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  1. Valid point. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I have used Ouija Boards and I use Medicine Cards and Tarot Cards often. A fair amount of people might think that is part of the Occult. But, I believe it's what you have in your heart when you do it.
  2. Absolutely! I am not a believer in organized religion, but I completely believe in angels and Jesus. He is all around us, and we can see his gifts every day. If we are open to them, we can see them. Some may poo poo the whole paranormal thing, but they don't realize how close to nature/Jesus these things are. It's all intertwined. I see it nearly every day when I am at my lake house. It's quiet and I can sit on the earth and feel it al around me. I have had deer come right up to me and sniff my face when I am meditating. That's Jesus at play right there.
  3. That man was an angel. I know you know that. Roll on.
  4. I think the mind is opened when trauma is present. It is something that can never be proven or disproven. you know it when you see it, or feel it.
  5. That's ok! It's easy not to believe if you have never had the experience. I don't remember a time in my life when I haven't had spirits around. When I was a child I would be on my dock fishing and hear voices and laughing. Always at the quietest times in my life, they have been there. I have a very long story I will share tomorrow.
  6. Thank you for participating. This is one thing you and I are on the exact same page about.
  7. I think most spirits are happy where they wind up. Some just don't want to leave the physical world behind. I have never been 'pestered' by a spirit, and I don't know anyone personally who has. Also, I think some people are more 'sensitive' to that plane than others. Animals and children for example. It's well documented with children. There are devices for recording sounds and voices. Spirit boxes and such.
  8. the OP is so fearful. So dickless and feckless and impotent. Poor, poor thing is so scared of women who have a mind and a mouth.... Keep living in fear you poor little snowflake. lol
  9. Payroll taxes are not a fixed cost. Are you a union shop? It's a tough time to be in business right now. I hope you are able to hang on. Did you apply for an SBA loan?
  10. I have no idea why they are there. I don't claim to understand it, but I know I can feel it. Not Wiccan. Not even sure I know what Wiccan is. You don't have to believe in it. Have you never felt like something you couldn't see or wrap your head around was near you? I have seen orbs, felt energy fields, 'heard' voices. I know it sounds crazy to someone who hasn't felt it, but it's very real. It's not something that can be explained by science.
  11. Hi teacher. Long time.... Did you watch Tiger King? That shit was crazy!
  12. I like it here. A good crew all in all. Always a pleasure to see real conservatives.
  13. I really believe in spirits and residual energy. Our bodies are energy and when we die we still exist as energy. I have had a lot of paranormal experiences. More than I can even remember. Since as long as I can remember. I am surrounded by wonderful, comforting spirits at my lake place. I have also seen some really benevolent spirits in my time. They scare the hell out of me. I believe in Jesus as a prophet. He really existed and he had a wonderful message. I practice Animal Medicine and I worship the Great Spirit. I would like to discuss others' experiences as well as non believers.
  14. I know. I truly love a real conservative. I have seen quote a few here and it makes me really happy. Real conservatives and real liberals are so close on so many issues.
  15. Isn't that what the whole social distancing was all about? The bring all the numbers down. Now it looks like it's working. I wish it would all stop today and not one more death or hospitalization. Ultimately, we need better testing. Like a month ago, we were supposed to have drive up testing everywhere. What happened to that?
  16. I think this post belongs in the other thread. The one he started about me. The one that started this whole thing.
  17. Thank you. You and I agree on morality and ethics even when we don't agree on politics. Some things you just don't do. Some people can't help themselves.
  18. You are going to need to produce that quote. I didn't even know you had a son before that PM you sent me last week. If you honestly think you can put some kind of curse on me, you are even crazier than I thought. Here are some facts: 1. Since I started posting here recently, you have been making a lot of effort to get my attention and bait me. 2. You started a thread about me with the sole intention of trying to embarrass me. 3. You claim such a great memory, but you get almost everything wrong. 4. You are a spineless little pussy who is terrified of women. Mouth women especially. 5. If I ever did meet you in real life, I would sear your hateful soul with just a look. You are that weal and impotent. So, post what ever you like about me. Do your worst because it says a hell of a lot more about you than it does me. Carry on, you vapid waste of skin.
  19. I looked in the PM window, but I couldn't find anything. Thanks for the info.
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