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  1. A necessary and cost effective move by the federal government would be to quadruple the budget of ICE. If only added to ERO and HIS, this would go a long way to getting rid of huge numbers of illegal aliens.As Eisenhower did back in 1954, with Operation Wetback, ICE agents (ERO), upon established information from HIS, should go house to house hunting down illegal aliens, arresting them, and quickly deporting them.With the astronomical amounts of money that illegal aliens are costing America, this increase of budget, and strengthening of ICE would pay for itself easily and quickly.
  2. Sure they have. They have been throwing the American citizen under the bus on everything you can think of, in exchange for pulling foreigners into the US to vote for them. Look at this longlist of what Democrats are doing to Americans, in order to get the foreign vote, and any one of these is an entire OP and thread of its own.Harms of Immigration1. Americans lose jobs. (especially Whites due to affirmative action).2. Wage reduction.3. Tax $ lost (due to off books work + lower wages paid).4. Remittance $$$ lost. ($138 Billion/year).5. Tax $$ lost to immigrants on welfare.6. Increased crime.7. Increased traffic congestion.8. Increased pollution.9. Overcrowding in hospital ERs.10. Overcrowding in recreational facilities.11. Overcrowding in government offices.12. Overcrowding in schools.13. Decrease in funds available for entitlements.14. Cultural erosion.15. Overuse of scarce resources (oil, gasoline, fresh water, jobs, electricity, food, etc)16. Introduction of foreign diseases17. Influx of terrorists.Just look at all the Muslim terrorists that have come here from abroad, or are children of Muslim immigrants > only to have Democrats (Obama, Hillary, et al) openly advocate the importation of more and more Muslims from Muslim countries, including Syria. This was after then FBI Director James Comey said they could not be vetted. Of course not. Who are you going to ask, Bashar Assad ?This disregard for Americans and their safety has gotten many Americans killed. Since 9/11, an additional 158 Americans have been killed in 53 separate acts of deadly Islamic terror, or Islam-related honor killing in the United States. Hundreds of mass murder plots have been thwarted or botched. The real story is not "Islamophobia" but American tolerance - with Democrats refusing to punish the individual based on group identity, and continuing to allow more Muslims to come to the US. Get votes, at any cost, the Democrat doctrine.Just 2 examples are >>1 the Tsarnaev brothers (Boston Marathon), who were admitted here from Kyrgyzstan on a visa, claimed asylum, and were later accepted as immigrant US citizens in 2012, despite warnings from the Russians that they were dangerous. And >>2. The New York bike path killer, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, from the central Asian nation of Uzbekistan. President Trump criticized Democrats for this >> Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrumpThe terrorist came into our country through what is called the "Diversity Visa Lottery Program," a Chuck Schumer beauty. I want merit based.4:24 AM - 1 Nov 201735,062 Retweets 126,125 Likes
  3. Which would bring Pence to the presidency (twice as conservative as Trump) OK. You could do that.
  4. Liberals are the most information=deprived individuals in America, and also the most brainwashed. So "Christians have killed far more muslims then vice versa", huh ? Where did you come up with that malarkey ? CNN ? MSNBC ? For your edification, Muslims have killed over 270 million people around the globe (120 Million Africans, 80 million Hindus, 60 Million Christians, 10 Million Buddhists) No cult, nation, religion, or tribe in all of history even comes close to the horrific record of Islam. https://www.politicalislam.com/tears-of-jihad/
  5. I put 5 pictures in this post. Only 1 is showing, Whats the matter with this forum ? Also, why are the posts not numbered ?
  6. There will never again be another Democrat president. Future presidents >>
  7. NONSENSE! First of all, the abomination of Islam is as far from being a religion as anything could ever be, and anyone who could be duped into regarding it as such, is a prime candidate for my sale of the Brooklyn Bridge.Secondly, Islam is outlawed the "Constitution" in Article 6 Section 2, Part 1 (the Supremacy Clause), and just because (like much immigration law) this hasn't been enforced, doesn't make it any less THE LAW.Bravo for the 5 members of the Supreme Court.
  8. 1. FALSE! These certainly IS such a law. The 1997 Flores given to us by Bill Clinton. But even if there wasn't a law. so what ? There isn't a law saying that I must play the guitar, yet I play it. There isn't a law saying that I must pet my cat, but I pet her. 2. I see you talk about "lies". I don't see any so-called "lies" being presented here by you. Typical. 3. As a partially "brown" person myself (50% Central American), I don't see them as anything other than the kids of people most of whom are "refugee" imposters trying to get into the US, without doing it the legal, proper way (aka line cutters)
  9. When the Muslim ban is complete and in full proper order, ALL Muslims, from anywhere, will be banned from entering the US (with very few exceptions), and Islam will be under a 100% BAN, as the US Constitution has declared, for over 200 years.Supremacy Clause - WikipediaThus, all mosques will be demolished, or converted to other uses, all Korans will be eliminated from bookstores, schools, libraries, all Islamic Centers will be shut down, the Muslim Brotherhood will be declared illegal along with their many front groups (CAIR, ISNA, MSA, FCNA, NAIT,etc), and efforts will be made to allow/assist Muslims wishing to self-deport, to do so.In addition, of course, as in Italy et al nations, Islam will be declared > not a religion.https://themuslimtimes.info/2012/05...-as-a-religion-denied-religious-tax-status-2/
  10. This is a perfect illustration of what a set of ROGUE judges there are out there, who judge from their personal politics, not from the LAW. These lousy judges refusing to do their jobs properly should be held up in ridicule, for exactly what they are, > Fools, who put their own personal politics above the safety of the American people, endangering national security in the process. Here they are >>1. US District Court Judge James Robert, in Seattle, WA2. Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who after the Robart decision struck the Trump ban down in Feb. 2017, said "..we should feel heartened by today's victory and more resolute than ever that we are fighting on the right side of history." WRONG! He should feel ashamed that he called a reduction of national security a "victory", which now is a defeat for him, which Washington voters should remember.3. Judge Derrick K. Watson of US District Court in Honolulu
  11. Oh, but there is a law. And it was signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1997. It doesn't however distinguish between skin color as you do, but then they weren't flashing the race card back then. BTW, I happen to (50%) BE one of those "brown" people you like to talk about, and yes I speak Spanish fluently. As for the "cages" (interesting optics), these are merely PROCESSING CENTERS where the migrants stay only for a few hours, and then are moved to very nice, comfortable (perhaps too comfortable) facilities, set up by HHS (that would be Donald Trump's HHS. You're welcome.
  12. Looks like you don't bother to read the thread before you post. Just going straight from the OP right in the mix, huh ? Bad idea. The very first thing you posted, was refuted already a few hours before you posted. Since you're so negligent as to skip over the content, I'll bring it back for you. 1. "suffering people fleeing persecution" ? Yeah ? Maybe you missed this posting >> "Asylum is a scam. This year most migrants are coming from Guatemala. Their homicide rate isn't so high. Belize and El Salvador have much higher rates. Their people aren't coming here. And if these so called "refugees" were really needing asylum from high crime, there's other low crime countries, closer than the US, they could go to >> Martinique (2.78 homicides/100K), Aruba (1.93) Turks-Caocos ((5.93), Cuba (4.99), ...They're coming here for the $$$ the US has to offer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate 2. I just explained the ruse going on over so-called "refugee status" Wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn ? 3. No Trump doesn't hate non-white people & he hasn't used hating them as a political benefit. It is YOU who are using the race card as a political benefit for YOU. October 2016 strategy. You don't learn ? Separating families is not a "policy" (as you call it) It is the LAW, and one which was signed by Bill Clinton in 1997. You got problem with it. Go rag at him. Trump/Sessions are merely enforcing the law, as opposed to Obama who didn't (with Catch & Release). enforcing the law is not a "policy". And there is no difference between separating families of migrants and that of Americans. Some kids have only a single mom and no other relatives. And if they do have relatives, theyre still separated from their parent when he/she goes to prison (sometimes for life) We don't hear all your "outrage" over them, do we ? But then they (the Americans) don't represent lots of potential Democrat VOTES (what this is really all about) 4. You call me immoral when I speak out for the American people to PROTECT us from this invasion (partly 21st century imperialism- USA #1 victim in the world-$138 Billion/yr lost in remittances$$$), but you are perfectly willing to allow these invaders to bust in here illegally (don't give me any more of that "asylum" crap), and then impose the long list of harms of immigration upon t American people. It s YOU who are immoral, for doing THAT. 5. You're using too many words to villainize the Trump administration. Your overzealousness is showing, and it shows phonieness, and your denial of the Democrat motive for facilitating/supporting all this abomination is laughable. You get the FAUX OUTRAGE AWARD OF THE YEAR.
  13. In case anybody's is wondering, here is who's (families) trying to get into the country >>>(from the US CBP)
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