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  1. How can you read that sentence and not realize how ridiculous it is? Do you even read your own posts?
  2. I'm not the one crying.... it's Repubs in the House and Senate trying to figure out what the president wants that are crying.
  3. How do you not know that "eternal separation" is a contradiction in terms?
  4. Have you noticed how there are no House and Senate Repubs fighting for the president's position? It's because no one knows the president's position on anything. Listen to them in interviews....
  5. The way Trump has jerked around House and Senate Repubs during this shutdown mess, we may not have to wait on Mueller.
  6. Who was it that lied to us about weapons of mass destruction?
  7. I had considered GeorgeW the worst ever, definitely the worst in my half century on the planet, but I really think Trump has taken things to an all time low.
  8. Yes, Trump is the worst president in history. GeorgeW thanks God everyday for Trump.
  9. Trump killed DACA in September, that means Trump has had over 4 months to work out a deal and he's done nothing. They even had a bipartisan deal and Trump said no, after he had pledged to sign "whatever" they brought him. Trump and the repubs own this.
  10. Apparently, neither of you know this but.... Repubs control the House, Senate and White House. You can't blame this on the Dems, especially after Trump said he would sign "whatever they brought him" but reneged when they brought him a bipartisan deal. Have you forgotten the "s**thole" fiasco? That was Trump, all Trump!
  11. But you weren't well informed on the context of the posts you quoted. As I said before.... get a clue.
  12. Probably not, but Putin would know the answer to that better than any of us would so you may want to check with him.
  13. Why is he threatening to shutdown the government unless we (the American taxpayer) don't give him the money for the wall when he promised Mexico would pay for it?
  14. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.... read the entire discussion we had so you don't make yourself look anymore foolish. YOU: I'm going to take one comment out of an hours long discussion and use it however I want without any context. ME: Get a clue.
  15. Until you can tell me specifically what you disagree with, I will assume there isn’t anything you can disagree with. You just don’t like the road agreeing puts you on. Good night.