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  1. I don't have a problem with gay people. But, I don't understand all the new terms for people. Pansexual, cisgender, etc. Who the fuck cares?
  2. Well, birth defects are quite common. Most of them are no big deal. I think it has something to do with androgens misfiring in the first trimester. But, I am no scientist.
  3. I definitely think people are born gay. But, since being gay goes against survival instinct, I think it's a birth defect.
  4. As if anyone who doesn't have a victim mentality would believe that. My 9+ years as a senior moderator on this forum and the other speaks for itself. But, by all means, carry on. Your tears entertain me. Too cowardly to say who you were there. Noted.
  5. Progressive societies will always implode sooner or later. My grand sons just turned 7. They have that Guess Who? game. They will only play with the boy cards because they don't want their characters to be girls. I think that's pretty normal. They prefer to play with other boys. They like girls, but they don't want to be like them. Once i had them at the Play Place at McDonald's. A couple little girls were there playing. The boys asked them if they wanted to play. They said yes. The boys told them they had to be zombies and they were going to shoot them. They ran off crying. lol
  6. I wanted to stay here, but I got scared off with the outings and the craziness of she who shall not be named. I thought it was super shitty what happened to Aaron. Also, I got tired of the insurance salesman begging for money. Cannon has always been a great admin and he has given us senior mods full authority to do what we will. You know me, I would rather embarrass the idiots than ban them. So, I let them hang around. I have given some time outs, but sometimes that is absolutely necessary. I have always been a huge fan of the die of suspension. It was just so arbitrary! These fools are on me like a pitbull on a poodle. I think they think they can bully me. Isn't that cute?
  7. That was smart! Are they healthier than others coming across the border?
  8. I suppose it's because they were all consenting adults. It's funny that the most normal person on that show was the ex drug dealer who talked causally about cutting up a federal agent.
  9. So, I assume you also have a problem with Doc Antle and his harem?
  10. If the borders are being shut down, those workers won't be coming in.
  11. Well, isn't everything already shut down? Are Americans going to be harvesting food this summer? That's usually the work of legal migrant foreigners.
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