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  1. A few of your points are presumptuous because you don’t know what I’ve experienced in my life. You make think you can, but no, you cannot. Presumptuous. "I've been told" so obviously, it must be true. I did not state it as fact; I said, “I’ve been told,” and left it to readers to research it if interested. (But I will tell you that it was from a reliable source.) This is a discussion about free will, not the existence of God. People who believe in God (theists) are in the title of the post. There were other posts that dealt with the existence of God. My response was appropriate. No one has claimed to understand God, or tried to do so. I never said someone claimed to understand God in my post, quite the contrary. I do not see why facing death cannot be an intellectual exercise. Perhaps early on for some, but I maintain it is highly doubtful that people close to death are having intellectual debates with themselves or anyone. They are far more likely to feel sorrow about leaving loved ones, regret about things they didn’t do, or fear/desperation if they are not persons of faith. Holding the hand of a dying person is often comforting for him or her. And being as you have obviously not died, your claiming it is an emotional experience is speculation. Obviously, I did not die. Nonetheless, presumptuous. Many people are not given any chance to express emotion at the moment or death. That does not mean they don’t feel emotions to the end.
  2. Watching mortals second-guessing and trying to understand the Deity was amusing. Facing death is unavoidable for all of us, and it is not an intellectual exercise; it is an emotional experience. I believe Ignoring God or even denying God is forgivable, but I’ve been told that denying God after knowing Him is the unforgivable sin. I can personally guarantee you a Deity exists, and it is the Christian Deity.
  3. Nonanswer in Bidenese is nexnelsrent. Biden said, "That's not hypothetical." Just trying to be helpful.
  4. Trump was on a private yacht when his hat blew into the water. He walked on water to retrieve his hat. The mainstream media reported, “TRUMP CAN’T SWIM.”
  5. GM, Benny. It seems to me Trump donated his entire salary for his entire tenure. That would be about $1.6 million. Hmm, that's kinda rare, isn't it?
  6. Dictionary.com and the Webster Dictionary include a political group in the definition of genocide, and the Cambridge Dictionary refers to a whole group of people. Seniors and the infirmed (often seniors) have the highest fatality rate from Covid-19, and seniors happen to be a Republican voting bloc. There's a political party in the U.S. that knowingly disperses countless infected people into our population, withholds Covid-19 monoclonal antibodies from the red retirement states of Texas and Florida, and sends infected people to nursing homes. Is there a correlation there? Perhaps we should coin new words like "gericide," "republicide," "geriphobia," and "republiphobia." Nah, it's just a figment of my fertile imagination and coincidental.
  7. Many people love animals as I do. There are numerous cute or funny videos about dogs and cats on Tik Tok which I enjoy watching. But I never knew that dogs could be smarter than a lot of people. The following video is not only funny, but it demonstrates my point.
  8. I wholly agree with you on the hiring of illegal immigrants. The problem it is now so widespread that it is probably impossible to resolve. That same thing -- overwhelming our country -- is what the Democratic party has accomplished with the illegal immigration issue because of the massive number of illegal immigrants here and coming in. It seems the Democratic party attained its self-serving and evil political goals. But I fight the good battle anyway because is a critical issue and I tend to be an idealist. Read on if you dare. To our country’s detriment, the Democratic party establishment prioritizes and panders to illegal immigrants—their present and future voters and contributors. Their positions on illegal immigration and the southern border demonstrate that nothing is beyond the pale when it comes to power and votes—not even death, diseases, mayhem, human trafficking, drugs, murders, botanical diseases and parasites, costs to our country, overloading services, taking jobs and suppressing wages, identity fraud, importing and financing gangs and cartels, other types of violence and crimes, massive violation of immigration laws, violating our sovereignty, a source of illegal firearms, etc. Our safety, and way of life are fleeting. Legal immigrants and Americans take a back seat to their agenda, even though that agenda disproportionately disadvantages legal immigrants and Black and Hispanic citizens—the populations that Democrats claim to champion. As is typical of them, inconvenient facts and realities don’t matter and are ignored, especially regarding this issue.
  9. I bet we don't get one Democrat that responds with even the modest response that it is wrong. Ain't rabid partisanship and self interests something to behold?
  10. We all know the travesty of what’s happening at our southern border. We all know it’s the result of the current administration’s outrageous, or should I say absent, border policy. We all know there are severe results of that policy. And, if honest, we all know it’s all about the Democratic party gaining votes and power. (Is that redundant?)I’m curious, how do Democrats here respond to We The People and the millions of people spending mucho dinero, filling out lengthy and complicated forms – often requiring an attorney – and waiting months, usually years, to legally immigrate to the best country in the world?How Many Are Waiting to Come to America? (newsweek.com)
  11. Yes, then he offered a heartfelt apology for all the offenders. Then I told him that after learning about him, I understood why some animals eat their young.
  12. Hmm. It's revealing. A Democratic Rep. is upset enough about what's going on at the border that she offers an extreme, ridiculous solution. I smell desperation.
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