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  1. Well, you are a necrophiliac, she's been buried for years! Jeffrey Dahmer! You are really a sick puppy! And should be put to sleep!
  2. I always dug Rammstein! His music could have inspired crapLER! What was that song where he was cornholing a guy on stage? It was banned!
  3. Lets never forget, It was you bastard Rethugs who HATED JFK all the way! And eventually put the Kennedy's in their graves!
  4. Some people are ignorant, ignorance can be remedied.Others chose to be stupid. STUPID CANNOT BE FIXED!
  5. I'm not after your guns, son! The song is about how the gov.t kills people!
  6. You need to shiitcan your propaganda sites and look at the real picture, son!
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