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  1. Wonder Woman needs to drop her panties to make it interesting!
  2. And you are PIG STY! Convicted ass hole! And RACIST BIGOT, posing as a Christian!
  3. We have the right to critisize the Prez! If you don't like it, then move out!
  4. That's stupid! I love my country! It is a good thing when we critisize our president! When its deserved.
  5. Rudderless, and the ship is sinking! Trump doesn't want any flak from the Pentagon or anyone! This is on purpose!
  6. Trump's "America, Love it or Leave it' statement. How Nixonian! This shows how ethnocentric this bigot really is!
  7. That is NOT the choice you IDIOT! I swear, you keep lapping up Trump's dick drippings on a daily basis! Dems are in a fight to save what is left of our democracy!
  8. You are really one stubborn hard headed dude! I'm outta here!
  9. Son, I am a Manson Family EXPERT! I have read every book on them and actually met two of the girls! You always like to blame everything on progressives! You are WRONG again!
  10. You are full of it! He was a RACIST, who had his crew murder people and tried to blame it on blacks! Helter Skelter! And Neocons are pro Zionist sellouts who want us to fight Izrahell's wars for them to acheive oil hegemony!
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