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  1. when I get 5 reports of the same shit in 5 threads it gets a warning. so fuck you.. you earned it.
  2. I don't know? did they? I'm not rich or a celebrity so I don't know
  3. it isn't selling anything that bothers me it's millionaires on television saying they are on Medicare and social security. it strikes me as wrong for the rich to collect the benefits.
  4. William Shatner was one spokesman he's worth 100 million.
  5. I was watching TV today and saw 3 different celebrities on a commercial claiming to be on Medicare and social security touting how to get more money. these fuckers are worth millions how the fuck are they on social security and medicare?
  6. what's funny is this is something that's been asked for for years. when offered they complain.
  7. the last time I tried firing a bow I must have done it wrong I cut the shit outta my arm.
  8. Nike just lost about $3.75 billion in market cap after announcing free agent NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the new face of its “Just Do It” ad campaign. It’s the 30th anniversary of the iconic TV and print spots. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thewrap.com/colin-kaepernick-nike-stock-loses-4-billion-market-cap/amp/
  9. I was reading a thread about the LO and watching you people mock it and it occurred to me that there should be a cons only room to counterbalance the LO. I am willing to look into this if interest is shown. you say the LO gets no play I'm curious to see what a cons room would do.
  10. there is no rule against brining posts from the LO to here. so you're not really exploiting anything.
  11. he made 3 million on the contract. Nike lost 3 billion because of it.
  12. (CNN)Five people have been killed and at least two others injured during a sprawling attack in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg, according to local police. The suspected attacker used a bow and arrow, a spokesman for Norway's southeastern police district, which includes Kongsberg, told CNN on Wednesday. The suspect is under arrest and is believed to have acted alone. He has not yet been questioned, according to Øyvind Aas, police chief of the county seat Drammen. There is "no active search for more people," according to Aas.
  13. as I've told you before AL isn't banned and never was.
  14. if you wanted to survive a nuclear attack south Dakota is the LAST PLACE YOU'D WANNA BE.
  15. I don't care how much is given. times are hard and anyone willing to help this site is welcome.
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