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  1. Amazing how the left acts like they’ve never seen a protest get violent with Antifa and BLM responsible for over 700 assaults on law enforcement and over 2 billion in property damage done. 😆
  2. Not to mention the fact there’s no actual evidence of sedition/insurrection or that the violence was planned. That’s the biggest reason why no one was charged. It wasn’t sedition or insurrection. So now you outed yourself as a retard, do you still believe in Trump Russian collusion? That is the criteria between mild TDS and full blown severe TDS with psychotic symptoms.
  3. I did my 9 year sentence running a business. Every leftist should be forced to run a business and make a profit or they get deported.
  4. Nah. It's nothing more than a dog and pony show by democrats. WE ALL KNOW the FBI has been investigating every angle of Jan 6th for 10 months now and have found zero evidence of plans for violence(other than their on entrapment schemes). The AG has basically stated "NO INSURRECTION". No need adhere to a subpoena where ZERO EVIDENCE has been put forth to justify said subpoena.
  5. Pretty sure Big Mike knew this too which is even MORE hilarious.
  6. Look. I have to disagree with this. The fence being put up is clearly to keep Biden from wandering and potentially getting hurt or lost.
  7. That's right. You literally just defeated your own crazed argument. Not to mention roughly 1% of ALL the protestors is NOT a large scale attack.... Not to mention the FBI found ZERO evidence of a coordinated attack.... Not to mention the AG found no evidence of an insurrection and no charges.... I'm embarrassed for you because you really have no clue how silly you look with your made up delusions.
  8. 6 fucking years ALL we've heard about is how many years Trump was going to spend in a jumpsuit due to all the crimes the crazed leftist media made up. So far: 2 failed impeachment efforts ZERO indictments ZERO charges ZERO traffic tickets ZERO period When is the left going to finally understand the MSM has been lying to them?????? MOST Americans get it. The local leftists? Not so much and maybe they are just too fucking dumb to ever get it.
  9. Nah. Unless they're highly skilled and well educated migrants. Then we can send out 2 worthless leftists for every migrant.
  10. You literally just completely ignored the fact intelligence community had warned that there may be violence planned. Why would someone wanting an insurrection offer 10,000 National Guard? That Literally makes NO sense....
  11. This poor guy doesn't remember OBAMA has us in Afghanistan and Iraq longer than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT. No wonder he's so bitter and self loathing. Well that and constipation.
  12. False and I just fucking explained it. 😆 Your delusions and lies are becoming epic.
  13. @supraTruth you really gonna reddie me after showing concern for your well being?
  14. No. He offered 10,000 troops as a precaution because the intelligence community was hearing chatter of potential violence. Troops to "shoot them all"? What the fuck crazed tangent are you going off on now????? NO INSURRECTION. NO PLANNED VIOLENCE. The FBI and AG agree. Stop you silliness.
  15. That's another ridiculous lie. There were estimates of 30,000 to 100.000 protestors. How many have been charged? 500???? 0.5-1.6% of ALL protestors 700??? 0.7-2.3% of ALL protestors THIS is why NO ONE takes you seriously @jerra-. Now you're claiming an extremely small percentage of protestors being violent is MOST being violent. Literally EVERY POST you make is another ridiculously easy to debunk lie. Why do you lie so much????
  16. Yes? A mostly peaceful protest isn't insurrection. You are guilty of lying and suffering severe TDS.
  17. Are you OK? If you feel like harming yourself you can always PM me for support.
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