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  1. Trump is a catalyst. The ugly maker
  2. Trump would have had a realistic way to pay for the wall if he would have been serious about it. Have Mexico pay. Lol. Immigration fears is what he is after, not a solution to any kind of problem
  3. Blessed are the shameless liars. Blessed are the proud. Blessed are the ruthless. Blessed are those who thirst after fame
  4. If the economy were so great, Trump wouldn't have to dream up an imaginary tax cut for the middle class
  5. Actually he lied again. Actually you are making excuses again. Actually you are an enabler
  6. Zaro

    What makes for a good society ?

    Lol Yeah. The freeeeedom to eat sh*t
  7. His tax cuts depend on huge growth, the tariffs and the fed is tightening