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  1. Maybe it's time for Israel to stand on it's on without a theological baby sitter.
  2. Of the aforementioned corporations the richest and most liberal (disney) is controlled by a liberal jew.
  3. If you present an argument with a link to back it well then it becomes your argument.
  4. Textile manufacturing in the north was completely dependent on slave harvested southern cotton to survive https://courses.lumenlearning.com/suny-ushistory1os2xmaster/chapter/the-economics-of-cotton/
  5. Dude www.google.com is your friend. I won't research the obvious for you.
  6. You have that backwards. The media controls the establishment. Why else does only 7 corporations control 98% of everything you see, hear , and think?
  7. And in America the media controls the narrative and forms opinions for profit and control.
  8. Free speech has survived ove 200 years and it isn't going anywhere no matter what rich white man is running " America "
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