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  1. Should I put $10 on @Common winning or $10 on @RickyTavy being high on meth?
  2. Share (901)Gab Good news! Catalina Lauf is running for Congress against fake Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger in Illinois. You may recognize Catalina. In the fall Catalina Lauf and her sister Madeline were featured in a memorable ad during the first night of the RNC Convention. The two sisters praised President Trump for his leadership and America First ideals Makes me want to move back to Illinois!!!!
  3. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/another-democrat-narrative-goes-flames-ex-capitol-police-chief-steven-sund-says-intel-antifa-part-january-6-attack-video/ Wow..... Sounds like every democrat is guilty of an insurrection.
  4. Your media desperately wants you to focus on Texas instead of Cuomo’s murdering of tens of thousands of citizens and obstructing justice. You’re such a useful idiot.
  5. Of course. The MSM will provide cover, bury the story etc. and retards like you will lap it up like you have all the other lies. You still believe the Trump Russian collusion lie they sold you and it’s been 4 years... No impeachment.....😆
  6. 😆This is great example of how literally delusional the left has become. Do you fucking retards have any idea how fucking stupid you look?
  7. They illegally harvested hundreds of thousands and likely millions of ballots. They waited to see how many needed to be added to win the election and in the middle of the night the ballots were delivered.
  8. Not to mention they broke chain of custody procedures in every single battleground state city that democrats controlled. The mysterious 4 am ballot dumps and actual videos of said dumps of ballots being delivered past the deadline. This election was stolen. The entire world knows it. The only people who don’t are the idiots who use CNN, NYT, and other MSM sources. 😁
  9. Yes and I guarantee you they played a part in 2020 and likely the FBI and DOJ too. Way too many liberal hacks in those agencies. We saw that with the lying and violating constitutional rights of Trump with the ridiculous Trump Russia collusion fake story that should have had the perpetrators hanged.
  10. There’s hundreds of reports of voter fraud, videos of illegal ballots arriving in the middle of the night, an actual Georgia senator under investigation for voter fraud. We know, illegals voted, dead people voted and likely millions of illegal ballots were dumped in the middle of the night.
  11. Cuomo murdered tens of thousands. Texas was a historical natural disaster you dumb fuck.
  12. Actually, the OP is a lie. We are 8th in per capita per a million. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1104709/coronavirus-deaths-worldwide-per-million-inhabitants/
  13. Actually, the OP is a lie. We are 8th in per capita per a million. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1104709/coronavirus-deaths-worldwide-per-million-inhabitants/ Not including China that experts say is likely many times worse than reported.
  14. Just so you know, those parents pay your property for your children AND for private education you retard.
  15. Oh, that’s hilarious. 😆 Sorry your parents were such failures at life, welfare monkey.
  16. Ah yes, the ole Libertarians don’t believe in government or regulation falsehood. 😆.
  17. Basically, chuck exposed a members HIV status under a sok, then gave out Nancy’s IP address to Jamie who outed Nancy on the board. I got demoted from the guy who outed Nancy to Jamie for... posting Nancy got what she deserved after Nancy and Isabel cyberstalked Jamie for years. So I exposed the truth of what chuck had done and his hypocrisy. This is what caused the split between Chuck and the mods who left including CP and George Washington. Isabel who was more interested in attacking me, denied all of it and stayed here until Chuck likely stabbed her in
  18. Basically, Cannonpointer touched himself Inappropriately while watching gay porn and moderating. It caused the board to crash for a few weeks so he created a copy cat board in the mean time to satiate his gay porn fetish.
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