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  1. The henpecked racist Old Mack is obsessed with Zaro
  2. He probably thought all of whacko media gonna pitch/sell his pillows. Now he is trapped and facing financial ruin
  3. ^^ delusional. It's only a crisis be├žause Trump created one by shutting the asylum seeking process down to a crawl, creating huge backlog
  4. Maybe we shouldn't have fucked around with Haiti so much. And I don't give Clinton a pass. Our actions do have consequences
  5. He implicated Trump. Said he plotted with Trump. You are such a numbskull
  6. I think this Bannon boast just put a full tank of gas into the "show"
  7. The courts ruled on that. All votes cast were cast under the same conditions
  8. You can't explain it. You are semi literate. Your limited vocabulary doesn't allow you to put your thoughts into words. You are an uneducated piece of white trash
  9. I didn't say you are crazy. I don't think you are. I said you were trying to change the subject
  10. Not from you. Unless he wants to learn about dental hygiene
  11. Oh and another thing. The Chink didn't brush his teeth for FIFTEEN years. People around here call him " the tooth"
  12. You didn't expose anything other than that you are a repulsive racist
  13. "level headed libertarians" don't exist. Libertarian is just a word to disguise an ideology of selfishness
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