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  1. I member! Member when Bush Sr lost an election for raising taxes? I member that too!
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/authorities-drop-battery-charges-against-trump-campaign-manager-corey-lewandowski-n556051 Fields case was dropped two years ago. Might wanna get new material.
  3. He will be reelected by a wide margin. Suicides by progressives will reduce US carbon emissions and save the planet from global warming. Hug a liberal while you can!
  4. We get along with Saudi and they are #2 if not number 1. How many of the 911 hijackers were Iranians? How many were shia muslims?
  5. I haven't been in the market for years, thought 750 for a bare bones and 1200 for one with decent upgrades was the going rate. I've paid 350 for a no frills 9mm.
  6. That has to be a ghetto bare bones system. 1200 with some decent mods is the average plus a few hundred for reasonable optics.
  7. Intimidate? Was he coached to call the hearings a wasteful sham? Sounded more annoyed by nadless Nadler than intimidated by the presence of White House lawyers.
  8. Keep telling yourself that. Keep believing the liberals have the moral high ground. It use to be liberty, God, and country. Progressives no longer support any of those.
  9. "No, you are a waste of time and tax dollars. " Sad showing for neutered nadler.
  10. She claims to be a pioneer now. She can play cowgirls and Indians without leaving her own bathtub!
  11. Woke identity politics has all but ruined comedy. Fortunately some bigger names are fighting back. Dave Chappelle, Jerry Sinefield, Eddie Murphy. Hopefully they will help reverse this unfortunate situation.
  12. You would respect it if it stopped. Not pooing would quickly become your top priority.
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