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  1. if I get what @kfools offered I have a few ideas on getting in fresh blood.
  2. if you bothered to read the thread we have discussed solutions to this. so it appears your assistance wasn't needled.
  3. because i have a great affection for this site.. i have been here a very long time.
  4. no .. a member reports spamming, mod gets it,, he clicks warn user spam.. the system does the rest
  5. i have been working my ass off on this forum and here is where we are at so far. as you have noticed i have added new rooms, including a blue room.have fun with it. i have stream lined the warning system so that it is even across the board and automatic. if you get reported the points will happen, and at 25 you will automatically be suspended. there is no negotiating. also if you earn points of course points can be removed. i am also making it easier for new members to post and participate . i want new members here, to be honest it something we really need, if you have any suggestions that will help grow this site i am all ears let me know. also today i ran a site update.. things should run a bit smoother.
  6. The point thats being made in this thread is perhaps at a certain point you stop paying and give up benifits.
  7. don't forget you have points to remove points anytime you wish.
  8. I believe certain college degrees should be government funded. such as most trade schools.
  9. now we're on the road to a solution. maybe at a certain point they quit paying in and live on their own money?
  10. look ill make it simple. take your medicine and keep posting.. keep fucking aggravating meand I'll just end my annoyance. dude leaving me be is your best option.
  11. it's double dipping when you are taking advantage of a program designed for the average citizen. why should a millionaire with options deserve more? why should they stand on the back of an elderly person needing the money just to grab a few bucks more?
  12. with your warning came a copy of the rule violation. I'm not gonna argue about it and I'm not gonna take it back. so deal with it. I personally don't care if you like it or not.
  13. it's a double edged sword. once again it appears that the wealthy are receiving benefits they don't deserve. meanwhile the less advantage struggle on a program that would have more money if the wealthy didn't double dip.
  14. I would prefer that the elderly recieve what they've earned. not rich assholes with money to burn.
  15. it would have been a pain in the ass to create. but I would have.
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