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  1. Advertisers who want to reach more than 9 regular users are going to Liberalforum dot net. Follow them over!
  2. More participants than the usual 9 people here!
  3. yes but God help us if we mention the much more successful Liberalforum . Net!
  4. I was suspended once and told I would "be gone" if I ever mentioned the more successful Cannon's fake ass copy cat site. I'm mentioning it because I want to be gone from here and there is no way to quit this site! So get rid of me already! This site can't even bring itself to let us NAME it! Chicken shits!
  5. Bernie walks the talk. Hillary is just so much bag and baggage. Bernie has concrete ideas. Hillary has platitudes.
  6. . Your deflection from Hillary continues to make you a thick-headed Pennsylvania Dutch woman Miss Shaman! Your emoticons are sure cute but otherwise you suck at this. We weren't even talking about who BROKE the story sweetie. Hillary has the Democrat party leaders in her ample hip pocket.
  7. The DNC works for the Entitled One, Hillary Clinton.
  8. It's too bad an honest guy like Bernie Sanders is being steamrollered by the likes of Hillary Clinton. She is Richard Nixon reincarnate.
  9. So was he as breathlessly wondrous as you thought he'd be?
  10. Hillary hitched her star to Bill, everyone knows this. Without him she would have ended up being just another ambulance chasing lawyer who once won a close race for the county Noxious Weed Board.
  11. The Democrat party (dead broke btw) agrees that Hillary is ENTITLED to the nomination.
  12. . This is exactly what we told the Wall Street Occupiers and it's very good advice Miss Shaman when you get through high school and are ready to walk out on your own! . And Miss Shaman and all her emoticons will dance and play! Cute cute cute!
  13. You OWE Hillary. Her husband humiliated her in the 1990s and you kicked her to the curb in favor of a prettier face in 2008. She is the most ENTITLED woman in the world. You OWE her.
  14. They've heard it all before and they are still stuck living at home despite promises of Hope and change. And, it's hard to get excited about your Grandmother!
  15. The Poppy clip art is up to your usual adorable standards but you still can't seem to explain why Barack Obama EXTENDED those horrible "tax cuts for the rich" for ANOTHER two years! Perhaps you are too young to remember!
  16. Lets face it the wealthy and well-connected didn't go. THAT should upset people more than the political party they come from. That people without two nickels to rub together are arguing this IS silly.
  17. Weird eerie and weird that the Pelosi-Reid Democrat Congress of Change EXTENDED these despised tax cuts for ANOTHER TWO YEARS! And Obama approved it after campaigning against it! TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH AT A TIME OF WAR!!! And all the pointed fingers and emoticons, adorable as they are, won't change that my little Hoper-Changers!
  18. Sounds like Scarborough doesn't want another Barack Obama, several months in the Senate but charming!
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