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  1. Your being facetious, right?
  2. Damn, I have a hangnail! That funking Trump!
  3. Now the faces of the D party? I hope so.
  4. Oops, I will try to get it right. Thanks.
  5. This says so much. This short video is extremely important for leftists and ultra liberals to watch, and, hopefully, after viewing, it would be an ideal time for introspection. But, alas, you won't, and you won't. For those who love this country, it should tear you up as it did me even though I've seen it before. https://dl-mail.ymail.com/ws/download/mailboxes/@.id==VjN-jkyI4oZiBLAVj1WgnxTWMgWjRl_220aPJqScHhmsKIzjmj13c99HOBw2alH4W-kp6ZpE5Y7g4GgXeutD4Sj6ag/messages/@.id==AIa-RLM_dVufXIlUsQtl-K_gnww/content/parts/@.id==2/raw?appid=YMailNorrin&ymreqid=7901d90f-e797-1fa2-1cc1-db005101e200&token=zitEzqOML3j84e6ealFTT5U7-km5qEQF52lp7AcCuBbWnV_rELYq2DrVHw5HJYIrU0b9GYU5zF996ggJH_Q8AAzFDfPmm3-s1ASKKs0kcYQ After clicking on the link, you will likely have to choose "open" to watch it, or, if you wish, save it and then scan it with your anti-virus software before opening it. Thanks, Rick55
  6. The people of England voted to LEAVE THE EU in JUNE OF 2016, and it's NOT DONE YET! When the media announced the vote, I sneered as I thought, "It will never happen."
  7. Every time it is changed, we have to plow through the changes and contend with the the inevitable glitches. Just sayin!
  8. https://dl-mail.ymail.com/ws/download/mailboxes/@.id==VjN-jkyI4oZiBLAVj1WgnxTWMgWjRl_220aPJqScHhmsKIzjmj13c99HOBw2alH4W-kp6ZpE5Y7g4GgXeutD4Sj6ag/messages/@.id==AHvJKthJC0kPXID74gCzsF8VoKw/content/parts/@.id==2/raw?appid=YMailNorrin&ymreqid=7901d90f-e797-1fa2-1c61-ed0023016500&token=zitEzqOML3j84e6ealFTT5U7-km5qEQF52lp7AcCuBbWnV_rELYq2DrVHw5HJYIrU0b9GYU5zF996ggJH_Q8AAzFDfPmm3-s1ASKKs0kcYQ
  9. I refer to the progression of political correctness to stifle any type of free speech for political purposes. I asked about today to bring attention to where PC has arrived as evidenced by what we see from the left in the streets.
  10. In 1991 https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=president+bush+speech+in+may+1991+on+political+correctness&view=detail&mid=E3D3FAB33D2B37F4AB82E3D3FAB33D2B37F4AB82&FORM=VIRE And now?
  11. He can always claim it happened when he was getting off the helicopter and took sniper fire. PS Is this the end or the beginning of your day?
  12. I don't know but what a dick!
  13. The first quote being apropos for this topic, here are words of wisdom from Thomas Sowell. https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/2056.Thomas_Sowell
  14. https://sma.org/illegal-immigration-and-the-threat-of-infectious-disease/