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  1. You did the "right" thing! Ya gonna go after that Mooslim who threw acid in your face? LOL!
  2. Why in the fuck should we pay for IZRAHELL's defense? Just the fact that there is an Iron Dome shows how much the world HATES IZRAHELL!
  3. No, you need to pull your head outta yer ass! LMFAO!
  4. An Islamist threw acid in her face! Now she's UGLY!
  5. Some folks think that the GOP hates increasing the nation’s deficit. The facts suggest that they love doing just that. Or, a better way to say it is that Republicans love tax cuts for the rich in spite of what it does to the deficit and hate programs like Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan which actually do stimulate the economy and reduce deficits. The GOP hated both Clinton’s and Obama’s economic policies which resulted in a balanced budget and cutting the deficit in half, respectively.
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