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  1. Probably not. When he made his fist comments about Mexicans and immigration, the GOp was leaning toward amnesty. No one knew what comment like his would produce. When he first mentioned tabulating American Muslims, and keeping foreign ones out, nobody knew then either.
  2. Easily. I taught Microeconomics for 3 years in college. Businesses CANNOT raise their prices. Their prices are established at the "Market Price" (ie the HIGHEST price they can charge, without triggering sales/income reductions. If they could make more $$ by charging a higher price, they would already have set THAT price. What do you think establishes a price ? Somebody's lucky number ? Price/income relationship is shown as a bell-shaped curve, with prices rising as the X axis, and income rising as the Y axis. The market price is at the top of the curve. Thus any price hike above the already established market price, pushes the sales/income to the right side of the curve, where the curve starts going downward, as prices go up) https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.donkeytest.com/images/no_color_graph.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.donkeytest.com/whatisaniqscore.html&h=193&w=316&tbnid=g0Qb9m71em-NKM:&docid=Lsr7oMs7LgYxVM&ei=iTrOVsjnH4bxmQHp3q7QBA&tbm=isch&ved=0ahUKEwiI0NPlxJHLAhWGeCYKHWmvC0oQMwhcKB8wHw
  3. All YOU have managed to do is show you don't know your ass from your elbow about what his current positions are, and therefore you have no business being in this thread, where you would need to know the current positions, so as to compare them with positions of the past. Get informed before posting >> 1. Read Trump's website 2. Read his latest book, Crippled America. It doesn't do you any good tumbling in here like a complete airhead, admitting you're oblivious to the positions he has stated. You forgot the dancing girls. Get with it.
  4. Maybe I can get you to address the question of the OP. >> it is only in the last 6 months or so, that he has come out with Conservative policies ?????? Has he not had these 2016 conservative policies years ago ? YES Or NO ? That wasn't the question.
  5. Question wasn't what are Trumps' policies. Question was >> " for the conservatives who say that Trump is not a Conservative, and whose policies have been liberal, and it is only in the last 6 months or so, that he has come out with Conservative policies (right in time for the 2016 election campaign). Is that what you think ? Is Trump just a 2015/2016 "conservative", or not ?"
  6. I know. I don't support his big tax cut on the top bracket INDIVIDUALS. But you can't find a candidate who you agree 100% with EVERYTHING they propose. This is one of very few things i disagree with Trump on. I'm also hoping he might propose to raise that tax later on. (maybe a campaign policy) Still, the national security stuff by far outweighs taxes.
  7. I'm for RAISING the rich INDIVIDUAL taxes. And lowering the corporate tax. Can't you read ?
  8. Where did I say "cut rich people taxes and raise taxes on the consumer" Are you dreaming ? I said the OPPOSITE of that. And you should be cured of calling me "lefty" by Post # 37.
  9. HA HA HA. If only the liberals who I battle day in and day out, could hear that. what al augh they'd get (or faint) Here's a few tidbits of my perspectives to cure that hilarious notion >> 1. Islam is illegal in the US, and has been since 1789 (by the Constitution Article 6 Section 2 , the Supremacy Clause) every mosque should be closed, every Koran should be eliminated, and removed from libraries, schools, bookstores, etc 2. Islam is an IDEOLOGY, masquerading as a religion. 3. There's no need to fill up Gitmo (as Trump said yesterday) - ISIS figters should all be executed. ISIS should be 100% EXTERMINATED. 4. Immigration (legal & illegal( should be halted) Only immigration should be those bringing capital to open businesses & create jobs (FOR AMERICANS)......and a few people with rare skills (ex. great scientist, violinist, etc) 5. Death penalty should be nationwide in positive cases, and appeals should be 2 years maximum. 6. SSM should be illegal nationwide. 7. US troops should not only be in Afghanistan, they should invade Pakistan, and seize Pakistan''s 100+ nuclear warheads, and su=ecure them in a safe place in the US. 8. Gun-free zones should be banned. 9. Cops should kick the crap out of rioters. 10. US military and domestic drilling for oil both should be increased. 11. Affirmative action should be banned, and reparations$$$$$ should be paid to millions of Whites who have been victimized by it.
  10. . Can't you read ? I'm OPPOSED to free marketing. There must be govt control (ex IRCA) (ie protectionist) and yes I'm fro raising taxes on the top rich INDIVIDUALS. So ?
  11. Before you go slinging that word around, consider immigration, Muslim intrusion, ISIS, terrorism, death penalty, abortion, gays, military, and all the stuff listed in the OP.
  12. This is one of the few things Trump and I differ on. He proposes the biggest reduction of the top bracket individual tax in 100 years.(25%) I would raise taxes on the top rich individuals to 75% Trump's major reduction of the corporate tax I do support. > %15. (%05 less than China) WHO ?
  13. 1. I support there NOT BEING any goods from Mexico. 2. Trump isn't for higher taxes. He is for lower taxes. 3 Yes govt has to be involved in the free market. It has been waaaay too free. Especially letting companies hire illegal aliens, and hire legal aliens on work visas.
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