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  1. How about the weather, then. Or, walkin' through "brown-town" at One in the morning, w/ $20 bills hangin' out of your pockets. 8>)
  2. Then it would be knife fights... followed by hatchet fights... followed by hammer fights... followed by club fights... And are you also for suing the Automobile manufactures, to get rid of hwy fatalities? They are inanimate tools as well. (although not Constitutionally protected, like firearms) ...or, are you just a Liberal hypocrite.
  3. Which is to say he hit it poorly. Even a heart-shot elk will run a fair ways dead on its hooves.
  4. The Ruger African is a sweet rifle. 24" Bbl., and have added a NECG Ruger tip-off rear aperture sight.
  5. Don't think I'm for that kind of "Insurrection". This, I like... Simo Häyhä
  6. Have three basic loads: - 150 gr. Grand Slam handloads - 140 gr. TSX (small shop - bought on liquidation for bullet component cost) - 130 gr. Federal Trophy Copper (for LR and the Lead-Free Soviet Provinces)
  7. As posted, have always had a .270 Win. What one will do, the other will do as well.
  8. 7-08 - is an underrated field cartridge... except by those who use it. Have had a Rem 700 BDL in .270 win as my prime hunting rifle since the 80's, and retired it for a Winchester M70 EW/SS chambered in the same cartridge not too long ago. Big enough, light enough. Does everythin' I ask of it.
  9. Because missin'... sucks. And, a bad hit on game is even worse. Marksmanship - is a depreciative skill. Practice... practice... practice...
  10. Shoot a coupla boxes every time I have the rifle at the range. And its nice to practice w/ the same loads you will take into the field. For blasting - the PPU 150 gr. for ~ $14/box is good, but wouldn't prefer to hunt w/it.
  11. Not as much cost as quality. A $0.22/pop 150 gr. SPEER Grand Slam bullet, handloaded to ~ 2800 fps, shoots ~ MOA and does 95% of everything a factory 150 gr. Nosler Partition will do, at less than half the loaded cost.
  12. Free on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9Hf0FgDFGY And, for those of us that can read... ... a great book and series as well.
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