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  1. I suggest you stop paying attention to both "rigjtwing" and leftwing media sources and actually look at the Iraqi War Resolution. It was after all in the public record. You will notice that one of the major points was chemical and biological weapons.
  2. This is actually incorrect. The standard definition in the international community for weapons of mass destruction have always been Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Radiological (or CBRN) weapons. I suggest you take a course in CBRN and it applications throughout history and how the UN has dealth with them in the modern era.
  3. I know that you are a simple person. I know that the answer to 2 + 2 escapes you. Try to use a little reason. It will do you good.
  4. The sad thing here is that crime statistics by our very own FBI seem to indicate that violence crimes is on the decline. Things that make you say "hmmm."
  5. New rounds in 5.56 have been developed to combat this problem of "zipping" through the enemy. Too bad it took another 3 wars to get a round that would actually do what it was suppose to do when it hit the body.
  6. http://www.rollcall.com/50richest/the-50-richest-members-of-congress-112th-2012.html So many rich people...so many democrats. Keep voting Democrat. I'm sure they have your interest in mind.
  7. Okay. Lets use that standard. Bush II debt started at 5.8 trillion and ended at 10 trillion. That means your boy Berry went from 10 trillion to 16.7 and he still has time on the clock...like 3 years.
  8. Stop being any stupidier than you have to be. You know that part of the reason for the Bush deficits had to do with the Dotcom bubble bursting and the housing crisis laid on by you Democrats. Lets not even talk about the legacy that is going to be left by Berrycare.
  9. Cannon, my home news station is CNN. Stop being a retard. Do a little research on your own, son. Son, at the end of the FY 2008 (September 30, 2008) the national debt was 10,024,724,896,912.49 dollars. That was the last budget Bush II was responsible for. The FY 2009 budget was signed into law on March 11, 2009 by Barrack Hussein Obama. Current national debt $16.7 trillion. That all Obama and Democrats, son.
  10. Come now, Cannon. You know as bad as Bush and the Republicans were Obama and Democratic were a hell of a lot worse. I know you boys are trying to still pin the 2009 budget on Bush but anyone with at least a passing education knows that it Bush's budget was rejected by Pelosi/Reid and it was finally signed into law by one Barrack Obama in March of 2009...with a trillion dollars in deficit spending added to it. Sorry, bro. Your side sucks worse.
  11. I love charts like this. When put who was in Congress at the time it all becomes clear.
  12. Yep, here we go. But anyways, fuck those things. Lets just deal with Iraq where chemical weapons were found.
  13. I guess we all know what was in those convoy of semi-trucks that were going from Iraq to Syria in 2003 now. Not to mention the Sarin and mustard gas that was found in Iraq. But hey, why let facts get in the way right?! I am not going to lie. Sometimes I think liberals really are as clueless as they act. I really want to believe that they are just making it up, but no. They really are delusional. Its why they suck so bad at everything they do.
  14. Who the fuck draws a red line that he can't or won't back up? Obama that is who. Fucking amateur night in the White House. Thank you, Demostupidfucks.
  15. Skew unfortunately is a political hack. If he wasn't he would be blasting Harry Reid right now. But unfortunately he is a pu$$y who has no balls for taking his own little party to task for its failures.
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