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  1. What terrorist acts has the Taliban committed? They were ready to give bin Laden up, but Bush wanted a show
  2. Phoenix Protestors

    I'm happy alright. Trump* is so isolated that he can't afford to call Nazis out. He's got nothing but white trash as his support. Yeah, I'm happy. And if you are confused about white supremacists and those that protest em, you need to get that orange shit out of your head. Makes ya stupid *SHitler
  3. Phoenix Protestors

    Let's see who issues nazi dreck a license to march now, after Charlottesville
  4. Trump* just got into it with the turtle over Russia. Pay attention * illegitimate
  5. ^^ Trump* University * full of shit
  6. ^^ still waiting for trickle down to kick in
  7. How would you feel if some buffoon suckered you?
  8. Lol They are getting ready to give em another tax cut