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  1. 😆 They made up the narrative that best suited their warped ideology. Just like my thread proving how easily indoctrinated they are by the establishment media on race.
  2. Did you know - majority of Americans believe the election was stolen? A majority.....😆 Looks like your MSM propaganda has stopped working, parrot.
  3. And the fact only 33% of you fucking idiots actually trust the MSM. How many lies they have to get caught in before you stop believing them, 33%er?
  4. The hilarious part is he got caught with a firearm he wasn’t legally able to possess!!!!!! He destroyed the argument for gun control while at the same time beating up dopey leftists like yourself on your ridiculous double standards.
  5. Trump actually asked for PEACEFUL and LAW ABIDING protesting @Toldya you fucking idiot.
  6. How can you even post after having your pages of lies about how Sicknick was murdered by Trump protestors shoved up your ass??? Do you have ANY shame? Related to @maineman? “Duh, the guvment said he was kilt by an evil Trump prutester”.... *knuckle drag*
  7. Oh, he knows the difference between man cock and pubescent peach fuzz boy dick(his favorite kind).
  8. I can’t even believe we’re literally allowing the intimidation of the jury by the press, politicians, race baiting leaders. This will likely result in an overturning of any conviction if the jury is scared into making one to begin with. This is not fucking justice and I just posted a thread on the ridiculous misconceptions people have on cop induced black deaths based on their ideology and media..... A lot of Americans are just plain fucking stupid.
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