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  1. The link didn't come out so that it can just be clicked on. Copy and paste the URL.
  2. https://dl-mail.ymail.com/ws/download/mailboxes/@.id==VjN-jkyI4oZiBLAVj1WgnxTWMgWjRl_220aPJqScHhmsKIzjmj13c99HOBw2alH4W-kp6ZpE5Y7g4GgXeutD4Sj6ag/messages/@.id==ADzwVwp3_tgjX2uJqgeZUF2ObNo/content/parts/@.id==2/raw?appid=YMailNorrin&ymreqid=02a91063-ca15-fcd3-1c58-5e001f016b00&token=zitEzqOML3j84e6ealFTT5U7-km5qEQF52lp7AcCuBbWnV_rELYq2DrVHw5HJYIrU0b9GYU5zF996ggJH_Q8AAzFDfPmm3-s1ASKKs0kcYQ
  3. I guess it has long been "by any means necessary" and will always be.
  4. I tried to reach out to the other side in hopes we could maybe meet in the middle on something. I was mistaken.
  5. Come on Scout, please stop disseminating propaganda. Everyone knows he would never say such a thing.
  6. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2020/09/18/fact-check-here-are-bidens-biggest-lies-from-his-cnn-town-hall-n942822 https://www.factcheck.org/2020/09/factchecking-bidens-town-hall/ https://www.wdsu.com/article/stitch-missing-wedding-dresses-1600711570/34099915 I watched the so-called town hall meeting live – what a farce. When Biden was coherent, he told more whoppers than are rated in the above fact-checking websites – one after the another.
  7. as the American left consumes itself with depravity and bloodthirsty, vitriolic hate. Long the crybabies and poor losers, their present desperation is pitiful.
  8. He should also sue the individuals who, on the air, misrepresented or failed to correct misrepresentations of what Mr. Dershowitz said and meant, as well as, all on the Board of Directors and CEO. The amount should be 1 trillion dollars for each individual and 10 trillion dollars for the network.
  9. Hanging is the way to go. Drop them just a few feet so the neck doesn't break and they suffer a protracted demise from strangulation. That way we can watch them dance to the Anthem for a while.
  10. ? Did I somehow misconstrue your post? Scout, sometimes I think we were made for each other. That's tongue-in-cheek, but can you imagine the political arguments we would have?
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