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  1. No one knew. Trump suspected which is why he offered 10,000 troops that Nancy and company refused. It was a mostly peaceful protest with a few violent protestors.
  2. You keep bringing this up like an obsessed mental patient. NONE of those charges are insurrection. You are LYING when you claim the protest was an insurrection.
  3. Looks like you can't read either. No one has been or will be charged or insurrection BECAUSE it was a protest and not an insurrection. YOU LIE every time you claim it's an insurrection.
  4. @jerra-Jan 6th is a drop in the bucket compared to the over 700 police officers assaulted maimed and murdered under BLM Antifa. They tried to take over federal buildings, they tried to burn cops alive in the precinct. Tye entire left ignores ALL because Jan 6th!!!!!!!!!😆 You want to talk about insanity and delusions????
  5. That’s not an insurrection. The FBI said so and the AG. You’ve been telling a lie for 10 months now just like the 6 year lie of Trump Russian collusion people are actually getting prosecuted over.
  6. Ah, more voter fraud is a lie even though we find hundreds of thousands of suspect votes every time they’re forensically investigated. Then you idiots believe an audit like Wisconsin’s where they didn’t even examine the ballots….
  7. Sorry. You’re as delusional as I’ve ever seen in my entire psych career. 2. Complete fucking junk science. SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE! Study Proves Liberals Have More Mental Disorders Than Others https://thinkamericana.com/scientific-evidence-study-proves-liberals-have-more-mental-disorders-than-others/ See how easy that is you fucking idiot?
  8. No one will be charged because it wasn’t an insurrection. STOP LYING..
  9. We want the policies that lead to energy independence, low inflation, good wage growth and solid GDP numbers that also brought us the lowest unemployment in 50 years.
  10. Oh, that’s hilarious coming from the corporate establishment mindless army who literally buys lie after lie their MSM feeds them.
  11. Why would I waste time with a poster who calls hundreds of thousands of questionable ballots a nothing burger? There is literally nothing that could be found, no amount of voter fraud evidence that will ever get you to not believe the lie your MSM told you and continues to tell you.
  12. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/10/22/majority-say-it-is-important-manchin-sinema-oppose-bidens-congressional-agenda/ “Two Democratic senators have prominently opposed President Joe Biden’s agenda in Congress. How important to you is it that some Democratic senators oppose the man who was elected as a Democrat to the presidency?” the survey asked. Overall, 65 percent said it is “important,” and of those, 44 percent said it is “very important.” While three-quarters of Republicans and 63 percent of independents said it is important, they are not alone, as a majority of Democrats, 59 percent, also consider it important. The people have spoken and they will speak again soon in 2022 when they kick you fucking communists to the curb..
  13. Paid family leave??????? Who do you think PAYS for the family leave you God damned moron? 😆 Leftists should be forced to take economics courses and pass before they get any welfare.
  14. False. You lied about Jan 6th. The FBI and AG agree there was no insurrection. Your MSM and you brain dead leftists still lie about it.
  15. No. It’s about a LIE you and your leftist pals have been trying to spread about a protest that even the AG states didn’t happen.
  16. Leftists actually believe we work for the government.
  17. @jerra-seems to care about the police ONLY when a rightie attacks them. Otherwise it’s die pigs and defund the police. The double standard hypocrisy is mind numbing by these dolts.
  18. What about them? They’ve been charged and will be tried in a court of law.
  19. You mean the over 700 law enforcement injured during the BLM Antifa insurrections?
  20. Whoops! From your own leftist AG. No insurrection. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA!!!
  21. https://thepoliticalinsider.com/glenn-greenwald-calls-media-coverage-of-january-6-and-protesting-parents-political-persecution/ One of the very few REAL JOURNALISTS LEFT.
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