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  1. STFU. There’s also evidence they murdered another Trump supporter. So those deaths that occurred during the protest. Looks like two were caused by the capitol police and the rest natural causes. Don’t you hate it when facts fuck up your MSM establishment narrative?
  2. You’re heavily indoctrinated. You keep repeating the same lie about the election fraud being thrown out of court after you’ve been shown repeatedly it’s a lie. Now you will believe Jan 6th was an insurrection no matter how much evidence to the contrary. A case study on chronic pot consumption.
  3. Our government was instituted to protect religious liberty and not paying for someone’s abortion doesn’t cause them any harm as they should be paying for it themselves.
  4. No. There’s nothing on the constitution about providing for abortion. There is for defense as perverted as the Iraq war was.
  5. Nope. 1st amendment. You can’t force other citizens to pay for something they are religiously morally opposed to. YOU pay for your little liberal sluts to get abortions.
  6. This has to be false because it would destroy the lefts narrative.
  7. It’s perfectly logical unless… you’re an illogical, lack of critical thinking, uneducated drug using leftist.
  8. False. That was AFTER the violence broke out you fucking retard and when National Guard got there? They directed traffic. 😆
  9. Trump does not have authority to send troops to the capitol without congressional leader and capitol officials approval @SheikhYerbouti
  10. Trump offered the troops. Your Democratic leaders and capitol officlals declined. It’s confessional testimony, you fucking idiot.
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