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  1. And you know this because you're the mouth on the other side, right?
  2. No, it will NEVER be an issue. Americans don't fucking care, IDIOT. Everyone KNOWS democrats are trying to deflect from their horrid agendas.
  3. Maybe you retards can try a third impeachment in 2024. 😂😁😅
  4. He’s describing how the entire silent majority is feeling. Americans are done with leftist Nazi fascism. You morons finally “woke” them up.
  5. This fucking moron probably didn’t know Republicans gained state legislatures while losing ZERO and won all 27 house toss up races. If it weren’t for another stolen election in GA they wouldn’t even have the senate but you can kiss it goodbye in 2022. The longer Biden is in office, the greater the chance of a historic red wave beat down of epic proportions.
  6. Mostly peaceful. Isn’t that what you morons claimed about BLM????? 😆 Dont you HATE it when someone shoves your double standards and hypocrisy back down your throat? And @Toldyais right. No one gives a fuck about Jan 6th. MOST Americans want BLM investigated MORE than Jan 6th. The only ones who care are the last remnants of severe TDS sufferers who’ve been promising Trump would be in prison for 6 years now while they ignore scandal after scandal in Biden’s admin.
  7. Well that’s a proven lie based on how BLM was treated by federal and local government.
  8. Yes. Democrats won’tbe able to illegally harvest and drop off fraudulent mail in ballots. I love how anything that guarantees voter integrity is voter suppression according to the left who’s notorious for illegal ballot harvesting. Not my fault most leftists are too lazy to vote:
  9. That’s not what pollsters and your own party are saying, bitch.
  10. False and clearly a lie. You are trying to erase history by having his statue removed.
  11. Says the one supporting destroying history lol…. You have got to be the most deluded person I have ever conversed with.
  12. Absolutely, FALSE. You are an uneducated, brainless twit. 2. You're attempting to ERASE HISTORY and anything else YOU personally find offensive. Not much different than the Nazi book burnings which make sense as most leftists are FASCIST PIGS, like you.
  13. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/chris-queen/2021/10/18/democrats-are-increasingly-freaking-out-about-2022-n1524804 I'm stocking up on popcorn and time off for the onslaught on suicidal leftists left year. It's going to be so tasty!!!!
  14. https://www.breitbart.com/economy/2021/10/18/industrial-production-unexpectedly-plunged-in-september/ Headed for a recession with record jobs available.... Democrats OWN it 100%
  15. He secretly tried to take over the country with a few hundred protestors armed with bear spray and flag poles.
  16. So? Why are you judging 250 years ago by modern standards? That’s the first thing you learn not to do when studying history. Is the left educated on anything or do they just make up their own reality?
  17. Bunch of leftists on the train. They can’t act tough without a goon squad of Antifa.
  18. They’re already paying in plummeting support for democrats. Here’s the thing though. A Biden presidency has done more for republicans than even if Trump won a second term. I don’t want Trump back until the four years of this disaster are over.
  19. It's hilarious the local leftist communists have no problem with the election board violating the law and deleting the election data the day before they handed to machines over to the audit to AVOID a lawful subpaona. What's in the election data? PROOF they manually added the votes to the machines when they added the fraudulent ballots.
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