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  1. Good one! I saved it!He's stewing in his own juices!
  2. 7. The Michael Cohen Scandal Trump’s strongest defender was his private attorney, Michael Cohen, who testified before Congress on Trump's behalf. That testimony got Cohen convicted of perjury. After his perjury conviction, Cohen again testified before Congress. This time he called Trump a racist, a con man, and a cheat. According to Cohen’s testimony, Trump routinely made racist remarks, had Cohen threaten people, had Cohen lie about the proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow, and make hush-money payments to silence women with whom Trump had affairs. He also testified that
  3. No standards is the easiest! Haha Become a Trumpie, you don't have to care about anything or anyone else! Ya still truckin?
  4. And their will be no Stimulos II for you! Thank Mitch the Bitch for that!
  5. Karl, ya need to set your sights higher than living that way! The cops know you're there!
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