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  1. I'm not sure what you mean, Makabuk. But hopefully this will clarify. The energy I was referring to is the energy of the Universe(s) itself. A holographic model of the universe suggests that (at least maybe) each of us has access to that universal energy. From my experience doing energy work (like Reiki...) it is consistent to believe or at least suspect that we can channel that universal energy to the Earth. Some might think of it as manifesting physical healing through a spiritual connection, but that would be just one way of seeing it.
  2. Despite the grim environmental outlook, I remain hopeful. Why? I THINK WE CAN DO IT Some highly regarded climate scientists say we have already passed the environmental tipping point – that catastrophe is unavoidable. But I hope and believe there is still something we can do. First, though, it might be helpful to accept that there is or even might be a problem. Any doubt which might still exist about the calamitous deterioration of our environment is surely so overshadowed by the magnitude of this potential tragedy that to use uncert
  3. You are invited to join my new forum: http://www.pottersville.info/forums/forum.php--a REAL lefty forum for REAL lefties.

    FYI, I can't PM yet 'cause I don't have enough posts.

  4. Why would you criticize me for getting personal with the poster when it was about OBAMA that I wondered how smart it was for him to risk loosing the election because his actions have cost him support from the left? Have you ever wondered why it is that "police" sometimes abuse their "authority?"

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