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  1. Hee-hee, using your made-up definition of “fact” to support your made-up definition of “NOTHING”, now that‘s special (like you)!!! I’m still waiting to hear your made-up definition of “symbiotic relationships” that would keep your made-up definition of “fact” and your made-up definition of “NOTHING” seem logical to you. Hint (toward a real world definition of “symbiotic relationships”)... Team Rubicon gives credit to the Clinton Climate Initiative as "In-Kind Operational Support".
  2. Oh my, you don’t even understand what you quoted in your previous post? Now you want to pin opening the concept of “NOTHING” door on me? Thanks for showing up just one more time with a stellar display of your ignorance. It is fitting that we are “all about this” in Z09’s failure on accuracy. You two have very little credibility, but between you both, you might still be able to con a second-grader out of their lunch money, but most likely that second-grader would be having lunch on you two!!!
  3. Really, the George W Bush isn’t doing a DAMN thing either?   Like I’ve shown, you are shallow thinker that uses your made-up definitions that turns the pertinent facts into BS in your brain. So in your fictional world that relies on made-up definitions and ignoring things I have posted about the operation/purview/actions of the Clinton Foundation as it relates to doing for the two hurricanes (and beyond), like symbiotic relationships or paying forward through training/networking/sharing best practices with those in their community it does fit your made-up definition of “NOTHING” which exists in your brain (and maybe some other demented with the same mental issues) . You however have not changed the definitions for the rest of us.
  4. Or, you are just plain stupid. High probability on that... likely 99%+. But as for my proof, best go look at the kudos Team Rubicon gives to the Clinton Foundation for their operation.
  5. You provided nothing (the actual definition) to prove they've done nothing (the actual definition).
  6. I've provided many things they have done. That your intelligence level isn't capable of comprehending what action verbs mean does not negate them. From your responses it is safe to say that there isn't much that you do comprehend!!! But since you label yourself as "Golfboy", I should have known you operate with a major handicap!!! Bet you are a pain in the butt to be behind at putt-putt... what 6-hours per hole? And that is just cleaning out your ears!!!!
  7. Your premise that "sending people, or their own money" is the only thing that they can do, have done, or will do "to help hurricane victims" is an obvious and basic flaw in your thinking when applied to using the term "NOTHING".
  8. Well you can also thank the alternative “NOTHING” definition guy for also not understanding the purview and operation of the Clinton Foundation for my page after page (my cumulative time isn't really that much, most of what I wrote, like the definitions of words or how to do a quick search, I already knew). But the Clinton Foundation not only sent people, that came to donate to them, to the One America Appeal but also gave an avenue to bypass that fund, theirs and give directly to members in their symbiotic community that are the “boots on the ground“ (so to speak). I have no desire to spend time documenting all the areas that Clinton Foundation has done and continues to do to educate, sustain, or create co-mingled relationships within the “community” that is geared toward producing a better overall response to the World-class problem(s) at hand. I‘ve given one example for Team Rubicon. That’s enough to show the “pay it forward” paradigm that the Clinton Foundation uses in its model. What they do keeps on giving. No, the Clinton Foundation, by design, does not throw a lot of money directly to those in their community. The value of what they do is seen in connecting members to make them operate together more efficiently for whatever the target purpose is, WITHIN the scope of any of their initiatives or programs. Chelsea, with her twitter feed, gives a side view of what she is doing to affect coordination between those in, and out, of their “community” to eliminate unnecessary duplication of efforts. Nothing worse than sending multiples to one location when only one is needed while other locations need the same sort of help. BTW…Chelsea, in her twitter feed, indicated that they donated toward hurricane relief. Despite my previous comments to you, I’m pretty sure, by addressing this to you, that I am at least dealing with someone with more intelligence than Golfboy (though that wouldn’t take much, I guess I’ll see).
  9. Keep trying, your version of "NOTHING" does not apply!!!
  10. Those that administer a catalyst own the reaction!!!
  11. Hee-hee, but you think you can change history? Chelsea was also on twitter hooking those with wants and needs to the appropriate services as she was being contacted by all sides of the situation. Try to ignore William McNulty of Team Rubicon (one of the members of the Clinton Foundation community show on the page that you think is “NOTHING“) that sites an article that gives credit for co-arranging a six month course, to improve their operation, to the chairman of the board of the Clinton Foundation. That is but one of the reasons for listing them as members of the Clinton Foundation community and why they get the “pay it forward”/“ahead of the curve” check mark for advanced preparedness (as opposed to the after-the-fact response that routing donors with money represents for post-hurricane operations)
  12. Hee-hee, another good one from, you, the Proto Dumbass!!! I’m making up a web-page at the Clinton Foundation that their team formatted to include a links to the “One Americas Appeal” as well as write-ups and links to members of the Clinton Foundation community? You didn’t see that web-page?
  13. I'm defending using the correct use of definitions. The word "put", that you used, is an action verb... and action is doing something (aka not "inert"). Well, of course you "used" that word "put" and since "used" is an action verb, by your standard I guess you always do "NOTHING"!!!
  14. The rest aside, putting up a sign is doing "NOTHING"? You must be fun to watch on the Interstate trying to find your way without using signs!!!
  15. I accept that that is true according to your wacky standards as long as the non-standard and anti-norm definition of “NOTHING” remains the modus operandi. For people that use the standard definition, the Clinton Foundation putting up a page to send the donors, that came to them first, to a consolidation fund is something. For people that use the standard definition, entities from the Clinton Foundation “community”, being active in the Hurricane disasters , and who have gained from a “pay it forward” association with the Clinton Foundation is something. For people that use the standard definition, Bill Clinton in his roles of past president and founder of and board member in the Clinton Foundation appealing for funding on behalf of a fund located at another past president's organization is something. BTW did you give up trying to figure out the "symbiotic relationship" question yet or did that two sentence response take up all your thinking capacity? It's okay, now that you've posted it, to try getting back to the question. You have my permission!!!