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  1. LOLOLOL. Meaningless drivel, meaningless drivel, meaningless drivel.....just like on the AGW threads. Or, for that matter, any thread you pollute with your retarded posts. You just don't handle it very well when your moronic nonsense gets debunked by the facts, which happens all the time, of course.
  2. They're not hiding anything, BeACretin. This is just more of that old rightwingnut political propaganda based on lies and smears that morons like you fall for every time, no matter how ridiculous.. Some stuff from the article you cited that you didn't quote: The White House accused Republicans of a political distraction Wednesday after House committee chairmen asked President Obama to release a State Department cable that they said would prove Hillary Rodham Clinton, as secretary off state, signed off on security cuts at the diplomatic post in Benghazi ahead of the attack Sept. 11.
  3. LOLOLOL. Denier cult retard BeACretin is going to idiot-argue this subject in the same way he pollutes the debate an muddies the waters in threads on AGW/CC, by ignoring the actual facts and all logic and reason in favor of the rightwingnut polotical propaganda. And, of course, he has no response to the actual facts about the Benghazi timeline that I just posted and proved with dated news articles from last Sept 12th & 13th.
  4. More bogus partisan political bullcrap and lies from the rightwingretards. The attack on the American consulate in Benghazi happened on Sept 11th, about 5 hours after rioters in Cairo, upset over an American made video trashing Islam, stormed the American Embassy and tore down the US flag. On Wednesday Sept 12th, in the WH Rose Garden, at a press conference that had been scheduled for the President to talk about the attacks on the various American Embassies and Consulates in the Mideast the day before and to announce the deaths of the Libyan Ambassador and three other Embassy personnel
  5. Congratulations RoachClammy, for the first time on this forum you've actually posted something accurate and truthful. Too bad that it'll be just a brief flash-in-a-pan anomalous phenomenon.
  6. Flying Monkeys -This Thread Now Belongs To Rich ClemI guess that's reasonable. After all, RoachClammy is the biggest, dumbest flying monkey on the forum.
  7. On Sept 11th, after the attack on the Cairo Embassy (that was very clearly motivated by Muslim outrage over the offensive movie) but before the attack in Benghazi,, the Embassy staff in Cairo, in an effort to distance the United States from the anti-Islamic movie, published a statement online saying in part: "The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions." Romoney immediately, on the evening of Sept 11th, before having any
  8. A little light on the current rightwingnut insanity.
  9. Rightwingnut spin is soooooo pathetic. chart from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis Remember Obama came into office with the economy in the tank, the banking system and the auto industry about to collapse, and unemployment already skyrocketing* after eight years of Bush Admin. mismanagement that had taken the country from a $230 billion dollar surplus when Clinton left office to a $1.3 trillion dollar deficit when Bush left office. It takes a while to turn the economy around and recover after a train wreck like Bush left behind but quite obviously progress is being made on
  10. Actually they weren't. You've just been thoroughly duped by the rightwing spin machine. The righwingnut media echo chamber folks seem to be always frantically grasping at straws these days but this bit of reality denial takes the cake. Did Obama label the attack on our consulate in Benghazi an "act of terror" as Romoney and the rightwing echo chamber of retards wants to deny? Yes, he did, on two occasions, on Sept 12th in the Rose Garden and again on Sept 13th in Colorado, as the transcripts prove. Was the government also still investigating the attack and trying to determine if this attac
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