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  1. I don't have the technical skills necessary to post a still shot of W Bush's face when Andy Card, his chief of staff, told him of the attack when he was in that school room in Florida. But I saw it in the movies, and his look said it all. He knew. If you really want to see the wealth of evidence, there is a book titled, "Timeline" which details the events leading to and immediately after 911. Read it and you'll want to sharpen your pitchfork.
  2. The fact is that Bush and Cheney set this attack up in advance and knew well it was going to happen. It was a false flag operation to pave the way for our invasion of Iraq. I'm sure they couldn't have know the buildings would come down, killing so many people, but there is no question these two are guilty of mass murder and should be tried as such.
  3. Too bad there weren't any good kids around. The only thing that stops a bad kid with a gun is a good kid with a gun.
  4. Polls are about as useless as a conservative at a meeting of scientists. They are rarely right, and then only by chance.
  5. He's not a Jew. His name is not Levin. It's LeVin. So nobody knows he's Jewish. Talk about self hating.
  6. I have to agree with you, Xavier. I think Trump loves the race, with the cheering crowds, the speeches, the TV coverage. I sincerely doubt he wants to actually govern. Too much real work.
  7. I vote fake. Nobody came to his aide ? Back in the day, I would have been in there with him.
  8. Nevada was a caucus, not a primary. People can't just go and vote an go home. It's an hours long affair. Wait for the general and see how many turn out for Hillary. And the Repubs are turning out in bigger numbers than in 2008 or 2012. That's because of Trump. He's pulling out voters who are not traditional Repubs, who probably sat out the last few elections. And Trump will have to be the Repub nominee. If not, he will go third party and sink the entire right wing ship.
  9. I favor Bill Ayres from Chicago. I that doesn't work, nominate anyone named Mohammed.
  10. It should be. Laissez-faire capitalism is at the root of the world's economic problems today. The idea that we as a society would allow greed and corruption to rule our lives is crazy, but that is exactly what has happened. I am all in favor of free enterprise and private ownership of business, but the ability to make money should be regulated with concern for the common good, and the consequences to individual people.
  11. Watch the video again. The premise is "which mansion did Hillary live in ?". Not that she owned any of them. And lived in for how long ? Did she stay a week as someone's guest ? Just another B S hit piece. I hope it was not by a Bernie supporter. I would expect that from a Repub.
  12. I saw a preview of Jeb's latest TV commercial. He has his brother, George W, stand up and tell us what a great guy he is and what a great president he'll make. Yeah, like W is so popular after all the crap he put us through. What's next ? A video endorsement from Dick Cheney ?
  13. What's that lump in the senator's pants ? Me thinks he's probably queer.
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