story is often over sold though it is often true. All the Red and Blue States. I hope Mexico wins the FIFA World Cup, but if Iceland wins, I think that would also be okay... Little guys, nobody expects much from them. lost in the solace --- a hope or a dream. discordant with logic--- abundant with clarity and all the movement from A to Z little baby, tiny fingers, tiny toes, Looking outwardbound in the sky where the Jay fights off the Hawk in the breach close by in the sky Peace!
  2. TheOldBarn

    talk about fixing things

    Trumpism juggernaut is due to US media. I would like to find a way to escape it some people lament, but they feel as though they cannot. Let's all just then say Putin is behind all this ruse. Or how about blaming Ivan Boesky, the Wallstreet trader who went amok - "he was a perfect character to make a movie about", said, one Oliver Stone, or possibly Mary Harron - who made American Psycho et al. And what did Adam Smith say... Adam Smith had it right when he said, "The proposal of any new law or regulation of commerce which comes from this order, ought always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never to be adopted till after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but with the most suspicious attention. It comes from an order of men, whose interest is never exactly the same with that of the public, who have generally an interest to deceive and even to oppress the public, and who accordingly have, upon many occasions, both deceived and oppressed it." Wealth of Nations Book 1, Chapter XI, Part III. Good old Adam Smith, father of capitalism, a long time prior to the internet - wisdom... "I’m Nobody! Who are you? Are you – Nobody – too? Then there’s a pair of us! Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know! How dreary – to be – Somebody! How public – like a Frog – To tell one’s name – the livelong June – To an admiring Bog!" Emily Dickinson Peace!
  3. TheOldBarn

    talk about fixing things

    Here is an idea. Talk about fixing things. Was that not part of why the WWW was invented? Share information. Tell me how to lay pavers in my back yard. Show me with videos you made. Hi, I'm an Endocrinologist. I have an MD at the end of my name. Here is a list of books that I read. It took me fifteen grueling years but now I make a ton of money. If you want to make an appointment to see me get in line. Usually my waiting list is 2-3 months. I'm always booked. I read a lot of books. I am a specialist. You could see me as almost one of a kind. You would see me as one of a kind that cost a lot of money to see. This is way the system seems to be built today especially to the older generation. People wonder, why do they protest at the border in Gaza. They say, sure, I'd be upset too about being completely controlled with no way of ever hoping to find a way out because I am surrounded at all sides with zero possibility of any change. People who wonder about this say then, say sure, and then they say, I would never protest knowing I could get shot, or have my legs blown off because they think, I would know that doing so was futile. People never do learn. It seems like that. No I'm not an Endocrinologist. I only used that profession as an example/ this is a feeling so many people have. Peace!
  4. TheOldBarn

    Liberal Economics

    I can't say why. I can't get inside their heads and say it's because they like the way things are now. But I still agree with you! Also, patent rights for pharmaceutical companies amounts to something like 380 billion dollars each year in the US, and that's one heck of a tax subsidy if you ask me. If you were to take say 80 billion and add that to the NIH to do all the new drug discovery and use some of that money to pay pharmaceutical companies to help conduct the trials you would still have 300 billion in savings each year. That goes a long way towards restoring medicare wouldn't that be nice? In a system like this you would still have high paid scientist performing to the best of their abilities, but you would remove all the warts. You know, when a drug is not nearly as effective as all the adds say and can even cause harm, yet, because of the big money behind it, corporate executives are pushed to look the other way. And this does happen because the CEO has the shareholders to consider first and foremost, as well as his or her insured cushion or payout when they retire or are forced to quit in shame. Thank your congress for this, since they allow the corporate lawyers to make all the laws, and thank also the corporate boards - it's a nice cushy job that only requires a couple weekends worth of work each year. What happened to the middle class? What happened to the poor who could work their way up to the lower middle class, and dream of reaching the middle class some day? Growing up in the sixties and seventies, healthcare costs were not such a threat. MAGA is such bull, we don't want to go back to our racist past, nor another war like Vietnam, but we also have to feel pushed into a corner because of rising costs and all of this uncertainty. Then you have the extremes in weather, and climate change along with all the entanglements of refugees flocking from war torn areas, areas that are feeling the effects right now of climate change, or areas where governments are not accountable - man we need an accountable State Department Y'all! I watched, I shouldn't have, some of the Sunday news shows again. Steve Bannon seems to over man his interviewers, and he is such a jerk! Thankfully --- I have kids who are really smart. I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with them and participate at their schools K-12. You need to go beyond MSNBC. You need to go to places like www.truthout.org to truly find out what's going on. And it's all easily accessible - if you have the internet / my sixteen year daughter reads it, actually reads it and then asks questions.... Ahhh, yadda yadda yadda... Peace!
  5. This is so true. One of the big issues being explored in poverty stricken nations rich in resource is capital flight. Same thing happens in big Coal states where all the jobs that pay anything come from working in a coal mine. The workers in the coal mine along with any tax revenue garnered pretty much support the entire economic environment. Once the coal industry grows weak you have tremendous capital flight. One of the most exciting things about renewable energies is this --- it could be the best thing ever for workers all over the globe, and especially in poverty stricken nations. But, as you point out, monopolies can arise even with renewable's. Poorly managed states can still find ways to exploit their people in order to extract huge gains to a small percentage of the population. This sounds dumb, as it creates all kinds of chaos regarding crime and even war. And yet, even democracies have difficulties controlling much of this kind of nonsense, and sometimes seem to even encourage it. So there's education. And there should always be some type of paradigm that requires true balance regarding human rights, freedoms, and a fair way to distribute resource that people can agree with. Myths and public messages, or talking points, or political banter to sell an idea or a string of ideas or even an ideology are part in parcel embedded in all of this. So there is education. Of course you can tell that this is mumbo jumbo speak. Of course what you need is topic experts, but who can you trust, is always going to be the question. So don't trust, verify, that's what I learned in business school in the early eighties when global markets really came more fully into bloom. Since then, who can you trust regarding transparency. The topic experts, such as many of the Goldman Sachs recruits for the US treasury, such as Robert Rubin for one, have not to my mind built much (trust). And then there is the opposite of capital flight - Gentrification. Yes, life is complicated man! Peace!
  6. TheOldBarn

    Liberal Economics

    This sounds like a good reason to place a tax on stock market trades. I am sure there is a lot of revenue to be gained in a very modest tax on each trade. Wouldn't help stabilize markets protecting investors as well as bringing in revenue? http://cepr.net/documents/publications/financial-transactions-tax-2008-12.pdf Another useful thing would be to carefully monitor tax expenditures such as patent rights which allow Pfizer and other pharmaceuticals a long-term guarantee to price gouge on medications which is the opposite of free market pricing. Peace!
  7. http://cepr.net/blogs/beat-the-press/the-trump-tax-cut-the-story-is-investment
  8. so these folks sound like I do, they must be crazy liberal leftists, and oh how wouldn't that be sad someone told me that would be grand, if those in the FBI thought like I did. Peace!
  9. TheOldBarn

    Another Shooting

    So you get mad, and then two mad people meet and one has a gun, and the other one is bigger. The gun is for protection. Everybody needs their own protection. They need to have safe needles, and condoms and a gun. Oh and yes, and Triclosan, did anyone know that they put this antibacterial, antifungal agent into toothpaste, or that it might screw the with the intestinal flura - use a gun, like triclosan, and what happens next is anybody's guess. And no, that is not an old Chinese proverb... Peace!
  10. TheOldBarn

    No wait.. I'm a Warrior

    even it is is true that I could only barely put the basketball into the hoop my with my two hands together reaching just over the rim. Because for me and many of you, warriors, it's more about the struggle, the joy, and it ain't and never was about the money...anyone's love, and sacrifice needs to start there. You start with, joy, as the legendary Pele did, using a sock stuffed with rags around the streets of Bauru, in Brazil, only for joy. Peace!
  11. TheOldBarn

    No wait.. I'm a Warrior

    You know the Warriors basketball team, two in a row, just basketball. The new owner from about 8 years ago, he is building with his groups own money a new Billion dollar stadium and leaving Oakland for San Francisco. A: this is grand in that they are providing a stadium with their own money and not asking the city where it will be to contribute a dime. And B: lord knows that the city of Oakland should not be spending more of its taxpayer money on another profit making sports team who is only in it to make a buck, whereby even with the jobs and the revenue through taxation it never amounts to a hill of beans regarding a better life for the people who live there. I just wish he had decided to give it to Oakland, which is one of the best fan basis there ever was. The Raiders left there, and then came back, and the people welcomed them back with open arms, and taxpayer money, and the A's are now considering leaving too. (I come from Detroit, I know, I know, sports fans, I know..a bit about the Ford's) And yeah, I like basketball. Like a lot of people I played sports as a kid growing up. I like sports, playing sports really made me want to watch the sports I loved the most, basketball, football, and yeah I was a decent baseball player who being someone poor in the sixties and seventies growing up used it as a device without knowing it at the time how it kept me out of trouble. I am a warrior, who hates war and has hated it all my life. I see the waste in war. When I was a kid we would watch every year the draft lottery that made my oldest brother join the navy during Vietnam. So we grew up poor, I did not have a dad at home, but at least we had sports that we loved to play. I played hockey in the winter, and later on basketball in the winter, starting in junior high. Also, I played football in the fall. During the summer, for football, double, sometimes triple sessions, it was everything back then, I was so involved. I like sports. I like to play sports, the spontaneity, the way it brings out the shiest of kids in athletic endeavor. Your only as good as your competition, one of my coaches would always say. Anyway, that is how I think about economics, that's how I think about communication, that's how I feel about pointing out what is right and what is wrong. It's about being alive, and striving to alleviate poverty, understanding that it is more than possible to create a better world for all people. Move to the movement, to the arts, to the music. Thank people like MLK Jr, and Robert Kennedy, and Anthony Bordain. And thank people like Nadar or Comey, or just about anybody who tries to rise above. I dunked a couple of times when I was seventeen. Back then you could not dunk in highschool. My hands were too small, and I think when I look back that saying I could dunk, had to be at least highly subjective / but Peace!
  12. I surely, well I must be lucky, don't see any of his lies as being just what they are. And I don't need MSNBC to point this out. But I can see how it is important to illustrate such things, and most especially to those with open minds, and especially our young people. You like me Craig234 have lived through this so much so that it is clear, and obviously more than just merely distasteful. The whole conjecture regarding relying on topic experts, or trying to fully understand what is true, trying to learn as best we can and trying not to use any so-called ideology just hoping and praying that it might someday deliver for the masses as though Nationalism held some truth, or as though liberalism was this high falootin women that's done all that and always knew... yeah, I'm getting up there in age, saw these guys in Flint, MI in their hay day Peace!
  13. TheOldBarn


    So finally, in some odyssey of a way, we have this divisional quasi - anti political, dictatorial kinship that abuts the so called logic of the neo-liberal, and yet still uses all its devices. Surely there is unfair trade, we can all agree on this. We have what Marx called an under utilized workforce always waiting in the wings, so that there is no wage growth, no competitive market regarding bargaining for any higher wage. Go ahead and leave, see if you can find a higher paying job, maybe some can, maybe a whole lot of other people are smart enough to know... But at least through all the lies, nobody at the highest elected office is an intellect just now. Yeah, that'll teach them! The question is, who? Peace!
  14. to answer your question - which i forgot to do, well sometimes people answer their own questions by asking the right ones. What motivates divide, what motivates national policy, or lack thereof? You take a few nation states, and they build together some type of stand, say Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, and sure, the U.S too? Why do they bomb Yemen especially at a time when the place was broken beyond repair and people who care were only trying to set up some type of humanitarian pipeline there? And I guess that's too political, if you speak out regarding any truth, they will say that it's too political. And I suppose what they say is controlled, they have a plan, some design, what it is I cannot say what their plan is, I can only say it is dismal. Like protecting our borders in the U.S. by separating children from their parents when they flee hostile lands where drug lords are killing their kids and they ask for refugee status. Syrians flee, and wind up in Jordan which is a poor country. I guess in Jordan they aren't worried about the future somehow as much as they do worry about those who have no place else to go. And nobody wants a nuclear bomb to go off in their neighborhood, and nobody wants a terrorist to bomb a bus full of children, and nobody wants to live in a land ruled by a dictatorship who doesn't give a damn in any way about any of its people. And who are the people, and what does any ordinary life truly mean? We should all dig a lot deeper when we decide upon how to deal with any true dilemma. And some of us should act when and if we can understand our world. Mentor someone, teach, leave something behind for all children and not just your own. Ahh, the old golden rule, or some fabric of a society that tends to its poorest sincerely knowing it could be them that has been left out of the mix, and for no good reasons neither towards that dismal end. Peace!
  15. While being out of the workforce, you are solidly correct regarding your thoughts! The national debt is always put out there as a major obstacle towards allowing younger generations to one day have a better life, with as they always say, not being terribly burdened by taxation placed upon them by the old - you know SS and medicare, etc... Meanwhile, none of that's ever been true. What we have today is a class of the few getting incredibly rich. The most prized, those lucky skilled professionals who sauntered into some specialized knowledge or skill and at the right time, and low and behold, and without mentioning, there are many others just as bright, and it can be said, many times higher in debt due to the high cost of any secondary education. And as I'm sure you know by now, it's been this way for quite a while now. The neo-liberal says, we need to protect intellectual property. The very same intellectual property that in the end creates capital flight, or huge profit motives. Beware taxation, this hoary old Beowolf type notation, with no mention of subsidy or how we subsidize with tax payers money pharmaceutical patent rights, or patent rights in technology, or natural resource land grants. And always with the same old song of a promise - cut taxes and the big corporations will then create more jobs. Yet nobody, none of the neo-liberal types mention that productivity growth is continually stagnant, or that real wage growth, most especially for those who are not specialized professionals is actually in the minus column when you adjust for inflation. You sir, are correct. People do not vote on the issues. They do not take the time to see that the promise of working hard and the true rising tide has been neglected by our Congress that has fixed the economic stage in such a way to make the rich get richer, and in such a way to delegitimize our so called democracy! What was once thought of as the American Exceptionalism - which it never truly was, oh well perhaps for some, depending on their skin color or heritage, died a stagnant death. It was merely a promise, a convergence of ideas whereby we as a people would one day see the importance of human welfare, welfare of the working class, some type of understanding regarding ecology, caring for the land, or having a true civic pride and focusing on a solid stable economy that could only be created with expert mentorship so that others could and most certainly would endeavor to follow. Peace!