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  1. it's the same people day in and day out. check the logs you have literally hundreds of new members who can't post because they have to be approved. trash can be taken out. WE NEED FRESH FACES AND NEW OPINIONS. you want donations? let people in. people get banned for absolutely nothing and some because they needed it.
  2. @crazyhole has no authority, no privileges and no say whatsoever.
  3. the gates to this forum are by no means wide open. I have over 400 guests who need manual approval to come to the forum, I can't approve them. kfools prefers the same handful of people here and just tosses people off. and then wonders why can't I raise money? open the door, let them in unban the not so bad posters and let them back. this place has become a joke.
  4. that all you got? I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a better response.
  5. not a single warning was issued to Bob. not one.
  6. no he did not. at least not outside the free room. know the facts before you speak
  7. that's I80 in Wyoming and fuck that . too many years out there.
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