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  1. 1. How many people in NJ earn the minimum wage? 2. How many union wage scales are based on a percentage above the minimum wage? 3. Why are teens now facing a bleak employment outlook?
  2. While the majority of those making minimum wage are not heads of households but teenagers who does this really benefit? Additionally, for every 10 percent increase in the minimum wage teen employment iat small business s projected to decrease by 4.6 to 9 percent. http://o.dailycaller.com/all/2013-11-04-new-jerseys-destructive-minimum-wage-amendment#3 Now on the flip side for dems is that NJ is a heavy union state. And those who actually research this know that a majority of union wage scales are based on a percentage above the minimum wage. So who really benefits? This increase is either built into the wage scale or triggers new collective bargaining agreements. The unions benefit which means the dems benefit. Most of those who benefit from this are teenagers who can't vote. Next, a higher minimum wage leads to higher product costs.
  3. And yet, another CNN poll, from today, gives the GOP a 49%-44% edge over the democrats for next years elections: But the Democratic lead evaporated, and a CNN poll a month ago indicated the GOP holding a 49%-47% lead. The new survey, conducted in mid-December, indicates Republicans with a 49%-44% edge over the Democrats. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2013/12/26/cnn-poll-gop-has-edge-in-early-midterm-indicator/?hpt=hp_t2 So if your poll is correct the DEMS must really suck.
  4. You can tell who actually listens to him and those that lump him in with the other con talkin heads.
  5. According to estiblishment pubs mark is the worst. He beats them up worse then he does the dems.
  6. Again, you missed it. If the powers that be, that work for us, are going to tell us how wonderful this program is they need to join it. As should you. But you are also another one who is exempt, aren't you? I didn't need the affordable care act, nor did I need the personal mandate. But I lost what I had because of this law. So should they if they truly want to reshape the healthcare industry of the nation. That means you as well need to participate.
  7. Still twisting. According to Leviticus it is not a sin to stone adulterers, nor is it a sin to enslave our countries neighbors. It is not a sin to sell your daughter. What I am arguing is the use of old Jewish law to justify the actions CCP take in their treatment of gays is illogical and goes against the teachings of Christ. If one is going to do that they must also accept that slavery, selling your daughter and killing adulterers is not a sin regardless of the laws of a civil society.
  8. I just want to know if it is a sin to enslave citizens of neighboring countries, stone adulterers, and sell my daughter. None of these alleged eloquent posts will give a simple answer to those questions. And they won't because if they say yes they will be labeled crazed Christians and if they say no it blows their use of Leviticus out of the water. Now, with that said, it is not their determination to label it a sin that bothers me. That is rhetoric to be used within the confines of their religious group. What bothers me is their hatred, their actions, and their rhetoric respecting what should be done or accepted in society, that is where they separate from the teachings of Christ.
  9. Anybody who goes to an anonymous chat forum with a high expect ion of privacy and protection of log in info is foolish. This is the f├╝cking Internet. If you want to trust people you have never met with what you call personal info I have a deed to a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell you.
  10. Again, can I sell my daughter, enslave citizens of neighboring countries and stone adulterers? Answer the questions.
  11. Particularly when those lies are used in conjunction with phrases like "It is the right thing to do" or "Something needs to be done" or "I will act if congress doesn't". The left shares many traits with CCP. I don't have much use for either.
  12. It is no different than a politician trying to quote or discuss the US Constitution and lying about it. Frustrates the hell out of them when they get called on it.
  13. Ps. Hanson, if you are such a wonderful Christian why are you not at church on a Sunday morning spreading the word?
  14. But that is not my issues. My issue is is it our job to vilify, condemn and spread hate towards homosexuals or do we follow the example of Jesus when dealing with sinners? That is not YOUR judgement to make, is it? Do you guys cherry pick what teachings to listen to? Is that not a question that will be answered when I meet my maker? Or did Jesus teach we should not judge others unless you are a poster named Hanson?
  15. In the above post we have yet another self described Christian passing judgement on what is a real Christian and what is not. If you are defending the use of Leviticus to classify homosexuality as a sin you must also, using your logic, accept levictus when it claims that adulterers can be stoned to death, that you can sell your daughter into slavery and that it is ok to enslave the citizens of neighboring countries. Are you willing to do that Hanson?
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