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  1. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be supportive and protective. Just don't hold them back is all.
  2. True equality comes from people accepting one another for who they are and also fairly dealing with one another -- you don't necessarily have to like them but you shouldn't oppress others(even if its just mild bullying) because they're not to your line of thinking. That isn't right. One of the most obvious examples of this is gay marriage. Why can't gays get married? Why can't gay couples have children? Because conservative policy dictates that they don't have the same rights as everyone else even though in reality, it shouldn't interfere with their sets of beliefs or desires for life and happiness, so why stop them? Obviously in extremes cases(murderers, rapists, etc) there can be no middle-ground because one deprives another of an essential freedom.
  3. It's a general term used to apply against a male dominated society.
  4. ...Still not getting what you're saying. ):
  5. Repeat that, couldn't understand it.
  6. Conservative values also teach hatred against gays and anyone not counted among their own. Not saying core, meaningful tenants aren't without merit by any means but they tend to be taken to extremes or obscured in silly ideology. I like men and women -- should I get with a woman? I would want her strong, independent, someone that adores me cooking for her and questions my motives and thought processing. She will have just as much say as me in our relationship if not more. Because I wouldn't take the "role of the man" and "put her in her place" I'd be judged poorly. Should I get with another man? I'd probably be strung up and hung in a conservative society without a proper sense of counter-balance, let's be perfectly honest here. You're the same people that will make abortions illegal but then turn around and condemn gay couples from raising adopted children when inherently the amount of children up for adoption would go up and we already have problems with that as is. Even though most evidence out there(and common sense for that matter) points to gay couples making just as good if not BETTER parents than their hetero counterparts. I can attest to this from personal experience. Conservatism unfortunately, while withholding some wisdom, is a patriarchal political concept in of itself. It is largely outdated and often contradicts its own thought processes. We're not going back to that, I can almost guarantee it. Especially if what people desire is social freedom to pursue who they really are as an individual.
  7. The idea is more to the effect that we as males have utterly failed and not just in politics but in raising our children and setting standards for our communities. We've long held sway over what goes and doesn't as norms/standards. As a result there is still a strong sense of pointless hatred towards gays, more effeminate men, and more masculine women as they go against the grind, they go against the patriarchal expectation set forth. We need to spend less time thumping our chests and more time smelling the roses while supporting the people we love -- and no, bringing home "the bread" doesn't quite cut it. That's part of the equation, not all of it, not even close. This is a new age and we need to evolve to meet it.
  8. I hate to say this but all I'm hearing is a bunch of capitalist propaganda that blatantly ignores a myriad of factors. Like for instance... A minimalist lifestyle is being able to buy a junker car. Being able to have a junker apartment with some kind of roof over your head. Having some kind of healthcare coverage so you don't croak the first goddamn time you come down with something. To have enough money to buy some food and some clothes when necessary. Basically things of necessity that many jobs out there can't provide. So what do people end up doing? Working 2-3 jobs instead of 1, wasting away slaving for assholes who don't deserve that kind of toil for what they're paying out. Guess what? They ain't got time to go to school. They ain't got time do much besides bust their ass and survive. Hell school a lot of the time is a good way just to get in a huge amount of debt if you don't know what you're doing. So unless you've got assistance or made ALL the right moves earlier on in life and had the support structure of a functioning family unit, you're probably screwed and stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle that is only getting worse with each passing year because let's face it... RICH MOTHER FUCKERS DON'T WANT YOU TO SUCCEED AND THEY SURE AS HELL DON'T WANT TO PAY YOU. So let's stop bullshitting ourselves and stop pretending that things aren't so bad. That the greedy somehow aren't inherently greedy and here to screw you. Then we might be able to have a real discussion.
  9. Corporations and businesses do make jobs, the people who start them do take risks, etc... all true. However, they DIDN'T do it alone. From every pawn to every knight at their disposal, they have all helped to build that company into what it is. Corporate entities tend to forget this and they owe it to their people to ensure they're taken care of. Instead many do the opposite of this, they take and take even as they profit while making no efforts to streamline business in more efficient ways or cut costs towards the upper-echelon who get far more than what they need or often times deserve. The problem today is that it's become too one-sided. People should be more adequately paid, no one should ever not be able to live a minimalist lifestyle when working for multi-billion dollar entities, period. Doesn't matter if its the service industry or Walmart.
  10. I'm a firm believer of defeating the 'Patriarchy' and bringing about true equality. Women must be empowered to do this. They must be encouraged to take up leaderships roles, roles in creativity(especially concerning mass entertainment), and men in turn should be emboldened to help them on their journey through life as mentors and partners -- not as their overlords. Until then young boys and men are going to struggle with what it means to be a 'man' and how best to co-exist in the modern world. It is unfortunate when a man finds that his sexual prowess is somehow the measure of his life or that his aims are to essentially marry a woman so that he can have what amounts to a servant at his side at all times. No wonder why sexual assault and frustration among men are so high! I LOVE female protagonists. I'm a huge fan of Disney princesses and the likes. I've even gotten into collecting the films and such. I even enjoy writing for them. I personally want to live in a world where men like me can adore the cute and pretty, to find passion in things beyond "MAN STUFF", rather than be judged and thought lesser of. Why not? Isn't that what we should be striving for always as a society? To break down barriers, find common ground, and create a true sense of equality among our people? We won't have such openness and consideration for one another until, again, the 'Patriarchy' is brought to its knees. Otherwise we'll always be forced to act and conduct ourselves how they desire it so. I truly believe it's time for us men to step down and help hoist up our sisters and daughters to greater heights. We've had our time and we're failing the boys of tomorrow by perpetuating this nonsensical view of manhood. So I want to know what you think. Would the United States of America benefit from the rise of feminism and for men to take on supporting roles?
  11. Maybe I should have been more specific. It's not that I think insurance companies per say are racketeers but that the healthcare industry ABUSES the very existence of insurance. Basically, they get to write a blank check to the consumer because their insurance is a large pool of money in which to pull from therefore increasing their value(artificially) significantly. If they were to actually charge based upon the general income of the average consumer it would be a much, much smaller amount. Again, kind of the norm from what I've seen. I'd really like to know what kind of insurance she has.
  12. Pretty common. Again, she must have the holy grail of insurance companies.
  13. ...Interest has been rising steadily every year what the hell are you talking about? And it's not about whether they can do anything concerning that debt. It's a matter of whether they'll get sick of our abuse and dump us entirely. Arrogance is not appealing. Then she must have had a bitch version of it and caught it early. A lot of people aren't lucky like that and don't discover they have cancer until it is highly progressive. You're talking about potentially years of combating it. I've had to pay 175 dollars out of my pocket just for a quick check-up at the local doctor. Like literally ten minutes of their time and forty minutes of my own waiting. That's WITH insurance. If she has insurance that covers long term cancer combat then banned word me silly, she's got the holy grail of insurance and you need to tell me where I can get it.
  14. It also has made our economy one massive bubble waiting to implode in on itself. All it would take is China and Russia giving our currency's validity the middle-finger and it's over... FOR THE ENTIRE MODERN WORLD. Trust me, with the way we keep disregarding any kind of monetary control eventually they're going to have no choice and will be(probably already are) setting up provisions to protect themselves for that time. There has to be a value there. If you keep printing for the sake of printing, that value diminishes. It's common sense. Got to love it when you're so entrenched in everyone's ass that if you were to go under, they all would go with you. Not the most comforting thought that the world's economy is in the hands of the some of the most ignorant people in said world. What we have is an economy of bloat buddy. It's artificial like Pamela Anderson's breasts. If we hadn't emerged out of WWII as basically the only real standing power, we'd be breasts up! Our status and integration world-wide post WWII is the only thing saving us right now. We're a ripened tick waiting to be burnt loose. Just gotta wait for that needle tip to get hot enough...
  15. If you get diagnosed with cancer and have no emergency fund you're banned worded, insurance or no. You're still going to be out thousands. There is no insurance that exists that covers you utterly and the more problematic your ailment, usually the less coverage. Insurance does a nice job of jacking up prices on the most mundane things to make it seem like you're actually getting fair coverage but when the [excrement] gets real, you're still bleeding out of your wallet. Even if you spent your entire lifetime paying in and never taking back up until then. Without insurance, again, those prices would be a mere fraction if that of what they currently are. If you had saved that money in a savings account that you would've instead paid to your insurance provider, you could have likely sidestepped a financial disaster and forked it over in CASH. It wouldn't be stupid cheap but it'd ultimately be more cost effective than what we have now. Again, what we have now is akin to a scam. Those values there are bloat, artificial, not real. You're paying for fluff basically rather than what you REALLY need at a REAL value.
  16. You can't force people to prepare for them though, that's one slippery slope you're going down. Either you set aside money for emergencies or you take that risk. If you were to abolish healthcare insurance costs would go down therefore when an emergency does arise it would likely only cost a fraction of what it does now. Ironically, with how stretched and demeaned healthcare insurance is and will become furthermore, most REAL emergencies would end up costing you more than WITH the current system of insurance than it would without. We look too much to the present and not enough ahead. We don't add 2+2 rather we just see the 4 in the immediate sense without actually having the variables to add it up. It's why this country is falling apart and will likely cease to exist for another century. We react in a knee-jerk fashion to everything and get swindled constantly as a result. We're being robbed blind and accepting it as a norm. At some point we have to pump the breaks and view things in an analytic manner.
  17. Really all it's doing is spreading coverage thinner for everyone. Yeah of course it's an upgrade for non-insurance covered individuals(I am one of them) but it increases costs and lowers coverage for those that were already established in many cases. It also forces individuals(like the young) to pay into a system without choice, which, in of itself is criminal in principle. This inadvertently becomes a new tax upon all, whether they need healthcare coverage or not. Then to top it all off, as I mentioned prior, the greater influx of money will senselessly drive up prices and further enslave us to the grand scam that is health insurance. It would be preferable if the government abolished health insurance upon this basis rather than play crony to it. Prices would plummet overnight. The bloat would melt away. You'd also have more sensible, careful use of the healthcare system on top of that. Currently it is severely abused BECAUSE again, insurance. You're not blowing your own money away as much as you are other peoples' who are practicing more control or just haven't had a need.
  18. Rugby is a pretty brutal sport man. That said, a lot of the injuries you suffer with that sport are external. The sheer force of tackling and the size of the men you speak of causes internal damage in our football, it's obscene. So... should we argue which is more stupid then? The one where you namely go home cut up and bruised or the one where you go home with a brain concussion that'll cut your life nearly in half if not destroy it before that point? I think I'll take the prior. However if I have ANY choice, I'll go with soccer. I appreciate technique and finesse far greater than how hard you can hit stupid with other stupid.
  19. Or maybe he's tired of "playing sides" and wants to get real? Doubtful but he definitely had a moment of clarity there either way.
  20. You do realize that everything you listed there, not just the ongoing conflict against drugs and terrorism are corporate fed schemes right? Some big-wig benefits from them, period. Just because one is a "feel good" initiative does not mean it's all good intentions. People in power rarely initiate a program without some twist behind it. If there wasn't a twist behind it initially, there will be down the road. Who do you think provides food for the poor? Do they not benefit from tax dollars whilst likely overcharging our government for their goods as contract work tends to go? Think about it. It's sickening. Ironically, insurance is a part of the problem(if not THE problem) as it artificially bloats up the cost of healthcare significantly. Isn't that what markets do when unnecessary money floods in? It becomes a free for all and costs skyrocket. You can visibly see this when we increase how many dollars are in circulation, that is we see the inflation that comes of it. Prices go up, not down. Once money gets removed from circulation(destroyed) prices go down. I like how the typical American solution is to take the problem and then stretch it into twice the size it was prior. Hell of an achievement. Mission accomplished. Get stung by a single bee? Let's go hit a couple of hives with a stick! That was a great idea too.
  21. There might be truth to this unfortunately it isn't the wealthy out the money, it is the rest of us that have to pay their share into the government. Whatever taxes you hit the "wealthy" with ultimately trickles down to us. They raise prices on goods or cut wages. It always comes back on us. They consider it an increase towards the cost of operating and so they try to circumvent it any way they can and negate said tax. An unfortunate truth but no less the reality of it. Taxes often end up hurting the middle and lower classes far more than the upper. At least those of us trying to make it on our own without government aid. Eventually it's going to get so bad that the majority of us will have no choice but to take government aid and then we'll really be screwed. I mean would you want to be beholden to any individual or person? The government is not above the flaws and problems of the individual. In fact it is collective of flaws found within the human race. In other words it's a very self-destructive cycle. We're starving ourselves to feed ourselves and it will either be unsustainable and collapse and or we'll be enslaved to some kind of new regime in order to survive.
  22. Just so you guys know a lot of these animals were nearly extinct and saved by this "canned hunt" fiasco. So I don't know, take the good with the bad I say. However, if you truly disagree with hunting animals like this you need to approach it with a more sensible point of view. Not just, "Hahah, I want to see that bitch raped by a gang of men. I'll put the bullet in the back of her stupid head to finish her off." -- No joke, one of the many lovely comments made towards her. There's no excuse for that kind of behavior.
  23. I thought Bush was a pretty terrible president... and he was a governor. Honestly, aside from a run-of-the-mill citizen running for president, I'd prefer a military leader with actual combat experience that has yet to be tainted by the politics of Washington. They at least tend to better understand the costs and realities of war and are less tied to the typical nonsense of either party.
  24. I think a lot of concepts and values they feel are true to the heart of the American people. Unfortunately I personally feel they're fighting losing battles(such as gay marriage) and often get portrayed improperly by the media due to their opposition where it is simply not necessary. They also sadly don't seem to understand that a lot of their more "hawkish" counterparts within the same group are an ironic departure from the "pro-life" message that a lot have concerning abortion. Hard to really fight that battle when so many are willing to send our young men(and women) to die in foreign lands in unproductive and costly wars. How can you care so much about a fetus that has yet to develop into a true being when you're more than happy to send off fully developed human beings to senselessly die or get maimed? Both sides have this weird habit of shooting themselves in the foot on a plethora of topics.
  25. Honestly a lot of what Obama espoused early in his career I agreed with and hoped he would enact with his presidency. My grandfather who was a staunch conservative of the time even wished him luck and considered that maybe a new direction was needed. He wasn't entirely fond of Bush by the end of it all nor the direction the Republican Party was going. Unfortunately... very little of it came true. Literally all this president seems to do is excuse himself and blame everyone else. He is not a leader, a problem solver, nor is he even likable at this point. Where was that young senator that espoused so many thoughtful ideas and declarations concerning foreign policy and limiting the powers of the executive branch? I would've supported that guy, even if I didn't agree with his domestic efforts.
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