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  1. Your Mental Health Provider must drive a Mercedes, thanks to you, Nut-job. Your delusional, un-American and un-Constitutional Communist Malcontentedness, and paranoid schizophrenia, are textbook clinical. Ha!
  2. Which is Communism. They are not entitled to another man's Liberty... at a rate greater than their own. ... Comrade.
  3. That it was procedure, and that both the ME and Coroner reports ruled it a Suicide, didn't matter either. Involuntary Homicide... warrants a trial.
  4. What we have: Bad: (Democrat National Socialist/Communist) Reliance on Communist China for Manufacturing. Reliance on Arab Terrorist OPEC for Oil. Reliance on Shipping for Manufactured Goods. Unrestrained unskilled Illegal Immigration. Unrestrained unskilled Entitlement Welfare. Good:(Republican/Libertarian) Domestic Raw Material/Natural Resources. Educated, trainable Potential Workforce. Existing and expandable Domestic Rail System. Constitutional Tariffs. What We Need: (Republican/Libertarian) - End Reliance on Overseas Communist Manufacturing. - End Reliance on Foreign Oil (... again) - Domestic Economic Zones supported by Rail Transportation. - Trained and Employed Domestic Work Force. How We Do It: (Put Flap "A" into slot "B") - Raise Tariffs - to discourage Overseas Manufacturing. - Lower Taxes for Domestic Manufacturing/Production. - Eliminate Capital Gains Tax. - Increase Domestic Energy Production. - Seal the Borders to Illegal Immigration. - Prosecute Employers that Employ them. - Increase Trade/Craft Educational Opportunities. - End Entitlement Welfare. - Replace it w/ Educational Stipends. - Adult AMERICA - "You have the Unalienable Right to Fail, ... and Start Anew. You have the Unalienable Right to Starve to Death, (if you don't Freeze to Death in Winter first) ... if that is Your Free Will, ... and the Product of Your Labor." - Blue Devil -
  5. Your Mental Health Provider must love this, Nut-job. Your delusional, un-American and un-Constitutional Communist Malcontentedness and paranoid schizophrenia alone are probably payin' his green fees at the club. Ha!
  6. Make sure you are on billable hours for your Mental Health Provider, Nut-job. Your delusional, un-American and un-Constitutional Communist Malcontentedness and paranoid schizophrenia are clinical Gold. Ha!
  7. Communist usurpation of American Liberty - is un-American. Parasite.
  8. That is what the Trial is for, Comrade. The Fact that he did, and was also the on-site authority, warrants it. Alec Baldwin is another delusional TDS Democrat National Socialist Malcontent as well. His "sense" is questionable at best.
  9. Article V Convention of States. And read the charter for the 16th Amendment, Comrade. Less than 1 percent of the population paid income taxes at the rate of only 1 percent of net income. Now, you Communist parasites take working people's paychecks, steal a third, and then give them what you think they should have left. un-American, Economy killin' Democrat National Socialism.
  10. Any delusional Socialist malcontent would. But they are Americans, like any other American, and so should be Taxed at the same rate. Progressive Tax Rates - are just another un-American, Economy killing, Democrat National Socialist contrivance.
  11. Personal Attacks - are one of the First indications that you have won the argument, on the merits, with an Adolescent Communist Malcontent. ... even a butt-hurt Academic one. So ya know, Comrade.
  12. All delusional Communist malcontents are.
  13. So... why the .45 ACP, in the modern world of the double-stack capacity Wonder-9...? A few things. 1. Compared to the GLOCK G36 single-stack slimline .45 ACP, both the GLOCK G48 and Sig P365 XL 9mm's have the same essential form factor and loaded weight. Compare them on Handgun Hero. 2. Simply, when expanded, the .45 ACP makes bigger holes, ~ 60% bigger on average, and is more reliable to expand and not over-penetrate. 3. According to Greg Ellifrtiz's study of 1,785 actual shooting events: the .45 ACP, on average, stopped the threat w/ ~ 40% fewer rounds fired compared to the 9mm. That's 2:3 - 3:4. Which means fewer shots/quicker stops, and fewer hits and potential misses required. A 7-shot .45 ACP pistol has the same stopping effectiveness as a 10-shot 9mm. 4. While having somewhat greater recoil, the .45 ACP is still a low-pressure round: 21K psi compared to 35K psi of even the std. pressure 9mm... not to mention +P+. In the confined spaces that SD shootings generally occur, this makes a difference. According to the above linked study, 9mm involved shootings hit vital areas (head/thoracic cavity) 74% of the time. The .45 ACP...? 85%. So, for a given size/weight pistol, the .45 ACP provides bigger/more effective/more accurate results w/ less danger of over-penetration/misses. The double-stack 9mm does provide more "on-board" rounds, maybe One or Two additional stops in excess of the Two to Three that the single-stack .45 ACP provides. But this is a HD/SD pistol, and not a "go-to-war" firearm. And assuming that your worst case scenario of multiple threats in excess of Three are not all together: cover, and a two second reload of a spare magazine, will bring any pistol back up and running, even the .45 ACP.
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