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  1. But ALL of the BRAINDEAD PEOPLE (like you) are voting for Republicans!
  2. And still more delusional rightwingnut insanity from the naive-nutjob. Our country is fortunate and Americans are happy to be looking forward to another eight years of successful well-run government under President Hillary Clinton. In the years to come, our nation will realize just how BIG a bullet we dodged when we repudiated T'Rump and his racist hillbilly army of despicables.
  3. Your usual very insane and very delusional rightwingnut bullshit, InsaneSam. You are completely out of touch with reality.
  4. Yeah, everybody already knows how the Despicables are going to vote........nobody really cares......say hello to President Clinton....and get used to saying those two words for the next eight years, InsaneSam....
  5. Nope! Trump is incredibly corrupt and that is a fact based on quite a bit of solid evidence, as that article I cited clearly laid out. Read it again: Donald Trump's history of corruption: a comprehensive review Nothing you've said here actually does anything whatsoever to dispute that fact with any evidence, naive-nutjob.
  6. What I (and everybody else) can see is that you, delusional ol' InsaneSam, are much, much too insane and lost in delusional fantasy worlds to have even the faintest glimmer as to what 'intellectual honesty' actually means. As you prove by first refusing/failing to read that article about Trump's corruption....and then, when I call you out about that, instead of actually reading the article and trying to defend T'Rump, you spew more retarded nonsense attacking me based on how things "seem" to you, a retarded wacko, and you dishonestly continue to ignore the clear evidence of Trump's monste
  7. Quite obviously, neither of these two rightwingnuts had the intellectual honesty, courage, or attention spans to actually read that very good summary of Trump's corruption.....or make any cogent arguments to defend him....
  8. In the real world..... Trump: Most Corrupt Candidate to ever run for Office
  9. Absolutely GREAT summation of Trump's long history of being an amoral, egotistical, megalomaniac slimeball.....the title of the article seems a bit too mild considering all the very disturbing facts about T'Rump and his activities that they describe in their "comprehensive" list of Trump's corruption.....they should have titled it 'Donald Trumps history of corruption and utter douchebaggery: a comprehensive review'.......BTW, the original article is a bit longer and more complete, with pictures and better formatting, so that was a link to one of the Internet sources, on VOX....
  10. Cling to your delusions all you want, retard......just promise to commit suicide when T'Rump loses.
  11. Listen to a brainwashed rightwingnut lie through his teeth....
  12. The desperate delusional insanity of crackpot rightwingnut losers! Even FauxNews isn't that insane..... Fox News Poll: Clinton tops Trump by 6 points
  13. Oh, ConservaturdUpchucking, your denier cult myths are sooooo insane......and so completely bogus..... Next you'll be telling me that sea levels can't possibly be rising because Al Gore bought "an ocean front home" - that, in the real world, is located at an elevation of about 1200 feet above sea level in the foothills above Montecito, Ca.
  14. Well, hey....thanks for acknowledging my utter omniscience, ConservaturdUpchucking.....LOLOLOLOL.... I do, of course, know the answer to that question, as well as all others......but "I'm going to leave you in suspense".....
  15. You are so full of shit, your eyeballs turned brown, WretchedLiar1444!
  16. Yup! The man who won the 2000 Presidential election in the popular voting but then had it stolen from him by a corrupt 5 to 4 Supreme Court decision and massive Republican election fraud in Florida and other places. That's complete bullshit. When the final legal decision was made that stoped the vote count in Florida and effectively gave the election to Bush (even though Gore was ahead in the populace vote count), Vice-President Gore accepted the results of the election and congratulated Bush. Here's a good account of what happened in that election..... In one of the closest
  17. My prediction was pretty accurate.....although, in the end.....it did go even worse for the T'Rumpster. When he refused to say that he would accept the results of the election no matter who won....he cut his own throat politically....I mean, even worse than he already had with his boasting about being a sexual predator.
  18. Uh-huh.....but then, what else should we expect from a delusional retard like you?
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