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  1. Ecoterrorist inspired by Trump? Retarded.
  2. Bs. Presidents have been promising to move the embassy to Jerusalem since JFK.
  3. The unsecured border and our corporate greed drives cartel slavery. Slavery is bad, mkay?
  4. Citizens should have access to whatever means are regularly used to police them. Semi automatic rifles. Sniper rifles. Armored cars. Law abiding citizens should also have access to the same fire power criminals use. Semi auto hand guns, bats, and malt liquor.
  5. Unfortunately you know that's not going to happen. This monster will be given a megaphone. Those whining his murder video is posted, this will prove far worse. Humans sin nature is attracted to this stuff. Women are penning love letters to this misunderstood man almost as we speak.
  6. Starting to think you might be possessed.
  7. You can thank religion and Superstition for the formation of human society. You're welcome.
  8. You must live in Oz, because you are the queen of the gender confused strawmen. Nowhere did I say anything about people being armed. I said that the traditional notion of hiding or playing dead, often taught in corporate active shooter scenarios, is obviously bad advice. Run away from the situation, do not return until authorities arrived. If you are unable to run, then fight as a group. A single attacker would be mowed down. Multiple attackers from multiple directions, the gunman would have been killed or incapacitated.
  9. If one finds themselves in a workplace or public shooting, it's clear that shelter in place or pretending to be dead is not an effective response. Hopefully, those viewing this video, will rush the a hole with a gun.
  10. Keep seeing these hate crimes ending up being perpetrated by frustrated progressives trying to paint conservatives in a negative light. Nooses in trees, swastikas drawn on lockers by black students, fake rapes reported by Muslims, Smollett claiming to be attacked by two maga hat wearing white inbreds screaming "maga country you black faggot!". The underreporting of black on white hate crimes like the knock out game. Poor crackers living in shooting gallery ghettos are certainly terrorized. Sorry observation doesn't match the claim most domestic terrorist acts are committed by right wingers.
  11. No need to fake Islamic barbarism. Just let the cameras roll.
  12. Abuse rates are higher among public school teachers. Occupations that involve children attract predators.
  13. How many of those were faked by progressives? I bet it's not an insignificant percentage.
  14. We shouldn't have stayed around to attempt to rebuild. We should not be drone striking their local police matters.
  15. The colonized world and our industrial slaves stand to make hundreds of billions in US sin payments. Nah, no motive there.