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  1. You are mentally ill! There is a nuthouse near you, you should check in there!
  2. The Hillary HIT TEAM already has a grave dug for you! Beware of sharp objects appearing out of nowhere, don't fly on a plane and don't open packages sent to you! Muhahahah
  3. WRONG! I HATE the Neocon gang of traitors for Izrahell! Its on the record, dufus!
  4. nuckin futz

    Republicans: All ABOUT Security!!!!

    We should cancel Trump's Secret Service detail! Defund it! See how he likes that!
  5. Benson and I team up toghether to destroy the idiots on this forum, like you! And that is so easy!
  6. You represent GOEBBELS to the T! telling your BIG LIES! Your hero and mentor! You should be ashamed, but we know you have no shame!
  7. But she meant Trump of course!
  8. I used to groom the snow and shoot avalanches at Mammoth Mountain and Donner Ski Ranch years ago. I got $ 3.50/hour at mammoth in 1973. Mammoth is a dangerous place for avalanches, and almost got killed a few times. We used the old Tucker Cats and Thiokal cats, with big rollers behind them.At Donner, I had state of the art DeLorean machines that would munch up snow and ice and lay perfect corduray down. We had 7 feet of powder one day, it was a blast to groom that!I did hate the diesel fumes tho, and getting up at 4 in the morning to beat the skiers in a raging blizzard is no fun!
  9. Of course its FAKE, its from FAUX GNUS!
  10. Oh No! Don't tell me this gap toothed inbred Hillbilly breeds? To be fair, he is working on his G.E.D.
  11. He is a freak! I support law enforcement, and always have! He does not represent the views of the left or LGBT at all!