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  1. https://hotair.com/archives/jazz-shaw/2020/10/24/seattle-lgbtq-commission-wants-lesbian-mayor-resign/ She's a HUGE FAILURE. Lawsuits all over the place from businesses and people who's lives have been ruined or ended due to her blatant negligence. Summer of fucking love. GOD, leftists are such complete fucking morons.
  2. He has a brain. That's the difference. 😆
  3. His sarcasm is so dry and bedpan. Only leftists on the site capable of critical thinking, sarcasm and humor.
  4. He's in HELL!!! For threatening other members.
  5. That’s your New Democrat party, Bill. You’re a forgotten relic. 😆
  6. Looks like the liberal mantra of Trump being a racist has been desalinated. True karma would be blacks handing Trump the election. Libs will lose what’s left of their minds.
  7. Poor Joe....😆 He’s going down faster than a crack head whore.
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