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  1. Trump is a threat to National Security

    Your President MAGA
  2. Yes, the "n!gger-in-the-Woodpile" syndrome.
  3. Adolescent Socialists - Where is your Incriminating Evidence? Ring Girl with ALL your... ...Trump Incriminating Evidence. Ha!
  4. Rather see her eatin' off stainless-steel trays... Ha!
  5. Frames per second. The High-speed video. 12 gauge Federal FLITECONTROL #1 buckshot (LE132 1B) is low-base, ~ 1100 Feet per second. Very pleasant to shoot, yet hits like a Claymore mine. Awww... did I hurt your wittle feewings...? Ha! Ha!
  6. Dartmouth Distances Itself From Academic Communist Professor Mark Bray Who Endorsed Violence on ‘Meet the Press’ Antifa Ass-douche Self-entitled malcontent Academic Communist Dartmouth College has distanced itself from comments made by one of its Ass-douche Self-entitled malcontent Academic Communist professors on NBC's "Meet the Press" over the weekend that appeared to defend violence from the "antifa" movement. Antifa Ass-douche Self-entitled malcontent Academic Communist Mark Bray has written a new book on the antifa movement, titled Antifa: the Ass-douche Self-entitled malcontent Adolescent Communist Handbook. Perfect. Ha!
  7. imam Barbie Davis-Soetoro's Navy Four Accidents in the 7th Fleet this year, Commander Relieved "You're Fired!" MAGA!
  8. Wait 'till he gets around to his Domestic Terrorist policy, Comrades. I hear Democrat National Socialist Utopia North Korea is nice this time of year. ...if you don't mind eating grass to keep from starving to death. Ha!
  9. Immigration is Federal, Comrade. imam Barbie Davis-Sotoro proved that in Arizona. Ha!
  10. Communist Elizabeth Warren - Corrupting Campaign Finance Laws Circumvents Campaign Limits Via Joint Committee Nearly all of the money raised by Comrade Warren's joint fund has gone to her campaign committee and PAC; little to Mass. state party. Sen. Comrade Elizabeth Warren (Communist, Mass.), who has positioned herself on the frontlines of campaign finance reform, can circumvent campaign finance limits with the use of a joint fundraising committee that was quietly established earlier this year.
  11. They are an especially viral and deadly strain of parasite, these Democrat National Socialists.
  12. Might even beat'im to Mount Rushmore. President Ronaldus Maximus made the mistake of letting RiNOs into the tent, that later caused problems like the amnesty deal that Comrade Tip-shit O'neal ended up reneging on. President Donald Trump just kicked them all out. MAGA