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  1. Executive privilege extends to the executive. No more fishing expeditions will be supported regarding the 2016 elections. Move on.
  2. I am okay with it because I don't believe it happened. I think some very well connected intelligence operatives and their handlers thought there was a distinct possibility of that reality so they reacted accordingly. Unfortunately for them Trump is innocent of being a Russian puppet. Their actions went well beyond investigations to a level of creating a disinformation campaign to affect the ability of a duly elected president of the United States to perform his duties.
  3. Nixon only covered for a breakin he had no part in planning or advance knowledge. Trump sold our government to the Russians. He is operating at levels Nixon could not dream of.
  4. Trump needs to one up Nixon. Go big or go home! 😁
  5. That is why we hired him. Government needs to be knocked down a few pegs.
  6. Kinda hard to move forward with that if every subpoena and request is met with a middle finger from the executive. Investigations of 2016 elections are over. No more time, documents, or personnel will be given to Congress for such investigations. An impeachment proceeding will get similar treatment. Democrats should move on to issues rather than trying to remove Trump as he is making them look quite impotent and unhinged. You are not getting him out of the white house before 2021 at the earliest. 2025 is far more likely.
  7. Your welcome to cling to the narrative but most Americans who were are abandoning it and are upset they were lied to for three years.
  8. Estimates. Let's see if the wannabe doctors estimates hold up to fact. 30% of federal inmates are not US citizens. Fact. https://cis.org/Huennekens/DOJ-26-Federal-Prisoners-Are-Aliens Nope.
  9. She identifies as man, we should respect her wishes.
  10. NeoConvict

    Iran For Idiots

    Trump exited the agreement because it was one sided and toothless. 30 day notice before a site inspection? No US inspectors allowed? Worthless.
  11. It's never over but you have joined the ranks of the Obama birthers, flat earthers, and alex Jones conspiracy loons. As long as you know Trump Russia collusion is a fantasy I suppose a little indulgence isn't going to kill ya.
  12. NeoConvict

    the nazis

    Come now, he is a life long supporter of Democrat politicians and causes. Serial adulterer, had years of chatting with Howard Stern, Elton John sung at his wedding. If it wasn't for the birther stuff and new found opposition to abortion he would be a liberal. He wants universal healthcare. He wants to get the USA out of middle eastern conflicts. He wants billions for infrastructure. He is working on prison and sentencing reform. Liberal. You are missing a golden opportunity, a liberal president supported by conservatives.
  13. NeoConvict

    the nazis

    He is the most liberal Republican to ever serve. If he had a D in front of his name many liberals here would be singing his praises and it would be the Republicans screaming for impeachment.
  14. Nope, it was a lefty trying to drum up traffic on a site they were administrating. My original account was made in 2004. Name change in 2009.