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  1. We got rid of royalty in the US in 1776. Blm riots caused billions of dollars in damages, some of that to federal buildings. This was no different. Well less fire and looting but a federal building is a federal building.
  2. Ridiculous. Proud Boys keep to themselves, unlike antifa. Jan 6th was less costly or eventful than any of a dozen blm riots. Immigrants aren't being systematically murdered. You are a infanticide supporting pedophile cheerleader. I miss the days when democrats were about the working man rather that a loose coalition of the perpetually aggrieved.
  3. Compared to the left? Not seeing any buildings burning, businesses looted, pussy hats being worn by those on the right.
  4. What 100 degree Temps in the Arctic? Barrow, AK All Time Record High 79 °F Bethel, AK All Time Record High 90 °F Bettles, AK All Time Record High 93 °F Big Delta Airport, AK All Time Record High 92 °F
  5. Correctly. Weed is very effective at encouraging appetite and reducing seizures.
  6. Only Republicans. Even then, only those named Trump.
  7. Confirmation bias is a definite problem with politicized science. If you are only allowed to find nails the solution will always be a hammer.
  8. The largest segment of vaccine resistant people are communities of color. I know that will kill your hard on thinking about all the dead idiot Trump supporters but you are actually cheering the death and discrimination of blacks.
  9. What part of long term side effects are you missing? We know acute reactions are rare but vaccine zealots feel the need to lie about even them. 16k have died shortly after receiving the vaccine, 75,000 needed professional medical care. Some of the side effects include swelling of the heart, stroke, endocarditis, and acute immunodeficiency. Long term effects are unknown as the first mrna vaccine ever dispensed has been around less than 9 months. Want to be honest about these rare reactions or are you going to repeat the safe and effective mantra?
  10. Ask black lives matter. Zimmerman was getting beaten to death when he shot Trayvon. Michael Brown was shot after beating up a cop and charging him. In both cases the shooters went on trial and faced life altering negative press. This chickenshit deserves the same attention.
  11. Is that the barrier you want to use when white cops shoot black suspects? Just curious. Prove the cop didn't know the unarmed black person was unarmed. Think that is a shitty precedent to set but ok....
  12. I blame the asshole that pulled the trigger. Hero my ass. Just imagine the buildings that would burn if a cop gave such an interview after killing an unarmed black person at a protest.
  13. She wasn't a hero. She was breaking laws and should have been arrested. Shooting her wasn't justified. Hundreds of other armed officers were there, none of the others thought the situation warranted lethal force. Not a hero but this coward made her a martyr.
  14. Neighbors indicated the police knocked for a while and identified themselves. They had a no knock but didn't execute the warrant as such. Both Neighbors and cops said they identified themselves.
  15. Both are technically correct. The party with the presidency needs 50. The party out of power needs 51.
  16. The side that doesn't have the vice presidency needs 51. I don't believe in the history of the republic has a vice president ever broken a tie against their own party or refused to break a tie in their parties favor. Those with the presidency of their party in office only need 50 senate votes.
  17. If your party controls the presidency then 50 votes from senators is all you need. The VP breaks the tie. That is for votes not requiring a 2/3rds majority. This is basic Jr High civics. Forgot they replaced that with socialist studies.
  18. Not 1.3 million dollars worth of suffering. I have had to clean women's rooms before, they have their own disgusting issues. Guys don't leave bloody cotton stuck to mirrors.
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