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  1. In addition to the sheer volume of such a bill, there is another reason many bills are almost impossible, if not impossible, to comprehend fully. They repeatedly refer to and edit other laws, and those laws edit other laws, and so on. One has to access a vast law library and be a brilliant attorney with a sizable staff with plenty of time to fully understand such a bill. Even members of congress don't understand, in toto, the bills on which they vote. Remember Pelosi's comment: "We have to pass the bill to know what's in it?" Some laws take years to fully implement because of their size and complexity. Even if the hollow promises that bills would be made available to the public before the vote where kept, it would be useless. There have been bills that stand several feet high. There are now so many laws that no-one can know them all. I once heard an attorney on TV say that you can't go out of your house without breaking a law. My friend, we are way, way over the tipping point in several respects.
  2. Sarcastic advice to pray from a likely athiest followed by blasphemy in just four word. You are truly gifted. Talk to me on your deathbed.
  3. I believe the left may have fuc*ed up, and, as a result, a significant majority of The People see through their bullshit and are already fed up. I anxiously await 2022 and 2024. However, there is a caveat to my optimism. I fear we may never recover from the damage the left will have done because they use the seven deadly sins to which we are all vulnerable. IMO, the establishment Democrats are devious and incomprehensibly evil -- Satin's children, if you will. I don't mean to wax fatalistic, but I perceive the beginning of the end for the greatest experiment in government our world has ever seen. I pray I am wrong.
  4. Please refer to me as an inseminating person. PS please search birthing person.
  5. I just had my morning covfefe as I like it: cream and sugar. And I'm having a Wendy's hamberder for lunch. How about you? Because tweets are haphazardly written and sent, they often contain misspellings. The misspelling of 'coffee' and 'hamburger' might have been typos, but I doubt it. The spelling errors involve more than one letter suggesting they were not typos. The extra letter in 'covfefe' also suggests it wasn't. Loving to taunt the media as he does, I suspect Trump did them intentionally for a good laugh at the media because he knew they would go crazy. They did. He laughed heartily. I laughed heartily.
  6. It reeks of an incomprehensibly beastly conspiracy. Is it not beyond the pale? Could the waters run that deep? I can only pray it is not so.
  7. It's official; the left has gone incurably cuckoo. Progressives rebrand moms as 'birthing people' - Bing video
  8. "President Biden repeatedly framed his campaign and his administration as defending “the rule of law” after what he and others portrayed as the lawless reign of President Trump. The image of Biden as restoring the Justice Department back into the good graces of the law and the courts is reinforced regularly in the media. What is not being as fully reported is that Biden actually has racked up a litany of notable court losses that may now exceed those of his predecessor in his first six months. Indeed, the Biden administration has been found to have violated the Constitution in a surprising array of cases in a surprisingly short period of time." We're only five months in -- how many courts can decide Biden violates the Constitution? Let's count them, shall we? Biden's bad run: Is he doing worse in the courts than Trump? | TheHill Where's the cacophonous outrage from the left?
  9. Did you ever see this Skans? It's priceless -- watch the reaction of those sitting next to her.
  10. In October 2020, Bruce Hendry wrote a piece about how things have changed."This summarizes a lot of my feelings and confusion over what seems to be happening in our much divided country. What is really sad, is that I have several friends (good people) to whom I am not sending this, for the primary reason that they hate our President and therefore think these statements are political, when they are NOT. They are factual."https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/10/hypocrisy-left-bruce-hendry/
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