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    What Is Trump Going to Do about Russia?

    Where can I see the report?
  2. nuckin futz

    The Dems Knew Trump was not Guilty

    PersonANAL! LMAO! I like that one! Hid new nickname! We hung a jacket on him!
  3. nuckin futz

    What Is Trump Going to Do about Russia?

    Any evidence for that?
  4. nuckin futz

    Ann Coulter: I’m voting Democrat in 2020

    Bernie could use a good HIT LADY!
  5. I wonder if Mueller got paid millions by TRump to go easy on him!
  6. That is very true! Fox fans do not know they are being LIED to on a daily basis! SUCKERS! They are that stooopid!
  7. The voters! Him is Mr. Trump!GODDAM, your slow!
  8. nuckin futz

    You dug your own grave.

    Benson owns you!
  9. If I declare you're an IDIOT, does that make it true? Of course! Everyone on the board has said so!
  10. The FAT MAN farted, and people of sound mind aren't buying it!
  12. Even without looking at the report, people will think that he has a lot of dirt on him! And anyone who reads the whole report will definitly be against him! HE'S FINISHED!
  13. Stop it! You're depressing us!
  14. That will not happen if we get to see the report!
  15. Why not? He would be more truthful than Barr!
  16. It ain't over until the FAT MAN farts! Impeach Barr!
  17. Oh, BS! She got her tits in ringer and did something wrong in her business. The IRS went after me for years, for my biz, so I know what I am talking about! She may be one of those "tax rebels' who always think they don't have to pay taxes.
  18. Because we've all seen it! DUHHhhh
  19. nuckin futz

    Another Four Years

    The CORE ISSUE is Trump himself! You admit to being a lo-info rookie as to politics, that's OK. But you need to explore what the charges are against him!