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  1. My best guess is the Hillary e mail server. You probably thought your dumb ass was in danger of getting kicked by terra rists. Jerked off to that one for months
  2. We must turn around on the primrose path. We must change our suicidal race to total collapse
  3. The best Universities in Europe are free for anybody who makes the cut.
  4. Everybody should desire well rounded higher education. Going to college should be cheap or free for low income but qualified people. Young people should not have to start out under big debts. It delays them starting a family, buying a house, making both good money and saving for retirement. That's good economics, investing directly in people. Like the VA college fund helped the guys. If that makes me some kind of Fabian socialist, so be it
  5. I just don't have the patience for stuff like that
  6. Right wing extremists. All sorts. White Supremacists, religious yahoos, gun nuts, flat out racist like kluxers, David Duke types. Dumb punks who can't get a girl, incels with bad teeth and big bellies.
  7. I'm a bad ass bitch. Or Miss Bitch for you
  8. It just occurred to me that the real racist duds are all from the south. They can't even keep up with their better educated kluxers from up North or out west.
  9. It's what I make it. I call the shots here, not some two bit racist from Hicksville Texas
  10. Chooser is gonna argue that point until you are green in the face