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  1. Perfect answer. I see 5 is still hammering your thread with dipshit vids. Sad.
  2. 34.8K people are talking about this This is not some isolated wacko making a hideous statement. This is pretty much in line with trump’s and McConnell’s plans — open up businesses in 7 days, let the older folks die, shower trillions of dollars of our grandchildrens’ money on (select) businesses, and as for workers — let them eat Chloroquine. This is also in line with the approach advocated by many republicans — let the virus spread, young people will develop immunity while “just” 3.4% of the population will die. What they discuss behind closed doors and the dark hallways of right-wing “think-tanks” is anybody’s guess. Will only the elderly die? No, it won’t just be the elderly who will die; the death rate among the young and middle aged is nothing to sneeze at. The death rate will be much higher as hospitals run out of beds and supplies. Even those who survive will get serious lung damage. The infection and death rate among doctors, nurses and other health workers will be staggering. 414 people are talking about this Stats from NY - 25.6K people are talking about this Do lockdowns and social distancing work? Yes, lockdowns, social distancing and testing work. Italy in spite of getting a slow start is showing good progress and bending the curve. Italy, like us, ignored the problem initially but has taken the right steps over the past 2 weeks. Many other countries, now including India, are applying the lessons learnt from China, S, Korea and Italy to their own situation. Note that the x-axis is not date, but days since the infection numbers started to take off, since Italy is about 10 days ahead of the U.S. Some reactions: Gov. Cuomo using his bully pulpit to say it clear and loud - this is republican social Darwinism. And we will not allow this to happen. 160 people are talking about this Ken Carroll: Dan Patrick demonstrates all the hallmarks of a cult member, praising the cult leader and expressing his desire to lay down his own life in the service of the cult leader. Just like Jim Jones followers who drank poison and had their children drink it too. #NotDying4WallStreet is trending on twitter. 12K people are talking about this The inconvenient truth - 2,362 people are talking about this 2,240 people are talking about this What needs to be done and how some responsible blue states are going it. Check out the full set of tweets in this thread by the Director of The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. 1,017 people are talking about this Epilogue Let’s do all we can to protect our loved ones — young and old. Let’s follow all the guidelines on staying home, social distancing, washing hands, getting tested if you any symptoms, etc. We will get through with this, in spite of the spite shown by Republicans to humanity. Let’s also keep in mind that most states (at least the blue ones) will act responsibly; Most companies (except a few conservative ones like Hobby Lobby) will not force their employees to come to work in the middle of a raging pandemic. And if they do, most workers will refuse to do so — there’s nothing worse than watching our loved ones die. And let’s keep reminding the electorate of the depraved nature of this despicable party called the GOP, so we can end this nightmare in November. The cure for the disease is to expunge the real virus from the White House. P.S. For those who want to explore more science-based information about Coronavirus, check out diary “Coronavirus - Myths, Realities and Uncertainties” for some more info. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/3/24/1930663/-The-Republican-COVID-plan-Grandparents-should-sacrifice-themselves-at-the-altar-of-the-Economy
  3. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top disease expert appointed to the White House Coronavirus Task Force said the therapy must be tested before its safety and efficacy could be assumed. When asked if the drug was promising on Friday, Fauci said “the answer is no," describing it as "anecdotal evidence," according to ABC News.
  4. So then I guess trump is responsible for a death as well https://www.foxnews.com/health/arizona-man-dies-after-taking-drug-chloroquine-coronavirus
  5. So you post on a forum you know he'll never respond (maybe? Hoping against hope he'll give you attention?
  6. You seem to be cannons bitch. You whine and pine for his attention even though you know you'll never get it.. unrequited love...
  7. Of course if you've been strutting it around to everyone like you have to me I'd say it's a public hair. But then again you said you lie around getting off on animal penis
  8. So which part confused you? A public hair? Or that you peed from it? I'll bet it was the wet dream segment, well son it's only natural for a prepubescent boy to have those kind of feeling, it's natural just wash your sheets.
  9. Maybe if you read it slower you'd understand. Sound out the vowels and shit...
  10. If you had a 13 foot penis I'd be hesitant to tell you to go fuck yourself because you just might do it. And then I'd be jealous.
  11. Sorry but I didn't know this was a gay dating site. But as I stated before I'm not a homosexual, but you go be you.. it's ok.
  12. I do believe it was you who invited me to " suck your penis" but I must decline the offer.
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