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  1. We can tell you don't have kids as they are mandatory to go to public school. There will ALWAYS be religious and medical exemptions.
  2. THIS is the biggest longest epic thread of FAIL in the history of the internet.
  3. Actually, we produce roughly 3 times what China does AKA GDP and that doesn't count paper swaps.....
  4. You actually took the post seriously????? I THOUGHT YOU WERE SMARTER THAN DANO YOU F_CKING C(NTBAG!!!!! The most amusing part is I was actually mocking isabel.....
  5. I have a natural attraction to gays. :ph34r:
  6. :lol: :lol: Isabel..... A legend in her own mind. Well, pretty soon that's all you'll be posting to if the current trend continues! LOLOLOLOL
  7. There's no need to hit you Isabel. You beat yourself up every time you post. The knock out punches are you attempting to defend chuckie and David R. LOLOLOLOL LOLOLOLOL
  8. I guess Isabel doesn't remember the board went down for two weeks. According to her, that's called "hiding". LOLOLOL Since I'm posting here, CLEARLY I didn't leave. More LIES from Isabel LOLOLOLOL LOLOL
  9. The new board looks kind of dead.... Where did everyone go? More importantly, why did they leave? :huh:
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