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  1. Yup! Read the blockbuster book I posted earlier!
  2. Pretty Good! I'll have to listen to more of them. Here is an unknown Band that is good!
  3. When the Bay of Pigs invasion failed the CIA and Cuban pirate exiles and gambling interests turned on him and swore to kill him! That evil cabal involved Howard Hughes, who pocketed billions from CIA contracts, Richard Nixon, Meyer Lansky(mafia) Trafficante, Carlos Marcello(Mafia) and nefarious others.
  4. That day forever will live in INFAMY! Its like the genocide against Armenia by the Fukkin Turks! These guys know a lot about that! System of a Down.
  5. Him and that uppity Joo, KUSHNER! Begging for $$$ from IZRAHELL! Shamefull!
  6. So you want him to suck your phat cock? Right? MY FRIEND! If you come over we can share HOT BABES, TOOT BLOW and joke about sensitive issues, right? I wont mention your dead son; that is off limits! Necrophilliac jokes are OK! We can talk about the best pain killing drugs; I' m on 10mg. hydroCodone now, but I wanted OxyCodone which is stronger, any suggestions?
  7. You need to research this!You know nothing about it! You can't run with the big dogs!
  8. Could be! The SS failed miserably in protecting the president! Daniel Patrick Moynihan did research on it for Bobby, and that was his finding! A snake in the Henhouse?
  9. You are a murderous, GENOCIDAL BASTARD! Google the SAMSON option!
  10. Ya took the words right outta my mouth! He may be the Anti-Christ!
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