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  1. Passing a full sized brick from your anal cavity pretty much proves you are either gay or loooove horses. 😁
  2. Now now, blacks with white chicks is true. Brothers will date below average looking white or Hispanic women before they will romance a sista. Less attitude and white women are more gullible.
  3. Battle of the old white cisgendered males. How exciting! We should make it interesting and put the loser in a nursing home.
  4. Why would homosexuality be seen as a pejorative? If they were indeed homos they should get rosie on board. They could do worse. Anderson Cooper is under contract.
  5. The decorations would certainly be an improvement.
  6. Really? That would be what I would expect from a fascist but he is actually returning power to Congress, to the courts, to the States, to the people. I can't name a single time he has expanded executive authority. Can name many obvious times the last two guys did.
  7. That would be Trump's kryptonite. He is a man who thrives on attention, positive or negative. He needs publicity to breathe, to thrive, to win. The very thing that can beat Trump is the one thing his enemies are incapable of doing. Ignore him.
  8. Fascists consolidate industry and political power under the executive. Trump is doing exactly the opposite of a fascist.
  9. Pretty blatant. They find racism in Trump's attacks on anti American comments made by democratic Congresswomen. They ignore blatent racism of black separatists and trip over themselves to get Farrakhans endorsement.
  10. The left bleating about racism while they kiss the ring of antisemitic black separatists. Too funny!
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