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  1. The Dems aren't in power, dumbass!
  2. nuckin futz

    What night is it??

    So who lit the fuse on your tampon?
  3. "NADS" Nadler! he's got a pair!
  4. Did you get my P.M's in the gold thing. My box to you was deleted!
  5. nuckin futz

    What night is it??

    Hmmm. Thinking about cocks again?
  6. nuckin futz


    Hmmmm. To go there and meet up with your Russian bot friends? Your trainers!
  7. Perse is da bomb! he's almost as good as you, Benson!
  8. Thanks! I'll for ward this to his lawyers, as I am good friends with them!
  9. Never wrestle with a pig! The pig enjoys it, as Trump will, being a pig!
  10. nuckin futz

    Will trump grab Pelosi below her waist?

    I sure would like control over vaginas, wouldn't you? Yes! baby!
  11. nuckin futz

    Will trump grab Pelosi below her waist?

    No, you will smell tuna fish! LOL!
  12. You totally overlook all the scum in your party, which is really a criminal org! You are out of line!
  13. nuckin futz

    Grizzlies and other Critters

    Are you interested in finding Hitler's Lost Gold he buried in Glacier N.P.? I got the whole scoop, and passed it on to personunreal, but he is too lazy to look for it.(afraid of the Grizz) It would take good metal detectors, GPR ground penetrating radar, LIDAR and a team of at least 2-3 guys.Its not some little "day trip" that's for sure.