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  1. Looks like @Toldya’s screen is finally covered with spittle. 😆
  2. Maybe @Toldyais so pissed off because Joe and Kamala are tanking in the polls and they have literally NO WAY out. Democrats are getting SCARED. Someone might need to red flag @Toldya and make sure she doesn't hurt anyone.
  3. Yes? Show me where someone actually claimed it’s gene therapy? What? You can’t?????? Then you either admit it was sarcasm or get your ass beat again. 😆
  4. Yes. It was sarcasm…. Show me ANYWHERE where someone stated it was actual gene therapy. 😆 Come on. It should be easy to prove.
  5. 😆She won’t give it up either!!!! Abused and battered women’s syndrome.
  6. My father is a genetic toxicologist and I have a BSN which is a research degree in the medical field. I know exactly what gene therapy is. 2. Read my post again because it clearly states shooting the body up with modified RNA. 3. We haven’t tested RNA vaccines long enough to be able to determine whether they have adverse effects genetically or not since guess what!!!! They are relatively new you fucking idiot. The “gene therapy” comment was fucking sarcasm which you were CLEARLY too fucking stupid to realize since no one has claimed it’s intended effect is gene therapy. You have proven to be a liar, uneducated and fucking stupid. Why do you bother posting again?
  7. @Toldyais extremely butt sore right now getting caught in lies trying to defend Biden and Harris politicizing a vaccine they now want to force people to take. 😆 Now she’s lying and lashing out at anyone within reach. But soon she won’t be able to post with all the spittle on her screen.
  8. I’m a stupid bitch but you can’t read. 😅 You even quoted my post and still lied about it lol…
  9. Since it hasn’t gone through the normal rigorous testing a vaccine would go through and is ONLY available through emergency FDA approval, and it’s injecting humans with modified RNA code, what would YOU call it? Now, are you going to answer the question that proves you’re lying and wrong or keep avoiding it?
  10. GP actually reports the news your media ignores. You just don’t like it.
  11. This is a lie. Voter fraud never happens. Our media told us so.
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