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  1. You think he killed a man in full view of the public out of racial animosity? Dumb.
  2. We haven't seen how he ended up on the ground with three cops restraining him. He was filmed being led to a patrol car and then he is on the ground. What led to that?
  3. Dealing with scum like you day in and day out is what creates bad cops.
  4. Protect resources we captured from Obama's ISIS brethren. Want to make sure that doesn't happen again. We haven't taken a drop, just secured it. For now. Should probably send Assad a bill.
  5. Getting punched and then bull charged was a remarkable level of stupid. One that cannot be trained for. People burnt down their own city over a lie and now have to live in even worse conditions. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  6. Chubby contributed to his own death in the first case. Need to be in good physical shape if you are going to resist arrest. The verdict is out on the second one. Very well could have been a heart attack. He was breathing well enough to talk without much effort.
  7. Sure, but there is no real compelling US interest in opium. We have plenty.
  8. Protesters shouldn't turn into rioters requiring the use of tear gas.
  9. no. What Trump is trying to do is ensure those operating under the protection provided to public platforms are not censored for political or ideological reasons. If they wish to be content publishers rather than public platforms that is their right but they would not enjoy the liability protections given to platforms. It's like when a church tells it's congregation who to vote for, they lose their tax exempt status. Twitter is welcome to become a liberal publication if they wish but should no longer be protected as a public platform.
  10. Bitch he left Syria and wants to leave Iraq. We had no business invading either country. Gross overreaction to 911 that did nothing to admonish those who funded the attack, the Saudis.
  11. Shooting looters is nothing new. I would think warning people who might be considering looting that they could be shot is a public service. These social media companies are giving Trump all the ammunition he needs to declare them publishers rather than public platforms for speech.
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