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  1. So basically as expected @Pastafarianwsnts the government to FORCE a business to pay for paternity leave that FORCES the business to pass on the cost to consumers, cut employee hours, cut other employee benefits etc. He wants everyone else to pay for his paternity leave because? He feels like he’s entitled to it and fuck everyone else.
  2. Their job was to forensically audit. They don’t make the determination. What they did do is expose an election that should have never been verified(certified). We’d find the same hundreds of thousands of suspect votes in ALL battleground states. A better question is why are you in the lower percentage of Americans that believe no voter fraud occurred?
  3. Really? Maybe you should look up what family values means. 2. Nobody gives a fuck how much time you take off as long as you aren’t forcing everyone else to pay for it such as mandated by the government paid time off.
  4. Hundreds of thousands of suspect votes and an election board that deleted the election files off the machines before handing them over is a nothing burger? 😆 Most Americans now believe the election was stolen even though your MSM tell us there was no election fraud. Why is that, dummy?
  5. Ah, another poor report by competitors lol… @benson13eats this shit up faster than a black cock.
  6. You clearly don’t understand what family values are to begin with. I don’t care how much time you take off as long as YOU are paying for it.
  7. Sexual orientation. He’s the token gay like that his opus looking guy is the token transgender.
  8. ROFL!!!!! The 29% trusted MSM doing fact checking!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahhahahahhhhahhahahjahahahahhhahaa!!!!!!!!
  9. On their handling of covid lol… but no one is keeping anyone from getting vaccinated. Shows you the level of stupidity of your typical leftist who can’t mind their own fucking business.
  10. I think you can bring up political issues without bringing up politicians. Abortion is considered s political issue but it’s also a religious issue and s moral/ethical issue for instance.
  11. Because paying people to stay home with 10 million jobs available had no impact on supply chains. 😆 Its amazing how you fucking idiots can find a million reasons why your masters are not responsible for anything while you find a million reasons why Trump is. You are a critically severe TDS sufferers with major delusions.
  12. You realize the manufacturing would be fully automated? 😆 Which tends to be way more expensive than automating in other areas of the world….. @slidemanThinks we can go back in time to a manufacturing economy….. Those days are long long gone. Low skill labor value will continued to decrease as people find more innovative ways to automate.
  13. As if we didn’t know this already from Israel…. 90% vaccinated and no herd immunity?
  14. This is a great example of what happens when you raise the minimum wage we’ve been telling these fucking brain dead morons for decades.
  15. You’re a fucking moron of the highest degree. Rising labor costs are also contributing to inflation you stupid fucking uneducated retard.
  16. Everything gets added, like Trump Russian collusion that’s been exposed as a made up story months ago. The CIA has perfected propaganda through media and they’re using it against their own simple minded citizens.
  17. It's rather obvious but you'll never get leftists to admit it.
  18. @Toldya? You gonna include this in your lying thread about how Biden's worse is better than Trump's 57% approval?
  19. I wouldn’t go out of my way to meet any politician except maybe Ron Paul.
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