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  1. He married into the Schwarzenegger/Shriver clan. He's fuckin' Teflon. He could club baby seals... ...till he dumps her and moves on.
  2. Those are just to change his diapers. A grown woman - would know better and laugh.
  3. Most Parishes in the Great State of Louisiana are like that. That's why the Homicide rate is so high. ...lots are justifiable. Citizens and Law Enforcement - Saving the Taxpayer.
  4. - The Great State of Louisiana - To black Cockroach Thugs - "I'm Easy to Find!"
  5. Well Regulated Militia - Sheriff says he'll Deputize Lawful Gun Owners if Deputies Can't Handle BLM/ANTIFA Communist Protesters
  6. Outstanding! Saved the Taxpayers Two expensive Trials and lengthy vacations in the grey-bar hotel. Judged, found guilty, sentenced, and executed for the content of their character... all for $0.36 a round. The Constitution is Awesome! ...especially the Second Amendment.
  7. Poor... Thing. The Corrupt Hypocrite imam barbie Obammunist ran unopposed... out of a field of Three. And yet...?
  8. The best neighbors - are the ones that don't call the police when they hear repetitive banging accompanied by loud Pentecostal religious services. 8>)
  9. A Man - by Nature, is entitled to All the Window-shopping he likes. ...right up to the Test-drive.

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