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  1. he's gonna sh*t in funny shapes when they are done with his ass
  2. it took his mother a while to scrape the bail money together
  3. RussianDisinformation What is your fascination with faggots and asses?...In nearly every pot you say something of a homosexual nature. and thats not all.....feces also Room Idiot615 GO LICK YOUR MOMMAS ASS CLEAN ROOM RETARD´╗┐ GO TELL YOUR DADDY TO FEED YOU HIS DICK AGAIN YOU ARE COLLECTING WELFARE ANYWAY YOU NIGGA POS!!!!´╗┐ we have pictures of you licking your momma ass room retard LMFAO COMING FROM THE GUY THAT LICKS HIS MOMMA'S ASS EVERYTIME SHE TAKES A SHIIT... the Duck should have been a priest. Diddling - it's always on his mind. I hope they don't treat his anus too bad in jail
  4. the Duck will have to register as a sex offender when he gets out
  5. did you miss one of my posts? you're slipping in your old age
  6. you're just mad cause nobody sucks your limp noodle
  7. I don't support the troops. Plenty of em dead already in Afghanistan and Iraq
  8. are you still collecting my posts?
  9. I'm not bitter. Today is another 9/11 hehehe I'm gonna have lots of 9/11s to celebrate
  10. so? is your pastor walking around in Jeeeeeesus sandals?
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