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  1. Theres a reason why People like Issa are anti drug, he's well connected with wall st bankers and as the laws stand, the states can not make any money off the sale of illegal drug's, even though the states are the ones directly affected by the crime created by illegal drugs. Time to decriminalize pot and coke and let the states start to profit off drug taxes and not the wall st. bank's who for years have been laundering hundred of billions every year and are occasionally caught and lightly reprimanded.
  2. I try to watch faux every once and a while and have noticed that whenever they really start shoveling the sh-t, they have a alert flashing in the lower right corner of the screen, and I can just see all these trailer livin' armchair patriot's, watching their t.v's in rapt indignation. I guess the alert sign makes the outrage rush just a little more intense. Hypnotizing?????? absolutely. MSNBC is doing the same thing only they use the more main stream special report. They are after all just opposite wings of the same bird. They specialize in mass division.
  3. Our state and federal legal system has been under assault for many years, it's taken a lot of money and a lot of time to get this SCOTUS into power. I'm worried that Ruth Bader Ginsberg will try and hang on to long and die while a [Republican] is in office. The American people would be totally screwed then as the balance would then be three to six. You can bet your ass the right wing zealots on this SCOTUS won't be retiring any time soon.
  4. Right, and the only countries we seem to want to [HELP] all the time are the ones with oil.
  5. I wonder how many penises this man has had in his mouth since the incident at the Minn. airport? It's amazing the hypocrisy of this party.
  6. When are you going to answer the question, when and where did you serve? If you didn't serve your country, you need to keep your yap shut about the way our wounded vets are treated.
  7. You do realize nobody here on this site gives you any credibility on anything you post, right? Why not quit making up crap and try to get into the conversation! Even racists like yourself might have something legit to say every once in a while.
  8. Wrong you uninformed dumbass, America was founded to free the people from religious and tyrannical persecution.
  9. Another outraged faux noise Obama critic. I to believe there is a foul presence in our country but it ain't coming from the left. Greed will be the downfall of America.
  10. I'll try working on my grammer just for you! but you still got the message and that is all that matters.
  11. And what is it that you add of value to the site besides proving that racism still exists in America?
  12. Who's idea was it to put in Iraq in the first place dumbass?
  13. Sounds like another faux noise troll. Get a life douce bag!
  14. Calling a corrupt, phony grassroots organization the tea PARTY gives it an air of patriotism, when in reality they are anything but patriotic. I prefer to call them the bag's.
  15. In recent years, the BLM have turned more or less into the real estate arm of the federal govt. Selling off public lands for private development without the permission of the land owners, you and me!
  16. Their mission is to divide, because a divided country is powerless against tyranny. It's been proven time and again throughout history. It's amazing how fast the country changed when a black president was elected not once, but twice. Racism really does suck!
  17. So taking money from the Kochs isn't the same as taking money from du-pont??????????? How many people have died in Hope Arkansas because of toxic waste being dumped into streams by these two money worshippers
  18. Considering what your party has done in the last twelve years, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a setup, and when it comes to conspiracy nut's, the far right win's hands down.
  19. It's when you start yelling at the T.V. set you should start worrying.
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