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  1. President Biden can join president Hillary for tea with President Mondale and Gore. In your fucking dreams.
  2. This does set an unlivable precedent. There is always another virus.
  3. North Korea has chem and bioweapons which explains south Korea's readiness for the pandemic. This has fuckall to with their willingness to use them unprovoked.
  4. They live under a constant threat of biological and chemical weapons from their neighbor. All we have are grouchy rapist drug cartels. I assure you we have stockpiles of opioid reversal medications and adrenaline.
  5. Now that is a scary bug. If we were facing that we would be under reacting.
  6. The wdc kit had an 80% failure rate. We should have bought those!! Make no mistake, we would have been billed for faulty kits.
  7. He put travel restrictions on infected areas of China and Democrats called it racist.
  8. Spot on. The part about Trump instituting travel bans to infected regions only to be called a racist and having CDC on the ground at the epicenter in January invalidates all their soon fed talking points.
  9. He's been acting admirably. Gave them a shot at addressing the call to action on their own. They didn't quite meet expectations so he's giving them guidance.
  10. All correct, thank God. It's just not that scary of a bug. Imagine if Freddy Kruger or Jason only killed. 05% of the people they attacked. Would you be frightened?
  11. It's also far less dangerous. Fucking MERS is the devil. If a variant of that gets out then all this bullshit overreaction to the sniffles would be justified. Covid19 is not MERS.
  12. They told Obama to close schools and shutter industry over h1n1. He wisely weighed the options and decided not to.
  13. We have a vaccine, it's in testing. This is not a particularly strong bug. You bet on a hooker against Donald Trump, now you are betting on the sniffles. Good luck!
  14. 80 to 90% of those that get this are asymptomatic. Wanna really compare that with the flu? This thing is mild for a vast majority of people.
  15. Just looking at what it's doing in parts of the world that were hit earlier. We will peak soon and then the infection rate will drop. Do you have reason to believe it will follow a different pattern than it has in previously impacted nations? Its attacking our younger folk but that is because we grossly overuse antibiotics and antiseptics. This thing will bounce right off of India, given their developed immune systems. Not surprised it's eating snowflakes here.
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