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  1. The USSC intervened without precedent! They are not supposed to be part of the system! Rethuglirats always have to cheat to win!
  2. False equivalence! Gore was cheated by 5 corrupt USSC justices! The fight was rigged! This shows how deeply the system is corrupted by Rethugs!
  3. "NORMAL" people don't believe your lies! You are AbbieNormal!
  4. Can he speak like Obama, the "clean and articulate" Halfrican? LOL!
  5. Thanks, Pea Shooter! I will wear your "fuck you' like a badge of honor!
  6. FOX and their mouthpieces are paid and are complicit in sedition, FOX and their mouthpieces are PAID for peddling lies, propaganda and conspiracy and have been doing harm to our democracy and rule of law twisting reality in full view to weak minded people. FOX needs to be held accountable. Boycott all FOX advertisers. They should be SHUT DOWN!!!! We need to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine"! rawstory.com Laura Ingraham: Capitol police have no one to blame but themselves
  7. Racist Hater, J.Edgar Hoover of FBI was part Negroe!
  8. Lets be honest here; Presidents rarely make any real difference! Policies are 'baked into the cake' and carry over from one regime to the next.
  9. Deep Throat is CRANKY-PATED! There is a cure for that; its called a high colonic irrigation! LMFAO!
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