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  1. It's popular on this board to argue.... yet we don't argue about you.... we all agree.... you don't have a coherent thought in your head.
  2. I'm not projecting anything in regards to your "thinking".... you don't having any "thinking" to be projected. Your posts would indicate you don't have a thought in your head.
  3. You offer incoherent rambling gibberish.... nothing more.... you never offer anything of substance.
  4. There isn't anything to deny..... you offer nothing but incoherent ramblings.... there is nothing to confirm or deny with your posts.... you offer nothing.
  5. No... it's true.... your posts are incoherent ramblings that offer nothing.
  6. No.... not "going for an intellectual victory".... I'm simply pointing out that you make no sense.... your posts are incoherent ramblings that offer nothing to anyone.
  7. Unless you have completely cooked your brain with one too many acid trips, there is no way you can't see how ridiculous your posts are.
  8. Ancestors are in the past.... they aren't here in the "moment now" to validate anything. And.... you don't "reproduce" your "own next ancestors".... ancestors produce you.... you produce descendants, heirs, offspring, whatever... but you don't reproduce "ancestors".
  9. Your post didn't propose anything for me to consider as a possibility.... it was incoherent.... nothing more than jumbled words.
  10. Gibberish.... nothing more than jumbled words that mean nothing.... you just liked the sound of them and you hoped no one would notice they meant nothing when put together.
  11. "There are no moments beyond here"..... I know you think that sounds profound, but it is an idiot statement. Your birth and death are 2 different moments with other moments in between. As for "ancestrally".... be glad there were moments beyond your ancestors' moments or you would have never had a moment.
  12. Your incoherent ramblings are textbook posts of a pseudo intellect ... you intentionally write in a way that is incoherent.... for some reason you assume others believe if they can't understand you that you must be talking over their heads.... the reality is, most see through you and know there is no sense to be made of you so they ignore you. I probably should ignore you as well.... I waste way too much time with you but exposing you gives me pleasure.... so I waste time. The wasted time is all in the "moment now here and there" of course.
  13. No thanks necessary.... it's always my pleasure to expose your pseudo intellect.
  14. I never said "dawn stops occurring".... it is constantly occurring.... but different each time.... each day brings new life.... it is "self evident".

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