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  1. But he was in LawnEnforceman, pushing a lawn mower! LO!
  2. And he could suck a golf ball thru a garden hose! Very talented!
  3. So everybody is queer in those states? Including all you Rethuglicans!
  4. Hold it! Many men like to cook too! Like me! And I can cook up a storm, Mexican dishes, Italian are my specialty. And I make fudge, cookies and shit!
  5. You don;'t have to be a liberal to hate Trump! Just be a fair minded person of average intelligence is all it takes. Lotta Rethugs also hate him! The verdict is in on him!
  6. Yup! Drink the CULT Kool Aide! I'm OK with that, we need to thin the herd of despicables!
  7. We wont ask! "Don't ask, don't tell!" WE let you off the hook! LMAO!
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