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  1. I'll supply the cream shots for him! He laps it up!
  2. Subic Bay=Home of the LBFM girls!
  3. Well, you are right about that. But Unions did play a large part in the prosperity. Detroit is a special case involving a corrupt mayor, and automakers not building cars that people wanted.
  4. TRUE! The best prosperity the U,S. ever had was after WW ii, when Unions were strong, and labor and management worked together fof a strong economy!
  5. Bunch of goddam Pervs and Toe tappers!
  6. I don't like Clowns! John Gacy was a killer clown, Rethuglican, of course!
  7. I was kicked out of the Cub Scouts! And I flunked Coed Tennis in College!
  8. There are many more Bernie Madoff's in our future! Wall Street is infested with liars, con men and scammers out to take your money! Remember, these are the scoundrels who profited immensely from the financial collapse!
  9. I've been telling you people that for years! They were elected to cut taxes for the rich, and corporations, and promote constant warfare to enrich the War Pigs! They do not know how to govern! As they are mostly lobbyists who gained office.
  10. Five x Five's giant suck thread.

    Zaro, you're in S.A.? I grew up there in the 50's! Do they still have Ice Houses there? S.A. was pretty neat back then, lots of trees, and "The River Walk" where you took your own life in your hands with the Beaner Gangs! And The Majestic Theatre!
  11. "There is no right or wrong" That's the mantra Charlie Manson used to indoctrinate his girls!
  12. Such a BRUTAL assessment of me! I am one of the nicest guys on this shithole forum! If you met me in person, I would never even bring up politics or religion, and would offer you medicinal herbs and Peruvian Marching Powder as a peace offering. I HATE POLITICS! As a con bagger, you rely on typecasting people into labels without any thought whatsoever as to who they really are.I am a hybrid, part conservative and part liberal, a FREE THINKER and a PRAGMATIST. Excellent! Bill. Bravo!
  13. The reason Carson hangs around, is that he knows Trump will need the inevitable brain surgery! Probably a pre frontal lobotomy or at least shock therapy!
  14. Someone sure burnt the pizzas in those ovens!
  15. I smell desparation here!