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  1. None of what you posted absolves the FBI and DOJ from violating Flynns rights. This is basically a lame attempt at character assassination because you lost the debate.
  2. We've had several credible sources flat out say this election was a major fraud but the establishment thinks they can steal an election from the American people. The democratic party assimilated into the establishment after 8 years of Obama rule. The gut who ran on "not Bush" then tripled down on everything bad Bush did. 😆 This is about the military sector wanting to keep the never-ending wars going. The coup has CIA all over it.
  3. You and the establishment media aren't going to steal an election, kid.
  4. https://spectator.org/legitimacy-of-biden-win-buried-by-objective-data/ Legitimacy of Biden Win Buried by Objective Data Among the analysts who question the legitimacy of Biden’s victory is Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, a cybersecurity expert whose technical expertise was touted by the New York Times last September and who has been described as a hero in the Washington Monthly. It’s unlikely that either publication will be singing his praises for his work pursuant to the recent election. His damning analysis of the electronic manipulation of votes that occurred in the early
  5. You're asking someone who'a incapable of determining the truth thanks to public education indoctrination.
  6. Well? Apparently you DO trust teachers that are heavily indoctrinated themselves with a HUGE leftist slant. 😄 Which is why you're the dumbest poster on the board.
  7. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/11/29/new-york-times-democrats-suffered-crushing-losses/ But we should ignore the fact Trump brought those voters to the polling place but somehow got beat by a guy who couldn't get 10 people to show up to a rally all while unprecedented reports of mail in voter fraud are centered in a few select cities completely controlled by democrats in battleground states with record voter participation while other democrat controlled cities in other parts of the country showed mediocre voter turnout ...... Come on, MAN!!!!!!😆
  8. Except MOST of the affidavits are centered around FRAUDULENT mail in voting. Do you think democrats didn't know once the ballot was counted there was no way to verify whether the vote was legit? 😆 How fucking stupid did you think Americans were you MORON?
  9. Like I trust YOU or teachers to determine the truth. The entire public education system is nothing but an indoctrination farm. It teaches children who to listen to the news and believe whatever their masters tell them. Public education DOES NOT teach children HOW to think which is the most important part of a democracy. Educated, informed citizens able to distinguish fact from fiction. You STILL believe in Trump Russian collusion for instance. 😆
  10. They are originally when MOST of the FRAUD allegations and affidavits are centered around. Post marked dates, ballots with absolutely no crease from being mailed, fraudulent dates put in the logs, no signature checking with historically low rejection rates....... You gonna answer the question? Of course not because if the fraudulent ballots are removed, because there's hundreds of thousands of them, you know Trump won. 😄
  11. No. Many many experts claimed it would be impossible since it's never been done this fast before you fucking moron. But ANYTHING to attack TRUMP AND NEVER GIVE HIM CREDIT critical thinker. 😆
  12. Your media doesn't report the truth, facts or evidence. I googled it and got tons of hits...... https://jonathanturley.org/2020/11/25/the-best-case-for-a-flynn-pardon-may-be-the-conduct-of-the-court-rather-than-the-defendant/comment-page-1/ The Justice Department later charged Flynn and, after draining him of most of his money and threatening his son with prosecution, secured a plea to a single count of lying to federal investigators. (Yes, those same investigators who did not think that Flynn intentionally lied to them). There's plenty more. What's wr
  13. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/fox-legal-analyst-urges-michael-flynn-to-sue-if-case-dismissed Fox legal analyst urges Michael Flynn to sue if case dismissed
  14. So you know the guilty plea was coerced. You know he was innocent and no actual crime committed. So what was your point again? 😅
  15. FAKE 2016 polls Trump Russian collusion FALSE Ukraine abuse of power FALSE Russian bounties FALSE Trump tax records FALSE Trump disparaging troops FALSE FAKE 2020 polls Hunter's laptop Russian disinformation FALSE How much propaganda you dummies gonna fall for?
  16. Proof democrats don't really give a shit about democracy which is why they're the enemy of free peoples everywhere.
  17. Sure I would. It’s indisputable at this point and like I pointed out, this is very likely another CIA coup attempt like the Trump Russian collusion, then the Ukraine call.
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