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  1. I'm just a tired old man! I need my nappy nap! I'll let you win this time, Lew. BUT............
  2. You need to join the WITLESS PROTECTION PROGRAM! You are 51/50!
  3. Total BS! There was a part of San Antonio called "Little Africa" during the 50's. White punks would get dumped off there on a Saturday night, and never be seen again! No white guy ever dared to go there!
  4. But you cannot say with any certainty that a crime was never committed! Evidence points out that it most likely was committed! But you will NEVER look at it! Your mind is cemented into hardened concrete!Have you ever read the full, unredacted Mueller Report? Of course you haven't!
  5. There is no hope with Hicks! She wont sing! "NADS" Nadler is besides himself! He needs to bring out the rubber hose!
  6. Yeah, you're one of those Sheriff Joe types!Unlawfullness under the color of law!
  7. And you wont mention how the Beaners beat the crap out of you afterwards! LOL!
  8. When she leaves that hearing, she will be naked! She will sing like a canary! Her good looks won't get her out of this!
  9. Trump's cabinet IS THE SWAMP! You need to take a long look at it! You were DUPED like millions of SUCKERS!
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