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  1. Tried to pass itself off as an Airline Pilot. One operational question RE: weather procedures proved that skycap was its true profession. Ha!
  2. LOL - they'll eat just about anything and not complain. Making something good - out of something bad.
  3. S(he) lost it in Nam - having sex with forest animals.
  4. Hogs - find other disruptive animals... surprisingly tasty.
  5. Federal 12 ga. low base #1 Buckshot, w/ the flight control wad, is an outstanding HD round.
  6. Does she have an offensive odor so bad that even the blind dislike her?
  7. Beautiful. They are finding out that all worthwhile problems can't be solved with a cup of coffee and a cell phone conversation.
  8. Politically motivated partisan WOT, w/ neither opinion nor commentary. "The point of the clean debate room is to post interesting articles, news stories, etc., which includes but not limited to, the URL to link the information title, one or two paragraphs from the article, and a few words of your own take on it, and then let other members give their take on it, in respectful debate, agree or disagree."
  9. You obviously need to read the rules of the Debate Room RE: Thread Topics and OPs. Expect this one to be removed by Admin. Consider this a Member warning. @kfools
  10. What part of: - Democrat - National - Socialist Do you not understand, and I'll be glad to explain it to you so that you will no longer be confused and upset. The fact is - the Kennedy Center laundered TaxPAYer relief money for the Democrat National Socialist Party. That's why they got it. Debate that. Thread/ @kfools
  11. Democrat National Socialist Propaganda - will make his penix grow back.
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