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  1. After a few drinks he musters the courage to talk to her. After a few more he's pretty drunk, and he leans over and says, "Can I smell your pussee?" Outraged, she says "of course not." He says, "Oh, then it must be your feet."
  2. What do you have, a really big charcoal rotisserie? I imagine they don't taste too good; they don't have good taste when they are alive. Lots of barbecue sauce? PS Oh, oh, epiphany: marinade? That'll take the bitterness out of anything.
  3. So it is. I had a good laugh. I'll gladly pay taxes to that government!! Here is something I wrote long ago. It's called "A Loving Letter to Illegal Immigrants." I would like to take a moment and talk to illegal immigrants in the U.S. Governments rarely apologize for their misdeeds or atrocities; therefore, I will step up to the plate for the US and the Mexican Governments. To the hundreds of thousands who had family members and loved ones injured, disabled, or killed by the drug wars; to the thousands who lost family members and loved ones when they attempted illegal entry into the US; to all, in both countries, who are losing their rights and are threatened, endangered or injured by rampant crime, I apologize for the US not enforcing our immigration laws and our borders and for the Mexican government encouraging and facilitating illegal immigration to the US. Now, you may find yourselves in a predicament: you may be uprooted, inconvenienced, or required to leave the US. I know you will then not succumb to a darker facet of human nature but take the higher road. I know if required to leave, you will bid us adieu with humility and gratitude for the many benefits and gifts bestowed upon you and the gracious hospitality the US showed you even though you were here illegally. I know that the longer you were here, the more profusely you will be tempted to thank us and shower accolades upon the US for such benevolence, but that is not necessary. When you come back to the US legally, we will all be waiting, as we always have, with open arms. Best wishes and prayers go with you for your safe journey home and success in legally returning to the US. If The People of the US had been in charge of immigration and borders, we would have shown you more compassion by enforcing the laws and our border thus preventing you from illegally entering the US in the first place.
  4. You may have seen this before. Pathological compassion is a problem we address in the curricular. LIBERALS ANONYMOUS Our motto: “From Darkness to Light” A free rescue, normalization, crisis, and education center Walk-ins are encouraged One heartfelt Lane Helpsville, CT 54321 24/7 crisis hotline: 1-800-GET-HELP Advance enrollment in our 2019 Road to Recovery Classes is now open. Summer Courses, May 1 through July 31: Introduction to Common Sense (M-W-F, 8 to 9 AM) Human Nature 101 (M-W-F, 9 to 10 AM) Accepting History and Learning from It (T-Thurs-Sat, 8 to 9 AM) Life Experience – Use It or Lose It (T-Thurs-Sat, 9 to 10 AM) Logic 101 (T-Thurs-Sat, 1 to 2 PM) Fall Courses, Sept 1 through Nov 30: (schedule is to be announced) Pathological Compassion: What It Is and How to Control It Forest for the Trees: a New Way of Thinking Prognostication with Experience, History, Human Nature, and Logic Aligning Priorities with Reality Introduction to Fiscal and Economic Responsibility Note: Summer courses are prerequisites for fall courses. Every Wednesday after class there is a testimony and then a group discussion. We are an all-volunteer NGO, and our instructors are all recovering liberals.
  5. How can he ignore reality and say such things. I can only assume RollingRock defines the word "troll" and is ruthless to boot. I don't engage such people anymore.
  6. The southern border is about 2k miles long and it would cost a small fortune to install electronic means to secure it, and it would require many thousands of permanently assigned border patrol agents with vehicles and their gear to respond quickly enough to alarms and interdict the criminals, their drugs, guns, human trafficking victims, and etc. The White House grounds utilize a high density of state-of-the-art security technologies probably including satellite surveillance as well as a fence and a multitude of security police. And yet, intruders violate the grounds with some getting to the White House. Securing the southern border is a matter of national security of the utmost importance and gravity for you and your family as it is for me and my family as it is for everyone in the US. We are talking about violent gangs; violent and sophisticated crime syndicates; terrorists, common criminals; diseases that were all but eliminated in the US including viruses, STDs and other bacteria with several being highly resistant to antibiotics; plant pathogens; destructive plant insects; internal human parasites and external ones like bed bugs and scabies; human trafficking with sexual exploitation of children; 90% or more of heroin and fentanyl come over or under the southern border (over 72,000 drug overdose deaths last year – more than the total casualties of the Vietnam war) and about half of all other illicit drugs ; gun trafficking; other smuggling; taking jobs from US citizens and legal immigrants and holding wages down particularly affecting Black Americans; DWIs and car accidents with several being fatal; bleeding our social programs and benefits costing us a fortune every year, etc. Anyone who advocates open borders or opposes or impedes any enforcement or fortification of our porous southern border for power and/or money is a despicable human being and a traitor to America and its people. Hell, it is the very definition of treason and the stock and trade of the left. As far as ladders go, how is a would-be illegal immigrant going to trek all the way to our border carrying a 30-foot ladder? Do you opponents of the wall know how clumsy and heavy a 30-foot ladder is or how much one costs? Have any of you ever tried to pull one up to the top of a tall wall with razor wire or barbed wire on its top, get the ladder and yourself over the top of such a barrier, then lower the ladder down the other side and climb down? Then, how would they get the ladder back over the wall and down the other side for someone else to use? Have any of you ever carried, erected, and used a 30-foot ladder? Even if would-be illegal immigrants could get climbing gear to the border, it would still be a feat to get over and down the other side of such a wall. If feasible to use, do you all realize how difficult it would be to throw a rope ladder over a 30 foot wall and then back over it for someone else to use? Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that some incredibly fit, determined, equipped, and experienced person could get over such a wall with his belongings, how many might that be out of say 5,000 people? As for the BS that walls don’t work, it is exactly that. Destroy this country and its western values and civilization will you? Not if I can help it. Get off your damned political high horse, stop displaying your hatred for this country, and show some scruples and patriotism for a change. Yours truly, Rick55
  7. rick55

    Not to bumfuzzle but

    That word cracks me up because if you use it you are guilty of it!
  8. Live and learn. I did not know that opposition research, bias polling, and dirty tricks was the sole purview of the right. Those dirty, lying, subhuman conturds don't deserve to live! Period!
  9. I've always been a logophile. Do you think I am too sesquipedalian?
  10. A guy walks into a bar and orders six shots. The bartender brings over the six shots and says, "what's the occasion?" The customer says, "my first blow job." The bartender says, "congratulations" and brings him another shot telling him it it is on-the-house. The customer says, "Thanks for the drink, but if six shots is not enough to get the bad taste out of my mouth I don't know what is."
  11. Of course, no Democrat will watch this video to completion, and they will ignore it and continue with the agenda that hates this country intended to bring her to her knees for their future political power. What we observe from the left today is blatant treason. I have been fighting the good fight for 30 years. In 1993 the definition of "comprehensive immigration reform" meant the converse of what it does today. That phrase now makes my skin crawl. Yes, the world has and continues to laugh at the USA. I would recommend you conservatives record this video as I did because it won't be long before it is expunged from the net.
  12. Left wing wackos not need reply. You will be ignored if you are not on ignore already.
  13. Leftist wackos no need reply. I don't read or entertain comments or questions from you. Most of you are on ignore anyway.