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  1. I always guessed that someone some where would invent a flux capacitor miraculously And that it would solve all human problems some special day. Peace!
  2. I only used stats to understand the need people had but I never understood enough about what they never could all the things that most never ever had any luxury to even begin to even think of Some days now, I only think, there is only the here, there is only now These are the days, our family treasured These are the days measured where the few one day shine I only used statistics like a mathematical tool. These are the days to understand what is finite These are the days on March 14 the day of 3.14159265359 So I am driving my girl to her classes, she's gonna be seventeen soon She's already in college, and the dog, her dog, is in the car and the sun is kind and faraway I think back, how does she know what I was not smart enough to ever tell her. I have nothing, I am no svengali She just means something to me and she happens to be very bright.
  3. What is a Corporation, by its very definition legally? Why does a business, any business go public? The reason is protect the people who run the business, so they are not liable in a personal way, if something goes wrong. But even then, they are not completely protected if something the Corporate leadership does that is so wrong, so very insidious as to inflict a serious injurious crime upon consumers, or any innocent citizen, as they should be one would hope if our legal system holds the way it should. You learned maybe in school about finance and the cost of capital, whether it is borrowed directly from a bank or whether it is sold as stock, part of ownership in a public trading corporation. The risk factors of entering into any enterprise. The risk of investing in any stock. Then, think about corporate taxation. If few corporations actually end up paying taxes that the Congress of the United States legislates they should pay. The problem today is that Corporations find ways not to pay in many cases, not a dime of what the government rightfully imposes them to pay by legislative acts. Would Corps go off shore, reinstate their corporate head quarters in some other country, that imposes a much more habitable corporate tax, yes, they do. Quite a lot. But if they are a public trading company, why not instead of taxing them straightforwardly, instead make it law that part of their shares become government owned. The non-voting shares. The government has no say in how they run their business, but the government receives dividends as a shareholder. Thereby if the corporation grows and needs to pay shareholders any dividend, it automatically pays the government. There is then no two ways about it. It's public. And also it makes the corporation more honest. The corporate finance officer no longer needs to dodge that stuff, no more bull. We say, we whisper it, brand new start. we say we say. Why did I start a business in the first place, and should it ever succeed.
  4. The virus was halfway underfoot because nobody could understand the right RNA or just how to recognize how proteins move through a gel to become identified The virus would infect only a very few who would someday become extraordinarily rich And the chances were very small that the average baby would ever have to be worry about becoming infected by that unusual sort of biological pathway that would leave their body enraptured that escaped the agent that might protect any normal soul that might be lucky enough to actually do some good some sunny day for all the people they loved Peace!
  5. TheOldBarn

    So there is division in the US

    the biz, is way way too what do they say now, we got too many, what is the agricultural saying, Silo's. we need Silo's to store grain did you know fermented grain is big business We need big business that employs lots of people We need Silo's the bigger the better Or, in today's corporate speak maybe not When sometimes important decision depend on people from different departments within the Corporation working together Silo's might not be such a good thing Peace!
  6. We could illustrate division, the haves from the have not's. Haves don't need a contraction because they are written into the language that way. But other than that there truly is no real separation. Gentle reader of what I am now concocting, for your eyes only to impart , this division is first, mostly drama, and second, a hallucination, like one part small part of the people has dropped acid and miraculously... her boobs were real, I watched them from the corner of my eye as I tried to look away Someone said that to me, and I'm a guy, who has a big chest, and no, I don't wear a bra and it only made me feel more agitated to express such thoughts if only they would had thought even without saying, his boobs were real, at least then, they would have been more factual. Such wisdom, and bad manner, the banned wordship of calling the worker lazy, so that you can pay them less, even though all you are doing is trying to keep all the departments in line and doing the corporate job and just lie because a full fledged Director before you could not. And you are only now an executive manager, they pinned that job onto you. You did more than the guy before you and the executive who sits above you is a man now, and he know nothing about how to run a business. And i am just saying this because I know this does happen way too much.
  7. TheOldBarn

    The U.S. President

    The person with that top job. I mean, I just have always in my own mind tried to overly simplify that top job. Just what does that given post mean to most Americans, and yes, we say Americans, when we mean the United States, which is just only one country, it's laws really only written under one constitution that were written expressly for that one country, you know, America, the national anthem that lets all the people know they are citizens of the US. So anyway, the post, of the president, means they are in charge of the executive branch of power, and this means they are in charge of the justice system, in a sense, at least, they might be the one who would nominate a person to be in charge of the justice system, or the otherwise named Attorney General who would have to be approved by the Senate to run the Justice Department in the US. That person finds under their jurisdiction all Federally mandated law and oversees the FBI. The Executive branch also controls what we call the Secretary of State. It is the top executive who names the person who runs the state department that deals with a gigantic bunch of stuff regarding how the US deals with other nations, they call it state craft, diplomacy for short, whereby the state department works with other nations, hopefully in the best interest of the US, but also hopefully in a true and earnest way, with hopefully having wisdom or insight about making a better world as a whole, in a peaceful way, looking to not insight war, nor to harm any people, that's not what the US is about, we are not about using our power to simply exploit people from other nations, that's not what we are about - it's our credo, I thought. But then there's commerce, come on there has got to be commerce, and there has to be agriculture, I mean people got to eat, and we need to sell grain, we need to defend, we need to educate, and have Energy, and what about the secretary of the interior, you know, we got to protect federal lands off into the future, and then, there is urban development, veterans affairs, who decides when we go to war, a bunch of people, and an executive from the executive branch, a top job, the big honcho would have that much power to oversee I guess. This brings me to the secretary of defense, the top job to defend the US, or to defend our allies, a critical job that obviously requires a lot of congressional oversight, just like any part of the executive branch might. So who you gonna vote for, and why? It means so much, possibly too much in our political system. It's like a corporate board, like our representative congress seems to for too long be, whereby they just go along all the time to get along. Where is the representation of the people, the little men and women in government, George Washington might have asked. These young people, most of them so poor, you know it is so hard to stay warm, but they fight because they believe it is imperative to make it clear that this land is theirs. Who are we and what is the purpose of living a good life if we can be so lucky to do so? Yep Yep Yep I have the hiccups. Midnight Cowboy Peace!
  8. TheOldBarn

    Yes, I drive a hydroelectric car

    oh, you mean, John Edgar, that's funny, yeah man, That works too. I would say gay, not that I am a homosexual, not that there is anything with being one, but because the way it is often used. They come San Fran, they must all be gay. Well maybe they are. What is wrong with that? I'm happy just the way I am. How about you? Peace!
  9. TheOldBarn

    Yes, I drive a hydroelectric car

    it was free form based on a German friend of mine who was visiting. She was telling me that lithium batteries were no good for the environment in the long run we needed to go to Hydrogen power. She's a colleague from work and she's funny. She was telling me how she felt so bad because Germany is not doing all that they should to fight climate change. She was jogging where she lives, by a canal, and some old lady pushed a bag of fast food left over trash off a public bench and into the canal in order to sit down. She scolded her. We know it is easy to scold people, because they are not being, as she said, environmentally considerate. we're just wanting, many of us, for ways to do our part to fight against climate change and pollution, and inequality - everywhere. Peace!
  10. I disagree. I don't think any of what you have shown shows the capability of how the brain can change, even in adulthood. Peace!
  11. This is a good example of the importance of Congressional Oversight. This is the questioning of the new head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The problem under Trump is the hollowing out of this incredibly important Consumers Bureau. This is questioning by Katie Porter is critical pure and simple.
  12. this made me think of an interesting tidbit or factoid a friend shared with me the other day - I think he got it from a Snapple bottle cap. Squirrels hide away the nuts they gather, but unfortunately they are only able to retrieve about 10 percent of those nuts that they hide away. Something like this for would indicate a huge problem for humans in the collective.
  13. it's very interesting. Just because someone doesn't have the education or is not exposed on a daily basis to what liberal arts education brings, like others who do have it, does not mean that they do not have the same abilities. I often think that many folks have been short-changed, ripped off, fooled, whatever you want to call it. They have been sold a lie. Not that everybody should be an astrophysicist, but the fact is that for most standardized tests, it is important to know what kids or people have been exposed to in their daily lives. Human beings are incredibly intelligent. Human beings have powerful emotions. There's some kind of Venn diagram that would possibly indicate how world views affect a persons ability to discern ones capability to employ critical thinking concepts in any endeavor.
  14. wow! this makes me wonder, if this approach has a high degree of feasibility why is it not being done here? Surely the amount of investment required would need to come from the Chinese government. Am I answering my own question by saying that? Peace!
  15. TheOldBarn

    What would Jesus Do?

    great message! Thanks for posting this! Peace!