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  1. Isn’t it a special treat to be able to beat up on little Ricky on two different forums? 😆
  2. I was 5. I remember a lot about my early childhood in beautiful sunny California.
  3. @drvokeis very under appreciated for his dry humor and troll ability.
  4. Yep. Early 70’s. My mom used to force me to go with her and wait. 😆
  5. And you support spending even more stimulus with a 6% plus GDP and 15 million unfilled jobs to….. create more jobs…… The truth Is democrats want to spend money to appease their campaign contributors and establishment overlords. Even as stupid as you are, you know it’s a stupid idea to pass more stimulus to create jobs when 15 million jobs remain unfilled, right? 😆 Heres a hint. You do not increase government spending during growth inflation.
  6. 1. There was no “meltdown”. The government forced businesses to close. The government had to compensate businesses and employees affected by THE GOVERNMENTS shut downs. Your idiotic president is wanting to spend trillions to….. create jobs…. We don’t have a job shortage, dumb fuck. We have 15 million unfilled jobs because you fucking idiots thought it would be wise to pay people to sit at home and not work. No. Inflation is being caused by pent up demand from democrats shutting the economy down(good)and idiotic democrat policies like attacking our
  7. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/breaking-maricopa-county-elections-officials-deleted-entire-database-voting-machines-including-election-information-main-database/ Nothing to see here, folks. Completely legit. 😆
  8. @Toldya. Let’s add some job creating stimulus with 15 million unfilled jobs. 😅
  9. You’re supporting more stimulus to create more jobs with 15 million fucking jobs unfilled. 😆 You are a dumb fuck. The government had to compensate for businesses being forced shut. That is NOT the case now, kid. Why don’t you spend your time being stupid here and get an education?
  10. That was during the actual shutdown when the government forced businesses to shut down. Did you expect the businesses and employees to just eat it? That’s NOT the case now. Now we have MORE jobs available than before the pandemic…. There are now more jobs available than before the pandemic. So why aren't people signing up? The number of job vacancies soared to nearly 15 million by mid-March, up from 10 million before the pandemic began. https://www.nbcnews.com/business/economy/there-are-now-more-jobs-available-pandemic-so-why-aren-n1263669
  11. Why would we need a fiscal initiative when the loss in demand was forced by government shut downs????? Open up the fucking economy, morons. And stop paying people to stay home. The pent up demand from Trumps economy is more than enough to get back on track but democrats want to spend money for all their campaign contributors.
  12. The government forcefully shut down the economy. That’s not a typical recession caused by decreased demand. That’s an artificial recession just like minimum wage laws artificially increase labor value.
  13. Yep. Cause those unskilled, uneducated immigrants are doing documented legitimate jobs. 😆 What a complete fucking moron.
  14. 😅 It’s amazing the lies democrats will tell not to take responsibility for their fuck ups. Meanwhile, unemployment went up not down. He’d have a point if we had a full employment economy but unskilled, uneducated labor isn’t going to fill any holes.
  15. It proves the economy was forcefully shut down and demand was there the entire time. We didn’t enter a traditional recession from natural decreased demand. We entered an artificial recession where government lock downs forced suppresses demand. Open up the economy. There is no need to spend more on jobs, there’s no need for infrastructure spending, since the current jobs are going infilled because we’re paying people to stay home.
  16. Being lied to? Like: Sicknick was murdered by Trump protestors? Russian Bounties? Hunters laptop was Russian disinformation? Trump disparaged the troops? Trump cheated on his taxes? Trump Russian collusion? I bet you bought every single one of those lies, didn’t you? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!
  17. That’s all bullshit, kid. The economy was forcefully shut down by mainly democrat lock downs, not actual demand and this was PROVEN with last years whopping 30% 3rd quarter GDP last year, a historical record with barely ANY fucking stimulus spent you fucking moron. You have proven once again you’re an economic illiterate.
  18. Your own fucking article stated Joe has FAILED to depoliticize the vaccines he and Harris spent months attacking you dumb fuck. Now you’re claiming Joe had no influence lol…
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