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  1. Was Charlottesville "fake news"? Was the leader of the Republican party saying there were "good people" on both sides "fake news"?
  2. "I'm rubber and you're glue" should have been the title of this thread. These childish attempts by a right wingers to convince themselves they aren't racist even though they are aligning with a party that has opened their arms to racists are sad at best.
  3. Maybe.... they could have told Americans about the Trump investigation the same way the held a press conference less that 2 weeks before the election to announce the HClinton investigation.
  4. Still with the "Christian" values..... nice
  5. God only knows what point you think you are making but here's the bottom line.... tRump has pissed off (or squabbled with as you want to say) our allies and has now "developed a special bond" (tRump quote) with the NKorea murderous dictator. I know you play the moron on this forum, but even you have to recognize that is a little disturbing.
  6. https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NE.TRD.GNFS.ZS?locations=US
  7. Already told you, oh dumb one, over $500billion just with Canada alone..... another $500billion with Mexico..... $200billion with Japan..... $170billion with Germany I guarantee you are too stupid to understand the ramifications of a trade war with these countries because of your pathetic blind devotion to tRump.
  8. Teenagers "squabble" over the TV remote..... nations have trade wars over billions of dollars. You not knowing that is truly a "special kind of stupid".
  9. We have over $500Billion in trade with Canada alone..... and you call that a "squabble". It's sad watching idiots like you, parroting the stupid tRump you see on FoxNoise, without even thinking about it. Then you can't figure out why your ass hurts, even though you bend over repeatedly for tRump to ram you.
  10. If you honestly believe that is what our foreign policy should be, you are a fool.
  11. Trump has pissed off all of our allies and (in his words) has "developed a very special bond" with the NKorean leader. Let that sink in.
  12. I've had the same pointless debate/argument with you at different moments.... my life existed beyond each of those moments.
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