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  1. We’re not going back in time. Ingenuity and innovation have eliminated those jobs which is good.
  2. Because they paid into the system and very likely at the maximum rate. I'll tell you what really pisses me off is all the 18 years olds with FULL Medicare A&B benefits who never contributed a dime. In case you didn't know this, the new scam is to admit your children to acute psych 3 times then apply for disability benefits when they turn 18, They get a monthly check, full Medicare benefits and typically medicaid.
  3. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/breaking-exclusive-ag-garlands-wife-advisor-election-systems-connected-far-left-groups-attempting-prevent-2020-election-audits/ Today we have uncovered information that Garland’s wife is an election specialist with connections to ‘non-profits’ attempting to prevent any election audits of the 2020 Presidential Election. TRENDING: NOT MAKING HEADLINES - EXCLUSIVE: AG Garland's Wife Is an Advisor Closely Linked to Brennan Center and Connected with Far-Left Groups Working to Prevent 2020 Election Audits -- HE MUST RECUSE! We first noticed there was very limited information on Lynn Garland and her background and work online. Anyone care to guess why we have well funded "non-profit" groups fighting ANY investigation of ballots? Anyone????
  4. It's still early. It takes little ricky some time to get all drunked up and methed out.
  5. FINALLY, after not responding to his drunken meth induced drivel, the sap doesn't bother me anymore. Did I jinx myself?
  6. There's no need to dismiss anything. NO ONE else's wealth keep YOU or ANYONE else from being successful. Wealth and money are not finite. There's HUGE amounts of resources left untapped and money is expanded and contracted based on need.
  7. Wealth inequality equal meritocracy. That’s the fairest way to distribute resources. Welfare dregs disagree and get angry because someone tells them their labor is worth more than it is.
  8. And good money too but leftists are always positive for drugs so that puts turn out.
  9. No problem. I don’t take anything personally here. No one debates me in real life either.
  10. Americans don't like Nazi fascists. You're a Nazi fascist expect push back.
  11. Ouch. Sepsis can wipe him out pretty quick regardless of TX if they didn’t get to it in time.
  12. Doesn’t matter. Americans can make their displeasure known in 2022.
  13. You see where a judge struck down a case against mandates for naturally immune? This is what happens when you leave medical decisions to bureaucrats.
  14. Deflecting from his lies. MOST Americans believe the election was stolen, kid. Not everyone is as stupid as you to believe an obvious MSM made up narrative.
  15. Yes. You and @supraTruth both posted drivel that Trump was asking his supporters not to vote if election fraud wasn’t investigated. READ what he actually posted.
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