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  1. Hey look dopes!!!!! AG Garland REFUSES to Answer When Grilled on Potential Role of Federal Agents on Jan 6 https://bongino.com/ag-garland-refuses-to-answer-when-grilled-on-potential-role-of-federal-agents-on-jan-6/ Looks like YOUR OWN government tried to entrap conservatives to demonize and vilify them. Now we KNOW why Pelosi refused National Guard.
  2. The lefts contempt for working class Americans has never been so noticeable.
  3. Except those vaccines are thoroughly tested. Covid vaccines? No, not even close. That’s one of the main differences. The other is healthy people very rarely die of covid so if sickly people want to gamble on an untested vaccine go right ahead. No reason healthy Americans should be forced to be lab rats.
  4. But his mistake is based on actual evidence of which there is none. 😆 You fucking morons have been lying to use for 10 months on this bullshit. Lets not make it 6 years of lying like you morons did with the made up Trump Russian collusion story. When are you fucking idiots going to learn your media lies to you?
  5. The Dune series was some excellent book reading. Up there with Lord of the Rings.
  6. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/report-new-hampshire-democrats-want-biden-primaried-2024/ Ouch.......
  7. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/youtube-bans-conservative-bryson-grays-hit-song-go-brandon-takes-aim-accounts-use-fk-joe-biden-euphemism/ Looking more and more like North Korea daily. When the brown shirts going to show up at PTA meetings and threaten parents? Oh, they already do that.....
  8. Why the fuck would they be relevant? Biden didn’t even warn our Allie’s he was pulling out and they had to use their military to get all their citizens out.
  9. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/spencerbrown/2021/10/21/ag-garland-debunks-democrat-insurrection-claims-about-january-6th-n2597813 Garland's admission that no insurrection charges are being brought in no way absolves those being charged with different crimes — mostly assault, entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct, and civil disorder — and those charged should be granted their constitutional right to a fair and speedy trip through the criminal justice system. The lack of insurrection charges also does not mean those who allegedly damaged property, illegally entered the Capitol, or assaulted law enforcement officers shouldn't face accountability for their actions — they should. But the kind and level of crimes committed shouldn't be exaggerated for political gamesmanship. @jerra- @Scout @slideman @calguy @theLionSTOP THE LYING. Per your own AG, NO INSURRRECTION.
  10. ^^^^^^Wants to be dependent of foreign oil after Trump brought up energy independence. We would have never gotten into the middle east wars if were were energy dependent and I know you morons don't like this? But "green" energy is more expensive and cannot fulfill our energy needs without bankrupting the poor and middle class.
  11. Yep. Nothing to do with the endless regulations that tried to get rid of fossil fuel energy.
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