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  1. they were gonna play here but their list of demands were so outrageous the venue told them to piss off so they cancelled.
  2. none are banned. and I didn't want to pin the fucking horse thread I wanted to make it a permanent part of this forum. it's own showcase. and you shit on the offer. fine then..
  3. fuck it then ...offered you something for nothing.. kiss my ass...
  4. trying to change shit up. make it better and more member driven.
  5. any picks for Sunday?
  6. almost forgotten. but I did ask you an important question
  7. would you like a permanent place to feature the horse thread?
  8. I have created a new lounge and I'm using your thread to seed it. sorry for the inconvenience.. enjoy.
  9. we've been through this before and it was determined that no rule would be made. its simply an annoying fact of being here.
  10. I have streamlined the point system. all violations are now worth 5 points across the board. all points will automatically drop after 30 days. should you incur 25 points within a 30 day period you will automatically get a 24 hour suspension. . of course good points from badges and awards can be used to your advantage in this situation.
  11. if anyone has any points or warnings over 30 says old please let us know so they can be removed.
  12. perhaps his internal is affecting his eternal .
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