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  1. And what pray tell will you do about it ya sperm guzzling, cock addicted meth monkey?
  2. Black Lives Matter protesters in Minnesota dropped to a knee and set off to march over a fatal police shooting — only to return when they learned it was a white carjacker who had fired at police, according to reports
  3. A local report in Utah faced heavy backlash over the weekend after tracking down a paramedic who donated to the defense fund of Kyle Rittenhouse and attempting to confront him at home. Jason Nguyen, a reporter from ABC’s Salt Lake City affiliate in Utah, discovered a local paramedic donated $10 to Rittenhouse and headed to his home seeking his "side" of the story. The decision to track down a private citizen for donating $10 was lambasted nationally once Nguyen tweeted about it.
  4. That dumb son of a bitch still hasn't figured out I'm admin of this site lol.
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