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  1. Cut the crap. Remember, when you break The rules it is always Someone else’s fault. I want the post removed.
  2. I did not ask for personal info to be posted. That is on you. You fucked up. Take responsibility for your actions, . With a little spoiled brat like you it is always someone else’s fault. What a punk you are.
  3. I. Ersonal have not posted any personal info to this forum. on the other hand you have linked to personal info posted elsewhere, WITHOUT permission to this forum. As you have done elsewhere. And unless you request that post be weed and aby quotes of that post every time you post all posters will be reminded what you have done here AND what you have been banned eslewhere for doing. You can end this purveyor of personal info by requesting that post and any quotes of that post be removed without conditions. The challenge still stands but you will have to find another post. Be a man, son.
  4. Nope. i have not posted indetifying Personal info. You have. Your fate is in your hands. The mods will decide if that is your answer. But we have shown you to be a liar concerning personal info and have confirmed you were once banned elsewhere for that. THOSE are the terms. To add to that I will drop the personal info shit if you ask to have that post deleted. If not each and every poster here will be put on notice that yes indeed IcebergSlim will deal in personal info, has been banned in the past for doung do, and has done so here. Ya follah?
  5. Again keyboard warrior you posted personal info without permission. I highly suggest you ask that the post in question be removed. If you do that I hope you only get a banishment to hell for a few weeks. i never, not once, asked you to post personal info that has not been posted here. Although you have a habit of doing that.
  6. I did not demand you post REAL personal info that could indentifying me. I want the post removed: No sir. If I have to get the mods to remove it without you requesting it you might not be here much longer. I suggest you make the call midget Swede.
  7. Here Assberg amits he posted a link to personal indentifying info that was NOT posted here nor did he have permission to post. all you have to do keyboard warrior is request that post be deleted and hopefully you will not be banned. I don’t want that. Kicking your ass daily is fun. I am not going anywhere dealer of PI.
  8. I did not demand you post REAL IDENTIFYING personal info that was not POSTED HERE. All you have to do is request that post be deleted BEFORE the mods rule and it will be forgiven. Show us ya you are a man of integrity dealer of personal info. Because that is how you will be remembered.
  9. Did you or did you not pos a link to personal info? it is a yes or no question? I know the answer. The answer is yes. All you have to do is publicly ask for that post to be deleted and all is forgiven.
  10. Let the record show that contrary to your protestations you are a purveyor of personal info.
  11. You can not find a post where I asked you to post personal indentifying info. Keep it up and not only will I ask that post to be deleted but I will insist the rules be followed and you are once again be perma banned for releasing personal info. or, you can request the post be deleted.
  12. Hopefully by my my compassion you won’t be banned. Kicking your ass daily is great. and you can never, ever again claim you don’t post personal info.
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