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  1. On 10/22/2021 at 5:26 PM, Str8tEdge said:



    Garland's admission that no insurrection charges are being brought in no way absolves those being charged with different crimes — mostly assault, entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct, and civil disorder — and those charged should be granted their constitutional right to a fair and speedy trip through the criminal justice system. The lack of insurrection charges also does not mean those who allegedly damaged property, illegally entered the Capitol, or assaulted law enforcement officers shouldn't face accountability for their actions — they should. But the kind and level of crimes committed shouldn't be exaggerated for political gamesmanship.


    @jerra- @Scout @slideman @calguy @theLionSTOP THE LYING. :lol: Per your own AG, NO INSURRRECTION. 

    Guess I forgot to include the boards retard @benson13

  2. 15 minutes ago, Z09 said:

    Yes, AOC Tweeted She Wants to Abolish Prisons

    Rep.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., recently offered another unusual idea on Twitter: Abolish prisons.


    Seriously. The freshman congresswoman wants Congress to pass a law abolishing all prisons. Setting aside the fact that Congress has no authority to require states to abolish prisons, let’s take a look at her idea.


    Based on Justice Department numbers, abolishing prisons would set free 182,000 murderers, 164,000 rapists and sex offenders, 168,000 robbers, and other violent felons in state prison. 

    Ocasio-Cortez might better lead her party to put more rapists in jail by providing federal funds to help states eliminate the backlog of DNA rape kits that need testing. For the first time in more than a decade, the House of Representatives has failed to provide those vital funds, which have been used to identify and convict rapists. 


    She’s a complete retard. 

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  3. 20 minutes ago, DerangedResponse said:

    Mostly peaceful protest? Tearing up shit, macing cops idiots in wannabe tactical gear, and not just that "martyr" Babbitt getting capped but another woman betting stomped to death by fellow vote drones chanting stop the steal, Kill Pelosi and hang Pence? Man, I'd hate to see what you consider a violent protest to be.


    Oh and the insurgency/sedition charges not being filed.... The for reason for that is so damned simple. To charge one person with that, much less 600 or so would be a huge amount of time and money. You'd have to determine who was actually committing the act versus who was just a brainwashed dumb ass and it would drag out forever. In most cases it would be like chargin a car with DWI instead of the driver. And unlike those morons rioting in Atlanta and what not, these fuck ups were deliberately trying to alter the course of a legitimate election. (I dare one of y'all herd animals to play the big lie on me) The way the R team tries to downplay this and how their herd of drones just nod along to whatever they say to downplay this is the reason I'll probably never vote for an R teamer again. Yall want me to fact check that nonsense about Trump offering to send 10k guards into DC? I can. Remember Fellow R teamer McCarthy begging Trump to do just that during the "mostly peaceful protest"?

    And what happened when the little bitch called Trump up? Huh?


    "It was a mostly peaceful protest with a few violent protestors. " If there was a contest for the most retarded comment, you'd be in the finals for getting one.



    Not to mention the fact there’s no actual evidence of sedition/insurrection or that the violence was planned. That’s the biggest reason why no one was charged. It wasn’t sedition or insurrection. 

    So now you outed yourself as a retard, do you still believe in Trump Russian collusion? 

    That is the criteria between mild TDS and full blown severe TDS with psychotic symptoms. 

  4. 22 minutes ago, Michaelf said:

    I think it would do everybody some good to spend some time self employed and/or owning a business. I've done both.


    When I was self employed I could take off work whenever I wanted but...nobody wanted to pay me for it and I couldn't take care of my customers unless I went to work. That means that in addition to not getting paid there's always the chance of permanently losing clients.


    All the same mechanics exist when you are employed by somebody else. The difference is that you may not understand or care. Somebody has to do the work.



    I did my 9 year sentence running a business.:lol: Every leftist should be forced to run a business and make a profit or they get deported.

  5. 28 minutes ago, benson13 said:

    For anyone who still needs it, most Republican House members last week provided more evidence that the GOP — once the “law-and-order” party — is now the party that coddles criminals. By overwhelmingly voting against holding Donald Trump crony Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for his refusal to testify in the investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, this shameful roster (including all six of Missouri’s GOP House members) is once again running interference for a lawless ex-president who tried to overthrow a valid election. This certainly isn’t the first time congressional Republicans have sided with criminality lately. Not once but twice, most of them voted against holding Trump accountable for clearly impeachable acts (extorting a foreign ally for political support, and inciting the Capitol riot). They defended or silently tolerated Trump’s outrageous string of self-serving, swampy pardons for criminally charged or convicted supporters like Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and Bannon himself. They’re currently defending wealthy tax cheats by blocking Democratic efforts to strengthen Internal Revenue Service collection powers.


    With a law-and-order party like this, who needs crooks?



    Nah. It's nothing more than a dog and pony show by democrats. 


    WE ALL KNOW the FBI has been investigating every angle of Jan 6th for 10 months now and have found zero evidence of plans for violence(other than their on entrapment schemes). 


    The AG has basically stated "NO INSURRECTION". 


    No need adhere to a subpoena where ZERO EVIDENCE has been put forth to justify said subpoena. 

  6. 17 hours ago, bigmike1256 said:

    Guess Imagratins on Imgreatagains nerves. She won't talk to me anymore? Any other hot chicks here. Whatta about that Jinnmartini chick??? Hey hun, ya out there. I'm really good at converting butch girls to Kielbasa kravers! Ya out there Jinni???


    17 hours ago, lucifershammer said:

    lol jinn is a  man..  this is so damn funny. 

    Pretty sure Big Mike knew this too which is even MORE hilarious. :lol:

  7. On 10/22/2021 at 7:03 PM, Golfboy said:

    You can't invent this kind of liberal stupidity. It has to be experienced. 


    A $455,000 fence may soon surround President Joe Biden's Delaware beach house.


    The Homeland Security Department awarded a $456,548 contract in September to Rehoboth's Turnstone Builders, a Delaware construction company, to erect the security barrier, according to USASpending.gov.


    Construction on the wall had not begun as of Oct. 20, the Cape Gazette reported, but the government spending website says the project is expected to be finished by the end of the year.


    Biden bought the North Shores home in 2017, and he paid $2.7 million for the property, according to county tax records.

    Look. I have to disagree with this. 


    The fence being put up is clearly to keep Biden from wandering and potentially getting hurt or lost. 

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  8. 21 minutes ago, jerra- said:



    only someone who knew it would be a wide scale attack would ask for 10,000 troops.









    In a statement, the department said it had received the information about the threats in the Secret Service emails and acted on it by putting out a "be on the lookout" alert for the person who made threats against law enforcement and escalated their security posture based on intelligence about the potential for violence.

    "No one’s intelligence revealed the large-scale demonstration would become a large-scale attack," the department said.

    The liberal-leaning government watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington obtained the documents through a Freedom of Information Act request and shared them with POLITICO.

    That's right. You literally just defeated your own crazed argument. :lol:


    Not to mention roughly 1% of ALL the protestors is NOT a large scale attack....


    Not to mention the FBI found ZERO evidence of a coordinated attack....


    Not to mention the AG found no evidence of an insurrection and no charges....


    I'm embarrassed for you because you really have no clue how silly you look with your made up delusions. 

  9. 6 fucking years ALL we've heard about is how many years Trump was going to spend in a jumpsuit due to all the crimes the crazed leftist media made up.


    So far:


    2 failed impeachment efforts

    ZERO indictments

    ZERO charges

    ZERO traffic tickets

    ZERO period


    When is the left going to finally understand the MSM has been lying to them?????? MOST Americans get it. 


    The local leftists? Not so much and maybe they are just too fucking dumb to ever get it. 

  10. 47 minutes ago, Old Mack said:

    It's safe to say without fear of contradiction ultraliberals are delusional, detached and in denial.



    On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Alex Witt Reports,” Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-CA) argued that migrants are coming to the U.S. due to the pandemic and “natural disasters that are happening, and now compound climate change on that, we’re going to have to start thinking about allowing migrants to come because of climate change that’s happening and ravaging these other countries.”

    Nah. Unless they're highly skilled and well educated migrants. Then we can send out 2 worthless leftists for every migrant. 

  11. Just now, jerra- said:



    your delusions are well known.



    trump asks for 10,000 troops for no real  reason. ha!


    he was expecting a freaking  war  that day, dumb ass!!!!


    no ifs buts or ands about it.

    You literally just completely ignored the fact intelligence community had warned that there may be violence planned.


    Why would someone wanting an insurrection offer 10,000 National Guard? :lol::lol::lol:


    That Literally makes NO sense....

  12. 35 minutes ago, jerra- said:


    he wanted 10,000 troops. that says it all. he expected them all to be violent and he wanted the troops ready to shoot them all. and when pelosi didn't want to be a part of this carnage, he complains.

    No. He offered 10,000 troops as a precaution because the intelligence community was hearing chatter of potential violence. 


    Troops to "shoot them all"? What the fuck crazed tangent are you going off on now?????


    NO INSURRECTION. NO PLANNED VIOLENCE. The FBI and AG agree. Stop you silliness. 


  13. 20 minutes ago, jerra- said:



    wrong-- mostly violent with a few that did not participate in the violence.

    That's another ridiculous lie. 


    There were estimates of 30,000 to 100.000 protestors. How many have been charged? 


    500???? 0.5-1.6% of ALL protestors

    700??? 0.7-2.3% of ALL protestors 


    THIS is why NO ONE takes you seriously @jerra-. Now you're claiming an extremely small percentage of protestors being violent is MOST being violent.


    Literally EVERY POST you make is another ridiculously easy to debunk lie. 


    Why do you lie so much????

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