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  1. This is a homegrown cyber attack complements of "The Enemy Within". Infrastructure break downs are common in the USA. Tax dollars are spent on vanity projects, like their Lawn Darts and Futile Wars. The big banks have $trillions invested in oil. Thus they must prop up the price and may be using false flag attacks to achieve this. rt.com Reported c
  2. Correction: Democracy died many years ago in their party!
  3. The two headed Cyclops! I'd like to break both of their jaws!The BASTARDS!
  4. And we're supposed to believe that the pali's are burning their own homes? Utter Bullshit!
  5. Trump caused the election to go to Biden; so you can thank Trump for that! LMFAO!
  6. There are also rumors that Mango Mussolini is still president! And you believe that! Hahhaha
  7. "Fox News host Tucker Carlson continued his reckless mission to mainstream vaccine skepticism on Wednesday night by dangerously speculating that thousands of Americans have died from COVID-19 vaccinations, citing a faulty open-sourced database that has become a haven for misinformation." youtube.com Tuc
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