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  1. When? When he said Trump told him no quid pro quo? When he admitted that he assumed the aid was being withheld in exchange for investigations? Do we convict people on the assumptions of others?
  2. We want nationalism, not globalism. We want babies to live, not be aborted. We want kids to learn about natural sex and the importance of the nuclear family rather than the sodomite or feminist alternatives. We want the US less involved in foreign wars and police actions. We want less corruption in government. We want religious freedom for all. These are some of the reasons why we elected president Trump.
  3. “Yes it does,” Hill agreed. Checkmate. I have never heard anyone promote the theory that Ukraine hacked the dnc rather than Russia. That to me makes no sense. They certainly performed investigations of Trumps associates in an effort to damage his 2016 election. They gave press conferences calling him unfit for the office. Ukraine did their best to interfere with Trump.
  4. Ukraine admitted to 2016 election interference in promoting Hillary Clinton and performing politically motivated investigations into Trump's campaign staff. They admitted this, Hill admitted this. The claim that Ukraine hacked the dnc and not Russia has never been taken seriously and is a strawman to cover the interference Ukraine did perpetrate.
  5. She admitted Ukraine and others worked against Trump. Made statements about his lack of fitness for office. Started investigating his campaign members who had any history with Ukraine. She confirmed all of that and said she didn't blame Trump for being upset.
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