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  1. Apparently not. Skip a few of your daily talkin'point seminars and find out for yourself...
  2. You may want to skip your daily talkin'point seminar on occasion...
  3. You may want to skip your daily talkin'point seminar on occasion...
  4. True. The Dead One will continue to vote Democrat National Socialist/Communist.
  5. "Come for the Ass-douche Self-entitled Adolescent Socialist/Communist Malcontents. ... Stay for the Adult Civil Society and Constitutional Republicanism."
  6. Are you offering to cut the lawn? ... or just work in the fields. Note: All the bikes are locked up.
  7. Homeowner Defends Against Three Home Invaders; Wounds 1, Kills 1 A Baton Rouge, LA homeowner was greeting at his home around 7:00 PM by at least three armed men. The homeowner was able to defend himself with his own gun when he fired on the invaders. He struck two of them. One died at the scene, another was taken to a local hospital and a third was arrested and booked. Original story reported by WAFB9. The motive for the attack is not known but whether it was random or a targeted attack three men with handguns entering your home is an extremely dangerous situ
  8. Democrat National Socialists/Communists Agree about Voting... "I believe that who and how people in the Party vote, is unimportant. What is extremely important is who counts the votes, and how they are recorded." - Joseph Stalin -
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