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  1. nuckin futz

    support israel

    Hey! I'm just a poor old man with a broken back, playing out his string until D-day! Lets stop this insult nonsense, and declare a truce!
  2. Moore is a KOCH SUCKER, for sure! Cato, George Mason U, has all the credentials!
  3. And the crowd clapped, and called for more, more! Like Pavlov's trained dogs! Stupidty is contagious!
  4. nuckin futz

    support israel

    Go suck an AIDS infested nigga, Chump! And don't slip on the floors you just put in!And don't forget the next cross burning at yer Klan meeting!
  5. You are fantasizing again! 60 days in a mental institution will do you some good.
  6. Jesus! You have Rethuglican stamped all over you! Whitey Vulgar! Don't worry, she wont run again! So t\you can vote DEmocrat now.
  7. You lie like a cheap Persian rug!
  8. nuckin futz

    support israel

    May the fleas from a thousand camels infest your crotch! yahhahah! Signed, JizwadJihaddidadi
  9. Great! That will put the evil Rethugs out of business!
  10. nuckin futz

    support israel

    Why don't you go fight a war for Nutty, and die for Izrahell like the rest of stupid Americans?
  11. nuckin futz

    support israel

    Sorry , but I don't look at Jew shiit!
  12. Evasion! You did'nt answer my question.
  13. How much do they pay you for being a paid poster for Trump Inc?
  14. Of course !This is their Lebenstraum policy to grab up all the lands they can! Like Hitler did!